Gold Cup / state Qualifier


So this past Sunday was our biggest race of the year. I’m not sure anyone expected just how big it was gonna be. This was a combined Gold Cup Qualifier and the first CT State Qualifier. With 150 pre-registrations and by 9:00 am a long line building at the registration building, this could be something special. At 11:45 the last person was processed. About 5 minutes later the motos were posted and the first race went off at 12:05.

The rider entry list included 427 entries and 87 motos. To me, the most impressive thing was the fact that our wonderful clerk, Catherine Biello, kept her calm demeanor and processed entry after entry without tiring and then got the race ready to go virtually right on time. Well done Catherine!

In looking at the moto sheets I’ve seen names form CT.; MA; VT; NH; RI; NY; NJ; PA; MD; DE; and even TN. That’s 11 states! How awesome is that?

There was also a Team Challenge going on and the results are at the end of this report.

I’m not sure how detailed I can get with this report as there were so many classes to contend with but I’ll try.

There were 11 balance bikes going at it from 2 to 5 years old and they started us off with some pedaless mayhem right from the start. Lukas Levesque and Kristopher Meinel were our first two winners for the day.


The first up was the 3-rider 13-14 Girls class and there were two riders that were absolutely evenly matched. Anislee Bardunias and Marissa Lyman Really battled hard and each beat the other at least one. However, their battle was for second place as 14 year old Avery Badendyck blew away the competition in this event with a 3-moto sweep for Warped BMX. Marrisa salvaged the second spot putting Anislee into third.

It was 5-riders in the 21-30 Woman’s group and it would be Kelly Amaris the lady eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Maybe it was because I borrowed her husband in the announcing tower? Anyway the 4-rider Main event went to our local 16 year old super-star Maya Brown as she put one in the win column for Team Edge. Emily Fullerton made her work hard for it and scored a solid second for Overhaul racing. Third went to Angela Therriault.

Next up was the 46-50 year old division and, after a 7 year sabbatical from racing, “Big-Air” Marianne Sklarsky was back and definitely on attack. Rhode Island’s State Champ, Karen Glenwright missed the cut today leaving three ladies to battle it6 out in the Main event. Gina Layman, almost unrecognizable in her new Potter’s Plates / SE Racing uniform, was first to qualify and first across the stripe in the Main Event. Sklarsky scored an impressive second with third going to Renee Giese (Husband Racing).

The 7 & under boys Cruiser class was a total points event and Nash Byrne (Power’s Bike Shop) nailed down the “perfect”. Second all day went to Nate Oswald (Hole Shot Bike Shop) while it was Ryder Richardson (Warped BMX) finishing third.

In the 9 year old division, despite a great try, it was Ridley Acheson missing the cut. The Main Event saw the C-Yaa factory rider, Matt Meagher hold off Toxic Racing’s Alex Marshall for the win. Chris Hess, also riding for Toxic finished third.

With 6-riders in the 10 year old class it was gonna be tough racing to make the main. The “Ice-Man” Owen Golden was the rider forced to sit out the main. The Main looked like an old western with the Marshall leading his posse. Max Marshall (Toxic) lead from start to finish in this one with Justin Merkle second and Peyton Oswald rounding out the top three.

Total points action for the 11 year olds and RJ Reale put another one in the win column for the Warped BMX team. Christian Platoni and Cole Hobart were second and third.

The 12 year olds were 4 riders to the Main after Evan Glenwright-Roberts just missed making the cut in the motos. Gold Cup #2, Sam Degrange used some amazing passing skills to capture the top spot on today’s podium. Shane Macdonald was second just in front of third place finisher Chad Forstell.

The 13 year old gang also was a 6-rider class and it was Logan Schmitt odd-man out in this one. Andrew Hurst, in his first trip here this season, picked up where he left off last year and scored the win. Overhaul’s Logan Demerski grabbed the second spot while third went to Warped BMX’s Mason Blackburn.

“The Natural, Baley Levine added yet another win for Warped BMX in the 14 year old class. Team-mate Mason Vansteenbergen was second while JT Kelleher was third.

The Total point’s action continued for the 16 year old gang and this was one hot gang of three. Round one went to Stylin’s “Thundermidget’ Alex Kuehn. Round two was the Northeast Factory Yess colors of Dave Albert crossing the stripe first. The tie-breaker went to Kuehn, Albert second and Ty Marlin third.

