Race #7 Olympic Night


Each year in June, USABMX teams up with the United State Olympic committee and USA Cycling to offer free racing all over the country in celebration of OLYMPIC DAY.

Our turn was tonight (Thursday) and, as expected, this would be our smallest race of the season to date. With only 51 riders able to come out to this mid-week early starting race, 14 motos was the result.

There were three Balance Bikers here and 4 year old Rigzdin Hurtado and 2 year olds Cole Lyman and Braxton Murphy were fun to watch although Braxton wasn’t really into it tonight.


In the first group the class was indentified as 11 year olds and there were two matching that description in the mix. There was also a 6 year old and an 8 year old. 6 year old Hayley Blackburn didn’t make the cut but she didn’t seem to mind at all as she simply always seems to be smiling. In this class we finally got to see RJ Reale in 2017 and probably for the first time ever at Foothills on a Cruiser. This Trumbull made it look easy as he easily earned the win. Breton Provencal grabbed the second spot while Marissa Lyman finished third.

It was Total Points racing for the 3-rider 14 year old division. The only 14 year old in the trio of competitors was Mason Vansteenbergen and he got the job done just as he did last Sunday. Mason Blackburn and Kyle Lyman, both 13 year olds, would finish second and third.

The 26-30 Cruiser 3-rider shoot-out was actually an age range from 16 or 51. 16 year old Dave Albert, making his 2017 Foothills debut, was unbeatable tonight and scored the top spot on the podium. Tim Brown and Fred Roy had a classic battle for the second spot with Tim finishing ahead of Fred two out of the three rounds. Fred had a little excitement in the practice session as he tried an X-Up over the second straight double and ended up being a “Crack-Up” instead. Seems his front wheel hit his pedal and he got all jibberty-flibbets in the air and came down in a heap. He did get up and say he was ok. Bet he’s a little sore this morning.

  Fred as he finished his X-Up Crack-Up  


The first and only Novice gang was the 8 year old class which included two 7 year olds and only one 8 year old. The 8 year old, Silas Hurtado, enjoyed a perfect byt winning all three rounds. Brody Kesl ended up second overall while Cayden Melillo, who forgot his racing pants and sat out the first two rounds of this Total Points race, would find some second hands pants for round three and finish third overall but still earning 18 points.


In 9 year old action is was another class with mixed proficiencies and even genders.  It was made up of one 6 year old Girl. One 9 year old Novice, one 7 year old and one 8 year old Inter and one 90 year old Inter. Hayley Blackburn, the 6 year old just missed the cut as she nearly got by Dave Woodruff for the final spot in the last qualifying round. In the four rider main event it was Sawyer Spence, the 7 year old who turned the winning deed. He held off Family-Prides Wes Hamel who had to settle for second place. Third went to Landon Hansen who put in one of his better efforts for the season.


The only Girls class was the 11 year old Total points race. Reining Track champion Marissa Lyman nailed down a nice win in round one and it looked like she might have it easy tonight. However, round two saw Isabella Nelson grab the win. With round three being the tie-breaker for this group it was Marissa coming out on top just in front of Isabella. “Fearless” Alissa HAtt would finish third.


The 10 Expert group of three saw 9 year old Cole Melillo put 103 points under his win column with tonight’s sweep of the motos. Noah Andersen, after finishing third in round one, came back strong enough to salvage second place while 8 year old Breton Provencal finished third.
RJ Reale, after winning his Cruiser class earlier, did the same in this three rider 11 Expert class. RJ won two of three rounds in this Total Points event with second round winner Jacob Hatt earning the second spot overall for the night while third went to Ryder Vansteenbergen.

In 13 Expert racing, Shamus Crane, the only 13 year old Intermediate here tonight, had to be thrown in with this bunch of hot rods and, despite a very good try, missed making into the three rider main event. Mason Blackburn, looking so much faster this year, outraced both Kyle Lyman and Aidan Biello this night. Kyle did hang onto second keeping Aidan in the third spot.

In 16 year old Expert racing, Hannah Blanquart, making her 2017 debut here at Foothills, drew some tough duty tonight and missed qualifying for the main event. Dave Albert, another rider who won his Cruiser class and came back to “Double” looked spectacular tonight with another victory. Jacob Stephens was running hot as well and scored a solid second place finish while third went to “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor.

The last group of the night was 28-35 Experts. Joe Doherty had it all his way in this one and got the job done. “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli, after showing up in a suit and tie, got changed in time and scored a second place finish. Third went to Tommy Healey, who is an Intermediate but earns Expert points tonight in this combined class. Danielle Jolicoeur missed the transfer out of the motos.

Thanks for coming out tonight. Sunday is our Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial race. Hopefully you will come out and support us. Don’t forget to pre-register on line for the upcoming God Cup Northeast Qualifying on June 25th.

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