WEEK #20
September 30th, 2018


The last week of the regular track point’s season was yesterday and was the 20th race of the season. It’s always amazing how fast the season goes by. Riders needed to qualify for our year end awards by racing 10 of the 20 races that we held and we had 45 riders that accomplished that. Hopefully we will grow that number as we move forward. With nearby Bethel Supercross running a race at the same time as ours, we still had 68 riders in 18 motos.

This week was certainly exciting as three riders earned proficiency move-ups with big wins.

10 year old Intermediate racer James Wolf was named our Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts last week. It seems whenever he shows up he puts out a great effort. Last week’s win was against some very good competition. He said that it was Noah Andersen who got him involved with racing and that Noah was his favorite rider.

James Wolf


Also, before I begin this report, I need to extend a personal thank you. During the break yesterday, I was presented with a wonderful quilt that was created by Wes Hamel’s grandmother. She has obviously been stalking me (lol) as she nailed all of my interests with a quilt that depicts all of my current life’s passions. As I look at this quilt it amazes me of the amount of research she put in and then to go out and find pieces of fabric to tell its story is mind boggling. This is something that I will always cherish. Thank you so much Ann Petrin. YOU ARE AWESOME! Also a big thank you to all the people who signed the back of it. What great memories there.

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Only two Balance Bikes were in the house and 4-year old Bentley Preston and 2-year old Skylar Hardgrove looked liked they enjoyed racing as much as we enjoyed watching them.


The first points class was the 13-14 Girls Cruiser class but, like most local cruiser classes lately, it was a mixed bag of ages with this four-rider race made up of only one rider whose age fell into the 13-14 year old category. After three qualifying rounds, 11-year old Mary Sloan was eliminated although she stayed right with 17-year old Kaylynn Cortis in the last round. In the main it was 12-year old Marissa Lyman showing why she is this year’s Female Cruiser class champion as she was unbeatable. 14-year old Shyanne Cortis held off her sister Kaylynn for the second spot.

The 26-30 Cruiser class was even worse with age disparities. There were four racers ranging in age from 8 years old to 63 years old. 63-year old Rog (Moto-Man) Billings was the rider missing the cut as 8-year old Evan Sauer beat him in the last qualifying round for the final spot in the 3-rider main event. (Thanks Rog). 14-year old Logan Demerski got the job done with a another Foothills win. He would have won the Cruiser class title this year but falls one race short of the required 10 races to qualify for it. Tommy Choo-Choo Healey broke out the cruiser bike for the first time here this season and finished second. Evan (Lemon Drop) Sauer was third today. Evan, with his 11th race on the big bike this season wins the Cruiser Class Championship.


First up was the always exciting 5 & under class and today was no exception as there were 5 of these ankle-biters going for the four spots in the main event. With two of them being 5-year olds they would be the first two to qualify. Dave Crichton (last week’s winner) and Logan Rice (Winner 3 races ago) each won one of the first two rounds. In round three it was Malachi Goggins leading Logan Barker with Cole Lyman mired in the third spot as they exited turn 1. Malachi self-destructed on the first obstacle coming out of that turn and Logan Barker (Creative Racing Products) just missed him. As Logan came by the tower, he stopped and looked over at Malachi as he was still being attended to on one lane over. Logan wiped some tears away before continuing as he and Cole would qualify. Malachi, with mom by his side, was finally composed enough to hop bake on the bake and race to the finish line as the crowd cheered him on all the way around. In the main it was Dave Crichton all the way around for his second win in a row here. Logan Rice was second while Logan Barker earned the third spot on the podium.

our riders strong was the 10 year old class and Hunter Phoenix, making this his first race ever, missed making it into today’s main event. This rider from Plymouth Ct. looks like he’s going to be a good one once he gets this dialed in. Toby Schoonmaker, who went the first 16 weeks here without a main event win, now has made it 4 of the last 5 with another win. Talk about paying your dues! Kenan Borelli was looking strong but would wreck in the main event allowing his younger brother Grant to earn the second spot.

The first Total points race of the day was the 12 year old group of 3. This was also a big race for Chris Pedersen as he needed one more first place finish to move up to the Intermediate ranks. Chris would win both round 1 and round two. He was in the tower during the break and I told him to go for a second or better to ensure that move up award. Well, I stuck my foot in my mouth yet again. Chris got a lousy start in the final round and despite using everything in his play book, he could not get out of that third spot. Believing that he needed a second or better to earn that last win, he let his frustrations get the best of him as he jumped off his bike after the finish line and let it have a good kick. But wait, in looking at the score sheets, in the first two rounds Vico Tirillo and Liam MacNeil had traded second place finishes earning a total of 5 points each going into round 3. With Chris having just 2 points (Low Score wins), all Chris needed to do was show up for the race and he would be declared the winner. So after the dust settled along with the emotions, Chris Pedersen became the newest Intermediate in the country. Well done Chris, now the real test begins.

The next race was also a Total Points race (15-year old Novice) and it featured three riders who had never raced here before. Ryan Macdonald was here from Hollis New Hampshire. Joe Lellman and Maddox McPherson were making their BMX debut, at least in Connecticut. Both are from Massachusetts. McPherson nailed down a perfect three round sweep. What a great way to start off his racing career. Joe was a perfect second while Ryan finish third.

The last class was the 46-50 year old group and was 4-rider strong. Dan Rice, who we first met just two weeks ago, must have felt out of uniform as the other three riders in the class were all wearing the bright yellow Scylent Rage racing colors. Oh wait, he never got a good look at them because they were all behind him. Ryan transferred out in round one. The next two rounds eliminated Brian (Kee) Kels leaving Art (Rockstar) Ramsey and Roger (Moto-Man) Billings to test their skills against Rice. Dan Rice just wasn’t having any of it and used his youthful 36 years to his advantage out racing the older guys. Ramsey enjoyed a second while Billings was one tier below him on the podium.


