WEEK #17
September 2nd, 2018

So it’s Labor day weekend, a weekend where some of us used to go to Louisville every year for the Grands and where some still chose to go now for the National event. It’s a weekend where the end of summer is upon us and family and friends picnic together. It’s also a weekend where BMX racing takes place. Today with a crowd of just 64 riders, we got underway after naming Grant Borelli our Rider-Of-The-Week in recognition of his first win last week. This 8-year old Novice from Canton named his brother Kenan as his favorite rider.


Grant Borelli

As practice was winding down, the unexpected happened when one of or favorites, Jayden Kent went down at the bottom of the starting hill. It was pretty obvious that he had suffered a broken arm and took the ride in an ambulance to the hospital. No word has been received yet on his condition but we are all hoping for the best.


The 17-moto day started with the three Balance Bikers in the house. “Hollywood” Ryder Champagne used his two-year advantage in age to get the best of 2-year old Skylar Hardgrove and 2-year old Dan Demers. Dan decided the easiest way for him to get to the finish line was to chuck the bike and simply walk there. He didn’t seem to care and just enjoyed the day.

There were two Cruiser classes today and the usual combining of diverse age groups. The first class was the 8-year old group of three riders and was made up of two 8-year olds and 6-year old “Lemon-Drop” Evan Sauer. Briton Ryan, only seen once here before today and that was way back in early June, Had a good day today as he swept the motos in this Total-Points race. Evan Sauer was second while Brody Ryan was third.

The next group was the 14-year old division with included four riders ranging in age from 11 to 27 years old. The youngest, Chris Pedersen, was making only his third start in the Cruiser classes and would miss the cut into today’s main event. In the first round it looked like 14-year old Logan Demerski would easily qualify out first until he self destructed in the rhythm section. Instead of a crash happening in a Flash, It was “Flash” in a crash. He would take a few minutes to get up but he did ride in off. He qualified in round two but still looked a little tentative but in the main event he was back to his old self and powered his way to victory. Second would go to 17-year old Scotty Doland while third went to Marissa Lyman.

The 5 & Under class was 6 riders strong and included a 3-year old. Brave “Brave-Heart” Noteboom put out a great effort but just could not earn that first Foothills qualifying spot today. Her brother however, 4-year old Bash Noteboom not only was the first rider to qualify into today’s main event but he put himself on the top of the podium with another Foothills win. Parker Moriarty certainly made him work for it as he kept the pressure on but would finish second. The third spot went to William Adams.

The 8-year old class came down for a battle for the second place award more than for a first. Reining Rider-Of-The-Week Grant Borelli made it look easy as he swept the Total-Points event with a three-moto perfect. For the second spot Landyn Moynihan and Charlotte Adams traded second place finishes forcing round three to determine who would get it. Charlotte had just enough left in the tank to hold off Landyn for second overall.

It was also Total-points racing for the 10-year old group but this time it would be the third round to determine the first place finisher as both Toby Schoonmaker and Kenan Borelli were tied with 3 points going into the final round. The first round looked like Toby’s all the way until he slipped a pedal about 10 feet from the finish line allowing Kenan to sneak by. IN the final round it was Toby all the way in spite of him taking it for granted a little early. He shut the power down just short of the finish line and cruised across just as Kenan was gaining fast. Had the track been five feet longer it would have been Kenan in the winner’s circle but this day belonged to Toby and he enjoyed his third career win. Third place went to Heidi Amirault. She made her first trip here and calls Billerica BMX her home track.

The 12-year old division kept the streak of Total-Points racing going but this one would be the same order of finish all day long. Chris Pedersen was the “dominator” today and picked up his 7th Novice win. Look out you Intermediates, company is coming soon. Vico Tirillo enjoy a consistent second place finish while third went to Liam MacNeil.

The last Novice class was the 46-50 year old group and yes it was another Total-Points race. Art Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) had the lead a couple of times but every round would eventually go to Overhaul’s Chris Champagne. I guess he was still on his “high” from Overhaul winning the Massachusetts State Team Race championship yesterday for back to back Bay-State titles. “The Rockstar” Art Ramsey did hole onto second ahead of Brian Kesl.

