Week #4

So finally we get a day with no threat of rain showers. It was a perfect day for racing with partly cloudy skies and temps in the low 70’s. Although there was a triple-points race at nearby New Paltz, we still had 92 riders split into 23 motos plus another 4 that raced in an Open class.


For his efforts last week, Nick Tirendi was named our Rider-Of-The-Week. Nick, after throwing accolades to Trevor Cooper, our three time track champion, said that his favorite rider is Sam Willoughby. Sam is a top pro BMXer who is from Australia and was seriously injured at Chula Vista California in a practice session. I thought that Nick’s choice was amazing for an 11 year old to be aware of the situation that occurred so many miles away. For those who don’t know, Sam, in 2016, suffered a serious spinal injury that left him paralyzed. The doctors said he would never walk again. After winning silver at the 2012 Olympics in London, Sam’s determination to defy the doctor’s prognosis is truly that of the heart of a champion. Sam, although no yet able to walk, can actually pedal a bike and recently married his BMX sweetheart, Alise Post.

Nick Tirendi
Named Rider Of The Week


We enjoyed a perfect on-time start today and, as usual, started with the Balance Bike brigade. Cheyenne (Mookie) Orlandi and Ryder (Hollywood) Champagne got the day started with Cheyenne focused on the finish line. She would win all three rounds.


The second group featured three runners with Logan Barker (Creative Racing Products), Cole Lyman and Malachi (Mr. Cool) Goggins lined up for the sprints to the line. In the first round Logan had the lead but at the halfway point, Malachi dove to the inside in the final turn and captured the win Logan was second with Cole third. In the next round the results were the same but this time Goggins lead the entire lap. Round three again went to “Mr. Cool” for the perfect. Cole salvaged second place in front of Logan but the end of the day results were Goggins, Barker and Lyman.



The first point’s class was the “21-35 Woman’s Cruiser class with not one of the three riders falling into that category except they were all female. 12 year old 2017 Class Champion Marissa Lyman aced a three moto sweep in this Total Points event. 16 year old Kaylynn Cortis was second with 30 something Amanda Orlanda third.


It would also be a Total Points situation in the 14 year old grouping but again, the age disparities were present. 14 year old Warped BMX star Mason Blackburn was dominate with three easy wins. 8 year old Even (Lemon Drop) Sauer was second all day with 6 year old Hunter Heath third. This was Mason’s first Cruiser win of the 2018 Foothills season with many more expected.


The last Cruiser class was titled 31-35 and was four riders strong. 15 Year old JT Kelleher, in his first Foothills appearance this year was the first to qualify. 33 year old Steve (Stone Cold) Scibelli qualified out of round two. With 36 year old Jeff (Rabbit) Orlandi and 62 year old Roger Billings left to battle in the final qualifying round for the one remaining spot in the main event, it would be Orlandi prevailing. In the main event Orlandi blasted out of the gate and simply never was really challenged. He led the entire lap for the win. JT held off Steve for the second spot.



It was a pretty good turnout of Novice riders with only one 3-rider Total Points races required. The 7 year old division had five riders doing battle. In his first BMX race ever, Hunter Darmofalski, riding out of Oakville, did not make today’s main event but there definitely was improvement from his first practice lap to his last qualifying attempt. Keep an eye on this kid as we move forward in the season. The main event saw Zachery Still make a great move down in turn two to take the lead from Ryder Duplessie. Later in the lap, Kevin Torres would do the same. At the stripe it was Still, Torres and Duplessie in the top three positions.


The 9 year old class was the one Total Points Novice race and it would be Dion Hurley winning for the fourth week in a row here. Toby Schoonmaker and Brianna Kent trading second place finishes with Toby earning the second spot overall with a third round finish ahead of Brianna.


The 11 year old group featured some great riding skills or some incredible luck. In the first round with four riders battling for the three spots in the main event, Nick Tirendi and Chris Pederson pretty much occupied the exact same spot half way around turn 1. It looked like a a big wreck was about to occur but both hung on and neither went down. After the three rounds, both would qualify as did John Saladin. Madison Krupa was the hard luck rider who missed the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. Nick came all the way back from that near disaster and won the main event for his third win in four weeks here. Chris was second with John rounding out the top three.


The 12 year old class was also a four rider competition. Vico Tirillo was the unfortunate rider who missed the cut today. Nick Krupa held off a great effort from Rich Castaldi as they traded leads in the main event. Nick was forst to the stripe with Rich second. The third spot went to Ian Stone.


The 14 year old class was a tough one for Nick White as he would miss the cut. The three rider main event saw Evan Kryger win in his first Foothills appearance this season after only racing here 4 times last year. We hope we see more of this kid from Shelton Ct. Shyanne Cortis was second with the third spot going to Emily Aldo.


