Before I start the Race report there is something that I wanted to get off my chest.

I had planned on, and actually written, a much longer editorial regarding something that I wrote in last weeks report that was deemed offensive to a Team Manager, whom I felt was being way too sensitive. It was regarding a remark I had writen about a certain rider, who I have known for at least 15 years, simply as a tease to the rider. This rider has always been one of my many favorites. I had kidded that the rider had undoubtedly signed a lucritive contract to be on the team. a remark that was totally in jest.

But before I could publish my editorial, the Team Manager had sent me a couple of texts that have softened any tension in the air regarding this so, the planned editorial will not appear in its entirity. In fact all is well between us as far as I'm concerned. The following is the final couple of paragraphs of what was once a lengthy response.

"I spent a good part of that day writing that lengthy report and was relaxing while basking in the enjoyment of watching the number of views grow to over 1,400 believing that it was being enjoyed by many and worth the effort to write it and then bam, the good feeling goes right down the drain with one ping on my cell phone indicating a message was received from the Team Manager who expressed displeasure in what I had written."

"Bear in mind that I write these reports because I find enjoyment in doing them. When the enjoyment ends, so will these reports."

"With that said I am informing the Foothills BMX Board of Directors that effective tommorow, I will be meeting with my Legal Counsel for the purpose of renegotiating my existing multi-year contract. I insist that unless my weekly salary TRIPLES for maintaining the website, posting the weekly photos, compiling the weekly points, designing signs, naming riders of the week, announcing at the track, writing the weekly race reports, and ocassionally pissing off Team Managers, this will be my last and final report."


Let's All Lighten Up
Lets Make BMX Great Again!

OK, so the air is cleared and I am feeling OK. Maybe I'll be a little more aware of the sensitive feelings of the Manager going forward but all is well. To Anne Kelleher, I still plan on sharing half my salary with you on the days that you help announce.

Week #10

So how do you follow up a huge race with the next one on a holiday weekend? Well, it wasnt too bad with 123 riders split into 33 motos.

In trying to catch up on Rider-Of-The-Week Awards, Evan Wadman had been named previously for his efforts on June 11. In the interview, this 6 year old Novice claimed his Dad was his favorite racer.

Rylan Spence was chosen for the race held on June 18th but he was not here today so we will hole his trophy for him and interview him when we next see him.

For last weeks big race we picked Taylor Einarsen as or recipient. This 9 year old from Westfield saId that Kayden Smith was his favorite.

The race day started with two groups of Balance Bikers totaling 7 riders. Rigdzin Hurtado, Parker Moriarty, and Chad MacDonald, all 4 year olds battled with 3 year old Kaiya Duplessie in the first grouping while Braxton Murphy, Logan Barker and Cole Lyman, all 2 years old, raced around the course in the rug-rat division.


It was a Total Points race for the 11-12 Cruiser class but the disparity in ages made the difference in this one as 11 year old Marissa Lyman had it all her way with a “perfect”. Second went to 9 year old Mary Sloan while third place would go to 5 year old Hayley Blackburn. Marissa, who is the current season point’s leader in the female Cruiser class, increased her 60 point lock on the top spot by another 20 points after what happened in the next group.

Gina Layman, who trailed Marissa by those 60 points going into today, had victory in her sites in the 21-30 Woman’s Cruiser class which was also a Total Points race. Gina and Kaylynn Cortis had each won a round of motos and Gina had a nice lead in round three. But then “Big Air” Marianne Sklarsky kind of came unglued and the announcer mentioned how she went down on the cross tube pad. Gina apparently thought that Marianne (or maybe Kaylynn) had crashed and slowed up figuring all she needed for the top spot was cruise to the finish line. As she came out of turn five not only did Kaylynn pass her but Marianne did the same. Kaylynn would earn the top spot for the day, Gina second with Marianne third.

Nash Byrne, one of the fastest 7 year old Cruisers in the Northeast, got bunched up in a class today that feature two 13 year olds and an 11 year old. That proved too much of a mismatch and Nash had to watch the main from the bench. Mason Blackburn, starting on the pole in gate one, was able to go coast-to-coast for today’s 13 year old Cruiser win. Mason Celebucki, flying the Hostile colors out of Schenectady New York, would finish second while the lower tier on the podium went to Kyle Lyman.

