Week #19 September 19th, 2017

So this was the week that we had contemplated not even holding a race. Where once being a track that only raced on Sundays was built up to be a situation that drew some of the largest crowds of riders in the Northeast, now continually is affected by the numerous Gold Cup Races and State Qualifiers held around the region. Yesterday was the Gold Cup Championship race in Kingston NY. It drew a huge rider count and we congratulate their efforts and success in running a big race. In our case, we only drew 43 riders split into 11 motos making this our smallest race of the season. But, by the end of the day, we were glad to have held the race.

First off a huge thank you to Ciara Goggans for stepping up and volunteering to be our announcer as I was off to my annual Family Reunion. She was fantastic and one would never know it was her first time in the tower.

We will catch up on our Rider-Of-The-Week awards next week as we have 3 to award.

With three balance bikers racing “Mr. Cool”, Malachi Goggans was at it again with another sweep of every moto. This was his 9th race and needs to show up at next week’s season finale to qualify for a year end award. Ryder “Buritto” Champage was a solid second while Logan Barker, who doesn’t care where he finishes as this little Creative Racing Products sponsored rider is certainly having fun.


The point classes started off with one Cruiser moto and, as usual, featured a huge disparity in ages. It was a 3-rider Total Points race and ranged in ages from 7 to 41 years old. Chris Cann, who made his Cruiser class Foothills debut aced a “perfect” sweeping to victory lane with three moto wins. 7-year old “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer was second in front of Steinen Hurtado, who joined the Mod-Mom racing circle of riders just one race ago.


The 6-year old Novice class was a 4-rider shootout with a 4-year old, a 5-year old and two 6-year olds vying for the three positions in the main event. 5-year old Matt Daniels continues to “pay his dues” as he was the rider missing the transfer out of the motos. Chace Wilcox, in his first time at Foothills, proved his name was a statement as everyone "chaced" him around the course in the main event but no one could catch him. Chace, from Poughkeepsie N.Y. was today’s winner. Kunsang Hurtado enjoyed his best finish of the season with a solid second while third went to his little brother Rigzdin Hurtado.

The 8 year old grouping also had four riders entered and this one was made up including one 7-year old. Jacob Dipasquale, visiting the Northeast from Yorktown Virginia, looked good but his unfamiliarity with our track would prevent him from making the main event. Kayla Barker, who missed the big win last race, finally got Career win #10 by capturing the checkered flag in today’s event. For at least a few moments, this Creative racing Products sponsored rider became the countries newest Intermediate.
Congratulations to Kayla! Brody Kesl made her work hard for it and this leader in the 7-year old Novice finished second. Third went to Chris Cann.

The 10 year old grouping also had four riders entered and in this one it was the only non 10-year old rider missing the cut. 9-year old Dave Woodruff gave it a great try but just couldn’t find a way around an older rider to transfer out. Zach Bramucci, who had never been here before, easily got the job done today and stood tall on the podium. Chris Pedersen, who just started racing just over a month ago, was second while third went to “Farm Boy” Dave LeBarge.

The 13 year old class was a Total Points race and it was a pretty competitive event. Emily Aldo won round one. “Quick Nick” Smith came back and won round two. The deciding third round saw the boy on a mission, Nick Smith, earn the win and also earn the move up to the Intermediate class.  Way to go Nick! Emily settled for the second spot while Zach Adams would finish third.


The 8 year old class was a Total Points event and it was a clean sweep for Jackson Murphy. The Carmel New York rider was chased by second place finisher Kubrik Tarrant and third place finisher Landon Hansen.

It was 5-riders going for greatness in the 9 year old class. This was a big event for the Intermediates as there was one Expert in the mix causing all riders to earn Expert points. The Expert was Evan Sauer who had just recently earned his move-up and he would finish second as Voorhees Hageman, sitting in the top ten in points up at Whip city, won today’s race here in only his second trip down here from Palmer Ma. Third went to Silas Hurtado. Taylor Einarsen gave it a good try but missed the cut.

Next up was the 14 year old group that also included one Expert rider. This would be Expert points for all who qualified as well. The Expert, Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products), would take over the 12 year old Expert points chase with today’s win. Joe James was second with Joe Sean Adams finishing third. Unfortunately, one Novice was put in this group and he was Evan Kryger who would miss the cut.

In 19-27 action it was Expert rider Matt Rowe getting the job done in this class full of mixed proficiencies. Second place went to our Intermediate class points leader Brandon Daniels while another Expert, Chris Aldo, would finish third. Chris Cann, a 36 year old Novice, would miss the transfer today in a very miss-matched class.


The last class of the day was the 11-year old group. Shawn Biello, one of the two -10 year old in the group, would miss the transfer in this 5-rider class. Soon to be 3-time Foothills BMX Track Champion, Trevor “Superfly” Cooper won yeat another one todayu. Kayden Smith, continues his improving level of racing with a solid second place finish while third went to Noah Andersen. Lucas Holda, the only intermediate in this group, made a good showing finishing fourth.

So with only one week left in the Tracks ooints season, next week is DOUBLE POINTS. See you then.

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