Week #2

So its Mother’s day and rather gloomy skies but, With Meriden and Trumbull forced to cancel due to inclement weather yesterday, we were the only game in the state this weekend. With 112 riders from Ny; Ma; RI and VT and our Ct regulars, 29 motos was a decent turnout.


Before we started 8 year old Dion Hurley was named our “Rider-Of-The-Week” for his efforts last week. This West Hartford racer was one of the happiest I’ve ever seen when he was named to this award. He could hardly speak as he was smiling so much. He claimed that his favorite racer is Baley Levine.

Dion Hurley is all smiles
as he is named Rider Of The Week



3 motos of these foot-pounding hotrods and we started with the 4 year old division featuring Ryder “Hollywood” Champagne and Evan Dohan. Ryder was focused on only one thing and that was getting to the finish line first and he did just that in all three rounds.

Next was the four rider 3 year old squad. “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggins picked right up where he left off last week and captured the win. Cole Lyman stayed just in front of a smiling Logan Barker (Creative Racing Products) while Avery Long made her racing debut all the way from Norwalk.

The final grouping was the two rider 2 year old class with Austin Dohan and Danny Demers in the mix. Danny obviously was not into it this day and would have much rather walked the track. He will catch on soon enough.



The first of the point classes from the gate was the 10 & Under Girls Cruiser Class. With riders ranging in age from 7 to 12 it was far from anything such as the title of the class suggested. With the two 12 year olds, Isabella Nelson and Marissa Lyman being the first to qualify, that left 3 riders going for two positions in the 4 rider main event. Hough putting out a great effort, 7 year old Hayley Blackburn could not put her Team Warped colors on the main event starting grid. In the main it would be the two 12 year olds again going out first with Nelson getting the best of Lyman for the top two spots on the podium. Mary Sloan would earn the third spot.


The 11 year old Cruiser class was next up and this would be a 3 rider Total Points contest between a 8 year old, a 10 year old and an 11 year old. They finished all three rounds as expected by age. It was Joe Laurie, Seth Glenwright-Roberts and Evan “Lemon Drop” Sauer nose to tail.


In 14 year old Cruiser action it would be 13 year old Pete Laurie just missing the cut. In the main event it was Logan Demerski keeping his streak of wins alive with today’s win. Mason Blackburn earned a solid second while Kyle Lyman would settle for third.


The last Cruiser grouping was titled 26-30 however, not one rider fit into that category. Go figure? So 17 year old Dave Albert easily won the first two rounds with Mike Savage, The International Mystery Man of BMX, and London Wilmont, Cyaa Factory, sharing second place finishes. In the third round, they decided to try a pump race and it was Wilmont staying in front of Albert for the win. Overall, however it was Albert, Wilmont and Savage one-two-three.


First up was the 7 year old gang of 3 in a Total Points shootout. With Eddie Delaware and Noah Hardgrove finishing 1-2 in the first two rounds, all Eddie needed was a second place finish to capture the overall win for the day and that’s exactly what he did. Noah Hardgrove did win round three but it was too little too late. He would settle for a second place trophy while third went to Savannah Grover at only 5 years old.


Next up was the four rider 8 year old group. Jake Dipasquale suffered the agony of missing the transfer for the second week in a row. We are all hoping he stays with it as he shows some great riding skills and it’s just a matter of time. Dion Hurley, after winning his first race in his first attempt last week did it again today. It’s no wonder he earned Rider-Of-The-Week last week. This is an award that you can only win once. Brody Kesl made him work for it with a nice second place finish and it was Brendon Vecsey with the third.


In 11 year old action it would be Toby Schoonmaker, a local Torrington racer missing today’s main event despite a valiant effort. “Mad-Maddy” Philbrick blasted her way to the point and never looked back as she beat all the boys in the class. I’m sure her smile was huge if she stood on that podium for a photo-op. “Quick-Nick” Tirendi earned a nice second place while Cody Baker rounded out the top three.


