Week #4

So week # 4 is in the record books and it was a good day weather-wise for racing. With no “major” events in the area to compete with, there was a larger turnout than we have had in the first three weeks but still, with Trumbull finishing up their SugarCayne-bike fest and a Double-Points New York State Qualifier in Kingston NY, we probably did lose a few riders.

With 95 riders registered; the moto count in the classes was 24 plus another 14 riders registered to race in the 4 Open classes.

In opening ceremonies, there was the traditional Foothills tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives in defense of the American way of life as TAPS were played followed by Lee Greenwoods “God Bless The USA”

Peyton Pulaski was honored as our Rider-Of-The-Week in recognition of her win here last week. She named her brother Eric as her favorite rider.

In Balance bike action there was three foot-stompers enjoying their time on the track. 3 year old Chyanne Orlandi and 3 year old Ryder Champagne finished 1-2 while 1 year old Victoria Machnik didn’t care where she finished she was just having fun.

The first Cruiser class was the 14 year old group but this four rider group included a 9 year old and a 10 year old. Predictably it was the 10 year old, Jay Anderson was the rider missing the transfer into the 3 rider main event. Baley “The Natural” Levine led coast to coast with JT Kelleher a solid second. Jt was fresh off his trip to Burmuda. Third place went to Brandon Houle.

The next group of Cruisers was a Total Points event titled 26-30 Cruiser. In reality the rider’s ages ranged from 22 to 35 years old. In round one “The Rifleman” Dalton Browning held off Ryan Bogli for the win. “The Rabbit” Jeff Orlandi was third. It was a totally different order of finish in round two as Bogli held off Orlandi for the win with Browning third. Now before we go into the final round, we haven’t seen Ryan Bogli since September of 2015 as he took all of 2016 off. Dalton Browning, now 30 years old, last raced here as a 12 year old back in 1998 prior to this year. Jeff Orlandi is a regular and the oldest in the mix. So the final round was set up with Bogli leading by one point over Browning with Orlandi one point behind Browning. Even though Dalton had gate one in the final round, there was no holding back Ryan. Out of turn one it was Bogli in the lead with Browning a close second and Orlandi a close third and that’s how this tight pack would finish the final round and overall for the day. After his first win of 2017 yesterday at Whip City, Ryan was pretty psyched to make it two in a row.

The final round of Cruisers was the 36-40 group with only one of the 3 riders 40 or under. “Ludacliff” Benoit and Tim “Tail-Bone” Brown traded wins in the first two rounds with Gina Layman chasing them all the way. In the deciding round three it would be the Overhaul colors of Cliff Benoit going to the winners circle. Brown was second and Layman finished third.

In the 5 & under class there were 5 riders going for the four positions in the main event. With Westfield’s Dan Talbot just missing the cut, the main event would be pretty exciting. When the dust settled the win went to Devon Hurley, who impressed us so much with his win here last week in his first ever BMX race. Second place belonged to “Smilin Rylan” Spence while “The Gunslinger” Brodie Browning finished third.

The 7 year old Novice class was made up of 4 riders and unfortunately there was one 6 year old in the mix as he was the only one here today who was that age and proficiency. Justin Bard, another hot-rod riding out of Whip City sure tried hard but did not pass one of those 7 year olds to get himself into today’s main event. Another one of Whip City’s regulars was Aiden Leblanc. He made his Foothills debut a good one as he captured the win. Local rider Brody Kesl was second with third going to Cayden Melillo riding for Family Pride Racing.

In 9 year old Novice action it was Dave Woodruff missing the cut today after making the main in his first two races here this season. Taylor Einarsen enjoyed his first ever win as he outpowered 8 year old Brady Ronaldson who finished second and Mike Arnold who finished third.

The 11 year old Novice class was a 4 rider group made up of two 11 year olds, one 10 year old Girl and one 10 year old Novice. It would be “Mad” Maddy Philbrick not qualifying this day. 11 year old Tyler Bouteiller has only been here twice this year including today and he now has two 2017 Foothills wins. 10 year old Lucas Holda was hot and nailed down a solid second place finish while 11 year old Peyton Pulaski was third.

It was Total Points racing for the 12 year old Novice guys and it would be Trey Lepicier, in only his third time here ever, pulling off a nice win for the top spot on the podium today. Chris Gonyer, in his first rider ever at Foothillls was second while the third spot went to Gavin Berube in this all Massachusetts grouping.

It was also Total Points racing in the 14 year old Novice class but it was made up of only one 14 year old and two 13 year olds. 13 year old Emily Aldo grabbed the win in round one with 14 year old Eric Pulaski second and 13 year old Jadon Gagnon third. IN round two Emily would crash allowing both Eric and Jadon to finish ahead of her. In round three it was all Eric Pulaski for the win giving his the overall win for the day. This is his first win at foothills and possibly his first win anywhere as he is just starting out. Emily salvaged second place overall with Jadon third.

The last Novice class was made up of 5 riders ranging from 30-43 years old. Scott Gonyer missed the cut in his first trip to Foothills. John Bacchiocci, racing here for the first time pulled off a big win. Stephen Machnik, after only racing here once last year and not qualifying for his main, nailed a nice second place finish today. Third went to Chris Champagne.

The first of 7 Intermediate class was the 7 year old group of 4 rider including one 6 year old Girl. 7 year old Guy Julian, battling some sort of health issue recently, missed making the cut and looked like he was only running on 7 cylinders. We hope that he gets over whatever it is soon. Even Sauer was unbeatable today as the first to qualify and the first across the stripe in the main event. Evan calls Trumbull his home track but has raced here in all 4 weeks this year and won in 3 of them! Sawyer Spence enjoyed a nice second place finish while third went to 6 year old Natalie Kent. Per USABMX rule, Natalie will bring “Girl Points” to her season total.

