WEEK #15
AUGUST 19TH, 2018

So this was the one time of the year where both Foothills and Whip city in Massachusetts are running on the same day. Still, even with a gloomy day we still enjoyed 62 riders in 17 motos. We pushed back our starting by 30 minutes after a ton of volunteers worked together to get the track back in shape after a week of nearly daily rain. This assured everyone the opportunity for an hour of practice.


5 year old Novice rider William Adams was named our Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts at our last event. William is from Dover Plains New York and has been here frequently recently. After three weeks of trying he finally put it together and won his 5-rider class last race to earn the title. He said his favorite rider was Dylan Koerner. Dylan is also a 5-year old Novice from Dover Plains and the kid who got William into racing.


With 4 balance bikers in the house we grouped them into one group. Ryder “Hollywood” Champagne and Evan Dohan were the two 4-year olds and they separated themselves quickly from the two younger “sole-men”. Ryder and Evan each won a round and it would be “Hollywood” winning the deciding round for first overall. In the second group it was Austin Dohan winning two of the three rounds with Danny Demers second overall.

There was just one Cruiser class today and it was called “12 Cruiser”. In actuality there were five riders ranging in age from 7 to 15 years old. The hard luck racer was 7-year old Joseph “GI Joe” Olbrys. He simply could not be expected to keep up with the older riders but he sure gave it a great try. In the 4-rider main event “Flash” Logan Demerski out-powered “The Natural” Baley Levine in a two rider break away. Marissa Lyman would finish third.

The first group was a big one with 6-riders registered. It was made up of 4 and 5 year old rug-rats. One guy, wearing a Batman shirt, certainly caught everyone’s eye as no one had seen him before. It was like he’s been hiding in a Bat-cave somewhere. He would be the first to qualify in round one. After the three qualifying rounds were complete, it was Cole Lyman the rider who would miss the cut. Cole crashed in the second round and sat out the rest of the day. In the Main event it was “Batman” again just flying around the track for an impressive win. A closer look at the moto sheets and I noticed he was from Stilwell Kansas! Well, He’s not in Kansas anymore. Bash Notebloom (yup that’s his name) was simply awesome. Will Adams also broke away from the pack and grabbed a solid second place finish with the third spot going to “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggins.

The 8 year old class only had three riders so this was a Total-Points event. Jeff Weaver riding out of Oxford CT., has been here 6 times prior to today. In a couple of those he has snatched defeat right out of the jaws of victory. Today however, he put it all together and swept all three rounds for his first Foothills victory and 9th overall in his Novice ranking. Grant Borelli, who only started BMX racing just two weeks ago was second while Liam Cassidy, was third in his first trip to Foothills. “The Dream Weaver” only needs one more to move up to the Intermediate class. Well done Jeff. Back in the 1980’s his father raced also so it’s nice to have another second generation BMX’er in the state.

While Liam Borelli finished second in his class for the day, his little brother did not fare as well. 10-year old Kenan Borelli was inserted into the 11 year old 4-rider class and, despite a great try, could not find a way to pass Liam MacNeil for the last qualifying spot in the motos. In the main event Chris Pedersen, who leads the points chase for the Top Novice, led all the way around and won the main event easily. I think this might have been his 6th Foothills win this season. Liam MacNeil in his first race finished second while the third spot went to Toby Schoonmaker. Toby was the other 10-year old in this 11-year old class.

The 13-year old group was another Total-Points race with two 13—year olds and one 12-year old going for the top prize. Round one saw Kodie Carlson claim victory but in round two it would be Roscoe Spencer-Dubuc causing a tie going into round three between those two. 12-year old Vico Tirillo had it tough against the older riders and was mired in the third spot. Roscoe, who had never raced here before today but was wearing those familiar Full Circle Bike Shop colors, won the deciding third round for first overall for the day. Kodi was second with Vico third.

The 51 & over class was a 3-rider shootout with Scylent Rage racers Rog “Moto-man” Billings and Art “Rockstar” Ramsey paired with 39 year old Chris Champagne (Overhaul). Chris volunteered to fill in for me in the announcer’s tower for the first round of motos allowing me to go out on the track and shoot some pictures. That caused him to miss his first round so he gets last place plus one or 4-points while round one winner Ramsey gets 1 point and Billings scores 2 points. (Low Score wins). The second round saw Champagne hold off the two team riders for the win so after two rounds of Total-Points racing it was Ramsey and Billings with 4 points and Champagne sitting with 5 points. Round three saw Champagne do what he needed to do with another win. Ramsey stayed ahead of Billings so the final points total was Champagne with 6; Ramsey with 6 and Billings with 7. With the final round being the tie breaker the win goes to Champagne. I needed a calculator to figure that one out.