There were also 5 riders in the 12 year old division and Vico Tirillo was the hard luck rider in this one as he just missed the qualifying transfer out of the motos. Rich Castaldi really put it together today being the first to qualify and then the first across the stripe in the main event. This was a huge accomplishment for Rich as he hasn’t raced in about 4 years. He loves BMX but needed to get some things straightened out and it appears he has done that. We look forward to his renewed progress through the Intermediate ranks. Nick Krupa, a new rider out of Oakville was second with the third spot going to Shayla Pezzullo after she crashed with her sister Alexis. Both would be ok.



The 6 year old class was a classic third round battle for the last spot in the 3 rider main event. Evan Wadman would edge out Rylan Spence for the last spot despite an unbelievable effort by Spence. The main event saw Devon Hurley make it two weeks in a row in the top spot. Evan Wadman stayed in front of Hunter Heath for the second spot after Hunter crashed in the main.


The 8 year old class was a three rider Total Points battle between two Intermediates and one Expert. As expected, the Expert, Jax Grover (6 years old) would get the job done and swept all three rounds. Jason Armstrong (7 years old) was second while 8 year old Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) was third. The good news for the two Intermediates is that they both earn “Expert Points” for this race.


The 9 year old class was a pure class meaning there were three riders and all were 9 year old Intermediates going for it. Kevin Baker was perfect as he swept the motos. Mikey Roy finished second two of the three motos assuring he would be second overall with Landon Hansen third.


In the 10 year old group this was also a three rider Total point’s race among three 10 year old Intermediates. This was an interesting group as Riley Richardson is from Vermont, Cole Barker is from Connecticut and Seth Glenwright-Roberts hails from Rhode Island. Seth seemed to be in a class by himself today as he was overpowering and won all three motos. The good news for second place finisher Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) and third place finisher Riley Richardson, is that they won’t have to race Seth again, at least as an Intermediate. Congratulations to Seth Glenwright-Roberts on his 20th win and earned move-up to the Expert Ranks. Well Done!

Seth enjoys an ice cream
as he poses with his move-up certificate

The 12 year old three rider Total Points race was quite interesting. Round 1 went to Tyler Bouteiller. Tyler was a no-show in round 2 as Nick Smith was the winner. Lucas Holder was second in that round. Tyler, by USABMX rules is awarded last place plus one as a no-show for the second round. So going into the final round it was Smith with 3 points, Bouteiller and Holda tied with 5 points. In round three Tyler was back and captured the win. Nick was second and Holda third. When the points were tallied, even though Tyler won two rounds, the no-show ruined his chances and Nick Smith was our winner. Tyler salvaged second with Lucas third. Lucas was the only 9 year old in this group but was right in the mix.


Total Points racing happened in the 15 year old group as well with two of the riders being only 14. They would prevail as Tyler Farwell, who had to race Experts last week, dominated in his own class total and won all three rounds for the “Perfect”. Shamus Crane, who also was in a mixed class with Experts last week, nailed down a solid second today. Eric Pulaski, sporting the Falcon BMX colors was third.


The 17-20 grouping was four riders and two were Novices. One would not make the cut. It was tough duty for Sam Taylor as for the second week in a row he was forced to race against riders of a higher proficiency. Sam would miss the transfer. The main event saw Dan Heideger hold off Tim Baker for today’s win. Pat Brady, the other Novice in this mix was third. Pat will earn “Intermediate Points” for his efforts.



Two 7 year olds were combined with two 8 year olds in the first of the Girls classes. 7 year old Natalie Kent would not make the transfer out of the motos this day. Kyrie Coddington Sweet, made is look as easy as her sister Pippa usually does as she easily led from start to finish. Elaina Byrne, despite some impressive credentials herself, could not catch our winner and settled for a nice second place finish. Haley Blackburn, who made an unbelievable sprint to the finish line in the last qualifying race to beat Natalie Kent for the last transfer position, finished a hard earned third.