The 21-25 Cruiser class had a couple of 14 year old ringers in it. “The Natural” Baley Levine and J.T. Kelleher would finish one and two as these two 14 year olds showed the older guys how the younger generation rides the big wheels. What was most impressive was the back stretch and turn 4 for Baley as he, in round one, put an unbelievable move in that turn to transfer out first. Scotty Doland was his victim in that one. In the main he did the same thing again in the exact same place. Scotty would shut it down after that letting JT and  third place finisher 24 year old Dan Cortis get by. The oldest rider in the mix, 29 year old Tom Healey could not put the Overhaul colors in a qualifying position.

The last Cruiser class was a Today Points race and it was a classic with a different order of finish in all three rounds. “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli looked “Red-Hot” as he put together a great effort and won two of three for the overall win making the folks from Overhaul proud. Chris Schmidt, another one of the visiting Hostile BMX riders from New York, nailed down a hard earned second while third went to Eliminator Bike Shop's Shawn Morris.

The 5 & Under Novice class was interesting as Devon Hurley, who is undefeated at Foothills with 6 consecutive wins, was leading in the first round in this Total Points race when he simply self destructed on the first obstacle on the second straight. He went down and Danny Talbot would plow into him leaving two of the three riders sprawled on the track. 4 year old Mason Murphy got by the carnage and rode on at his own pace. Hurley jumped up and got back on his mount. He caught and passed Murphy on the back straight. Mason would finish second in that moto but the overall finishing order after three rounds would be Hurley, Talbot and Murphy.
When Hurley Bailed, Talbot had no where to go
Danny tumbled down the jump
A sprawled Danny Talbot would get up and continue

In the 7 year old class there were two 6 year olds in the mix as there were not 3 here to make a separate class. One of them, Ryder Duplessie, whould not make the transfer into today’s main event. Family Pride’s Cayden Melillo, after Brody Kesl crashed in the main, would earn his first Foothills win of the year. Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) was second and Evan Wadman grabbed the third spot.

The 9 year old class was the 6th Total Points race of the day. In it Silas Hurtado would capture the flag in round one. Round two saw Taylor Einarsen do the same. In the tie-breaker, it was Silas Hurtado, the only 8 year old in the three-rider shootout earn the title of “Top-Gun” today. Second went to Taylor while Izaya Frazier finished third.

In 13 year old division the youngest in this 5 rider group was eliminated as 10 year old Derek Linnick did not make the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. Tyler Farwell, who we first saw only 3 weeks ago, has not experienced a Foothills lose yet by putting his third consecutive win in the record books. Shyanne Cortis was second with the third spot going to Emily Aldo.


Landon Hansen, put in a great effort but just missed transferring into the 8 year old main event. Rocco Corey, who finished second at the Gold Cup last week in his Foothills Debut race, looked really good in practice and then disaster struck. He was hitting the jump just past turn two, clipped another rider and went down in flames. It took awhile for him to get up and the complaint was his knee. He eventually limped off the track and it was reported later that he would be just touching the gate. But when race time came the first rider to qualify for the 8 year old main event was Rocco. The Empire was striking back! In the main it was all Rocco’s as he led start to finish. “Lemon Drop” Evan Sauer was second with the third position going to Logan Moriarty.

Rocco’s older brother Dominic also finished second at last week’s Gold Cup qualifier but he would not let his kid brother be the only Corey to head back to New York with a first place award. It was a Corey sweep today as Dom turned the same deed his brother did moments earlier. Dom won the 10 year old Main event keeping local hot-rod Kevin Kelleher behind him. Kevin looked like he learned well by attending two days of clinic from Dominique Daniels who was here earlier this week. Third went to Wes Hamel doing it for Family Pride.

Peyton Pulaski would just miss today’s 12 year old main event. Looking great in her Falcon BMX colors, this Meriden rider just missed qualifying. Kayden Smith finally got the win in his 6th try this year with a dominant effort. Spike Miller kept the heat turned up on him all the way around but just could not find a place to pass. Hayden MacDonald was third.

Shamus Crane was odd-man out in the 13 year old group. Logan Schmidt would beat him to the stripe for that last transfer spot. In the main it was Ben Kaplanis made it two weeks in a row with an impressive effort. Logan Schmidt grabbed the third spot.