The first Intermediate class was the 6-rider 9-year old division with an 8-year old Girls in the mix. (Natalie Kent). I was in the building when Abe Hansen registered his son and Abe said that Landon informed him he was going to “just take it easy today”. Well, that ended up being an understatement as Landon, seen racing around in practice, was a no-show for any of the qualifying rounds handing everyone else a free pass into the main event. “BOREING!” anyway Kubrick Tarrant, who we haven’t seen since mid June, picked up where he left off here and won the main event. Cooper Matlasz, making his 2018 debut here was second for the Full Circle Bike Shop while Jayden Jones finished third.

The 11-year old gang of three included one Expert so that means “Expert Points” for everyone! Jayden Kent, the only 9-year old Expert in the house had it all his way and scored a perfect. 10-year old Wolf-Pack rider James Wolf was second while third went to 11-year old Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products). So as an example Cole earns 63 points today where as if it was a pure Intermediate class he would get 53 points if he won it!

The 14-year old class was a Total-Points race featuring “Girl-Power”. 13-year old Payton Pulaski was matched up with two 14-year old Intermediates; Evan Kryger and last week’s winner Shamus Crane. Peyton, showed them how far she has come since she first raced at Falcon a few years ago. She would sweep the motos for a perfect today. Shamus (Family Pride) held off Evan for the second spot.

The first group up would be the 8-year old class. In reality there were two younger Intermediates in the mix. One has to really feel sorry for 6-year old Intermediate Rylan Spence as he seems to always get put into a class that has either older riders or higher proficiency riders. That was the case today and again, Rylan would be eliminated after the qualifying rounds despite a valiant effort. His older brother, 8-year old Expert Sawyer Spence was today’s main event winner. The other Expert was Jackson Murphy and he would finish second while third went to 7-year old Intermediate Joseph “GI Joe” Olbrys as did 3rd place Expert points.

Maybe the best racing of the day took place in the three rider 11-year old Expert class. Noah Andersen and Owen “Iceman” Golden were the two 11-year olds in the mix with “The Hammer” 10-year old Wes Hamel (Family Pride) in there as well. Noah would score a perfect but it sure was not easy. All three racers had a lead at some point in these motos. Noah used the back straight to pass in one of the rounds and then nearly a photo finish in another. Officially it was Noah 1st, Wes 2nd and Owen 3rd.

In 12-year old action it would be a Total Points race with 3-time Track champion Trevor Cooper putting another win in the record books with a perfect. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves was second while Marissa (Movie Star) Lyman (Overhaul) was third.

The 14-year old gang was 5 riders strong with two of them being 13-years old. It would come down to the 13-year olds battling for the last transfer spot to the main. Former Track Champ Aidan Biello would hold off his friend Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) for that last spot. In the main event “Flash” Logan Demerski (Overhaul) would get the job down after some classic racing with Mason Blackburn (Warped BMX). Mason kept the heat turned up but could not find a way to pass Flash. He would settle for second while the third spot went to Kyle Lyman (Overhaul).

In the 15-year old class it was yet another Total-Points race. This time it would be Colin Morini, who has never raced here before today, sweeping the rounds for a nice first place finish in his Foothills debut for Full Circle Bike Shop. Eric Pulaski, who calls Falcon BMX his home track was second and Ashley Jasensky, who had a strange wardrobe today, was third.

The last group of the day was the 26-35 Expert class with four racers vying for the three starting spots in the last main event of the day. The Markie’s, Matt and Justin were the first two to qualify so the last round would eliminate either 18-year old Intermediate Danny Heideger or Lewis Cianfarani. All the way around it was Danny holding off Lew until they reached turn 4 when Cianfarani pulled off the move of the day with a sweet swoop in the turn then out-sprinted Dan to the line. In the main it was all Justin Markie as Matt either came unclipped at the start or elected to try and hone some passing skills as he was last coming down the first straight. Matt would pass Cianfarani about the halfway point but there was no catching “Buck”. Justin Markie was back and put a win in the books in the first time we have seen him in years. Well done Justin.

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