WEEK #11
july 15th, 2018

So here we are at week #11 and yet again, there is another conflicting event going on. This time it’s a triple point Gold Cup event in Bridgewater New York. Even so, by the standards established this year, the rider count wasn’t dismal but still, 67 riders in 17 motos is something that we need to do better with. Some minor tweaks with the track have occurred with some more planned so don’t give up on us just yet.


Today we waived naming the Rider-Of-The-Week as he was not here. I have been in contact with a parent and it looks like next week so we will save it and play catch-up next Sunday.

We had three Balance Bikers in the house and everyone was wondering where is 4 year old “Mr. Cool”? Well, Malachi Goggins has traded in his running shoes and is now on a pedal bike. More on him soon enough. So Logan Biker, the 3-year old phenom, ruled the class today with a sweep of the rounds of pedaless mayhem. But he too, is not too far from joining the 5 & Under ranks as well. “Hollywood” Ryder Champagne looked good and ran his way to a solid second after really keeping the pressure on Logan. Third went to Summer Einarsen.



The 14-year old group was three riders strong and a mix of ages. Isabella Nelson at 12 years old; Logan Demerski at 14 and Evan Sauer at 8. This one would go as expected with Logan sweeping the total point motos, Isabella, although keeping the heat on, would finish second while Evan earned third place points.


There were 4 riders going for the three spots in today’s 41-45 Cruiser main event. Through the qualifying rounds, Shawna Nelson, dusting some rust off from two years off the bike, would be the rider who missed the cut. In the Main event, it looked like JT Kelleher would enjoy a win after being the first to qualify and had a slight lead down the front chute. But as they reached turn one, Tim Brown made a sweet inside move to take away the top spot then held JT off the rest of the way. “Moto-Man” Rog Billings, pushed those 62 year old legs to a third place finish.



The 7-year old group was a total points race that featured only one 7-year old, a 4-year old and a 5-year old. Noah Hardgrove had it all his way as he raced to a three-round sweep. But the story of this one was the battle for the second spot. 5-year old William Adams was challenged hard by 4-year old Malachi (Mr. Cool) Goggins. Malachi was making his debut on a pedal bike after two years pushing a Balance bike. He certainly gave William all he could handle. Even though William would finish second in every round, some of the closest racing today was between these two little spitfires. They went handlebar to handlebar a number of times and showed some unbelievable skills. It was sure fun to watch.


The 8-year old class was also pretty interesting. In the qualifying rounds Jeff (Dreamweaver) fell in the exact same spot in turn one that he did last week. He was ok but his confidence was probably shaken a bit. He would qualify in round 3 for the 3-rider main event by beating charlotte Adams for the last spot. In the Main event, it was a tight mix as they raced into turn two. Brody Kesl had just taken over the lead back in turn one when, Brianna Kent, running in the second spot, self destructed in turn two directly in front of Jeff Weaver. Jeff had nowhere to go and plowed into the sprawled Brianna. Brody was gone now and basically just had to stay on his bike for this important win in his career. Jeff got up and finished second while Brianna was carried off the track. This was a big win for Brody as he is now an Intermediate after earning his tenth win as a Novice. Well done Brody but I’m sure it was bitter-sweet as his dad, crashed in practice and may have gone to the ER to get checked out missing Brody’s win. Afterward, I spoke with Brianna and she is ok. She had a bandage on her elbow but was in good spirits.

Brody Kesl enjoys his last ride as a Novice
With today's win Brody is now an Intermediate

It was a tough day for Jacob Dipasquale in the 11-year old Novice class as he, at only 9-years old, was combined in this older class. He would try very hard but not transfer out of the motos. The main event was dominated by Chris Pedersen as he rode to his 3rd Foothills win for this season. Toby Schoonmaker had a new look and a great result. The old Lead-Sled was gone and a new hot looking racing machine was under him. He was visibly much faster with the lighter bike and enjoyed a solid run and a second place award. Madison Krupa was our third place finisher.