The last group was the 41-45 class and it was yet another four rider battle for three main event spots. Making his first ever debut here was 62 year old Roger Billings from New York. Rog would be the one rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds but appeared to enjoy himself as much as we did watching him. With Abe Hansen leading the main event going into turn 2, Anthony Carneglia grabbed the lead after a great inside swoop. Chris Champagne pretty much did the same to Abe in turn three. At the stripe it was carneglia, Champagne and Hansen in that order.



The first group was the 6 year old class. Rylan Spence continues to adjust to the Intermediate class and just missed the cut today. In the second qualifying round, Devon Hurley and Hunter Heath got tangled up coming out of turn 2 and would both go down in a heap. With the two leaders down, third place rider Rylan Spence avoided the carnage and rode his bike into the lead. All the way around it looked like he would hang onto that qualifying spot but Hurley had gotten up and was closing the gap quickly. At the stripe Devon passed Rylan and earned the spot despite having fallen. Hunter Heath sealed Ryan’s fate by earning the final qualifying spot in round three. Max Meinel earned his second win in as many weeks here. Hunter Heath was second with Devon Hurley third.


Devon Hurley and Hunter Heath both go down with Rylan Spence avoiding the carnage

There were six riders going for the glory in the 8 year old grouping Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) would fall in round one and never look like her old self the rest of the day. She would miss making today’s main event. In the main Natalie Kent wrecked in the first turn but was OK. Jackson Geitek, first to qualify out of the motos was also first across the stripe in the main making his dad and his Grandmother, both in attendance, very proud. Jason Armstrong earned a hard fought second while 7 year old Hayley Blackburn was third.


It was Total Points action for the 10 year old class and it would be the same finishing order in all three rounds. Everett Stone, making his first ever race at Foothills aced the “perfect”. Izaya Frazier was second with Landon Hansen third.


Six riders were in the 11 year old class and the motos were hectic. When the dust settled it was Dave (Farm Boy) LaBarge not transferring into the main event despite a great effort. Shane Upham, who we only saw twice last year but won both times, did the same today in his first 2018 appearance here. Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) is showing much improvement this year and made his third main in as many weeks. He finished second today. Third place went to Lucas Holda.


Chris Gonyer, after some heavy practice here on Saturday, nailed down a three round sweep in the Total Points race in the 13 year old class. Marissa Lyman held off Vinny Orlandi for the second spot.


The 15 year old class saw Kirsten McDonnell miss the cut in her first trip here this year. The three rider main event went to Tyler Farwell who was simply on fire. Shamus Crane looked more aggressive this week and earned a second for his Family Pride team. Travis Cortis was third.


It was another class with six riders in the 17-20 division. 19 year old Dakota Cortis, who hasn’t raced here since last June, was the top gun today. His brother, 20 year old Kyle was second. Third place was earned by 15 Expert JT Kelleher. Because JT is an Expert, all riders who made the main earn Expert points. That’s 106 points for Dakota. Sam Taylor was the really hard luck guy today as he was involved in huge wreck in round one, then went down again in round two. He would miss making the main event.



In keeping his winning streak alive, its now 3 in a row for 8 year old Justin Donahue even though he was in the 9 year old class. He swept the Total Points 9 year old Expert group. Jayden Kent was solid and finished second all day with the third spot occupied by Evan (Lemon Drop) Sauer.


Cole Melillo used a great pass in the final turn to earn the overall win in the 10 year old Total Points event. Hunter MacCracken ended up second for the day with Wes (The Hammer) Hamel third.


After winning his first Expert class last week, Jonah (The Undertaker) Graves would have to watch today’s main event from the side lines in this mixed 4 rider group of 11 and 12 year olds. Trevor (Superfly) Cooper kept his 2018 unbeaten streak alive with his fourth main event win of the year. Noah Andersen earned a solid second with Kyle McDonnell finishing third.


The biggest Expert class today was the 14 year old group that actually had two 13 year olds in this six rider mix. Through the qualifying rounds it would be Jake (Loose Change) Nichols the rider eliminated. It appeared that he may have had a mechanical problem in the final round. The main event saw Mason Blackburn lead from start to finish. Aidan Biello was a fairly close second while the third spot went to a much improved Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products).


The last point’s race of the day was the 5 rider 26-35 class. Although not included in the age grouping, 19 year old Anthony Lucchesi, just coming home from his first year of college in Kentucky, managed to stay in front of a hard-charging Zack Geitek for the win. Although Anthony looked like he may have beefed up a bit while in school, his speed looked the same. The third spot went to Ralph MacCracken.


The only Open class was the 11-12 group and the win went to Tyler Farwell.




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