Week #12 July 16th, 2017

So the perils of being a Sunday track, once a big advantage, now is a disadvantage with the number of State Qualifiers and Gold Cup Qualifiers around the area as was the case this weekend. Just are our Gold Cup race (427 riders in 87 motos) probably hurt other weekend tracks, payback was today as we ran the smallest Sunday race of the season today. Only 53 riders split into 15 motos plus another 7 entered in two Open classes still provided some fun on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We elected to hold off on naming last week’s Rider Of The Week as that riders was not here today. We will wait until next week and name two.

Five “Striders” were here today and they were the usual fun to watch. IN the first moto it was 3 year olds Malachi Goggans, (Mr. Cool) and Ryder Champagne (Burrito) pounding the pavement with their style of racing. Ryder captured the first two rounds but Malachi won round three. The second group pitted three 2-years old with Summer Einarsen making her Strider debut, Logan Barker and Hannah Tomlin, all the way from Maryland. Logan got the job done in all three rounds with Hannah placing second. Summer, who was up for the challenge but very tentative, needed a tow off the track in one round but she will get it dialed in sometime before winter sets in.

The first point’s class was labeled the 26-30 year old Cruiser class but, in reality, it was four riders ranging in age from 12 to 50. The “International Man Of Mystery” 50 year old Mike Savage showing why he is a former World Champion with a pretty easy win. 14 year old JT Kelleher raced to an impressive second and actually did keep the heat turned up on Savage. Overhaul’s Dylan Rodriguez was third after he edged out 47 year old Pat Martin for the last qualifying spot in the motos.

Mike Savage, even at 50, can still provide some thrills


It was a tough day for a brand new rider as Abigail “The Firecracker” made her debut on a racing machine with pedals after trading in her strider bike. This 6 year old took a nasty digger in practice but got up like a timex watch and just keep on ticking. In the qualifying rounds for the 3-rider main event she would fall again twice and both time she got up and rode off. There was simply no quit in her even though she did not transfer into the main event, she was an inspiration. The main event was looking good for Dan LeClare, making his racing debut here at Foothills. This Westfield MA. Rider had the lead in the main and then simply self destructed and went down in flames. As Danny Talbot and Connor Tomlin sped past him. He jumped up, got back on his mount and the race was on yet again. He caught and passed Tomlin but Talbot was too far gone and raced to victory. Dan salvaged a second place finish while third went to the Maryland ride of Tomlin.

Abigail Superman's in practice
She fell twice in motos
Every time she got up and never quit

The first of numerous Total Points races was up next in the 8 year old division. Brody Kesl, the only 7 year old in this three rider group man managed a solid second place overall finish but there was no catching Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) who won every round. The third spot went to Chris Cann, a first timer here at Foothills who traveled all the way from Norwich.
The 9 year old class was more of the same Total Points action with Taylor Einarsen getting the best of everybody scoring a “perfect” with three wins. It was a perfect second for Izaya Frazier with Tyler Dupot third. All three of these Hot-Rods are from Westfield MA.

The last Novice Total Points race was the 12 year old gang. This one was strange to say the least. Going into this, Tyler Bouteiller needed one more win to graduate up to the Novice class. In the first round he won so the stage was set for some real Sunday glory. But in round two both he and Pat Martin were no-shows allowing Lucas Holda a free ride to an easy win after his finished third in the previous round. So by rule, a no-show gets last place points plus one. In this case both the no shows would get 4 points. So now the point standings were Holda with 4; Bouteiller with 5 and Martin with 6 going into the final round. Pat Martin won the round giving him a total of 7 points. Bouteiller finished second and also earned a total of 7. Holda was third for yet another 7 point total. I have never seen a Total Points race where all three riders had the exact same total of points. In this case the third round is the tie-breaker so for the day it was Martin, Bouteiller and Holda in that order. No move up today for Tyler Bouteiller.

The last group was the 36-40 group and Chris Champagne would be the rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds. It appeared that he had the last transfer spot, even riding with a bad hand, broken from a crash earlier this year, but Bill Tomlin found a way around him. Its possible Champagne was feeling generous today. In the main event Bill Fellows would outrace the class and earn the top spot on the podium. Chris Cann was second and the big guy from Maryland, Bill Tomlin, was third. Bill Fellows is a come-back rider as, before this year, he last raced at the 2001 Trumbull National where he entered and won his class. Its great to see him back again.


In the 7 year old class there were actually only two 7-year olds and one 5-year old. Unfortunately for 5-year old Devon Hurley, his success as a Novice may now hurt him as an Intermediate who is only 5 years old. There just isn’t too many 5-year old Intermediates around to race and, consequently, he gets thrown into the next higher age group of the same proficiently. It was a Total Points race and the two 7 year olds battled pretty good but, in the end, it was a sweet and Sauer day as Even “Lemon Drop” Sauer would win all three rounds. Matt Horjatschon was a close second all day long with Hurley third.

The 10 year old class was a decent size with five riders battling for 4 spots in the main event. Natalie Kent, 7 year old Girl really tried hard but was eliminated in the motos. The main event was a mix of riders 8, 9 and 10 years old. Kevin Kelleher, the only 10 year old put this one in his win column. “The Snake”, 9-year old Blake Babcock slithered his way to a second place finish while third went to an impressive effort from Landon Hansen.

The 14 year old class was anything but as the only Intermediate was 13 year old Dylan Rodriguez. He would win the Total Point’s class with 14 year old Novice Kyle Wilhelm second and 13 year old Novice Emily Aldo not showing up for the main event. The two Novices will earn Intermediate Points by being combined in this class.

The last class was the 41-45 mixed bag. All riders earn Expert Points due to the presence of “The Legend” Mike Savage. Mike topped the class with a win in this four rider main event. Vic Rodriguez, obviously a little tired from all the air he was grabbing in practice (See “Air Rodriguez” in the photo section) missed the cut. Lew Cianfarani, also an Expert ranked rider, raced Savage really hard and was close behind him as they crossed the stripe. Even thought this 18 year old got beat by a 50 year old, there is never any shame getting beat by Mike savage. Third place went to Dan Kolodziej.


In 10 year old Expert action three riders would transfer out of the qualifying rounds. Unfortunately, in those rounds there was one 8 year old but he was running some fast laps today. 8-year old Jayden Kent fought very hard to try and get past 10-year old Noah Andersen in the last qualifying round and just missed. Koloton Kolodziej, who we haven’t seen since last September, earned his first Foothills Expert win since May of 2016 with a great effort. Shawn Biello also looked strong and nailed the second spot while third went to Noah Andersen.

The 12 year old Expert class saw Kayden Smith, an Intermediate seeking one more win to move up, suffer the results of a small crowd as he was the only Intermediate combined in this Expert class and compounding that situation is the fact that he is 11-years old racing 12-year old Experts. Despite a valiant effort, he was eliminated in the motos. Former track champions and current points leader in this year’s quest, Trevor Cooper was today’s winner. A much improved Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) was second with third going to Aidan Biello.

The last point’s class of the day was the Mod-Squad, 16-year old Experts. It was a Total Points race with Matt Rowe putting those familiar Evolution X colors across the stripe first in all three rounds. JT Kelleher, only 14 years old was second while Chris Aldo would finish third.

The 9-10 Open class was won by Blake “The Snake” Babcock while no one showed for the 15-16 Open to warrant mention.

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