WEEK #17
September 9th, 2018

Ok I missed this race as I was at my 144th Annual Family Reunion. So I'm taking a shot at writing a race-report for a race I wasn't at. If i've miss inturpreted the tracks computer generated finish report I sincerely appologize. Here goes:

As the 24th season at Foothills heads towards it’s conclusion, we continue to keep on trucking along and competing with area events. This week it was the Rhode Island State Championship with a 600 point weekend up for grabs. None-the-less we still had 72 entries which is just about what our weekly average is for the year. Our mission for the 25th season is to focus on increasing rider count and the visibility of BMX racing to the local community once again. There is sure optimism towards that goal.

With our aging announcer attending his family reunion this Sunday, the microphone was handed over to Jen Lyman and Shauna Nelson. It was reported that both did a fine job.


4 year old Bash Noteboom was named Rider-Of-The-Week for his efforts last Sunday. During the interview it was revealed that he had earned his Intermediate ranking down in Trumbull yesterday. That’s quite an accomplishment for someone only 4-years old! That actually has a down side to it as well as an up side and I’ll comment more on that when I get to his motos in a bit. Bash said his favorite rider is Jayden Jones.


Bash Noteboom

There were only two Balance-Bikers in the house and these two year olds did their thing to kick off the 17-moto day. Skylar Hardgrove put in a perfect effort in the three rounds against Danny Demers.

The 11-year old group was a Total Points race made up of an 8-year old, a 10-year old and an 11-year old. Contrary to what the ages might dictate on paper, it was the youngest rider, 8-year old Evan “Lemon-Drop” Sauer that got the job down by winning all three rounds. Mary Sloan and Chris Pedersen traded second place finishes in the first two rounds but Mary would hold off Chris in the tie-breaking third round for second overall for the day.

The 14-year old class saw three riders under 15-years old matched together with 42-year old Cliff Benoit. Cliff would back off in this one and allow the younger riders to battle it out. In the main it was over with a “Flash”. 14-year old Logan “Flash” Demerski could not be beaten in this one. 12-year olds Isabella Nelson and Marrisa Lyman were second and third.

The 6-rider five and under class was it’s usual wide and wholly event. After three rounds of qualifying it was Brave “Braveheart” the rider missing the transfer. She was the only 3-year old in the mix. Brave fell in the first round and elected to sit out the rest of the motos. In the main both Cole Lyman and Logan Barker would get tangled up and wreck. The top spot went to a rider making his Foothills debut. Logan Rice began his BMX career just a month ago over in Rhode Island. This is the first time we’ve seen this 5 year old from Mansfield Center CT. and he looked amazing. Dylan Koerner, who we last saw back in June pushing a Balance Bike, nailed down a solid second place in this group. Third went to “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggins who finally kept the shiny side of his bike pointed upright.

The 10-year old class was made up of 5-riders with two of them being well under 10-years old. The youngest, 7-year old Hunter Darmofalski was the one rider that missed the transfer. Toby Schoonmaker, who went the first 15 weeks here without experiencing the thrill of victory, made it three in a row with another great effort this day. Kenan Borelli continued his impressive improvement with his third consecutive second place finish. The third spot went to Grant Borelli.

It was back to Total-Points racing for the 12-year old class which included two 11-year olds. Chris Pedersen earned his 8th Foothills win this season with a perfect score. Chris has only raced here this year in his first year of racing and is hoping to get that 10th win before the year is over. Vico Tirillo and Liam MacNeil were second and third in every round.

The 14-year old gang was also just three riders strong hence another Total Points event. The top spot went to Roscoe Spencer-Dubic making it two wins here this season in two tries. We hope this Florence Massachusetts racer comes back more often as he certainly puts on a show. Nick Krupa and Kodie Carlson would go to round three before determining second place for the day. Nick would hold off Kodie for that position.

The last group in this proficiency level was the 36-40 gang with one rider well under that age category and another well over. 40-year old Joel Christofori turned the rare deed of winning at this track in his first visit. Joel is a regular up at Whip city and it’s nice to see him migrate to the south side of the tracks. Hopefully he’s back again soon. Sam Taylor was second and Dan Rice rounded out the top three. Brian Kesl, the oldest in this matchup, missed the transfer out of the qualifying rounds.

The first up was the 6-year old class. Earlier in this report I mentioned that there is a down side to moving up in proficiency as a four year old such as Bash Noteboom did this weekend. He would know what I’m talking about after yesterday when he ran his first race as an Intermediate. There simply are not many 4 year old Intermediates in the Northeast never mind in the local area. Bash would be matched up with a 5-year old and a 6-year old in this Total Points race. Despite a valiant effort, he would finish third. Devon Hurley, the only 6-year old in the mix, put this win in the record books with a “perfect” score of three wins. Blake Gauthier, who we last saw in mid June, was solid with a second place finish.

