Week #3

Beautiful racing weather was in store for those who made the trip to Foothills today. Of course, as is nearly the case every weekend, we battle other area events for riders and that was the case again today. A Gold Cup Qualifier up in Horsehead N.Y. and a State Qualifier in Billerica Massachusetts certainly had an impact on our turnout.

With only 63 riders registered in the Balance Bike and point classes plus another 15 riders joining in Open racing, the moto count was only 20 but it was still a day of some good racing action and a few surprises.

Before we started racing two riders were honored by being named Riders Of The Week. For the May 7th race, 8 year old Silas Hurtado was so named. He is from Northfield and won in a six rider class that included some 9 year old riders. He said his favorite rider was his brother Tenzin.

For her efforts last week, 7 year old Kyrie Coddington-Sweet was our Rider Of The Week as she got the job done in a 4 rider class. From Kingston N.Y. she said her favorite rider was her sister Pippa.

Three Balance-Bikers went at it for three rounds of foot-pounding action and it was 4 year old “Racin-Mason” Murphy taking care of business. 2 year olds Braxton Murphy and Logan Barker both looked to be having a great time.

The first point’s class was titled 46-50 Cruiser but one of the 5 riders was 13 years old. “Wild-Cherry” Kyle Kuehn would finish second in the main behind Mark Lapriore from Pawtucket Rhode Island who may have won on his first visit here ever. Third place was secured by Johnny Buttwell. It was good to see Tim Brown back on his bike in this group after his nasty butt-bustin crash just two weeks ago. Tim didn’t transfer today but it was obvious he was just taking it easy and still quite sore. 4th place finisher, Gina Layman (Gold Cup #1), managed a 4th place finish.

Unlike last week, we did have a good supply of Novice riders here and the 7 year old class was quite memorable. This was a four rider group actually made up of two 7 year olds and two 5 year olds. When this type of combining happens, it usually means a classic shoot-out between the two 7 year olds. Well not today. In his first BMX race ever, 5 year old Devon Hurley, riding out of Granville Massachusetts, not only was the first to qualify for the main event; he actually won the main event! What an eye opener for riders who will compete against this kid in the future. He is a “Natural” on a BMX bike. Second place went to 7 year old Brody Kesl while 7 year old Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) would finish third. The other 5 year old, “Smilin Rylin” Spence just missed the transfer.

The 9 year old Novice class also had a little surprise in it. This was a 3-rider Total Points race made up of two 9 year olds and one 8 year old. Would you believe it was the 8 year old, Silas Hurtado who not only won the class but did it by winning every moto! Mike Arnold and Dave Woodruff would finish second and third.

In 11 year old Novice action the surprises continued although maybe not as big as the previous two Novice classes. In this three rider shootout for Total Points supremacy, it was 11 year old Peyton Pulaski showing two 10 year old boys what Girl-Power is all about as she aced a perfect with wins in all three rounds. Tenzin Hurtado was the first boy across the stripe behind her with Derek Linnick (Connecticut Glass LLC) finishing third.

Total Points Novice racing continued in the 15 year old division made up of one 15 year old and two 14 year olds. This time there was no surprise as the 15 year old got to the finish line first. “Quick-Nick” Vazzano, one of Trumbull’s rising stars, nailed down three moto wins for the overall title today. Second place went to Anthony Lovanio, also a Trumbull rider while third went to Nick Neilson from Shelton.

The last Novice class was the 28-35 group of 4 riders. This group had a couple of Foothills Legends in it as 27 year old Danielle Jolicouer was back as was 19 year old Jonathon Zeiner. Danielle hadn’t raced since 2007 but some things you never forget how to do. Danielle would win today’s main event. Jon Zeiner, who was last seen racing at Foothills in 2012, would finish second today. He now lives in California and was back here on vacation visiting family and friends. Third place went to 42 year old James Linnick. Erica Bacciocchi, despite a great effort, missed transferring out of the motos.

There were 5 motos of Intermediate riders in the house. First up was the 7 year old group of 5 riders. After the qualifying rounds where the only Girl in the mix, Natalie Kent, was eliminated, it would be Matt Horjatschon from Ansonia earning the top spot on the podium today. Evan Sauer was second with the third spot going to Sawyer Spence.

In 9 year old Intermediate competition it would be a Total Points race and Rocky McMillan was on fire. He would nail down the overall title with three impressive wins. Wes Hamel, just picked up by “Family-Pride” Racing was second while Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) was third.

Sean Adams tried hard but just missed making the cut in the 4 rider 13 year old Intermediate class. The main event saw “Loose-Change” Jake Nichols nail down a nice win for the “Family Pride” folks while Shamus Crane and TJ Scog, also sporting the hot looking Family Pride Uniforms, was second and third.

Next up were the 4 riders racing hard for three positions in the 16 year old Intermediate main event. Brandon Daniels, after racing 12 times here last season, made his 2017 debut today and picked up where he left off with a win. Jorn Layman, the youngest in the mix at 14 years old would earn a solid second just in front of 16 year old Maya Brown.

The last Intermediate class was the 19-27 class but included a couple of riders 40 years old or older. Josh Sanford, once a real Foothills Hot Rod of a racer but not seen on a regular basis since before the 2013 season, came out today but missed qualifying. Dakota Cortis earned an impressive second place finish while Mark Lapriore, the oldest rider in the mix at 47 was third. Our winner, Jake Layman, was simply unbeatable today after being first to qualify he out raced everyone to win the main.

The 9 year old Girls class was a 3 rider Total Points shootout but it would be a 7 year old that stood tall in victory lane. Kyrie Coddington-Sweet, the reigning Rider-Of-The-Week, reminded us why she earned that recognition last week with another impressive win this week. Second place went to Madison Skog with third going to her twin sister Finley Skog. Finley crashed hard in the second round but jumped up quickly. It was good to see her finish that round and come out for round three.

Finley went over the handlebars just behind
her sister Madison

The 10 year old Expert class was a mixed bag of riders including an 8 year old Experet, a 1o year old Intermediate and even a 9 year old Girl. 10 year old Intermediate Kevin Kelleher was eliminated in the motos but certainly not because of a lack of effort. The main event went to a rider sporting a Gold-Cup #1 number plate. 9 year old Pippa Sweet pulled of an incredible pass in turn one, grabbed the lead and would not give it back all the way to the finish line for the win. Shawn Biello, Pippa’s victim of the pass in turn one, hung on for second place while Noah Andersen looked strong and finished third.

Total points racing for the 12 year old Expert class and former Track Champion Trevor Cooper would win the first two rounds with reining Track Champion Aidan Biello and Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products), trading second place finishes. In the deciding third round it was Trevor who needed a last turn pass to salvage second place and the top spot on the podium for the overall win. Dylan won the third round assuring him a second place finish overall with Aidan finishing third in this evenly matched shootout.

The 14 year old Expert class was very similar as “Butter” Hunter Zeiner easily won all three rounds. The second spot would go to round three before we knew who would claim it as Adin Philbrick and “Wild-Cherry” Kyle Kuehn would trade second place finishes in the first two rounds. Round three second place went to Adin as did the second spot overall for the day.

The last points class of the day was the 17-18 Expert call with 15 year old Jagur Layman in this three rider Total Points race. New Yorks Andrew Chamunorwa won two out of three motos for the overall win. Scotty Thomson (Cya Frames) was second while Jagur Layman settled for third.

See you all next week.


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