The 21-25 gang was large with 7 riders in the class. The main event saw Taylor Fichtner, starting in gate 7, work his way to the point entering turn 1. He would hang on all the way while Liam Dunn, mired in the fourth spot coming out of turn three found an opening up the back straight and worked his way up to the second spot. As they were in the middle of turn five, Dunn had caught Fichtner but Fichtner would win the drag race to the stripe by inches. Dunn was second while third went to Chris Therriault.

The 31-35 class was equally exciting as Chris Morris and Sean Mabin would really turn up the heat. After trading positions and maybe a little paint, Sean Mabin earned the hard fought victory. Chris Morris (Kid Dynamite) was second with Mike Butry earning the third spot.

Chris Deamelio, Who hasn’t been to Foothills in an awful long time, was back and scored a 3-moto sweep in the Total Points 41-45 class. “Ludacliff” Cliff Benoit (Overhaul” was second while Mike Wohrle for Damage Inc. was third.

The 46-50 gang saw Jeff Badendyck (Warped BMX) dominate the group and put that Gold Cup #2 machine in the winner’s circle. Alan Levin was second while third went to Rick Marceau (Overhaul). This was Rick’s second time here this year and was probably on overload as he usually only make one annual pilgrimage.

Gonzo Racing John McDowell easily won the 51-55 Total Points race with a sweep of the motos. Robert Schuttinger (Hudson Valley Racing Team) virtually inherited the second spot with Dan Scully a no-show in all three rounds.


The 5 & under gang was here with 9 riders split into two groups. When the dust settled Devon Hurley won his 6th consecutive race day at Foothills and remains undefeated here in his short career. Brody Ryan had his red and grey Intense machine dialed in and finished second while third went to “Smilin-Rylan” Spence was third.

In 6 year old action it was Kijani Reeves, out of Uniondale New York capturing the big win. Paxton Wells earned the second spot with third going to Evan Wadman.

It was a great turnout in the 7 year old division with 7 riders strong. In the main the little Hot Rod with BMX roots in his family came through flying some old-school colors. Jax Gietek, fluying the DDR flag proudly on his chest, led start to finish. Willow Hicks, out of the Evolution-X camp was second while third went to Kenin Nunes.

It would be a familiar face on the top of the podium in the 8 yr old class as Silas Hurtado won his 6th Foothills win in as many tries this year. He had to hold off Owen Russell and the “Fire Ant” Alyssa McKay who finished second and third.

The 9 year old gang was 6-riders strong and it would be Taylor Einarsen capturing the flag for a big hard fought win. Traiden Robak for Maryland worked hard and grabbed the second spot while Izaya Frazier was third.

Last week we saw a certain Rhode Island rider for the first time. This kid came in and beat our local last Sunday. Well, that was a tune-up as he was back today and did the same thing in the 10 year old class by beating 5 other races in the main event. Mason Smerda was simply unbeatable. The second spot was earned by Tenzin Hurtado who I figured was the favorite for the win. Third went to Keenan Cook for Full Throttle.

Local boy Tyler Bouteiller got the job done in the 11 year old class as this Barkhamsted rider was first to qualify and first in the main. Peyton Pulaski, constantly improving was second while third went to Lucas Holda.

Tyler Farwell made his Foothills Debut last week, won the main and came back this week and repeated the feat. Tyler lives in Griswold but appears to not mind the trip to get to Torrington. In was a good effort by Chris Gonyer to salvage a second place finish just in front of Rich Nunes.

The bigger the Novices get, the faster they go and that was certainly the case in the 14 year old class. Dillon O’Brian, after finishing second in the 14 year old Intermediate combined class last week, won the class this week. Sometimes it helps to race kids faster than you and this pretty much proves it. Second went to Eric Pulaski in an impressive effort for this fairly new rider. Third place finisher was Lowel Cattaneo out of Kingston New York.

The 19-27 gang was a 3-rider Total Points shoot out and it was a good one. With Seth Durette and Tyler Marlin each winning one round, it would take a third round tiebreaker to determine todays overall champ. Tyler got the best of Seth in that round and went home with the first place award. Seth settled for second while Cam Dirusso was third.

Cesar Aravena made it look easy in the 28-35 Total Points race as he would sweep all the motos. It was a perfect second for Brian Wadman while Eric Linsley could only stand on the third tier of the podium for Team Edge.

