Week #6

Summer has finally arrived. The temps today were in the low 90’s, rising humidity and a hazy but sunny sky. It was a good day to be “Pete the Ice Cream Guy”.

This was our Race For Life race and we figured that the crowd would be somewhat smaller do in part to the added cost of the event and the National event in nearby Maryland.

Including 7 striders we had 78 riders split into 21 motos plus another two motos of Opens where 8 riders chose to push their stamina limits in the heat.

In opening ceremonies we were able t6o catch up on our Riders of the Week awards. Usually we don’t name the rider form the previous week unless that rider is present. Last week the Rider we chose from May 28th was not here so we waited until this week to honor 5 year old Novice Devon Hurley. He named Shamus crane as his favorite racer.

The Rider of the Week for last week was also honored and the award was presented to 10 year old Tenzin Hurtado. He said his little brother Silas was his favorite rider.

Two motos of Striders were run and as confusing as it was, it still was fun to watch as 3 year old Kris Meinel; 4 year old Rigdzin Hurtado and 5 year old Aiden Hills did battle in the first group and 2 year olds Cole Lyman; Logan Barker and Braxton Murphy ran it out in their group.


The 13-year old Cruiser class was a Total Points event and as usual, it was a combination of ages. 13 year old Logan Demerski won all three rounds with 10 year old “Ice Man” Owen Golden was second and 8 year old Breton Provencal was third.

The 14 year old class four riders were vying for the 3 positions available in the main event. JT Kelleher, not feeling well, was the rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds despite a gallant effort. Owen Downey, the favorite to win the Main after being the first rider to qualify, crashed in the first turn which allowed Mason Vansteenbergin to cruise to victory. Avery Badendyck was second with Owen settling for a third after picking himself up and riding to the finish line.

In 31-35 action Derek Thibideau would win the third round but it would be Tim “Tail-Bone” Brown being the overall winner for the day in this Total point’s event. Derek was second with third overall going to Pat Martin.


The 5 & Under gang were only 3 riders strong today so this would be a three-round shootout. The little phenom, Devon Hurley, did it yet again with another win making it 3 wins in three separate races in his career at Foothills. Its no wonder why he was chosen as our Rider of the week two weeks ago. “Smilin” Rylan Spence earned a solid second while third went to Mason Murphy. Mason traded in his strider for a pedal bike a couple of weeks ago and is doing great.

The 7 year old 3-rider group only had one rider who was actually seven years old as the other two were both 6. Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) was the only 7 year old and she made it look easy as she put another win in the record books. She is getting close to earning a “move-up” to the Girls class. Evan Wadman would finish second today in all three rounds but the hard luck rider today was Brayden Thibideau. He wrecked down in “Calamity Corner” (Turn One) and was carried off with a cut lip and possibly a loose tooth. We hope he was feeling better by the time he got back home in Pittsfield Massachusetts.

There were four riders in the 9 year old class but two were actually 8 years old. (remember it takes 3 entrys to make a class so with only two nine year olds and two 8 year olds, the computer will combine them into one group). Unfortunately iot was on 8 year old Brennon Vecsey from Wallingford who didn’t make the cut today. The other 8 year old proved it didn’t matter to him that he had to race two older riders as he beat them both in the main. Silas Hurtado continued his win streak here which now has reached 4 with today’s win. Mike Arnold put in a good effort and earned second place with Dave Woodruff finishing third.

The last Novice group was the 11 year old 3-rider group that included one 10 year old. Reining Foothills Rider-Of-The-Week Tenzin Hurtado was that 10 year old and he would finish third in a closely contested class. Peyton Pulaski would finish second with the top spot going to Lucas Holda. All three of these riders had earned Rider-Of-The-Week honors at Foothills at one point.


First up was Moto 10 for the 7 year old class. Unfortunately, the success of 5-year old Max Meinel from Monroe hurts him as there are not many 5 year old Intermediates around this early in the season. Max was combined with four 7-year olds and was the one rider eliminated in the qualifying motos after crashing in his final chance to make the cut. ¬†Matt Horjatschon nailed down an impressive win today. Sawyer Spence, after being the first one to qualify, had to settle for a second place finish. “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer finished third.

