Week #3

So after being rained out last week (SQR) surely we would catch a break on this Memorial Day weekend. Well, not really. Following yesterdays mid 80’s bright sunshiny day, today’s weather was kind of miserable in comparison. With light rain and an iffy forecast, temps in the mid 50’s, we decided to go for it anyway. All morning long it rained off and on but not really hard. But it was enough to keep a much larger crowd away as only 66 entries split into 18 motos. We had stated that we would run the two-moto transfer system to minimize the exposure to the wet conditions.


“Steady Eddie” Delaware was named our Rider-Of-The-Week  as this 6-year old Hot-Rod won his first Foothills race ever the last time we raced. Eddie said he travels all the way from Andover CT. to get here. That trip takes just about 1 hour. Eddie said that out of all the riders that he knows, Adin Philbrick was his favorite rider.

"Steady Eddie" Delaware
Named Rider Of The Week


There were five of these kids racing today and we split them into two groups. The two 4-year olds, Chyenne (Mookie) Orlandi and Ryder (Hollywood) Champagne were paired together and Mookie proved just too experienced for Ryder and she sped her way to a three round sweep.

The next group was the 2-3 year old class and Cole Lyman would nail down a win in round one. Round two saw Malachi (Mr. Cool) Goggins run his way to the finish line in the top spot. The deciding third round, although very close at the stripe, would go to Goggins for the over-all win. Lyman would settle for second while 2-year old Dan Demers, showing a little more confidence this week, finished third.



The 21-30 Woman’s Cruiser class wan an interesting mix of three riders, none of which fell into the category of 21-30. 12-year old Marissa Lyman, reining Foothills Woman’s cruiser class champion, was too strong and won all 3 rounds of this Total Points event. 10-year old Mary Sloan was second with Amanda Orlandi, whose age is unmentionable, was third by a hare.

It was the same for the 26-30 class with 7-year old Hayley Blackburn in the mix with her 14-year brother Mason and 33-year old Steve (Stone Cold) Scibelli. Sometimes there are things going on that are more important than winning a BMX race and it ws clearly on display today. Hayley won the first two rounds with Mason grabbing the third round by inches. Overall it was Hayley winning the class. Mason was second with Steve third.



The 7-year old class was a 4-rider battle. “Steady Eddie” Delaware was the first to qualify after winning round one. There were visions of him winning for the second week in a row. Noah Hardgrove and Brianna Kent qualified out of the second round leaving 5-year old Blake Gauthier, in his first trip to Foothills, forced to watch the main event from the sidelines. In the main event, Noah Hardgrove stole the show with a nice win. Delaware earned the second spot while Briana Kent was third.


The 8-year old grouping was another 4-rider battle to make the 3-rider main event. Through the two rounds of motos we qualified the three riders for the main. It left Jacob Dipasquale on the bench for the third consecutive week despite a great effort. All we can say is “Stay with it Jake, it will get better”. The main event was pretty exciting in spite of the fact that only three riders were in it. With Peter Szenda and Dion Hurley battling handle bar to handle bar coming out of turn 4, they tangled up and both went down. Threading the needle through the yard sale in front of him, Brody Kesl proved if you can’t be good, you gotta be lucky. Brody was a little bit of both as he came from the outhouse to the penthouse in one final turn enjoying the victory. Dion got up first for a second place award while Pete Szenda would finish third.


The 11-year old class was a 3-rider Total Points shoot out and it was “Quick-Nick” Tirendi making it two wins in three weeks as he was perfect in all three rounds. Toby Schoonmaker held off Madison Krupa for the second spot. This was Madison’s first race ever and she experienced the down side of BMX in her first moto as she tangled in the first turn with Toby and both went down pretty hard. Both did show some toughness as they continued racing the rest of the day.

Both Maddy and Toby go down hard in the first turn


The 12-year old class was a very close finish for the top tier on the podium. In the motos Vico Tirillo (Ramp Farm Racing) was the odd man out for the second week in a row. He is another rider that shows some good riding skills and will be a good racer after he pays his dues a bit. In the main event it was a close two rider battle all the way to the finish line where Rich Castaldi just edged Nick Krupa for the win. Kodie Carlson was third. This was Rich’s second consecutive win.