In 13-year old action it was another total points race. Sometimes these can be pretty unexciting as it can be the same order of finish in all three rounds. That certainly WAS NOT the case today in this one. In round one Nick Krupa would edge out Richie Castaldi for the win with Kodie Carlson finishing third. In round two Castaldi had the lead coming out of turn two when he bobbled while riders went by him on both sides. He tried hard to recover momentum but soon realized it was a broken chain. Kodie would go on to win round two with Krupa second. So going into the final round, the point totals were Krupa leading with 3; Carlson second with 4 and Castaldi third with 5. What that means is all Krupa needed for the overall win was a second or better. So in the third round Krupa had the lead going into turn one with Carlson second. As they hit the turn Castaldi, after having a terrible gate start, dove to the inside and completed a pass on Carlson. In and out of turn 2 and up the third straight, Krupa was ahead by 4 bike lengths. Heading into turn four Castaldi had cut the lead to two lengths and Carlson was even with his rear wheel. Into the turn Krupa took a high line and that was the biggest mistake he made all day as Castaldi dove to the inside to complete the pass and Carlson followed him through the hole. As this very tight mix went through the rhythm section Carslon got on the inside of Castaldi and nosed ahead. Richie was now second and Krupa’s hot breath was all over his rear wheel. The sprint to the line it was Castaldi at the stripe by half a length over Carlson with Krupa third one length behind Carlson. Overall it was Castaldi with 6 points, Krupa with 6 points and Carslon with 6 points! A flat-footed three way tie. Because the tie-breaker in the third round, overall it was Castaldi; Carlson and Krupa. WOW!


The 26-35 class was another total points race but certainly not as exciting as what we just watched. 32-year old Kyle Reese, riding out of Beacon Falls would win every round. 16 year old Sam Taylor was second while 30ish year old Ashley Dipasquale, put her Scylent Rage colors in the third spot.


The 46-50 class was four riders strong but only three made the starting gate in the qualifying rounds all earning a free ride into the main. Brian Kesl wrecked hard in practice on the second straight. He walked off under his own power but was obviously hurting. I had heard a rumor that he took himself to the hospital to get checked out but not sure. We hope he’s doing ok. The main event had a wild and wholly finish. With the Overhaul Racing team manager Chris Champagne leading after a sweet pass of Rock Star and team manager of Scylent Rage racing Art Ramsey in turn one, the pack entered turn five. Champagne and Ramsey bot went high in the turn and Art tried to dive to the inside upon exit but clipped the rear wheel of chris and would wreck right next to Rog Billings. Billings was whacking weeds for a moment but missed Ramsey and finished second behind Champagne. Ramsey eventually got up and removed his shirt to inspect his shoulder. As every woman in the crowd screamed and hid their eyes, Art put the shirt back on and claimed himself ok.



The 9-year old class was pretty strong with five riders competing. After three rounds of qualifying it was 8-year old Natalie Kent who would watch from the sidelines today. Pete Szenda, possibly making his first visit ever to Foothills nailed down a nice win. Landon Hansen had another solid run and finished second while the third spot went to Cayden Melillo doing it for Family Pride Racing.


With 6 riders in the 11 year old class it was going to be tough going for the two 10-year olds in the mix, or would it? It was for one of them as Taylor Einarsen, despite a great effort could not qualify. But the other one not only made the main, he WON IT! James Wolf made his attending Grandfather very proud today as he would capture the win in this loaded class. Cole Barker 9Creative Racing Products) continued his much improved riding this year with a second place finish while third went to Nick Tirendi. A good finish for Nick after missing the transfer into last week’s main event.


The 41-45 class was a mix of two Experts and two Intermediates. It would be “Expert points” for all who made the main event. With Anthony DelVento saving himself for the upcoming Outlaw-Open money event, his coasting provided a free ride into this 3-rider shootout. The only other Expert in the mix was Tommy Choo_Choo Healey and he took advantage of the situation adding 104 points to his win total. Anthony Carneglia held off Tim Brown for the second spot.