A scary thought is when you know there are 7 riders in the 41-45 Novice class. Kinda sounds like a Legion of Doom! All rode well however and it was Jeff Sperrazza coming out as Top-Gun. Jim Cook (Full Throttle) was second and it was Mike Maduske third…….oops no, Maduske quit just a hair early to bask in some third place glory and John Dean roared by him with two feet to go on the 1600 foot track. OOPS! Ya Snooze…ya Looze.

The last Novice class was the 46 & Over (Yikes) and there were just 3-riders going for the full rack on the podium. This Geritol gang saw Tom Cattaneo win round one but Mark Reale (Warped BMX) win round two. Mark held on and also won round three earning the top podium spot. Tom was second while low man on the totem podium was Joe Downey (Stylin).


These were some really competitive classes starting with the 10 rider 6 year old division. Surviving the motos was one thing but then there was a full gate main event to contend with on a tight track. All went pretty well and, when the dust from this stampede finally settled it was Nate Oswald (Hole Shot Bike Shop) heading for Victory Lane. Second went to Jax Grover (Kid Dynamite) while racing to a third place finish was Cesar Avena.

The 7 year olds were 7-riders deep and the main event would see Briton Ryan (Gold Cup #2) showing us why he feels he has a shot at #1 this year, especially when the Championship is at his home track. This New York rider put today in the win column. The second spot saw Southbury’s Team Edge rider Sawyer Spence gab it while the third position was filled by Scott Cole for the Racer Army New England.

The fast and furious action continued in the 9 year old grouping as 9 riders were going for it. T.R.A.C.K’s Ernie Niemann earned the top spot by sheer determination and a lot of skill. Rocco Corey was second with Dax Smerda (Love the helmet) third.

With the CT State #1 plate mounted on the front of his machine “Rocky” McMillan powered his way around the course unchallenged for a nice main event win in the 9 year old class. Seth Glenwright-Roberts was second while Wes Hamel (Family Pride) had to settle for third.

The 10 year old class was as tight as a small coffin and only 3-riders strong. “The Undertaker”, Jonah Graves, turned the lights out on everyone as he won all three rounds. Dom Corey was second while Kevin Kelleher was third.

One of the bigger classes of the day was the 11 year olds with 14 riders strong and only 8 spots available in the main event. It was a battle royal in the qualifying rounds as the field was dwindled down to the final eight riders. Aidan Drenen won this Survivor series race. Nothin wrong with second place in a class this large and that’s what Kayden Smith pulled off (Ramp Farm). Third went to Marek Stasiowski.

Another big group was the 10 year olds as they had ten entries. This main event would go to “Rad-Chad” Forstell in his first ever trip here. Ian Martone (Kid Dynamite) earned a nice second place award while third went to the efforts of Tyler Kendig for C-Yaa.

Big classes kept coming in the Intermediate classes as was the case in the next group for 13 year olds as they had 12 entries. Ken Kaplanis would be the top dog in this war with “Loose Change” Jake Nichols (Family Pride second and “The Hurricane” Henry Hatt third.

The 14 year old gang had just 6 riders so this wasn’t too hectic. Shayne Catanzaro, calling Shoreham his home track, proved they still produce some very fast riders out there on Long Island as he qualified out early and came up and won the main event. Collin Storke delivered a 9 lb second place finish while the third spot went to Jorn Layman. Jorn was impressive in the first round as early in the moto he blew his year tire and carried the bike running from turn one, around the course to the finish line then came back and finished second in round two to assure a spot in the main.

The 16 year olds raced in a 5-rider main event and a rider that traveled a great distance made the trip worth it as Shawn Tiller Jr. from Delaware captured this win. Ethan Escobar. Flying the old Custom Cycle colors was second while third was earned by Brandon Daniels.

11 riders entered in the 19-27 gang and this could be a good one. Just picked up by Team Edge, undoubtedly signed to a very lucrative contract, Josh Sanford had little problems in this main event after his closest competition went down in the first turn. Danny Heideger, out of the Team Edge Racing Stables, was second while William Provey, wearing the craziest uniform I’ve seen in a long time, finished third.

TJ Elliot, who almost got taken out in turn with Tom Healey in a qualifying round, nailed down a nice main event win. Ron Carver, who was first to qualify had to settle for second while Healy (Overhaul) was third in the 28-35 year old class

Next up was the 36-40 group and it was Pedro Nunes, who I assume considers Trumbull his home track, looking very good here as well as he won today’s main. Tim Brown (team Edge) was second with Kenny record sliding into the third spot.

