WEEK #19
September 16th, 2018

The next to the last week was certainly a milestone for Foothills BMX. Back in 2010, Rog Plaskett stepped down as the track director of Foothills BMX and as the President of The Litchfield County BMX Group Inc. Luckily the transition was smooth with the New Track Operator coming in. That was when Todd Pfeffer raised his volunteer bar a lot higher. Todd led the organization through the transition from the National Bicycle League (NBL) to the American Bicycle League (ABA) all through 2011. The ABA would soon re-brand themselves as USABMX.


Todd has maintained the fun atmosphere for the last 8 seasons of racing and adjusted brilliantly to the new vibe and environment that is USABMX. Yesterday was Todd’s last day as the Track Operator. With his son no longer racing and Todd’s interests focused in multiple places, he simply felt it was time to pass the torch. The selection of Jason Lyman is excellent. Jason will carry on Todd’s vision and, with added energy, lead the mission of foothills into it’s 25th season and beyond. But Todd’s stone in the foundation of teamwork that has maintained Foothills all these years is sound and much appreciated. Todd will undoubtedly still be around as he will find out as I did; walking completely away from BMX is a very difficult thing to do. WELL DONE TODD AND THANK YOU.


Yesterday was the Gold Cup Northeast Finals in Akron Ohio and many of our regulars were out in the Buckeye state chasing those elusive Gold Number Plates. Still, somehow we managed 54 riders in 15 motos. Before we started, Roger’s antique IPOD got stuck playing everything in a loop. So he chose to attempt to select “reset IPOD” in the menu. Of course he tried doing it without his glasses on and, when asked to select a language he somehow chose “Japanese”. It worked perfectly and got the IPOD un-stuck but now every playlist was displayed in Japanese! Thank goodness someone had the National Anthem on their IPHONE and at least we had the Star spangled Banner. (IPOD fixed once he got home).

We selected Kenan Borelli as our Rider-Of-The-Week. This 10-year old Novice from Canton has only raced 6 times here at Foothills after joining USABMX in early August. He has improved greatly in a short period of time and has been matched in a group that includes a peaking Novice rider who only needs two more wins to move up. None-the-less, going into today Kenan has enjoyed three consecutive second place finishes. He said that Noah Andersen was his favorite rider.

Kenan Borelli

There were just two Balance bikers racing today. 4-year old Logan Monczka and 2-year old Skylar Hardgrove sure were fun to watch and cheer on. Logan would prevail in all three rounds.

In the 17-20 Cruiser class there was a no-show as Logan Demerski, through a misunderstanding at the registration window, was on the moto sheet where, in reality he was in Ohio. The situation was remedied after the race. The end results were Chris Therriault first, Brandon Blais second and Kyle McDonnell third.

In the 5 & Under class there were 4 riders going for the three starting positions in the main event. In round one it looked like a run-away for Dave Crichton as this Westfield rider was checking out of the moto early on as they headed up the second straight. That’s when disaster struck as he went down hard. William Adams missed the carnage and rode himself into the main event with the moto win. Dave would be ok and qualify in round two while round three belonged to Logan Barker as he held off Brave “Braveheart” Noteboom for that last qualifying spot. In the main it was all Dave Crichton as he made that early first round fall a distant memory. He would easily win the main. William Adams and Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) were second and third.

It was Total Points racing for the 8-year old Novice group and Grant Borelli took advantage by scoring a “prefect” earning the top spot on the podium. Xander Monczka, at only 7-years old earned the second spot while Charlotte Adams was not far behind for third.

Four riders in the 11 year old class was a mixed class with two of the four being only 10 years old. That age difference would prove to be the downfall for one rider as 10-year old Kenen Borelli was the hard luck rider not making the transfer. In the main it was Chris Pedersen, who leads the Novice class for the points chase, added his 9th win to his resume in today’s action. Toby Schoonmaker, who is also coming on strong lately, earned a solid second despite being the other 10-year old in the mix while third went to Liam MacNeil.

The 36-40 class was one that I had my eye on as 40-year old Joel Christofori needed just one more win to move up to the Intermediate class. In the first qualifying round it was Chris Champagne earning the transfer. In round two Joel had a slight lead over 17-year old Sam Taylor when, going into the final turn, Sam tried an inside move in the tight corner and had just a little too much speed. He and Joel would bang bars and both go down leaving the door wide open for Art Ramsey to put his Scylent Rage racing colors across the stripe and into the main event. Sam got up first and then Joel followed. I’m sure that Sam felt terrible about what had just happened. IN the last round it was was just Sam and Joel battling for the last spot but it was obvious that Joel was feeling the effects of the earlier crash as he could not get within 5 bike lengths of Sam for the last spot. In the main Champagne got the job down with Taylor Second and Ramsey third.