The next three races were Total Points races and it would be a sweep in the 14 year old class as Jorn Layman, sporting those new SE Racing/Potter Number Plates colors. Jorn was strong this week after last week’s third place finish. Travis Cortis, who got 10 races in here last year, made his 2017 debut today and scored a second. Third went to Eric Pulaski.

The 17-18 Total Points race Danny Heideger get his first 2017 Foothills win with a sweep. Brandon Daniels, in a new shirt was second while Ethan Escobar was third.

The last class in this Intermediate proficiency level was the 46 & over 3-rider shootout. Chris Schmidt, proudly flying the Hostile BMX Team colors, made it two out of three as he and Eliminators Shawn Morris really went handlebar to handle bar all day long. New racer Rob Hoague was third.

9 year old Mary Sloan held off a tremendous effort from 7 year Kyrie Coddington-Sweet as she won two of the three Total Points rounds. Six year old Hayley Blackburn, who contuinues to be forced to race older riders, who grin and bear it with a third place finish.

The next Girls class was also 3-riders in a Total Points race. It was 16 year old Maya Brown maintaining her huge lead in the Track Championship points race with a sweep in this event. Former Track Champion 14 year old Ashley Jasensky was second while another 14 year old, Ashley Thacker, put her Powers Bike Shop colors in the third spot.

The Girls kept bringing it and next was another 3-rider Total Points race. This time it was Emily Fullerton and Danielle Jolicoeur doing battle up front with Alexis Nevins (Knuckle Busters) in the mix. Emily would win round one while Danielle grabbed the second. In round three it was all the Overhaul colors on the point as Emily earned the victory for the second time here this season. Jolicoeur put the Warped BMX colors on the second tier of the podium while Alexis Nevins, all the way from Tennessee was third.

In the 8 year old class it would be 3 motos wins for the Racer Army’s Justin Donahue in this Total Points race. He reminded everyone why hes got the #1 Gold Cup plate on the nose of his machine. Justin has raced here 5 times this year and has not lost. Nash Byrne was second with Jayden Kent third.

It was yet another Total Points race in the 9 year old division and it was a different order in all three rounds. Up front as they crossed the stripe in two out of three of them was Hunter MacCracken for the overall win. Second was Cole Melillo with Pippa Sweet in the third.

The 11 year old class was interesting. In round one Trevor Cooper drew the pole starting in gate one. The gate dropped and Trevor immediately turned hard-left and nearly fell done the side of the starting hill. I have no idea what happened but he was unfazed. He came back and won the main event continuing his dominance in the points chase to reclaim his Track Championship, a title he has won twice before. Second went to Mason Celebucki, one of those Hostile BMX riders. Third place was earned by Marissa Lyman who jumped into the expert class this day. Noah Andersen, despite the heart of a lion, missed transferring into the main.
Trevor Cooper Blows His Start

The 13 year old group was stacked with talent. When someone like Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) misses the cut, you know it’s loaded. Mason Blackburn, continues to impress with a big win in this one after a disappointing 6th place finish at the Gold Cup. This was Mason’s 4th win at Foothills in 2017. Aidan Biello, defending Track Champion, was second while the third spot went to Adin Philbrick.

Jagur Layman takes over the top spot in the 16 Expert point’s class with his nice win today. He outraced second place finisher Hunter Zeiner and third place finisher Matt Rowe. Zeiner and Rowe had a very close call in the second qualifying round but all turned out well. This was the biggest class of the day with 9 riders. It’s great to see “The Mod-Squad” so well represented. It was a tough one for Chris Aldo as he missed the transfer out in a very tough grouping.

In the 17-18 year old class it was Anthony Lucchesi getting the job done. Liam Dunn, representing the large contingent of Hostile BMX riders, was solid with a second while third went to Jake Layman after he edged out Lewis Cianfarani for the last transfer spot.

Kyle Cortis, only seen once before here this season, missed transferring out of the qualifying rounds in the 36-40 class. Kyle is 19 years old. Ralph MacCracken put his Factore Yess Northeast colors on the top of the podium in this class today. Second went to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli with the third spot going to Tommy Healey.

Next week is our Bob Warnicke Race.

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