In 41-45 action, it was Mike Wohrle doing damage for Damage Inc as he was the top rider in this class today. John Clementi was second and Pete Martone (Kid Dynamite) earned the third spot.

The final Intermediate class was the 46 & Over batch of riders. 7 riders in this group and there were three riders with a #1 on their number plate. Of course I was the announcer, took a guess and called the wrong #1 as the leader and eventual winner. I called iot as Dennis Coull on top, probably much to his delight where, in reality, it was Potter Racings Sean Gallagher. (Sorry Sean). Chris Gombos nailed the second spot while Coull was third.


In the 7 year old class it was “Miller Time” as the winner was Jenna Miller. She held off some very heavy comp from Kyrie Coddington-Sweet, who was second while Elaina Byrne (Powers Bike Shop) was third.

With Kyrie finishing second in the previous main event, it was up to big sister Pippa Sweet to reserve a sweet spot on top of the podium. That’s exactly what she did as she drew gate one in the main, exploded out of the gate and never looked back. She earned a nice win with Madison Skog (Family Pride) second and “The Blue Streak” Mary Sloan third.

Keira Amaris was first to qualify in the 10 year old class and that was sign of things to come as she was first across the stripe in today’s main event. Lyra Moscuzza was second and third went to “Fearless” Alissa Hatt for Island Insanity.

In the 11 year old class Total Points was the scenario. It would be the same order of finish in all three rounds with Marissa Lyman, Reining and two-time Foothills BMX female Track Champion (Warped BMX), Anislee Bardunias (Hostile) second and Samantha Sperrazza put her Redline into third place.

The 14 year old class provided the scariest moment of the day for this large race. As they roared up the second straight in round one, Lacy Butland and Angelina Tacti got tangled up and crashed hard and Angelina’s helmet went rolling across the track. Lacy was ok and rode off but it was a few minutes before Angelina got up and walked off the track. In the main Avery Badendyck won it for Warped BMX while Teammate Ashley Jasensky was second and Lacey Buttland was third. Angelina appeared to have a cut on her chin. We all hope she is ok.

Next up was the 15-16 group of 5. In her best ride in my memory, at least at Foothills, Hannah Blanquart put it all together today and was fantastic in the main event after being the third one to qualify from the motos. Maya Brown (Team Edge) was second while the third spot went to Gianna Dietz.

In 17-20 action, it looked like the day would belong to Emily Fullerton (Overhaul) after she was first to transfer out of the motos. But the main event, she would find herself chasing Lydia Clarkin for the entire length of the track. Lydia would hold her off and Emily settled into second while Alexis Nevins (Knuckle Busters) all the way from Tennessee was third.

Danielle Jolicoeur, recently picked up by Warped BMX, aced a perfect in the 21-30 Total Points shootout. Andre-Anne Chenaille was second while Kristina Delucia was third.

It was another Total point’s event this time in the 41 & over Woman’s class. Lisa Mannion for C-Yaa nailed down a three-moto sweep of the class. Amanda Orlandi (Northeast Factory Yess) was second while Karen Glenwright was third.


The first of these skilled athletes was the 7 year old and there were only three in this grouping. “Racer Army” rider Justin Donahue wasted no time as he set the pace out of Hope Valley Rhode Island by winning all three rounds for the sweep. Powers Bike Shop colors were in second place worn by Nash Byrne while third would go to Jaden Barnett.

The 8 year old Main event was Toxic. At least that was the team colors at the top of the podium when the race was over thanks to the efforts of Chris Hess. It was Steve Adams out of Egg Harbor NJ grabbing the second spot while third went to Kid Dynamite’s Griffin Gray.

It was six riders battling hard in the 9 year old class and it was the Northeast Factory Yess racer Hunter MacCracken holding off the rest of the pack to win the main. Matt Meagher C-Yaa Factory rider was a solid second while the third spot went to Ben Machnik.

The biggest class of the day was the 10 year old Expert gang with 15 riders registered and 12 would go to semi’s to battle for the 8 spots in the main event. When the main event gate dropped it was a great hole shot by C-Yaa’s Ryan Kendig. He held off a great challenge up the second straight and looked really sent to stand atop the podium from that point on. Out of turn five it looked like he felt a little too comfortable and was not aware of the closing fast Pennsylvania ride of Kayden Clark who nipped him right at the stripe in a very close finish. Third went to Pete Oswald.

