AUGUST 5TH, 2018
WEEK #14

So after last week’s personal “editorial” about the stability of Foothills and a little history lesson on tracks that were once in Connecticut, I wondered how this week would go. What a pleasant surprise to see so many volunteers out on the track before practice started. On every lane there was someone raking or sweeping and the steady hum of a lawn mower and the smell of freshly cut grass was in the air. This was the sight of a track that was coming alive with energy. Hopefully, the bottom has been reached and its nowhere to go but up going forward. It sure looked like it today.

The Facility was looking good

So with beautiful mid-summer day with temps in the 80’s, lower humidity and a slight breeze the turnout was pretty good by 2018 standards at Foothills with 82 riders split into 20 motos plus two additional motos of Open racing.


Toby Schoonmaker, 10 year old Novice rider out of Torrington, was named Rider-Of-The-Week. This kid is trying so hard to break through that barrier that has prevented him from enjoying the top spot on the podium for 13 consecutive races. He is so close now with a number of second place finishes I felt it was time he be rewarded for his efforts. He chose Nick Tirendi as his favorite rider. He met Nick here through BMX participation. Pretty cool!

Toby Schoonmaker

In the Balance bike division there were just three but it was fun to watch with two 2-year olds and one 3-year old. Ryder Champagne aka “Hollywood” made it look easy as he push his way to a 3 round sweep. Skylar Hardgrove held on for second while “Dangerous” Danny Hardgrove was third.

There were two Cruiser classes today and the first was a Total Points event with three different aged riders participating. “Lemon Drop” Evan Sauer won the first two rounds then this 8 year old kinda cruised to a second place finish in the final round for first overall. Breton Provencal, 9 years old was second for the day while 11 year old Chris Pedersen, riding a Cruiser for the very first time, was third.

In the 14 year old class it was a 5 rider shoot-out for those 4 positions in the main event. 12 yr old Anislee Bardunias was the hard-luck rider missing the transfer in a class that had riders from 12 to 46 years old. Northeast Factory YESS racer Andrew Hurst, making his first visit to Foothills this year, was first to qualify and first across the stripe in today’s main event. Warped BMX racer Mason Blackburn, another rider whom we haven’t seen since early June was second and did keep the pressure on Hurst. Third went to 46 year old Randy Komssi who also was here for the first time in 2018.


The 5 & Under class started off with a 5 rider group with little rug-rats ranging from 3 years old to 5 years old. After William Adams transferred out in round one, the second round saw 4-year old “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggins and 3-year old Logan Barker (Creative Racing Products) tangle up and go down in flames in the first turn. Malachi would transfer from round three as did Parker Moriarty but Logan was just not up for it and spent the main event watching from the sidelines. In the main, Moriarty was running up front with Cooper Jarest and William Adams when he self destructed on the obstacle midway up the second straight. That left Cooper and Adams in a two-rider breakaway to battle it out. Adams would win with Cooper second. Third went to Malachi.

There were also five riders in the 8-year old class. Landyn Moynihan’s fate was sealed when he crashed on the first jump in round three of qualifying causing him to miss today’s main event. Eddie Delaware, once a regular here until mid June, certainly was here today and scored a hard fought win in the main. ¬†Grant Borelli, who had a one-day membership last week and sign up with a full one today, earned a second place award in his first official race under a full membership, Charlotte Adams was third.

In 10-year old action it was Alex Lacava missing the transfer in only his second race here in this 4-rider class. Jayden Jones enjoyed his second Foothills win with a great ride today after being the last to qualify. Toby Schoonmaker looked like he just might pull off his first win but just could not find a way around Jayden and settled for yet another second place finish. Brendon Vescey finished in the third spot.

The last Novice class was the 12 year old group and it was a Total Points event. Chris Pedersen powered his way to his sixth Foothills win in a three-moto sweep. Vico Tirillo and Jaylynn Armstrong would finish second and third in every round.


The 7-year old class matched the biggest class of the day with 6 riders in the battle rounds trying to qualify for the main. When the dust settled, the youngest in the group, 5-year old Asher Hock would not transfer out. Logan Moriarty, in his annual trip to Foothills would make winning the main event look pretty easy. He held off Jason Armstrong who had his hands full with the effort of Noah Hardgrove. Those were the top three at the stripe.

The 9 year old class was a tough one for recent move up rider Brody Kesl. He and Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) were battling hard for the last transfer spot in qualifying round #3 when Brody would slip his pedals not once but twice in that all important lap. Kayla would earn the spot. Brody was in good spirits and came out to help his dad in the infield during the mains. He said after he’s putting on better grip pedals for next week. The main event went to Dion Hurley. Dion was making his first run here as an Intermediate and now has put one in the win column in his quest towards Expert. Natalie Kent was a solid second with Kayla finishing third.