The 26-35 class featured fiver riders ranging in age from 16 to 43 with only one of them falling into the age bracket described in the class. After the motos, 43-year old “Flyin Brian” Kesl was eliminated. I don’t think he minded too much as he is building some great memories as he and his son Brody are enjoying some quality time together at the track. In the main it was all 41-year old Anthony Carneglia absolutely uncatchable as he won for the second time this year in as many weeks. 16-year old Sam Taylor was second with 17-year old Pat Brady third.



There were only two groups of Intermediates today and the first group, 6-year olds, was a Total Points race. Max Meinel would win every round. This “Monroe Missile” made his first trip in 2018 to Foothills a memorable one indeed. Devon Hurley was second each round with Danny Talbot third.


The second group was the 11 year old class and, after the two qualifying rounds, the hard luck gut was Dave “Farm-Boy” Labarge as he missed making the cut. A 10-year old Girl was in this mix and Mary Sloan pretty much made it look easy as she managed to hold off a late charge from Taylor Einarsen for the win. Taylor was second with “Mad” Maddy Philbrick, a winner here last week, finishing third. This was Maddy’s first race as an Intermediate as she won yesterday at Meriden for her move up. Well done Maddy!



Just one Girls class today and it was a Total Points race. It was the 8-year old class but there was only one 8-year old in it. New York’s Elaina Byrne won for the second week in a row here as she got the best of 7-year old Hayley Blackburn, today’s second place finisher and 7-year old Natalie Kent, who finished third.


The Expert classes were the biggest of the day with 25 riders entered into six groups.

The 9 –year old group was a Total Points race and it was Just in time for Justin Donahue putting his second win in a row in the winner’s column with a “perfect”. Jayden Kent was second with Nick Anderson third. Nick was an Intermediate from Groton CT. who, despite a third place finish will earn Expert points for his efforts today. Had he won a 3-rider Intermediate class he would have earned 53 points. But today’s third place finish was worth 63 points so all is not so bad.


It was another Total Points event in the 10-year old groups with three evenly matched riders going at it. Round one went to Cole Melillo (Family Pride racing. Round two saw Hunter MacCracken (Northeast Factory Yess) in the top spot. The tie-breaking third round saw Cole hold off Hunter for the win and overall championship for the day. “The Hamer” Wes Hamel (Family Pride Racing) was third.


The 11-year old class saw 3 riders in a Total point’s battle. With Noah Andersen leading a couple of times the end result at the finish line was the same in all three rounds. Jonah Graves (The Undertaker), finished first with Andersen and “The Ice Man” Owen Golden third. This was Jonah’s first win as an Expert. It’s been fun being able to watch him progress through the proficiency ranks. Well done Jonah.

The last Total Points race of the day was the 12-year old class. “Superfly” Trevor Cooper, who enjoyed 15 wins here last year earning him his third Foothills Track Championship, won the for the third time this year and remains undefeated in his quest for a fourth title. Kayden Smith was second overall with former Female Track champion Marissa Lyman finishing third.


The largest class of the day was the 8-rider 14-year old grouping. With two Intermediates in the mix it would be one of them eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Despite a great effort it would be Shamus Crane (Family Pride Racing) missing todays main event. With the most available points of the day on the line, this main event would be important. Mason Blackburn put it all together today for his first Foothills win of the 2018 season earning himself 108 points! Kyle Lyman, coming off an injury, not only made his first main here this season but earned a solid second place finish. Third went to Adin Philbrick was third. I haven’t seen Adin since last year so sorry I miss identified him in the second round of motos.


The last group was the 26-35 class of five riders. Ron Couch, who was only here once last year and crashed, repeated his feat this week as he went down in flames on the long straight. He would race the second round but was in obvious pain with a jacked up shoulder and would not make the cut (No pun intended). The oldest rider in the class, Ralph MacCracken, managed to out run “Butter’ Hunter Zeiner for an impressive win. Hunter was second while the third spot went to Steve “Stone-Cold” Scibelli who really looked like he knew what he was doing today.


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