The 11 year old division was stacked with team riders with 10 riders going for some Gold Cup Glory. In the Main event Tim House put his red-rims across the stripe first for an impressive win. Jacob Hatt, riding for Island Insanity, was second while third went to “The Real Deal”, R.J. Reale for Warped BMX.

The 12 year old gang of 10 looked like their main event, at least on paper, would be a really competitive race with some awesome moves. However, after a tight mix in turn one, they all simply spread out in a long train all the way around the course without one pass anywhere. The Engineer on the train was Harley Ingram as he got to the station first. Right behind him was Sam DeGrange with Anthony Bartolo third in line flying the Custom Cycles flag.

It was yet another large group in the 13 year old class and in this one Ryan Komssi (Hole Shot Bike Shop) hanging on in a real hard fought race. Charging hard for the second spot was Andrew Hurst with third place finisher Logan Demerski on his tail.

A full gate of 8 riders would start off in the motos vying for the 7 spots available in the 14 year old main event starting grid. When it was over it was “Time To Shine” for Jared Pimental as he out raced the field. It was Family Pride colors of “Butter” Hunter Zeiner in the second spot while third went to “The Natural” Baley Levine for Warped BMX.

Taking a break from big classes, the 15 year olds wereonly three riders strong and it was all “Thundermidget” keeping his Stylin colors out front in every round for the overall win. Alex Kuehn was simply too fast. Jack Donahue was second while Adam Fitch would finish third in all three rounds.

“The Mod-Squad”, 16 X was another main event stacked with talent. Dave Albert (Northeast Factory Yess) was able to stay in from of Jagur Layman (Potter Plates / SE Racing) but it sure was a classic battle all the way around. Gunar Vansteenbergen held on for third for Warped BMX.

Justin Boissonneault would use some great moves to pull off the main event win in the 17-18 experts class. It looked like Andrew Chamunorwa would earn the right to stand tall on the podium but then Boissonneault used his power to seal the deal up the back straight. Andrew may have been surprised a bit as after Boissonneault passed him; Dean “The Machine” Zebian (Evolution X) did the same. Andrew did hang on for third.

19-27 was the next group and it was large with 10 riders going for it all out. Taylor Fichtner (Northeast factory Yess) put his best moves on the track and was today’s winner. Chris Therriault was a close second while third went to Jeff Albert.

Maybe the best, at least most impressive moves of the day happened in the 5 rider 28-35 expert main event. “Flash” Felix Pagan, got the start of his life and exited turn one with a pretty nice lead. “The Marvelous One” Matt Markie, must have been running a big gear as he started in gate #1 but was fourth in line coming out of turn one. UP the second straight Markie got his machine cranking and sat in second coming out of turn two. By the time they reached turn three Flash must have felt the hot breath of Markie all over him. Matt went high in the turn then dove to the inside in his classic “Markie Move” and it was handle bar to handle bar up the back straight. By the time they reached turn four it was all Matt Markie from that point on and he won the main event. Pagan was second while Kid Dynamite’s Chris Morris was third.

In 41-45 action it was another win for the folks from Northeast Factory Yess as Ralph MacCracken got the job done. Chris Deamelio turned in a second place finish while Zak Gietek was a no-show in the main and would get a 4th place credit.

The last expert class of the event was the 46 & over expert class and this one looked to be shaping up as maybe a classic two rider shootout between London Wilmont (C-Yaa) and Jeff Badendyck (Warped BMX) as they were locked in the gate. When the gate dropped London definitely got the best start as he led down the front straight from gate 8. Jeff got stuck on the extreme inside from gate 1 and flew into turn one way too hot. His momentum carried him high across turn 1 until he clipped Harold Griffin at the top of the rim. Harold wiould tumble down the big berm while Jeff stayed on his mount. With all that craziness in the turn, Wilmont was checking out. It was a fairly easy win for him with Glenn Giese (Wife Racing) for second and Gonzo’a Glenn Woodward for third.

The Open classes were won by Griffin Gray in 7-8; Brennan Lasher in 11-12; “The Hurricane” henry Hatt in 12-14 and finally Justin Boissonneault in 17-20.
The Team results were:


From the tower my special thanks to Shoreham's Mike Amaris for sharing his skills doing the second round. Awsome Job Mike!

From The Litchfield County BMX Group Inc., we all hope you enjoyed racing at our facility as much as we enjoyed hosting you. So long for now and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Complete finish report