The 8-year old class was a mix of two 8-year old Experts and one 6-year old Intermediate. The intermediate, Rylan Spence, would still earn 63 points for his third place effort today which is ten points better than if he won a 3-rider event in his own class. Evan “Lemon-Drop” Sauer and Sawyer Spence traded wins in the first two rounds but the third round tie breaker went to Sauer for the overall win.


Same deal in the 10 year old class with three riders and a tie going into the final round. Matt Barone and Cole Melillo traded moto wins and the deciding third round went to Matt Baron riding out of Long Island. Cole settled for second while the third place award went to Jayden kent.


The biggest class of the day was the 12 year old Expert class with 7-riders going for it. Unfortunately for One of those qualifying rounds may have featured the upset of the season so far as Isabella Nelson beat 3-time track champion Trevor (Superfly) Cooper to the stripe and led him all the way around. Coop got his revenge in the main as this time he held her off for the win that counted most. Bella was second with Brandon Houle, dressed in black and on attack, finishing third.


The 14-year old gang was intense with 5 riders. Even the qualifying rounds were hot with Emily Aldo being the rider missing the cut. In the main event the favorite, Overhaul’s Logan “Flash” Demerski, started on the inside of Intermediate Tyler Farwell. Farwell is sitting on 19 wins so if this was the day he moves up; it would have to be against one of the hottest 14 year old Experts in the area. Logan is undefeated in his previous 3 visits here. They went down the front straight side by side. The inside line is the favorite to maintain the lead into the big turn-one corner so it looked good for Demerski. Farwell, however, stayed on the gas and powered his way around the high side of Logan to take a slight lead up the second straight. In and out of turn two Tyler was hanging on and the lead was about one length. The big obstacle, that has claimed many a rider this year just entering turn three nearly got Tyler as his rear wheel bumped the top of the dropoff causing him to go all flibberty-jibbets but somehow saved it. The rest of the way he maintained a one bike-length lead and rode his last race as an Intermediate. Race win #20 was sure hard earned. If he went any faster he may have caught up to yesterday. Well Done Tyler!

Tyler Farwell earns his 20th Intermediate win today
and now moves up into the Expert class


The last points race of the day was the 17-20 class with three Experts and one Girl in the mix. Two of the Experts were about to race oin the Money Open so, in reality it was Track champion 17-yr old Maya Brown against 15 year old JT Kelleher. Maya would stay in front of Kelleher the entire way for the win. JT was second and officially, it was Barone third.



We rain an “Outlaw Money Open” race and there were 6 rider entered. Tom Barone from Long Island; Julian Freed and Willem LeBelle from Cape Cod; Justin Boissonneault out of Meriden, Anthony DelVento from Sandy Hook and Sam Taylor from Canaan, all hoping for that $80 first prize. The format was a total points transfer into the main meaning all riders raced in three rounds of qualifying with the best scores giving first choice on starting gate positions. 16 year old Novice rider Sam Taylor, gave it a good try but did not make the transfer. To add to the excitement there was a $20 hole-shot award to the first rider to reach the asphalt on turn one. Bang! The gate dropped and it was three-wide down the front shoot. As they hit the asphalt line it was Tommy Barone winning the hole shot money with Julian Freed a half wheel back and Delvento right there as well. As they sped out of turn one they started to sort themselves out a bit as Delvento passed Freed and had his sights set on the rear wheel of Barone. Out of turn 2 Boissonneault got by Freed also and was nearly alongside of DelVento who was still a bike length behind Barone entering turn 3. Up the back stretch it became a 3-rider breakaway with Delvento poised and waiting for his chance in the next corner. Delvento dove to the inside and took over the top spot into the rhythm section. One in front he would not be denied. Winning the Dash-4-Cash Anthony pocketed the $80 first prize while Barone picked up $40 for his efforts.


Today, there may not have been as many races as we would have liked but the action was sure a lot of fun and full of accomplishments and surprises. Thanks to everyone who came out todays. Cant wait for next week.

Complete finish report