The 7-year old class was anything but as the make up included one 6_year old and one 4-year old. With last week’s win at Trumbull Bash (Batman) Noteboom was racing as an Intermediate. I had written in last week’s report that there was a down side to moving up at such a young age and it sure was evident today as Bash, despite a great try, would miss the transfer out of the motos against the older riders. The 3-rider main event saw Noah Hardgrove earn his first Intermediate Foothills win. Helping that win was Rylan Spence and Hunter Heath tangling in a wreck down in Turn #2. Rylan was the first to get up was finally “Smilin” today with a solid second place finish. Third would go to Hunter Heath who had to walk off after the crash. He nodded that he was OK as he crossed the stripe.

The 9-year old group was the biggest class of the day featuring 7 riders. With Sawyer Spence one of them, it would be “Expert Points” for everyone who made the main event. Unfortunately for Creative Racing Products Kayla Barker it would be simply “Rider Points” for her as she just missed the cut. In the main it was Sawyer going coast to coast earning his fifth Foothills win for the season. Pete Szenda looked really strong and earned 87 points for his second place effort. It was Jayden Jones edging out Scylent Rage Racings Brody Kesl for the third spot. Conor Christorfori looked like a third place finish was in the cards but gaining a spot by avoiding the asphalt in turn five then blocking on the final sprint to the line resulted in a DQ. It simply looked like maybe he got bumped in traffic that forced him off the track but, by rule, you cannot gain a position when returning to the track. It’s a tough call as it simply rider instincts to keep pushing hard. It’s kind of a hundred to one chance that something like this could happen. We all hope that the Christofori family understands the ruling.

The 11 year group was a battle for the Intermediate class seasons points lead. With Nick Tirendi, Cole Barker and Devon Hurley within one point of each other in the season’s total, these last two races are huge! With Devon not here this week, he loses the opportunity to stay close but Nick and Cole certainly were here and in the same moto with each other. With 4-riders competing it would be James Wolf, riding out of Woodbury Connecticut’s Wolf Pack, earning the first transfer spot. In round two it was Full Circle Bike Shops Dave “Farm-Boy” LaBarge winning the transfer. That left two riders in round three; Cole Barker and Nick Tirendi. It was Cole Leading the entire lap and grabbing that last spot as Nick was laboring as he crossed the stripe. It seems that Nick suffers from asthma and it really got the best of him yesterday. He was really dejected after the race but hopefully he will soon be his smiling self again. The main went to Wolf with Labarge and Barker second and third. So points wise it’s now Tirendi trailing Barker by 17 points going into the final point’s race on Sept. 30.  (Points to be rechecked and verified).

The 12 year old class was 3-riders strong meaning its Total Points Racing time. Nick Smith kept his Full Circle Bike Shop colors out in front all day long and scored the perfect sweep of the motos. Rich Castaldi got second in round one and the tie-breaking third round leaving Vico Tirillo in third place. Rich and Vico are both ranked Novice so it’s “Intermediate Points” for them today.

The 15-year old group had four riders including a rare 2018 appearance of Kirsten McDonnell. Kirsten hasn’t been here since early June and the lack of experience on this version of the track left her on the outside looking in despite a great effort. It was again a Full Circle Bike Shop rider in the winner’s circle as Colin Morini turned the deed with a main event win. Shamus Crane (Family Pride Racing) sure made him run a perfect lap and was a solid second not far behind. Third went to Noah Toney.

The 41-45 class was just three riders with three different proficiencies. 20-year old Expert Chris Therriault had it made in the shade as he aced the “Perfect”. 42-year old Intermediate was second while 43-year old Brian Kesl earned third place “Expert Points”.

Total Points racing was the theme for the rest of the day. The 11-year old class was a classic. “The Hurricane” Shane Upham won round one with Noah Andersen and Wes Hammel second and third. Round two saw Andersen win with Hamel and Upham in tow. That left the points a three-way tie going into round three. When the gate dropped Andersen, starting with Upham on his outside and Hamel on his inside, exploded out of the gate with an awesome snap. He would lead the charge into turn one. All the way around it was Andersen with Upham all over him like white on rice. “The Hammer” was right there in the mix as well but that final round would end with Andersen, Upham and Hamel 1-2-3.

Next up was the 12 year old class and this one would end in the same order all three rounds however, “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves would be right on this year’s already crowned Track Champion Trevor (Superfly) Cooper every time out. The third spot went to Kyle McDonnell.

The last group was the 13-year old class of three. This was also three evenly matched riders with Spike Miller, Aidan Biello and Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) in a tight pack all three rounds. The only passing was between Barker and Biello and it happened a number of times. When the dust settled it was Biello hanging on with some nifty last minute passing. Barker was second with Spike Miller close behind.


As always these reports are written by Roger Plaskett and anything described herein are the result of the sole opinions and observations of Roger and may or may not be those of any foothills Staff member.

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