Week #20, September 17th, 2017

So the final week of the season and it would be a double point’s event. With all the class champions pretty much decided going into this event, the anticipated excitement for the final track points standings did not materialize but, none-the-less, the action was fast and furious with some classic BMX racing taking place. The turnout was less than we had hoped for with 99 riders split into 25 motos. We just need to accept the new standard for Sunday racing I guess.

The weather was good but we sure could have done better without the draining humidity. Maybe just not used to it for this time of the year.

We played catch-up for our Rider-Of-The-Week awards at Pat Martin was in the house to collect his trophy after being named for the August 20th race. Without hesitation he named Overhaul teammate Dylan Rodriguez as his favorite racer.

Next it was Nick Smith being named for his efforts last week resulting in his 10th Novice win. He claimed Anthony Lucchessi as his favorite.

Four Balance bikers were racing today and it was again “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggans who would take no prisoners. By acing all three rounds. Logan Barker, who once would cry all the way around, continued his turn around this year with a smile as wide as the track each time out there. Cole Lyman looked good and practiced his quest for an emmy award as he fell (kind of) in the final turn and laid motionless on the track. As we ran over to him, he was a total faker as he had a big smile on his face. Once up he raced to the finish line. “Buritto” Ryder Champagne was hot but he just hasn’t learned the track yet. A study of a road map over the off season would help tremendously.


The first point’s class was the 11-12 Girls Cruiser class but, as usual, included a wide disparity in ages. This one had 5 riders ranging from 6 years old to 50. In the first round, just as the last Balance bike moto was finishing up, we heard a crash up in the loaded gate. A quick look and Marianne “Big Air” Sklarsky was trying to pick herself up as she had crashed in the gate! Yup, she fell over while attempting to balance against the loaded gate. Seems this was her first day “clipped” in and tried to put her foot down. Sighhhhhhhh. Anyway, Marissa Lyman was first to transfer out and continued that momentum right through the main event. Marissa is the new Girls Cruiser Class Champion! Gina Layman finished second while the third spot went to Mary Sloan. Marianne was the rider eliminated in the motos but she sure gained a ton of experience in trying to re-clip in while riding.

The 7 & Under class was a total points race with Justin Donahue nailing down the “perfect”. “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer was second all day long while Kijani Reeves was third in his first trip to Foothills from Uniondale New York.

The 5-rider 14 year old Cruiser class had only two 14-year olds in the mix. There were two 13-year olds and a 19-year old. It was the older rider, Chris Therriault, who would dominate this class with a fairly easy main event win. “The Natural” Baley Levine was second while “Flash”, Logan Demerski held off Mason Blackburn for the third spot. JT Kelleher did not qualify but he was obviously saving energy for his 20 inch class.


First up was the 6-year old class featuring 5 riders with one being only 3-years old. There was also a four year old in the mix as well and it was he, Rigdzin Hurtado, who would miss the cut due to a wreck in the final qualifying round. The main event was shaping up to be a memorable one for one rider as Evan Wadman was sitting with 9 Novice wins going into this one. He was also the first rider to qualify for the main and certainly figured to be the favorite to win it. He led down the front straight in the main and loed the charge up the second heading into turn two. Payton Bardunias pulled off a classic hi-lo move and passed Evan as they came out of turn two. The rest of the way it was Evan trying to catch her but it wasn’t gonna happen. Payton raced to her Foothills win of the local season. Evan hung on to second while Kunsang Hurtado was third.

The 10 year old class had 4-rider racing in the qualifying rounds for the three spots in the main event starting grid. Jacob Dipasquale missed the cut. Its kind of heartbreaking for this rider out of Virginia as he missed out last week as well. I’m assuming he is up here visiting or vacationing. This main event would belong to Chris Pedersen, or so it seemed,  as this racer from Sharon CT. had the lead most of the way. I say most of the way because in the final turn, “Farm-Boy” Dave LeBarge pulled off a sweet pass and won the drag race to the finish line. Pedersen had to settle for second while Brody Kesl pout some third place points to his total for the season earning him the Foothills BMX  Novice Class Champion.

