WEEK #16
AUGUST 26, 2018

So there’s a New York State Qualifier up in Kingston but it’s a beautiful day to race. Even without racers from New York and even a few Massachusetts riders we still had 17 action packed motos made up with 71 riders. By 2018 local weekend standards that’s not that bad.

One of my most enjoyable things to do each week is the Rider-Of-The-Week presentation. This is something that I have been doing since 2001 and it never gets old. This week it would go to a second generation rider. All the way back to 1990, 1991 and 1992 I was calling motos that included his father. His dad was 1 year behind my late son Dan but many times they would be combined into the same class. After those years I never saw him again until last year at Trumbull’s anniversary race. As I was announcing the 7 year old novice race I came across that old familiar name once again. I said over the microphone, “Could this be the son of Jeff Weaver?” The guy we used to call “Dream Weaver?. He happened to be standing behind the fence by the announcer’s tower and sure enough it was him. They started coming up to Torrington a few times after that and are now regulars on most Sundays. Now 8 years old, Jeff Weaver Jr. has tried on 7 different occasions to earn that elusive first 2018 Foothills win. Finally last week he got it for his 9th overall Novice win. By the time we saw him yesterday, he had earned his 10th down in Trumbull and I can’t think of a more deserving rider than say Jeff Weaver (aka Dream Weaver) is our Rider-Of-The-Week. During the interview he said that Brody Kesl was his favorite rider. Mom was in tears as Jeff walked back to the pit area with the trophy.

Jeff Weaver


There were just two Balance bikers here and it was fun to watch 4-year old Cole Lyman and 2-year old Skylar Hardgrove push their way around the track.

With 4-riders racing in a class that included 8-year olds to 14 year olds, it would be the youngest, 8-year old Evan Sauer not making the transfer. In the Main event Cruiser points leader “Flash” 14-year old Logan Demerski took no prisoners and got the job done. In the second qualifying round, Marissa Lyman was leading the charge coming out of turn two when she got all fliberty-giblets on top of the fisrt obstacle and went down in flames right in front of her soon to be Track Operator dad. Both Chris Pedersen and Evan Sauer missed her as she lay on the track with Pedersen grabbing the transfer spot. After a supporting hug from her dad, Marissa was just fine the rest of the day and would finish second in the Main. Pedersen was third.

The first group was the 6-rider 5 & under class. That rider from Kansas whom we first saw last week was the first to Qualify out of round one so it looked like Bash Noteboom was on his way to a second win in as many tries. Dante Balboni, whom we’ve only seen once before back in June and Malachi (Mr. Cool) Goggins made the cut from round two. The final qualifying round saw Parker Moriarty and Logan Barker (Creative Racing Products) make the cut leaving one rider on the outside looking in. Brave Noteboom, little sister of Bash, did not transfer but seeing this little 3-year old pedal that bike around was pretty impressive. She certainly showed a lot of heart. Hmmm “Braveheart”, sounds like a great nickname to me. In the Main event there would be three lead changes between Bash and Dante with Dante enjoying the last one for the win. Bash was second and Parker would round out the top three.

The first Total-Points race of the day set the tone it seemed for the rest of them. After two rounds of 9-year old action it was a tie between Justin Hotchkiss and Grant Borelli. The tie breaking third round would go to Grant as he earned his first Foothills win. Grant just started only 3 weeks ago. Justin settled for second while Hunter Darmofalski, only 7-years old would finish third.

The 10-year old class was next and this was also for Total-Points. With Kenan Borelli, Grants brother winning round one, this might be a sweep for the Borelli racing stables. But round two would go to Toby Schoonmaker. Toby looked to be on his way in the first round but nearly crashed in the rhythm section and settled for second. So again we have a tie going into the final round. Toby has had perfect attendance here in his first year of racing but has never won a first place award. After 15 races go in the record books #16 attempt proved the won that did not get away. Toby Schoonmaker earned his first win of the season. What a thrill for this popular Torrington rider and for those who know him. He is definitely a character and he also has a wonderful smile which was evident all day yesterday. Well done Toby! So Kenan would earn a second place award while the third spot went to Damion Whitney. Damion fell during the third round and that ruined his day for sure. He did not finish that last lap and we hope he is ok. He did walk off under his own power.

The 12-year old gang had 5 riders in it and after three battle rounds it would be Madison Krupa missing the transfer into today’s Main event. Aden Newell, from Falcon BMX would be today’s winner in his first trip here ever! Chris Pedersen, sporting a hot looking new racing shirt was second while the third podium spot went to Vico Tirillo.