The 8-year old class was good sized with 6 riders going for the win. Conor Chrisotfori, who hasn’t raced here since the two times he was here in 2017 and yes, he won both of those events, did it again today to remain undefeated at Foothills. It must have been quite the ride home for that family as both father and son scored wins. Dion Hurley earned the second spot on the podium while “Dream Weaver’ Jeff Weaver grabbed a third. Natalie Kent was the rider not making today’s main event.

There were two classes with 7 riders in them today and the 9-year old group was one of them. After three hard fought qualifying rounds, it was Kayla Barker (Creative Racing Products) not making the cut. Because there were two Experts in this mix, it was Expert Points for everyone making today’s main event. Expert rider “Lemon-drop” Evan Sauer made it a double today by, after winning his cruiser class, aced the win in this class. Jackson Murphy, the other Expert in this group finished second. The third spot and favorite rider of Bash Notebooms went to Jayden Jones.

Taylor Einarsen was the only 10 year old running in the 11-year old class and it was just too much for him to qualify. Despite a good try he was forced to watch the 3-rider main from the sidelines. The “Farm-Boy” Dave Labarge put his Full Circle Bike Shop colors in the winner’s circle with a great effort. He held off a hard-charging Nick Tirendi who would settle for the second spot just ahead of Cole Barker (Creative racing Products).

The 15-year old group was the other class that featured seven riders. This one also included one Expert so all would enjoy Expert Points provided you could make the main event. Landen Holcomb would be the rider who could not cash in on this wind-fall of Expert points even and just missed qualifying. The first two qualifiers were Intermediates 39-year old Trevor Toney and 15-year old Colin Morini. These two had to be the favorites in the 6-rider main event. Starting on the inside is a big advantage at Foothills and it was apparent today with the “Ludacliff” Cliff Benoit starting in Gate 2 with no one in Gate 1. He blasted to the lead and held on all the way. Trevor Toney was all over him from turn one until turn 5. As they entered turn 5 Toney went way high and Colin Morini used some swoop skills he picked up at a clinic somewhere and dove underneath Trevor to take the second spot as the sprinted across the finish line. Officially it was Benoit, Morini and Toney on the podium.

The only Girls class today was the 13-year old gang of three long-haired rockets. The only 13-year old was Falcon BMX’s star Peyton Pulaski and she got the job done in an impressive way by beating or soon to be crowned female Track Champion 12-year old Marissa Lyman. 10-year old Mary Sloan would finish third.

There were only three groups of Expert today with the first being the 11-year old gang. Last week Shane Upham earned his last win as an Intermediate and moved up to the Expert ranks. In his first race as an Expert here he won the first two rounds of the 11 year old Total Points race. Even though Noah Andersen ruined his perfect by winning round three, “Hurricane’ Shane would earn the win for the day. Noah was second with “The Hammer” Wes Hamel was third.

The 12-year old gang was a 5-rider shootout. Nick Smith drew some tough duty as the only intermediate in the mix and just could not find a way around Kayden Smith in the last qualifying round to move into the main event. “Superfly” Trevor Cooper was unbeatable today as he already has his 4th Track Championship sewn up. He would win the main with Isabella Nelson a not-too-distant second. Jonah “Undertaker” Graves was third.

The last group of the day was the 14 –year old class and this one was 4-riders strong. After the qualifying rounds eliminated Kyle Lyman, it was Logan Demersi the other rider who enjoyed a “double” today as he won this event to go along with his cruiser class win earlier. Dylan Barker (Creative Racing Products) was second while Aidan Biello finished third.

After the point’s races were decided, there was a speed contest held. With the Nelson family providing a radar gun, there were four groups split up by age ranges. Riders in each group were given two runs to determine the fastest front straight. The best run of the two was the only run counted. The first group was the 13-17 year old gang. Logan Demerski turned in a speed at a whopping 26 mph. Group two was for 12 year old Girls. Bella Nelson was fastest at 22 MPH. Group three was the 7-12 gang and this would go to Nick Smith with a speed of 21 mph. The last group was 4 & Under. Bash Noteboom turned in a speed of 17 mph. Holy Batman!

Left to Right:
Nick Smith - Logan Demerski - Bash Noteboom - Isabella Nelson

That’s it for this week as usual thank you all for your support.

As a reminder, these reports are written by Roger Plaskett and are the result of the opinions and observations of Roger Plaskett solely. The shared context may or may not be of the same opinions of any Foothills BMX Staff member.

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