The last group was the 13 year old division made up of two 13-year olds and two 11-year olds. It would be 11-year old Zach Adams just missing the transfer into today’s main event. Noah Toney enjoyed a victory in the class today by holding off a good effort from “Mad” Maddy Philbrick. She would finish second with Emily Aldo third. Emily will finish second in the Novice Class points chase.


Five riders were racing in the 6-year old class with two of them only 5-years old. As expected, when this type of combining happens its usually one of the younger riders who suffers elimination and that was the case today. Rylan Spence would be the hard-luck rider today and have to watch the main from the sidelines. Kijani Reeves, after a third place finish in his Cruiser Total Points race just 5 races previously, put it all together in this one with an impressive win with Max Meinel a close second. Ryder Richardson Held off Joey Dietz for the third spot on the podium.

Sawyer Spence had it all his way in the 7-year old Total point’s race. He would win all three rounds and it would be Jackson Murphy and Haley Blackburn behind him in that order all day long.

The 9-year old class, with 5-riders in the mix, had the scariest crash occur in the first round. Silas Hurtado would wreck at the bottom of the first obstacle in the second straight. Everyone got by except Kayla Barker. She slammed on the brakes but crashed into Hurtado’s bike and went over the handle bars. Both were unhurt and quickly got up. Silas rode off but Kaylas bike had a flat front tire and she was forced to walk it off. She did get it repaired but did not qualify in her first experience as an Intermediate. It will certainly get better for her going forward. The main event saw “The Hammer” Wes Hammel lead all the way around for Family Pride Racing. Taylor Einarsen put his Ramp Farm racing colors on the second tier of the podium while Landon Hansen scored a third.

Silas Self Destructs
Kayla has no where to go and slams into Silas
Kayla goes over the handle bars

Last week it was Nick Smith earning his 10th Novice win earning a move up to the Intermediate ranks and his first race in the higher proficiency class today. When that happens one usually has to pay his dues before becoming a front runner again. However, the stars were lined up right today as the 11-year old class was a Total Points race and the other two riders were 10-years old. Nick would win all three rounds. Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) was not far behind and certainly made Nick work for his win. Cole was second with Riley Richardson finishing third.

In 13-year old action the story was probably in the qualifying rounds and specifically, the third qualifying round. After Jake Nichols and Pat Martin had qualified the third round left Shamus Crane and Sean Adams racing for the coveted last transfer spot. Shamus grabbed an early lead having enjoyed a better starting gate number than Sean. Shamus was in gate #6 while Sean was in gate #8. Sean was challenging all the way around but Shamus still had the lead as they came out of the final turn. The sprint up the short-chute and Sean, perhaps finding a last bit of energy, or Shamus suffering a leg burn, Sean hit the finish line stripe inches in front of Shamus. So the CEO of family Pride Racing was out. In the main, his team-mate Jake (Loose Change) Nichols would put those same Family Pride colors in the winner’s circle. Pat Martin (Overhaul Racing) was second while Sean Adams was third.

The 17-18 gang was actually two riders 17-years old with one rider being a 14 year old Novice. This Total point’s race would see Dan Heideger win the first two rounds with Brandon Daniels winning round three. The second place finish for Dan was good enough for him to be crowned the 17-18 Intermediate class champion this day. Eric Pulaski finished third. Brandon, after today’s race, is the new Foothills BMX Intermediate Class Champion.
There were five racers entered in the 36-40 class including two Novice riders. One of them, Chris Champagne, did not make the transfer but it looked like he elected to take it easy in today’s heat. Will Farrell was pretty much unchallenged in the main as he was in total control staying in front of second place finisher Tim Brown. Tommy Healey put his Overhaul Racing colors into the third spot.