The first group was made up of two 7-year olds and two 6-year olds. One of the 6 year olds seems to draw this kind of bad luck every week. Rylan Spence, despite a Valliant effort, would miss qualifying for today’s three rider main event. This is the 6th time in 10 weeks this has happened to him. The main event saw New York rider Brody Ryan, a star at New Paltz, get the job done here with an impressive win. Logan Moriarty held off Noah Hardgrove for the second spot.

In 8-year old action it became a two rider shootout when Natalie Kent did not make the starts as she was with her brother at the hospital. “The Dreamweaver” Jeff Weaver was uncatchable today and enjoyed a sweep of the motos. His good friend, Brody Kesl, would finish second. I heard later that Brody was out partying the night before and was pretty tired. He also suffered a hard crash last week and may have had his confidence shaken a bit. I think he will be his old self by next week.

The biggest class of the day was the 11 year old Intermediate class and it was also the most important race of the day, at least for one rider. Because Jayden Kent suffered the aforementioned mishap in practice, the six remaining riders in the class earned a free trip to the main event. In the main it was Shane Upham starting in gate five and Wes Hamel starting in Gate 1. I mention those two as it would eventually become a two rider breakaway. Upham took the lead down the first straight and led all the way but “The Hammer” Wes Hamel was keeping the heat up and he turned it up to “high” heading into turn five. Wes dove to the inside coming out of the final turn and got alongside of “The Hurricane” for a moment. But with the bottom of the turn being flat Wes had no momentum and Shane maintained the lead heading for the stripe. With Hamel closing fast Shane closed the door and rode into the Expert ranks with his 20th Intermediate win. The sportsmanship at the line between the riders was great to see. Welcome to the Expert class Shane!

Shane Upham
America's Newest Expert

Back to Total-Points racing in the next two groups. First was the 14-year old gang and it was pretty crazy. Round one saw Andrew Morris have it all his way for a win with Noah Toney second and Jesse Johnson third. But round two changed it up as Morris only managed a third place fish behind Toney and Johnson. So the deciding round saw Toney edge Johnson for the overall win. Morris and Johnson would settle for second and third in that order.

The 21-25 class was equally as crazy but for different reasons. This was a 5 rider group with ages from 15 to 39 and proficiencies from Novice, Inters, Girls and Expert. Unfortunately for the one Novice rider, Landen Holcomb, this mismatch was too much and he would understandably miss the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. So for everyone else this would be “Expert-points”. Overhaul’s Steve Scibelli was the Expert in the class but in the main event, Intermediate Trevor Toney showed some serious skills and stayed ahead of the Voice of Whip City. At the stripe it was Toney, Scibelli and Novice rider Sam Taylor.

First up was the 8-year old moto with four riders in the mix. Evan Sauer would miss the transfer for the second week in a row which is very unusual. Today was the sixth time we have seen Justin Donahue at Foothills this season. Today he earned his sixth win at Foothills this season. He’s just unbeatable when he’s here. Ryan Briton was second with the third spot going to Sawyer Spence.

It was a big class for the 12 year old gang with six riders in the house. Only one was an Intermediate and it was Lucas Holda the guy with the hard luck today. Despite a nice try he would be forced to watch the main from the sidelines. Track Champion Trevor Cooper was heavily challenged by Gold Cup Champion Isabella Nelson but he managed to keep her looking at his rear wheel all the way to the stripe. “Belle” was second and the third spot went to 11-year old Noah Andersen.

The last point’s class of the day was the 14-year old grouping of 4 riders. After the three qualifying rounds it was Kyle Lyman, who didn’t seem like himself today, missing the cut. The main event would go to “Flash” Logan Demerski who looked completely recovered for his earlier Cruiser crash. Former Track champion Aidan Biello was second with Tyler farwell third in a very tight pack as they crossed the stripe.

There was one Open class today and the 21-25 4 rider shootout would go to Tyler Farwell.

For Complete Finish Report

As I mentioned yesterday, I won't be at the track next week so in all likelyhood there will be now pictures or race reports. I'll be back in two weeks.