Week #1

So the season has finally arrived and right off the bat the weather would be a challenge. With torrential downpours both Friday and Saturday nights, it was questionable whether or not the track could be put in race ready condition in time for Sunday’s 12:00 pm start. Not only was it race-ready but it was an on time start as well. Due to the cold and the report of occasional showers, we elected to utilize the two-moto transfer system.

If there is anything unfortunate it’s the age-old fact that being a weekend track it’s a constant battle with a National or Gold Cup Qualifiers somewhere close by. Such was the case this week with Central Jersey BMX hosted a Qualifier. None-the-less we had 111 entries split into 27 motos.

The day started off with a couple of motos of the Balance Bikes. In the 3-rider 4 year old class it was 4 year old Mason Murphy finishing ahead of 5 year old Nevah James and 3 year old Ryder Champagne.

The second group saw 2 year old Braxton Murphy get the best of 2 year on Logan Barker.

The first point’s class of the day was the 3-rider 13 year old Cruiser class. One of the riders was 9 year old Mary Sloan and she would suffer the fate of anyone combined in a class with riders who are 4 years older. The top spot would go to Logan Demerski with Dylan Rodriguez placing second.

There were five rider registered in the 36-40 Cruiser class but one of them was only 14 years old. It would be a tough class for J.T. Kelleher and this 14 year old would miss the transfer into the Main event. In the Main it was 19 year old Chris Therriault having it all his way for a fairly easy win. Second went to 49 year old John Buttwell with “The Governor” Pat McDonnell, wearing some new colors that made him unrecognizable to me, finishing a close third.

In the 7 year old Novice class there were 5 riders battling for the four spots in today’s Main event. In round oone it was Kayla Barker and new rider Brodie (The Gunslinger) Browning grabbing the top two spots rather easily as Damien Tyburski and Brody Kesl tangled up and went down in the second straight. Cayden Melillo slammed on the binders to avoid smashing into the year sale. As Damien got up uninjured he said “It’s a good thing im wearing this armor”. With all three totally stopped in would come down to a three rider shootout in round two for the remaining two positions in the Main. Damien was the rider missing the transfer. In the Main event it was Kayla Barker (7 years old) holding off the quick-draw from the Gunslinger, Browning for the win. Brodie was second with Brody Kesl third.

Novices wrecking on second straight

There were 6 riders entered in the 9 year old Novice class group but two of them were 8 year olds. (It takes a minimum of 3 riders to make up a pure class). After the two qualifying rounds, it would be new rider Vincent Latorra just missing the cut. Silas Hurtado nailed down a nice win with Mike Arnold staying in front of Owen Russell for the second spot.

In a three rider Total Points race, it was Lucas Holda and Tenzin Hurtado finishing 1-2 in the first two rounds. In round three Tenzin would crash allowing Derek Linnick to finish in the second spot but overall it would be Holda-Hurtado-Lennick in that order.

With only 4 riders in the 12 year old Novice class it’s a shame that someone has to be eliminated after the motos but today it was Gavin Berube despite a great try to make the cut. In the 3 rider Main it was Tyler Bouteiller, one of the two 11 year olds in the Main, winning it. Second place went to Pat Martin while Peyton Pulaski finished third.

The 41-45 Cruiser 4 rider class was quite interesting to me. 20 years ago I last saw a 12 year old top gun ¬†nicknamed “The Rifleman” at our track. Dalton Browning was a really good rider and his mom was an integral part of our organization. Today this tall 30 year old came up to me and introduced himself as this same “Dalton Browning”. He was here with his 5 year old son Brodie whom I immediately nicknamed “The Gunslinger”. Dalton, on a Cruiser for the first time in this sanction and the first tiome in 20 years, registered as a “Novice”. When the gate dropped in his qualifying round and again in the Main event, it was clear that maybe the Novice class wasn’t a good fit for him as his old skills appeared to come back quickly and he easily won the Main event. Matt Bartolo was the rider not making the cut so it was Justin Nelson and Tim Brown finishing second and third. Tim went down really hard in turn one during the Main event and would take a few minutes before he got up and gingerly walked off.

Tim finally getting up

Moto #10 was the 7 year old Intermediate class and with State #5 Ollie Cleary and State #6 Guy Julian in this 3 rider Total Poits shootout, you would think it would be one of these two coming out on top. Well. Think again Mr. Einstein, It was Evan Sauer capping off his day with a perfect. Guy Julian, after finishing second in the first round, had his pant leg get tangled up with his chain in the second round and he never showed up for his third round. Ollie would inherit the second spot for the day.

Another wild and wholly class would be the 9 year old Intermediate group. With transferring 2 riders from round one and 3 riders from round two, that final round was shaping up to be a little hectic. After Justin Donahue and Leithen McMillan qualified out of round one the stage was set for a four rider shootout for the last 3 spots. As the second round group was heading into the final turn, all they needed to do was stay in the exact position they were in and they would have transfer as Landon Hansen was mired in the last spot and looked destined to watch the main from the sidelines. However, Cole Barker got on the inside of Wes Hamel in the turn and both would go down. The look on Landon Hansen’s face as he sped by the carnage into a transfer spot was priceless.

