Week #13 July 23, 2017

So no Gold cups to compete against for riders this week but there are the World Championships of BMX down in South Carolina and a huge benefit event down in Trumbull for an injured bmxer. How did we do? Not so good. With only 65 riders split into 18 motos, this would be a fairly quick day.

In the opening we awarded a nice trophy to 6 year old Novice rider Danny Talbot. Danny won his class last week for his first Foothills win. He said he has been racing since May and his win came on his 4th trip here. He says he wins a lot up at his home track Whip city. When asked who his favorite rider was he said “Matthew”. We can only assume it was Matthew Rowe.

There were 6 Balance bike riders in the house and the provided the usual fun viewing opportunities. The first group was a 3-rider shoot out for the 3 and 4 year olds. “Running” Rigzdin Hurtado showed a lot of sole as he won all three of his sprints. “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggins was second while Evan Dohan, a veteran of the big events down in Bethel was third.

The second group was all 2-year olds and Cole Lyman, who seemed to always travel the farthest with his cool swerve technique, won two of the three rounds. Logan Barker, who once hated these races and now loves them finished second while third went to Austin Dohan, another veteran of the wars in Bethel.


The first points class was the 11-12 year old Cruiser 4-rider group which was actually made up of riders from 7 to 45 plus. All the way from Coventry Rhode Island Jolene Cole would miss qualifying as she fell pretty hard in the first round down in turn #3. She rode it off but might have been a little tentative the rest of the day in only her second trip here. Marissa Lyman captured the main event with Mary Sloan second and a very generous Gina Layman third.

The next two cruiser classes were 3-rider Total Points races. In the 9 year old gang it was actually a 7, 8 and 9 year old racing. 9 year old Matt Meagher, put his Cyaa Frames National Team colors on the top podium steps with a sweep of all three rounds. 8 year old Breton Provencal was second with 7 year old Scotty Cole third.

The last Cruiser class was the 26-30 mix but, like most Cruiser classes lately it was a mixed bag of ages. 14 year old JT Kelleher was perfect. 27 year old Joe Broderick making his second trip here in 2017 from Pittsfield MA, was second. Third this day went to 10 year old Brandon Houle. JT now increases his points lead in the season long Cruiser class from 23 to 126 as neither Tim Brown nor Mason Blackburn were in the house to race.


The 6 year old division was a 3-rider main event after brand new rider Matt Daniels missed the cut in his first race ever. Matt is only 5 years old so he has a long time to hone his skills. It shouldn’t take long with his big brother as his instructor. In the Main another 5 year old, Dan Talbot gave the two six year olds all they could handle. Danny had the lead up the second straight but looked like he slipped a pedal for a moment just before turn two. Damien Tyburski caught him and they went side by side up the third straight. As they emerged from turn 3 Damien was now in front by a bike length and now it was a drag race up the back straight. In and out of turn four and up the rhythm section Danny was all over his year wheel. As they entered turn five Danny dove to the inside and made the pass. Up the short-chute to the finish line they were handle-bar to handle-bar and at the stripe, Damien got him by inches. The official order was Tyburski, Talbot and Kunsang Hurtado.

Danny Lead is Shrinking going into turn 2
Damien dives to the inside in turn 3
Damien has the lead up the back straight
Danny returns the favor in final turn

The next Novice class was the last Novice class on this small day and it was also another Total Points race between two 7-year olds and one 8-year old. 7-year old Brody Kesl would own this class and score a perfect three wins. But the battle was on for the second spot. Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) had put in two great runs and finished second in the first two rounds just in front of Jolene Cole. In round three it all looked like another repeat when Kayla simple self-destructed at the end of the rhythm section and went down in a heap. Jolene had the track blocked in front of her and piled into Kayla’s wreck. Kayla was very concerned about Jolene and jumped up and ran over to her to make sure she was ok. Both riders got back on their bikes and completed the course. Officially it was Brody our winner, Kayla second and Jolene third.

Kayla self-destructs while leading
Jolene piles into her
Both Girls lie sprawled on the track
Both are OK but showed mutual concern


The first race was the 7 year old class and a Total Points shoot-out. In reality, 5 year old Devon Hurley was in the mix as his success as a Novice continues to hurt him as an Intermediate as there simply are not many 5 year old Intermediate riders around. Devon had a tough day as he baled twice in practice. IN the 3 rounds today Devon would finish third each time. But the top two spots were highly contended with round one going to “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer. Round two saw Scotty Cole get the job done. Round three went to Evan for the overall win. Scotty was second and again, Devon was third.

Total points continued in the 9 year old class. Silas Hurtado and Landon Hansen were both 8 year old Intermediates while Izaya Frazier is a 9-year old Novice. Silas had no real challenge as he sped to a 3-victory overall finish. The second spot would take a third round tie breaker to determine who would be the bride’s maid. Today it was Hansen using a slick pass of Frazier to claim the second spot. The good news for Izaya is that he earns 33 Intermediate points by being combines in the class compared to only 23 if he had won a three rider Novice race.