Leithen “Rocky” McMillan was perfect in his 9 year old Intermediate point’s race today with a sweep of all three rounds. Jay Anderson and Wes Hamel were second and third in every round of motos.

The largest Intermediate class was the 6-rider 11 year old division. Vinny Orlandi would be the hard luck rider in this group by just missing the cut. The main event would see “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves, grabbing the lead out of coffin corner and never looking back. He was today’s winner while Kane McMillan settled into the second spot. Kayden Smith finished third.

The 13 year old Intermediate class would all earn “Expert Points” as 11 year old Expert and former Track Champion Trevor Cooper was in the mix. Amazingly 12 year old Intermediate Anthony Bartolo would hold off the hard-charging Cooper for the win. Trevor was second with Nick Cernak third. Jesse Salva was the rider eliminated in the qualifying motos. Its been a few years since we’ve seen Jesse and hope he comes here on a regular basis.

With the combing rules employed by USABMX, whenever an Expert is combined with Intermediates, all will earn “Expert Points” and that was the case again in the 14 year old Intermediate class. This was a Total Points shoot-out with two 14 year old Intermediates and Aidan Biello who is a 12 year old Expert. Aidan would pull of a win over the older riders in the first round but Jorn Layman would prevail in the next two rounds for the overall win. Aidan managed a second place overall ranking while third would go to Zack Cernak. Jorn, because of the previously mentioned combining rule earned 103 points while Zack gets 63 points.

The 16 year old Intermediate class was fun to watch as there were only 3 riders but it certainly was competitive. In the first round of action Maya Brown and Brandon Daniels put on a show with some very close quarters racing. It was handle bar to handle bar down the final straight with Brandon winning that round by inches. Maya would salvage the final round but it would be Brandon the overall winner this day. Maya was second and Chris Aldo was third. (USABMX points rule is that Maya competes for “Girl Points” while the Intermediates compete for “Intermediate Points” when this type of combining occurs).

The 19-27 Intermediate class featured 4 really competitive riders but the main event lineup was decided in the Open classes where riders combined themselves. Dakota Cortis, flying out of turn one in an Open, crashed very hard on the second straight. He would walk off in obvious major discomfort and not make it for the subsequent rounds in his Intermediate class virtually giving the other three riders a free pass to the main event. Gold Cup #2 Dan Heideger would score the win. Josh Sanford hung on for second while third went to Jeff Albert. It was learned later on in the evening that Dakota suffered a broken collar bone. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Dakota Cortis slams into the first obstacle on the second straight during the 11-12 / 15-16 Open   In obvious pain Dakota was able to walk off on his own

There was only one Girls class and it was a three rider shoot-out in the 11 year old class. In reality it was Sophia Machnik, 11 year old racing against twin sisters 9 year olds Madison and Finley Skog. Sophia would prevail in all three rounds while Madison and Finley would finish second and third. It was the same finishing order all day long.

Moving into the Expert classes first up was the 3 rider 9 year old group. Cole Milillo earned his first Foothills win of the 2017 season in a great effort today. Ben Machnik, in his first appearance here as an Expert was second while Jayden Kent would finish third. Jayden was the only 8 year old in this mix.

The 10 year old Expert class featured four evenly matched riders. The qualifying rounds had some great battles and it would be Noah Andersen missing the cut. Noah suffers breathing when the pollen count is high and I suspect that was the case today. Today’s main event win went to “Nasty”.  It was the first time we’ve enjoyed watch Nate Giroux this season and he never disappoints. Shawn Biello was on his game today and made Nate work for the win with a nice second place finish. Third went to Brandon Houle.

“The Mod-Squad”, 16 year old Experts, had 5 riders in it including a 14 year old and a 15 year old. JT Kelleher was the 14 year old and, although he gave a great effort, he would be the odd man out. So how did the 15 year old do? Jagur Layman, the 15 year old was on fire today. He was the first one qualifying out of the motos and then came out and blasted his way to a main event win. Maybe there is something about that SE equipment he rides on.  Matt Rowe, who made his 2017 Foothills debut today was second while third, went to Ke-Andre Godbolt.

Sometimes there is a class that, when the combining is done, resembles a stew. Its like all the leftovers are thrown into a pot, stirred and let loose. That was the case today in the largest class of the day with 7 riders in this 28-35 Expert class. There were only 3 riders that fell into the category. There rest included a 27 year old Girl, a 35 year old Intermediate and two 17 year old Experts. That one Intermediate was Matt Giroux and he was the rider not making the transfer into the main event. Dean Zebian and Matt Markie really went hard in a racer that quickly became a two rider breakaway. In turn 4 they were virtually side by side, Through the rhythm section and out of the final turn the close battle continued with Zebian coming out on top. Markie settled for the second spot while third would go to Lewis Cianfarani.

The final point’s race of the day was the 46 & Over Expert class but was another mixed bag of competitors. It was a 4 rider group with no rider falling into the category of 46 & Over Expert. In fact the only Expert was 41 year old Cliff Benoit. 48 year old Kevin “Deadeye” Marchildon was eliminated from further competition by missing the cut. Cliff “Ludacliff” Benoit would win the main event. 40 year old Intermediate Tim “Tail-Bone” Brown was second while third went to Amanda Orlandi.

The Opens were kind of a mess with Cole Melillo wining the 9-10 division, Trev Cooper the 11-12 group while the 15-16 and 31 & Over Open simply weren’t scored due to rider self-combining.

All in all it was another funday Sunday at Foothills. Thanks to everyone who came out on the Memorial Day weekend. See you soon.

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