Week #6
The Daniel J Plaskett
Memorial Race

So today is Father’s Day and it sure looked like a lot of families chose to spend the day with Dad. With only 73 riders registered the 18 moto race would go pretty quickly. This was also our 8th annual Daniel J Plaskett Memorial race. More on that at the end of this report.



During the Opening ceremonies Kevin Torres was named our Rider-Of-The-Week for his winning efforts last Sunday. This 6 year old Novice from New Rochelle New York put it all together in a 6 rider class for his first win of the season at Foothills. He claimed Conner Fields as his favorite rider.

Kevin Torres named


All the regulars were here for the Balance Bikes and today was probably the closest finish we’ve had yet in one of the three rounds of mini-motos. These short legged rug-rats were really going for it especially Logan Barker and Malichi Goggins. In one of the rounds it was side by side pedal-less mayhem as these two were really hammering to dirt on their way to the finish line. Nearly a photo finish Malachi (Mr. Cool) would just edge Logan for a three round sweep. Behind Logan was Ryder (Hollywood) Champagne and Cole Lyman. Again this week, Lyman was seen on a pedal bike during practice. Malachi is also rumored to own a pedal bike and has completed laps on the long track. Both of these 3-year olds may be racing on the bigger bikes before the year is out.

Logan Barker gets on the
Inside of Malachi Goggins


The 12 year old Cruiser class was a Total Points race and included an 8 year old. Isabella Nelson, sporting her Powers Bike Shop team colors winning each of the three rounds. Marissa Lyman would finish second ahead of 8-year old Evan (Lemon Drop) Sauer.


The 26-30 class was four riders strong and ranged in ages from 15-45. James Cheyne, the oldest in the class, would miss the cut. The main event saw 17 year old Northeast Factory Yess star, Dave Albert, put his second Foothills win in as many tries in the record book. JT Kelleher was second with Stone-Cold Steve Scibelli finishing third.


The 6-year old class was for Total Points and last week’s winner, Kevin Torres would not be denied today. He would get an early lead and never look back in all three rounds. Black Gauthier, the only 5-year old in this three rider mix, would fall in round one but come back and finish second in round two just ahead of Liam Noe. Liam would come back and take the second spot in the third round. Overall it would be Kevin Torres our winner, Liam was second with Black third.


The biggest class of the day was the 8 year old 7-rider group. In reality, two of the riders were 7 years old but, the USABMX rule that it takes 3 riders to make a class, they were combined with the 8-year olds. That’s somewhat unfortunate as one of them, Hunter Darmofalski, would miss the cut. This was Hunter’s third race here and he has yet to earn a transfer but is visibly getting better each week and it’s just a matter of time before he breaks through. Dion Hurley, despite another practice round crash this week, put together his fifth winning effort this season and was uncatchable. Brody Kesl gave it all he had and finished a close second while third place would go to Jeff (Dreamweaver) Weaver. The Weaver’s were not planning on racing this Sunday but when Jeff Sr. learned it was the Dan Plaskett Memorial Race, he decided he couldn’t miss it. Jeff and Dan used to race together back in the 1990’s. Thanks so much for changing your plans Jeff, it was great to see you in attendance.


The 11 year old group was also large with 5 riders and, just as the previous class, there were two riders racing out of the age group. This time it was different results as both 9-year olds, Damion Whitney and Toby Schoonmaker would transfer out of the motos into the main event. Madison Krupa was the hard luck rider not making it out. Another former Rider-Of-The-Week, “Quick Nick” Tirendi was today’s top gun. Chris Pedersen did keep the heat turned up and earned a solid second place award. Third went to Toby Schoonmaker.


Total Points racing for the 12 year old class and it was a good one for sure. Vico Tirillo won the first round with Kodie Carlson winning round two. The third round shootout was the deciding round to determine today’s 12 year old champion. With Carlson and Tirillo nearly side by side up the second straight, Disaster struck for Carlson and he went down in flames killing his chances. Pretty much the same thing happened to him last week as well. He was ok but the third place finish gave him second place overall for the day. Vico was our winner with Nick Krupa finishing third.


The last Novice class was the 41-45 grouping. Brian Kesl could not find a way around The Rock-Star Art Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing). In the main event Trevor Toney was today’s winner with a full-pull as he led all the way around. Overhaul’s Chris Champagne was second while Art Ramsey would be third.



The 8-year old class was a mixed bag of ages. There were two 8-year olds and two 6-year olds in the group. The hard luck continued for 6-year old Rylan Spence for the 4th week in a row as he missed the cut despite a valiant effort. Jackson Gietek, for the third week in a row was on fire and stayed in front of Devon Hurley all the way to the stripe. With Devon settling for second, Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) was third.


