Our FREE Olympic night race is a special race, mandated by USABMX to celebrate our Olympic sport of BMX. It’s designed to bring in new riders. Foothills version is run on a night that is not one of our regular race days. With no lights at the facility, its run with an early starting time of 6:45 making it difficult for working parents to get there for those traveling from other states or even other towns. Usually this is our smallest race of the year because of this and, add to that the fact that this is the weekend of The East Coast Nationals down in Trumbull and related Thursday clinics, this might have been our smallest race ever. At the 6:30 registration closing time, only 33 riders were registered and split into 9 motos.

For his efforts last Sunday, 12 year old Novice rider from West Granby Vico Tirillo was named our Rider-Of-The-Week. He said that he got involved because of Trevor Cooper and Noah Andersen. He said that Trevor was his favorite racer.
After a rough start and missing his main event in the first three weeks of the season, he put in a great effort at the State Qualifier with a solid second place finish in that double points event. Last week he was nearly unstoppable winning two of the three rounds of motos in his Total Points event.


The first class of the night was the 17-20 Woman’s Cruisers class. With only 3 riders this was a Total Points race. 12-year old Marissa Lyman made it look easy as she used her track experience to outrace the two Cortis sisters. Shyanne Cortis would wreck on the second straight in the first round. She eventually got up but was obviously hurting as she completed the lap. She came back in the third round to finish ahead of her sister Kaylynn but overall for the night the official finishing order was Marissa Lyman first; Kaylynn Cortis second and Shyanne Cortis third. Shyanne was sporting a cherry-red road rash on her left side.


The 26-30 gang was also a Total Points event with three-riders on the docket. But a bike problem kept Aidan Biello on the side lines leaving 33 year old Steve Scibelli and 15 year old Travis Cortis to battle it out. “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli was anything but Stone cold as he would ace a “perfect” for the night. Travis would have to settle for the second place award.



There we 4-riders in the 8 year old Novice class. After the two qualifying rounds, it would be Jacob Dipasquale, after making his main on Sunday, missing it tonight despite a great try. A rider who we have never seen before, Holden Trahan who rides out of Billerica BMX in Massachusetts, was impressive as he put it all together on this track, which had to be totally unfamiliar to him, and won the main event quite easily. Brody Kesl just couldn’t keep up and finished second while the third spot went to Willow Hicks. Willow, whom we haven’t seen since last July, took a nasty fall during practice. She showed some real toughness as she came back and raced hard to make the main.


The 11 year old class was 3-riders strong but included one 9-year old. Surely he was at a disadvantage being two years younger than the other two. So in round one, after a couple of lead changes, Vico Tirillo would cross the stripe first. Kodie Carlson held off “Quick-Nick” Krupa for the second spot. Round two saw Krupa, starting in gate 4, grab the hole shot and hang on for the win, Carlson edged Tirillo for the second spot. So going into round three, all three riders were tied for total points with four each. The third round was awesome with a couple of passes occurring all the way around. At the stripe and overall for the night it was Gold-Nick Krupa; Silver-Vico Tirillo and Bronze-Kodi Carlson. This was definitely the best racing of the night.



First up and the only Intermediate class was the 26-35 grouping which actually had 4-riders ranging in age from 19 to 43. Ashley Dipasquale, in her first race ever, and Brian Kesl were two Novice riders racing two Intermediates. This would come down for bragging rights on the way home to orange Massachusetts for two members of the six riders Cortis family. 19 year old Dakota and 20 year old Kyle were really battling handle bar to handle bar. At the stripe the main event win would go to Dakota with Kyle in hot pursuit. Brain Kesl was third after he beat Ashley Dipasquale for the last spot in tonight’s main event.



There were three Expert motos with the first being the 11 year old gang. This Total Points race included Jayden Kent, who is only 9 years old but he certainly held his own. Noah Andersen used a great back straight pass in round one to keep, what would be a sweep of the motos at the end of the night. Brandon Houle had the lead but Noah powered his was on the outside to take the lead for good. Jaden Kent, who finished third behind Brandon Houle in that first round, finished second in the next two giving him second overall for the night. Brandon would end up in the third slot.

The 13 year old class was a real mixed bag of 5 riders. There was a Novice, and Intermediate, a Girl and two Experts. Savanna Cortis (Novice), in her first race this year, missed the cut into the main event. Aidan Biello, former track champion, was tonight winner. The “Z-Mann, Zander Hicks finished a fairly close second with this third spot going to Marissa Lyman.


The last group of the day was titled 15 Expert but, in reality, this three rider shootout was between two Experts and Shyanne Cortis (Novice). Hunter Zeiner earned his fourth Foothills win with 3 hot laps to victory. Kyle Lyman, one year younger at 14, continued his obvious improvement with a second place finish that pushed Zeiner to keep on the jammy in each round. Shyanne, probably exhausted after racing two classes, finished third.


We changed our schedule three weeks ago to from No Racing on Sunday to we are racing but at a later start due to Trumbull’s event. Registration is from 3:30 to 4:30 with gate drop shortly thereafter. Good luck to all who are racing the National.


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