The 12 year old class had four young ladies making the main event. Isabella Nelson won this race as she is tuning up for her trip to the Music City Nationals in Tennessee in two weeks. Samantha Sperrazza was also strong and was able to hold off former Track Champion Marissa Lyman for the second spot.



The 8 year old group was the largest group of the day with¬† six racers going for some Mother’s Day glory. “Lemon Drop” Evan Sauer was the hard luck racer today as he missed his first Foothills Main event in the last 19 tries dating back to the beginning of last season. It was a great run for Evan. Justin Donahue, part of today’s Rhode Island contingent, nailed down the big win making it 8 out of the last 9 races at Foothills with a win. Aiden Grover, despite a hard crash in the first qualifying round, managed to earn a solid second place finish. Nash Byrne made his trip from New York worth it with a third.


Going into today’s 10 year old class, 9 year old Jayden Kent was actually our points leader for the Track Championship (I know, it’s was only after one week) after his big win last week. Today, as the only 9 year old in this four rider group, he just missed the cut and adds only 4 rider points to his total. With that unmistakable “Eye of the Tiger” Look, Pippa Sweet beat all the Experts in this group proving “Ride Like a Girl” is a real thing. After Charlie Grover beat her in the first qualifying round there simply was no catching her in the main. Charlie settled for second while “The Hammer” Wes Hamel was a humbling third.


Four 11 year old Experts were up next and after the three qualifying rounds it was Joe Laurie just missing the transfer. Brandon Houle held off a determined effort from last week’s winner Noah Andersen for the win. “Nasty” Nate Giroux, still suffering the effects of a hard wreck at Whip city on Friday, could only manage a third.


The tough day for the Laurie family continued today in the 13 year old 5 rider class as Peter would miss the cut just as his brother did in the previous class. It was certainly heart breaking for a family that traveled all the way from the Ocean State to be here. The main event saw our three-time Track Champion continue his winning ways as “Superfly” Trevor Cooper put another one in the win column. Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) continued his improved racing skills with an impressive second place finish while third went to Aiden Biello, a former Track Champion.


Kyle Lyman, despite another valiant try, missed the transfer again this week. As his frustrations probably mount, we hope his determination stays high as he is a very good racer. Logan Demerski, who won 7 of the 8 races he ran here last year, made it two in a row this year with another impressive run to the finish line. Mason Blackburn was steady and strong and enjoyed the second spot while third went to “Loose Change” Jake Nichols.


The 15 year old grouping matched the biggest class of the day with six riders. One of them, Former Track Champion, Ashley Jasensky, was the rider eliminated in the very competitive qualifying rounds. Kai Escobar, whom I seem to have a hang-up pronouncing his name consistently correct, was today’s top gun. Hunter Zeiner sure made him work hard for it and was a close second. Third was Mason Vansteenbergin.


The 17-20 five rider gang also feature a Girl as Maya Brown was in this impressive mix of Experts. She would have to watch the main from the sidelines as she missed the transfer. The main looked like it would be a classic shootout between Jagur Layman and Dave Albert as both are very fast and were the first two to qualify out of the motos. As they ran side by side, Albert had an early bobble that cost him his shot at Jagur. Layman held on with Albert gaining slightly as they crossed the stripe. Third went to Lew Cianfarani.


The 36-40 class was a three rider Total Points race and it was “The Marvelous One” Matt Markie taking no prisoners. He powered his way to a “perfect”. ¬†Charlie Grover, wearing the best helmet ever was second while Novice racer Brian Wadman was third earning himself “Intermediate Points”


The last class of the day was the 51 & over class and it featured two riders that have been around almost as long as the dirt on the track. London Wilmot, now 48 and Mike Savage who is 51 have been racing in Connecticut for what seems forever. Today is was Wilmont coming out on top. The International Mystery Man of BMX, Mike Savage was second with Novice Brian Kesl, was probably awestruck but still earned “Intermediate Points” for his third place efforts.

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