Landon Hansen In the right place at the right time




Cole would get up in time to grab the last spot leaving Wes as odd-boy out. In the Main it was Justin Donahue holding off Leithen McMillan for the win while third went to Kubrik Tarrant.  

The 11 year old Intermediate class was a Total Points race and it was Aidan Drenen and Kayden Smith trading wins in the first two rounds. The round three tie-breaker went to Aidan as he kept Kayden behind him. Kevin Kelleher finished third.

The 12 year old Intermediate class saw 4 riders going for three spots in the main. After the two qualifying rounds it was Shamus Crane the rider not making the transfer. As a side note, I called Shamus out to the tower and we talked about having a bad start last year and maybe he could repeat that comeback that he showed last year by getting back on top as soon as possible. In reality he won his class on opening day last year but the difference is that he was a Novice one year ago. None-the-less, keep your eyes on this long-haired rocket as he has much more greatness coming soon. Today’s Main win belonged to Anthony Bartolo who calls Whip City his home track. Tyler Kendig, who undoubtedly considers Billerica his home track, was second. This went to Jake Nichols.

The 13 year old class for Intermediates was really fun to watch. It was Total points racing at its best. Round one went to Dylan Rodriguez. Round two went to Nick Cernak while Dylan finished third. Going into the final round it was Nick with 3 points; Dylan with 4 points and Joe James with 5. The final round saw Nick in the top spot capturing not only the final round but the #1 spot on the podium for the day. Joe James, with a pair of second place finished was second overall for the day while Dylan, inspite of winning a round, would finish third.

In the class labeled as 46 & Over Intermediate, all making the Main would earn Expert points as Cliff Benoit was in the mix of four riders. Cliff would transfer out of round one leaving three intermediates to battle in the final round for the remaining two Main event spots on the starting grid. Out of turn three with Kevin (Deadeye) clearly in a transfer spot, his legs started cramping and it was like watching NASCAR with a car running on 4 cylinders. He simply could not crank hard enough to stay in the transfer spot and was forced to watch those valuable Expert points go to the three riders who made the cut. The Main went to “Ludacliff” Cliff Benoit with Tommy Healey second and Vic Rodrigues third.

The 17-20 Woman’s class, another Total Points race, saw Maya Brown edge out Amanda Rock by one point for today’s overall win. Kirsten McDonnell, who always is smiling finished third.

The largest class of the day was the 7 rider 10 year old Expert class. Unfortunately for Mary Sloan, she drew almost impossible duty as she was the 9 year old Girls in this mix of Expert hot-rods. She tried hard and had a lot of fans but would miss transferring out of the qualifying rounds. The Main event featured the great efforts of Bellerica’s Ryan Kendig. He was simply uncatchable. Rhode Island’s Jayden Rego salvaged a nice second place finish while third went to Shawn Biello.

In 11 year old Expert action it was Kyle McDonnell suffering the agony of missing the transfer into his three rider Main event. Former Track champion Trevor Cooper won the class today With Shane Johnson second and Isabella Nelson hanging tough with a third.

In 13 Expert action, it was somewhat of a surprise to see our Reining Track Champion Aidan Biello missing the cut. Aidan was one of two 12 year olds in the mix so one year in age certainly can make a difference. Logan Demerski got the job done but Adin Philbrick made him work for it. Adin would finish a close second while Dylan Barker hung onto third.

The 14 year old Expert class saw the continued improvement of “Butter” Hunter Zeiner. Hunter was a top rider around the state a few years ago and then took a long sabbatical from racing. He now is looking like he’s all the way back and just a smooth as Butter that earned him that nickname so long ago. Hunter was today’s winner. Connor Nelson looked fast finishing second as did third place finisher JT Kelleher.

The “Mod Squad”, 16 Experts, saw fout riders racing hard for the three spots in the Main. Marquis Fitzell, the only intermediate in the mix was eliminated. Matt Rowe was strong and won todays Main with “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor a close second. Third went to Ke-Andre Godbolt.

The last point’s class of the day was for the 17-18 experts. There were three of them plus one 17 year old Intermediate. It was the Intermediate (Dan Heideger) who would miss the cut. The Main saw Anthony Lucchesi holding off Dean Zebian for today’s win in the “Chain-Gang”. Lew Cianfraini was third.

The Open classes were won by Justin Donahue in 7-8; Leithen McMillan in 9-10; Tyler Kendig in 11-12; Hunter Zeiner in 13-14 and Anthony Lucchesi in 17-20.

All in all it was a good day in spite of the weather. Thanks to everyone who came out. Hopefully the long range weather repot will change for next Sunday. So long for now.


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