The 11 year old 5-rider class was a free ride into the main event for four riders as Leithen McMillan was just touching the gate. In the main it was Gavin Suares out of Blandfield Ma. grabbing the checkered flag. Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) was second with the third spot earned by Taylor Einarsen.

With four riders going for some Sunday glory in the 12 year old class it was “Mad” Maddy Philbrick just missing the transfer today. Kane McMillan (Northeast Factory Yess) got the lead and never looked back. If he did he would have seen that blue number plate of Danny Calarco behind him. Dan was second at the line with Lucas Holda crossing it in the third spot.

The 14-year old gang of 5 included Kodie Carlson, the only Novice rider in this mix. He was looking at Intermediate points if he could make the main event but unfortunately, it would be just 5 rider points for this hot-rod from New Milford. So in the first qualifying round, Shamus Crane (Family Pride Racing) blasted to the front and won the qualifying moto, Was that a fluke as we’re not used to seeing him run up front in an Intermediate class? Well, I think not! In the Main event it was Shamus, who missed the cut in 2 of his five previous Sunday visits here, explode out of the gate and lead the entire lap for his first ever Intermediate win. What a rush for he and his pit crew. Noah Toney was a fairly close second with Evan Kryger third.

The last group was a Total Points event for the 17-20 gang. With one Expert in the mix, it was big points for everyone. Hunter Zeiner (Butter) was unbeatable as he, in no way was going to be beaten by a Girl. Yes, Maya Brown, 2017 Female Track champion was here in her last race for the season as she will be heading off to college. Dan Heideger also beat Maya in two of the three rounds for second overall behind Hunter who was perfect today.


There was only one Girls class and it was called “15-16 Girls”. In reality it was a Total Points race with 15-year old Ashley Jasensky and 12-year olds; Marissa Lyman and Anislee Bardunias. With Ashley and Marissa both being former Track Champions, this would be a two rider shootout. In round one it was Marissa with the win with Ashley in tow for the second spot and Anislee was third. Round two went the exact same way but round three saw Ashley turn up the turbo just a bit and crossed the stripe first. Marissa earned the second spot which is all she needed to claim the overall win. Ashley was second and Anislee would finish third.


It was Total Points for the 8-year old gang and Justin Donahue, who we saw a lot of early in the year but not lately, was back, on attack, and naildedd down a 3-moto sweep. Jackson Murphy, in his first ride here as an Expert, and Evan Sauer “Lemon Drop” traded second place finishes in the first two rounds but it was Murphy grabbing second overall with the second place third round finish.

It was four riders in the 10 year old group which was actually made up with two 9-year olds and two 10-year olds. Jayden Kent would miss making the transfer today despite a great try. Cole Melillo (Family Pride Racing), put it all together today and won the main event His Teammate “The Hammer” We Hamel was second with Breton Provencal third.

Trevor Cooper, three time Track Champion, continued his quest to make it four time as he sweep the 12 year olds Total Points race. Kayden Smith managed to hold off Noah Andersen in every round for second overall in this tight pack of racers.

It was also Total points in the 13-year old class and it was one of the most competitive Total Poitns races this year. In round one former track champion Aidan Biello won. Spike Miller and Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) were second and third. In round two the finishes were the exact opposite setting up a three-way tie going into round three. In that round it was Barker, starting on the inside leading the charge down the front chute into turn one. Miller was right behind him with Biello third. Aidan went high then dove sharply to the inside and not only swooped past Miller he went from the Outhouse to the Penthouse coming out of the turn with the lead! All the rest of the lap all were flawless and it would be Biello, Barker and Miller in that order. Wow!

Speaking of a “wow” moment, the next group was a five rider group of experts. The 14-year old class featured a scary moment in the opening qualifying round. As the tight pack hit the first obstacle after the start, Tyler Farwell got airborne coming off his bike as they flew into the big dropoff. He would fly to the bottom and appeared to land on his back as his tried to tuck and roll. After a few moments he got up and walked off much to the relief of everyone in the house. Tyler would sit out the rest of the day but word was he was ok just a little sore. “Flyin” Ryan Komssi eanred the main event win with Lew Cianfarani a close second. Third went to Daniell Jolicoeur. (Northeast factory Yess).

Tyler begins his flight
He lands flat on his back
The tumble may have saved worse injury

There were two Open classes with Asher Hock winning the 7-8 class and Maya Brown humbling her dad in the 31 & over gang.

So this one is in the record books and it was certainly a fun day. Hopefully this momentum continues as we continue into the dog days and we see you all again in two week. Remember, no racing here next Sunday as there is a Gold Cup Qualifier down in Meriden. See you there!