The third Total-Points race of the day was next and that too would be tied going into the final round. Devon Hurley and Logan Moriarty traded wins going into round three. In this one Logan drew the inside gate and made it work for him as he led from start to finish for the win. Devon was second with Noah Hardgrove finishing third.

The 8-year old class was kind of wild as there were four riders going for the three spots in the Main. Dion Hurley blasted his was to a win in the first qualifying round. In round two Brody Kesl and Jeff Weaver were running 1-2 when they tangled together and both went down hard. Natalie Kent threaded the needle and worked her way through the carnage and earned the second qualifying spot. In round three it was Weaver as Kesl looked like he was still feeling the affects of the earlier crash. So the main event would be Dion Hurley with another win. Jeff Weaver held off Natalie Kent for a second place finish in his first Intermediate race.

The biggest class of the day was the 9-year old grouping with 7 riders going for the glory. This was important for the group as one of them was an Expert meaning everyone who could make the Main would earn Expert-points. The first round did not go well for Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) as she wrecked in the second turn during round one. She was never her aggressive self after that and would miss making the transfer into the Main. Evan “Lemon-Drop” Sauer, the only Expert in the mix, showed the difference between proficiencies as he made fairly easy work in winning the class. Kubrik Tarrant earned a hard fought second place while third went to Pete Szenda.

It was another big class with 6 riders in the 11-year old gang. Possibly an underdog, James Wolf was the only 10-year old in the mix. After the qualifying rounds it was Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) missing transfer. In the Main forget underdogs as James Wolf nailed down the win! Chris Hotchkiss earned a solid second for his efforts while third went to Nick Tirendi.

The 12 year old class only had three riders so this was another Total Points race and, like the other before it, this would be a tie after two rounds of action. Marissa Lyman won round one but Nick Smith captured round two. The two-rider battle in round three saw Marissa win it with Nick second. Third all day went to Lucas Holda.

The tough day would continue for the Krupa family as Nick, like his sister earlier, would just miss making the transfer out of the qualifying rounds in 14 year old racing action. Evan Kryger, first to qualify was first across the stripe in the Main event. Second went to Kodie Carlson while third would see Shamus Crane rounding out the top three. Things got scary when Noah Toney baled in turn one and Shamus and Kodie would pile into him. Everyone would eventually get up and ride it off.

The last group was the Total-Points race for the 41-45 class including one Novice rider. This was interesting as back on July 15th both Trevor Toney and Brian Kesl would suffer injuries. Trevor Jacked up his shoulder and Brian broke a couple of ribs. Both returned to action today. Trevor would win two of the three rounds for the overall win. Anthony Carneglia was second while the Novice rider, Brian Kesl was third.

The 10-year old class was three riders stong with one of them being just 9 years old. The two 10-year olds Wes Hamel and Cole Melillo, both Family Pride racers, really battled hard with a few lead changes between them. At the end of the day it was Cole scoring a perfect but it sure wasn’t as easy as it looked in the finally points tally. “The Hammer” Wes Hamel sure made him earn it by keeping the pressure on in every round for a second place finish overall. Third went to the 9-year old Jayden Kent.

11-year old Noah Andersen drew some tough duty today by being the only 11-year old Expert in the house. He would get combined with three very fast 12-year old Experts including three time Track Champion Trevor Cooper. With Kayden Smith just missing the cut the field in this three rider shootout was set. Jonah Grave (Full Circle Bike Shop) would start on the pole which is always advantageous at Foothills with Cooper in Gate 5 and Andersen all the way over in Gate 8. This would develop into a two rider battle for the lead as Cooper grabbed it early but Graves was glued to his rear wheel all the way to the finish line. Andersen was a close third.

It was a good turnout in the 14-year old class also with 6-riders going for it. Dom Balboni’s fate was sealed with a crash in the third turn in a qualifying round. He would have to watch the Main from the sidelines. Tyler Farwell, who we last saw back on August 5th when he crashed in spectacular fashion came back today and was awesome. He would hold off Logan Demerski, who was probably the favorite at least on paper for a win today. At the stripe it was Tyler, Logan very close behind and former Track Champ Aidan Biello third.

The last call of the day was the 26-35 mixed bag of four riders. With three Experts and one Novice in the lineup the Novice had little chance of transferring. He sure gave it a good shot but Sam Taylor just couldn’t get himself into a qualifying spot. In the main event “The Marvelous one” Matt Markie made it two weeks in a row as he easily won today’s Main event. Second went to Overhaul’s “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli while his teammate “Choo Choo” Tommy Healey was third. A huge thank you goes to Steve Scibelli for sitting in the tower for one round calling motos so I could take some pictures.


So that’s it folks, with only 4 weeks to go in the regular points season, be sure to get the ten required races in to qualify for a year end award. See you next week.

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