The 9-year old Girls class saw Pippa Sweet, continue her winning ways with a Total points win today. Her little sister, Kyrie Coddington-Sweet was second with Mary Sloan finishing third.

The last group was the 15-16 year old 4-rider class. Kirsten McDonnell, gave it a great try but could not find a way around former Track Champ Ashley Jasensky in the last qualifying round. 16-year old Maya Brown got the job done in style. As she crossed the finish line she became the new Foothills BMX female Track Champion. Gianna Dietz was second just in front of Ashley Jasensky.


First up was the 9-year old Total point’s race. Hunter MacCracken was on fire and Mac-Cranked his way to a perfect three rounds of racing. Justin Donahue, Gold Cup #2, was second while “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer was third after recently joining the Expert ranks.

The 10-year old class was also a Total Points event and yet another seep of the motos for one rider. This time it was “The Iceman” Owen Golden turning the deed. Noah Andersen won the battle for the second spot as he held off Shawn Biello, who didn’t look like he really wanted to compete today.

The 11 year old class saw 5-riders vying for 4 main event spots. In the first qualifying round Kayden Smith made one of the most incredible saves I have seen this season as he was nearly tangled in elbows in handle bars with Marissa Lyman on the first obstacle. It was a horrendous wreck that never happened. Kayden would end up not qualifying and I’m thinking nearly wrecking may have crippled his confidence just a bit. In the main it was “Superfly” Trevor cooper with yet another win. The “Undertaker” Jonah Graves, was second in his first Foothills appearance as an Expert with Marissa Lyman earning a nice third place finish. Trevor Cooper became the new Foothills BMX Male Track Champion and this is for the third time! He joins Kyle Black and Kyly Milton as the only 3-time Track Champions.

Marissa Lyman and Kayden Smith nearly wreck in some
very close quarters racing

In 12-year old racing it was Peyton Pulaski the rider missing the transfer into the main event. This Girl deserves a lot of credit racing 12 year old Experts. Her home trck is Falcon where she does very well. In todays main event it was Dylan Barker and Anthony Bartolo in a 2-ride breakaway as both had a BMX style draft hooked up and pulled away from Spike Miller. Barker (Creative racing Products) held off a super hard charge from The “Westfield Warrior” Bartolo and grabbed his second consecutive Foothills win.

Kyle Lyman missed the transfer in 13 year old action as Mason Blackburn edged him out in the final qualifying round. In the main it was all “Flash” Logan Demerski. Logan led all the way to the stripe for his 5th win here this season. Ryan Komssi was second with Blackburn third.

The 14 year old class saw Joe James, borrowed helmet and all missing the main event transfer. Kai Escobar, after suffering a broken clavicle in our second week of racing back in May, earn his 3rd Foothills victory this year. Adin Philbrick was a solid second with JT Kelleher in the third spot.

The “Mod-Squad”, 16-year old Experts were another 5-rider grouping. Chris Aldo looked a little off this week and he missed the cut. Matt Rowe was as on as Aldo was off and he was flying today and nailed down a win with “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor a close second. Third went to “Butter’ Hunter Zeiner.
The 19-27 gang was a Total point’s race and it was Anthony DelVento, in a rare Foothills visit, score a perfect but Chris Therriault, who finished second, sure made him work for it. Jake Layman was third.

The last class of the day was also a Total Points shootout between three riders. “The Marvelous one” Matt Markie, was no match for “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli and Danielle Jolicoeur as he was long gone in all three rounds. Scibelli and Jolicoeur were second and third.

So the curtain comes down on year #23 and it was a great one for Funday Sundays. As we head into the fall season, this will be the last race report for the season. The good Lord willing, I'll be back writing again next year. Thanks to everyone who reads these as its so great to see the number of hits it gets each week.

Good luck to everyone going to the State Championship next week. Ill see you next year.

"Badeep Badeep Badeep - That's all Folks"

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