The first group was yet another Total Points race. The 7-year old class featured one rider who would be 8-years old by the time he woke up the next morning. Devon Hurley, who sports the same Gold Cup #2 plate and uniform as his older brother Dion, nailed down a three round sweep for a “perfect” on his last day as a 7-year old. Oh wait, this was also his last day as an Intermediate as this was win #20. What a great day to earn the move up. Happy birthday Devon and welcome to the Expert class. “Smilin Rylin” Spence was second with Noah Hardgrove finishing in the third spot.

The 8-year old class was a four rider shoot out to make the main event. After three round it was Natalie Kent just missing the transfer out of the motos. In the main it was Dion Hurley in gate 5; Brody Kesl was in gate 3 while Jeff (Dream Weaver) Weaver was in gate 1. As the cadence reached the cant turn back point, Kesl fell over at the gate and was left there as the race started. Brody never did get back on the bike and the main became a two rider race all the way around. Dion Hurley held of second place finisher Jeff Weaver for the win.

Total points racing was the situation for the 10-year old class. Taylor Einarsen, Nick Preston and James Wolf was the lineup. This was one of those Total Points races that had the same order of finish in all three rounds. James Wolf, proved selecting him as Rider-Of-The-Week was a good choice as he dominated this class today and was unstoppable. Taylor Einarsen was second with Nick Preston third.

The 11-year old class was 4-riders strong and it was great to see Josue Bruno again. He hasn’t raced since 2016 but renewed today. Despite some rust he still enjoyed a solid second place finish behind Dave (Farm Boy) LaBarge. Labarge made it two wins out of the last three weeks here and was impressive. The third spot went to Cole Barker (Creative Racing Products) after he edged out Mary Sloan for the last spot in the main. This was a big race for Cole as he earned the Intermediate Class Championship just by making today’s main event.

The 17-20 year old gang was also just a three rider race. Dakota Cortis used a sweet move to earn the Total Points sweep. His brother Travis was his victim but enjoyed a second place day. Sam Taylor, the only Novice in the group, was third but those 33 Intermediate points are still more than if this was a novice class and he won. After the race it was learned that this was Dakota’s 20th win and moved him into the Expert ranks. Congrats to Dakota! He becomes the third rider today to earn a move-up.

The 36-40 gang was next and it was also a Total Points race with one Novice in the mix. Trevor Toney does earn Expert points for his third place effort today. The win went to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli as came back to win rounds two and three after Tommy “Choo-Choo” Healey got him in round one. When it was over it was Scibelli, Healey and Toney in that order.


First up was the Total Points race for the 8-year olds and one rider, has only raced here 7 times this year and every time that he has made the trip from home in Rhode Island he was won. Today’s win gets added to Justin Donahue’s list of 2018 accomplishments including his Gold cup Championship. Sawyer Spence, with two second place finishs was second overall while Evan “Lemon Drop” Sauer was third.

The 11 year old group was made up with three 11-year olds and two 10-year olds. This was probably the most exciting class of the day. The intensity really heated up in the final round of qualifying when two of the remaining three riders would make the cut. Noah Andersen was a cinch to transfer as he had a comfortable lead going into the final turn. Brandon Houle had done a fine job holding off Wes “The Hammer” Hamel for the last spot. But coming through the rhythm section Ahmel made an unbelievable pass entering the final turn and pulled off the transfer leaving Houle totally disappointed. The main event saw Cole Melillo holding a slight lead over Shane Upham heading for turn one. Cole hit the turn very low and his momentum carried him high into the turn. He tried to keep it low and his front wheel jerked just a bit and that Storm front named “Hurricane” Shane moved in on the inside and took the lead. Cole chased him all the way around and was stuck to his year wheel like a wet tee-shirt. Shane would not give up the lead and he enjoyed a hard fought win for the second time since moving up to Expert just a few weeks ago. Cole was second while the third spot went to Noah Andersen.

Four riders were entered in the 12 year old class and it put the cap on the point season in the most disappointing way for one rider. Just two weeks ago “Quick” Nick Tirendi was sitting on top the Intermediate class leader board by just one point with two weeks to go. Last week he missed the transfer with breathing problems most likely a mild asthma attack. Today he got placed in an Expert class that featured both our 2018 Male Track Champion and our 2018 Female Track Champion. Nick would again not qualify for the main event putting an end to what has really been a great season for him. Even though he is not top-gun, he has so much to be proud of including his move-up earlier this year. The main event today went to “Superfly” Trevor Cooper capping an unreal season. Trevor has raced 19 races here and earned 18 wins! The only loss was to R.J. Reale. I guess that a feather in RJ’s cap as he is the only one to beat him. Trevor earns his fourth Track championship, a feat that has never happened before. Jonah “The Undertaker” Graves has been slowly and silently honing his skills by racing Cooper every week and his improvement is obvious. I predict that next season; Superfly may actually see the back of The Undertakers Hearse before the 2019 curtain comes down. Noah Andersen was third in the main.

The last class of the day was the 14-year old Expert class and it was the largest of the day with 7 riders in the mix. Two of them were Intermediates and it was one of them who would miss the transfer. Noah Toney was the hard luck rider and despite a great try, he could not make the cut. The main event saw Tyler Farwell, who last week was named the recipient of the annual Craig Morehouse Memorial Award as the most improved rider, power his way to the top of the podium. Logan Demerski was not too far behind for the second spot while third went to his teammate Kyle Lyman.


Dakota Cortis
With T.O. Jason Lyman

Devon Hurley
With T.O. Jason Lyman
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