The next group was identified as “10 intermediate” but there was only one rider who fit that category and that was Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products). 8 year old Landon Hansen tried very hard but, being the youngest in the group, just could not get himself into a qualifying position and had to sit out the 3 rider main event. “The Blue Streak”, Mary Sloan, qualified out first and she was first across the stripe in the main event. Wes Hamel, the only rider here from the “Family Pride” group was second with third going to Cole Barker.

Dylan Rodriguez had it all his way in the 13 year old class as the other two riders in this Total Points race were Novices. Dylan would ace all three rounds. Pat Martin and Trey Lepicier would finish second and third but both earn “Intermediate Points” in this combined class. Trey’s second place finish was worth 43 points where in a pure Novice class it would have been 23 points. Pat earns 33 points compared to 18 if it were all Novices.

It was another Total Points race in the 17-18 class and another rider who swept the three rounds of motos. This time it was Brandon Daniels turning the deed. Casey McCracken was second while third went to Sebastian Chapman. This was the first trip here for Sebastian and we hope this rider from Falcon BMX comes back soon. By the way, it was the same situation for this group as Brandon is an Intermediate so both Novices, Sebastian and Casey earn “Intermediate Points”.

The last of the Intermediates was the 41-45 group but this seemed like a group where everyone was thrown into when the computer race program had nowhere to put them. Only Justin Provencal fell into the right category in this 5 rider race. Ralph McCracken, 36 year old Expert, won the main event and the four Intermediate ranked riders behind him earned “Expert Points”. Ron Carver was second while John Bacchiocchi grabbed the third spot. Joe Downey (Stylin Racing) was the only Novice in the mix and unfortunately he missed the cut.


The first up (Moto #15) was the 8 year old pairing and this 3-rider group was made up of two 8 year olds and one 7 year old Girls. Jayden Kent would win two out of three rounds good enough for first place overall for the day. Breton Provencal, even though he won round three would finish second overall while Natalie Kent was third.

The 10 year old Expert class was a hotly contested bunch of pretty darn good riders. Noah Anderson had Shawn Biello set up for a last turn pass in the final qualifying round but slammed on the brakes rather than risk taking him, and maybe both of them out. Discression the better part of valor there. In the 4-rider main event, it was the youngest rider out there, Hunter McCracken laying claim to fame with an impressive win. "Mr. Nasty" Nate Giroux,. sure made him work for it and finished second. Shawn Biello settled into the third spot.

The 11 year old group was a 3-rider shootout and it was former two-time track champ, Trevor Cooper winning round one. Aiden Badendyck grabbed round two. The final round went to Cooper for the overall win. Badendyck was second while Ryder Vansteenbergin was third.

The 12 year old class was also a Total Points race and it was Anthony Bartolo making a good move in round one to get around Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products). It looked like Dylan totally gave up the moto after the pass and fell back to the third spot. Round two saw Dylan come back and win it with Bartolo second but that third palce finish would keep him one point behind Anthony going into the final round. Bartolo would win it and grab the top spot for the day. Aidan Biello, current Foothills track champion, quietly took a second place finish while Dylan settled for third.

The biggest class of the day was the 14 year old Expert class with 7 riders going for some Sunday fame. Henry Dzwonkowski, the only Intermediate in the mix was eliminated after the motos. The main event saw Logan Demerski, who we havent seen since week #1, pretty much dominate the class today and, even though he was the youngest in the mix, this 13 year old got the job done. Mason Vansteenbergin earned a hard fought second place finish while third went to Owen Downey.

The 17-18 Chain Gang saw Alec Roman just miss transfering into the main event. "Jumpin" Jerry Taylor earned to top spot today for his first win at Foothils in awhile. Jacob Stephens was second while Jake Layman, in his first Expert race was very competive and finished third.

The last points class of the day was for the 28-35 year olds and it was a Total Points shootout. Jeff Albert, who has turned Expert since we last saw him, put in an impressive effort and capture the win. Matt Markie, even after winning round three would be second overall while "Stone-Cold" Steve Scibelli was third.

Avery Badendyck was leading the 14 Expert qualifying round when she went into a spin. J.T. Kelleher had nowhere to go and slammed into her. They both were ok and rode it off

Thanks so much for supporting the longest running charity in all of BMX. The RACE FOR LIFE has donated over $5, 000,000 to the NAtional Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, dedicated to fightin blood related cancers, all in memory of 12 year old Todd Kingsbury, who lost his battle in 1981.

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