The 10-year olds started off with four riders battling for the three spots in the main event. This was yet another mix bag of proficiencies with one Girl, One Novice and two Intermediates. Unfortunately for the Novice rider, Tenzin Hurtado, he would be the rider eliminated in the motos. Kevin Kelleher continues his recent impressive run by putting another win in the record books. Mary Sloan put in a great effort and adds second place Girl points (84) to her yearly total. Third went to Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products).

The last group was another 3-rider race between three riders aged 45 to 50. When the dust cleared it was the kid in the group, 45 year old Dan Kolodziej claiming the overall win with a “perfect” day. “Deadeye” Kevin Marchildon put in a good effort, for a 48 year old, for a solid second place finish. Third went to Rhode Island’s Bob Delamare. It’s great to see Bob twice already this year. Bob is definitely one of the good guys and always welcomed here.

The 10 year old class had six riders in it with two being younger than ten. 8-year old Breton Provencal must have been totally disappointed with no one his age to race. He was combined in this class and, despite a great try, failed to make the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. The main event would be somewhat of a surprise for everyone except the Meagher family. In spite of racing against four 10-year old Experts, 9 year old Matt Meagher nailed down an impressive win. He sure demonstrated why he is a Factory C-Yaa Racing Frames rider this day. Brandon Houle scored a nice second while third went to Noah Andersen. Noah looked the best, at least the most aggressive, that I have seen him this year.


The 11 year old group was 5-riders strong. After the qualifying motos were done, the odd man out was Shawn Cole. This was only his second time here this year with the Gold Cup being his first when he raced as an Intermediate. Congratulations to him for his recent move-up. In today’s main event it was “Superfly” Trevor Cooper topping the field in his quest for a third track championship. Second went to Shane Johnson, another C-Yaa Racing Frames Factory rider. Third was Marissa Lyman. Kayden Smith, in his first race as an Expert looked pretty good finishing fourth.

The 12-year olds were only 3-riders strong and “The Warrior”, Anthony Bartolo, made it look easy with three wins. Dylan Barker (Creative racing Products was second while the third spot went to Tom Kennedy in his first trip here from West Springfield.

The mix bag of proficiencies continued in the 14 year old class with a lineup including one 14 year old Expert; two 13 year old Experts; one 14 year old Inter and one 14 year old Girl. Ashley Jasensky was the rider missing the cut. The big surprise here was the showing form the one Intermediate in the mix. Jorn Layman, simply never looked back as he put his new SE Racing / Potter Plates colors across the stripe first leading from start to finish for his 19th win as an Intermediate. Well done Jorn! Second place went to JT Kelleher while the third spot was claimed by Kyle Lyman.

The “Mod-Squad” was next with four 16-year old Experts really going for it. If you like team Evolution-X you would love this class with three team mates in this mix. With Jagur layman (Se Racing / Potter Plates) and Matt Rowe already transferring, round three was a two rider battle between two team mates. Ke-Andre Godbolt and Jacob Stephens were side by side down the front chute in round three when discretion was the better part of value as banging handle bars just wasn’t worth it and Stephens hit the binders going into turn one. That was all Ke-Andre needed to maintain his lead to grab the last transfer spot. In the main it was Jagur keeping his chrome Ripper on the point for the win. Matt Rowe was second while Godbolt finished third.

The 17-18 class looked like an impressive clean sweep of this Total Points race for Jake Layman. He powered his way to two easy wins in the first two rounds. In round three he was wll in the lead as he dove into turn three when disaster struck. As he was carving a turn his front tire exploded and he went down very hard on the asphalt. He laid there motionless for an awful long time as the place went totally silent. As Brandon Daniels and Maya Brown went by and eventually finished the race, the concern was on the condition of Jake. After a long time down Jake was finally helped to his feet and limped off with some assistance. As of last night Jake was fairly comfortable with nothing broken. He has a pretty scrapped up right shoulder and a sore knee. His helmet took quite a shot and will be replaced but all in all, the outcome isn’t too bad. Jake will be out for a while concussion protocol is followed as a precaution. We all wish him the best. The official finishing order after the three rounds was Brandon Daniels, Jake Layman and Maya Brown.

Jake has comfortable lead heading for turn #3
Disaster strikes in turn #3 when tire explodes

The last class of the day was titled 28-35 Expert but was actually a Total Points race between a 32 year old Expert, a 21 year old Girl and a 30 year old Intermediate. It would be the Girl, Brianna Delamare who happens to be the current Gold Cup #1 plate holder, winning two out of three for the overall title. Second went to Expert “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli while “Choo Choo” Tommy Healy put his Overhaul colors in the third spot.

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