WEEK #10
JULY 8, 2018

A perfect day weather wise with temps in the low 80s and low humidity. Maybe we would finally get a decent crowd even though the popular Stars and Stripes National event was going on in Pennsylvania. Registration closes at 11:30 and, at 11:00 we only had 22 riders in the house. When it did close on time, there were 57 riders registered. That was enough for 16 motos.


We named Noah Toney as the Rider-Of-The-Week but he was not here to receive that trophy which we will hold until we see him again.


With five Balance Bikers in the house we started off with the two 4-year olds. Ryder (Hollywood) Champagne and Malachi (Mr. Cool) Goggins did battle with Malachi out running Ryder for the win in all three rounds of sprints. On the way back to their starting spot for between rounds, Ryder fell off his bike and laid there for a moment. He jumped up quickly when I asked him if I should call an Ambulance.


The next group was 3-riiders strong with 3-year olds Cole Lyman and Logan Barker with 2-year old Dan Demers. Dan decided that today was maybe not his time to shine and kinda took a chill-pill. The other two went at it with Cole winning the first round while Logan claimed round two. Logan earned the overall win with his third round victory.



The first point’s class was really a mixed group as has become the norm in the local Cruiser classes. This time it was 51-year old BMX Legend Mike Savage racing 12-year old Marissa Lyman and 62-year old Rog Billings. As expected Savage took no prisoners and earned the “perfect” in this Total Points race. Marissa held off Rog for the second spot.



The 6-year old class was a Total Points event and it was easy pickins for Liam Noe as he would score the “perfect” with three wins. Jace Mott, just 5-years old, had the second spot sewed up when new rider Gabriel Rivera spent the first two rounds preparing for her first race day and only made it to the gate for the final round. She went home with a third place award.


The 8-year old class saw four riders battling for the three spots in the main event. After Brody Kesl was the first to qualify it looked like it would be a tough go for “The Dream-Weaver” Jeff Weaver after he crashed hard in the first round. But Jeff came back in round two to transfer into the main while the last spot went to Landyn Montoya as Mike Rivera Jr., another new rider, could not make the starting grid in any qualifying round. The main event saw the finish in the same order as the qualifying went. Kesl 1st, Weaver 2nd and Montoya 3rd.


Total Points action for the 11 –year old class and Chris Pedersen made it look easy as he dominated all three rounds with big leads at the stripe. John Saladin would finish second while the third spot went to Toby Schoonmaker.


It was Total points again, this time in the 15-year old class. Jacob Drenen was the only 15-year old and he had little trouble while a constant battle for the second spot was going on behind him. Richie Castaldi was given him all he could handle in the first round but a mistake on the second straight and a third turn crash would seal his fate in that round. Drenen would go pretty much unchallenged the rest of the two rounds while Castaldi and Vico Tirillo battled for the second spot overall for the day. Even though Castaldi finished second in round three, it would be Drenen, Tirillo and Castaldi in that order at the awards window.


A pretty neat class was the 5-rider 46-50 year old group. This “Legion of Doom” featured riders from age 39 thru 62. The oldest, Rog Billings at 62, sure made them all work for the transfer spots in the motos but in the end, it was Art Ramsey earning that last transfer after he stayed in front of his new team mate for Scylent Rage Racing, Rog Billings in round three. The main event saw Dennis Jamieson, whose home track is Shoreham BMX on Long Island; enjoy his first time here by winning the 4-rider main on a Cruiser. Overhaul’s Chris Champagne put in a solid effort with a second place finish while Art “Rockstar” Ramsey held off Brian Kesl for the third spot.




Starting with the 10 year old class, Jackson Murphy, making his first 2018 trip here from Carmel New York, ace a “perfect” in this Total Points race. Izaya Frazier would finish second while the Creative Racing Products sponsored Kayla Barker was third.


The 11 year old group of 5-riders was a little scary in the main event. After the three qualifying rounds, the hard luck guy was new Intermediate rider Nick Tirendi who would miss the cut. In the main there was a storm front moving in as “Hurricane” Shane Upham took the lead early coming out of gate two. He would lead the entire lap and win the main. But back in the second straight it was carnage as both Gavin Suares and Dave LaBarge tangled and would crash hard. LaBarge got airborne doing an awkward twist in the air falling hard on the dirt surface. Both riders would take some time to pick themselves up with LaBarge taking the longest. He would eventually walk it off but was obviously hurting. The official results were Upham first; Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) second with Gavin Suares third.

UPDATE: I spoke with Dave LaBarge’s dad last night and, although Dave has a sore shoulder, a sore wrist and his thigh is hurting, he’s looking forward to next week. They make them tough down on the farm. Dave “Farmboy” sent me this picture last night.


Dave LaBarge gives a
Thumbs Up

The 12-year old class was a Total Points race and that seems to be becoming the norm lately. T.J. Skog, riding out of the Family Pride racing stables, nailed down a three round sweep for a “perfect”. Danny Calarco, although his finished second in the final round, would have to settle for third overall for the day as “Quick-Nick” Smith (Full Circle Bike Shop) had the second spot in two of the three rounds.



Peyton Pulaski, whom we haven’t seen in a month, was the fastest in the 12 year old Total Points race. She held off former Track Champion Marissa Lyman in every round. Marissa tried an inside move in turn two every time and every time after pulling up alongside Peyton, could not maintain the momentum required to complete the pass. It was great racing in this Girls class. In the end it was Peyton, Marissa and Family Pride’s Finley Skog third. Finley is years younger than the other two so kudos to her for the effort she put in.



Full Circle Bike Shop colors ran up front all day long in this Total Points race for the three 12-year olds in the house. Unlike a slow funeral Procession, “The Undertaker” was speeding around the 1,200 foot course nailing the coffin shut for his “perfect”. Brandon Houle held off a hard-charging Noah Andersen for the second spot in every round.


The 13-year old class needed qualify rounds to determine the main event lineup. After three rounds Hayden MacDonald was the hard luck guy as this West Springfield rider could not transfer out of the motos. In the main it saw Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) holding a small lead as they heading up the back straight towards turn 4. Once they reached the turn, Dylan went high as Aidan Biello stuck his nose in on the inside. It was a classic move as this former Track champion sealed the deal and lead the rest of the way for a nice win. Dylan held off Spike Miller (New York State #3) for the second spot.


The last class of the day was the largest class of the day. The 26-35-year old class was actually a 14 & over event with the oldest being none other than the BMX legend himself, Mike Savage. A Novice rider, 16 year old Sam Taylor, certainly drew some tough duty trying to compete with some of these real hot-rods. Despite a great try, he would watch the 6-rider main from the sidelines. As the gate dropped it was obvious early on that this might be a two-rider shootout between Savage and “The Steamroller” Steve Healey. Entering turn 1 they were running one and two and would stay that way all the way around with Healey keeping the pressure on. Savage would prevail. Using a gate 1 main event starting position, “Stone-cold” Steve Scibelli was solid and finished third.


FOOTNOTE: Mike Savage, who I first met when he was about 14 years old, is soon to turn 52 and has traveled to Nation chasing his goal to race at every BMX track in the country. Since he began his quest, many of those tracks have come and gone. As of now, he has assigned a number to every one of the 496 tracks that he has raced on. We were number 132 on his list. Right now, he only has 9 to go to complete this incredible journey.


Mike Savage
The BMX Man of Mystery
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