The first proficiency mixed class was the 10 year old Intermediate group. This four rider gang included two 8 year old Experts meaning every rider who made the main event would earn Expert points. Unfortunately 10 year old Mikey Roy would only earn rider points as he could not make the main event. The main event would see Sawyer Spence and Evan Sauer going for the top spot and these two Experts would finish 1-2. With Sawyers win, it had to make the ride back to Southbury all the tougher for his younger brother Rylan. Third place today went to James Wolf.


The 11 year old 4-rider class saw Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) miss qualifying for the main event for the first time this year. Shane “The Hurricane” Upham put his Full Circle Bike Shop colors on the top spot of today’s podium with a nice win. Dave “Farm Boy” LaBarge continues his improvement with a solid second while Kevin Kelleher was third.


The 12 year old class featured the return of a rider that we haven’t seen here since 2013. Danny Calarco apparently has been playing baseball every year but decided he needed a break. He looked good after so much time off but would miss the cut this day. Nick Smith was today’s winner and made it look easy. Marissa Lyman was second with “Mad Maddy” Philbrick third.


In a Total Points Race Tyler Farwell continued his assault to the Expert class with another Intermediate win. Tyler is only a couple of wins away. Noah Toney was strong and earned the second spot with Shamus Crane finishing third.



The 11 year old class was only three riders strong but was probably the closely contested class of the day with three evenly matched riders going for it. Noah Andersen would win all three rounds but each one was very close. “The Undertaker”, Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) was right on Noah in all three rounds and “The Hammer’ Wes Hamel, was there as well. IN round three it look like Graves would take over the lead up the long chute (Back Straight) but a bobble would cost him his shot and he would fall back to third. At the end of the day it was Andersen, Graves and Hamel in that order. It was learned later that Jonah Graves was not felling well but still gave it everything he had.


The 12 year old group was also a Total Points race but this one would have the same finish all day long with “Superfly” Trevor Cooper, in his quest for a fourth Track Championship sweeping the motos. Bella Nelson (Powers Bike Shop) was second with Kayden Smith third.


The last Total Points race of the day was the 13-year old class and it was the first win of the 2018 Foothills season for “The Westfield Warrior” Anthony Bartolo. Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) and Aidan Biello traded second place finishes but it would be Dylan grabbing second in round three to break that tie.

The 15 year old Expert grouping of 5 riders included one Intermediate ranked ridr but it would be Expert Points for him if he could make the main event. Unfortunately Joe James could not put it off this day. “Butter”, Hunter Zeiner blasted his was to the front of the back and held off the hard charging efforts of Overhaul’s Kyle Lyman. JT Kelleher held off Jake “Loose Change” Nichols for the third spot.


The last race of the day was titled 17-20 Expert Class but, in reality the Experts ranged from 17-42. There was a Novice rider, Sam Taylor in the mix as well as a Girl Alexis Nevins. Sam would be the rider missing the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. In the main event 19 year old Anthony Lucchesi was simply awesome. With a huge head of steam up the third straight, Anthony skied and cleared the long triple by the announcer’s tower. I think that had to be the first time anyone has done that in a Main event. Northeast Factory Yes rider Dave Albert was second while 42-year old Zack Gietek held tough as the oldest rider in the mix with a solid third.


During the break between the Qualifying rounds and the main events, it was time to present this year’s recipient of the 8th annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Award to one rider. Rog Plaskett, Dan’s father chose Hunter Zeiner as this year’s honoree. Dan’s mother, Donna, presented the trophy to Hunter. 15 year old Hunter first started racing at Foothills at the age of 4. He took a couple of years off after the NBL folded but had been back for a couple of years now and is looked up to by many riders as a role model. Rog said that “This year’s choice was easiest out of the 8 years we have been doing this”.

The trophy is donated each year by Hobby & Trophy World in Torrington.


Dan Plaskett, once a regular around the BMX local circuit and a ton of East Coast National events, lost a long battle with AMN, a rare disease that claims the life of about 30,000 people annually. After the money donated by antendees and given by The Litchfield county BMX Group today, a check for $500 is being sent to the United Leukodystrophy Foundation in Dan’s name. The Plaskett’s thank everyone for coming out to the race that honors Dan’s memory. Dan died on July 20, 2010 at 35 years old.


Left to right
Jason Zeiner, Hunter Zeiner, Rog Plaskett, Donna Plaskett
Complete finish report

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