JULY 1, 2018

So maybe scheduling a Double Points Bob Warnicke race on the Fourth of July weekend, with a Gold Cup race in PA. and a SQR in Massachusetts is not really a good idea, Couple that with a day with an oppressive heat index of nearly 100 degrees and we have a race day with only 41 riders and 13 motos. We cvhose for the two-moto transfer system because of the oppresive humidity.


Before I start this report, I’m going to answer a question that is probably on more people’s mind than they would like to admit. WHO WAS BOB WARNICKE? I first met Bob in 1992 when he was vice President of our sanctioning body at that time, The National Bicycle league (NBL). He was also the New Jersey BMX State Commissioner. He would talk your ear off about BMX. Bob lived in New Jersey with his wife Maureen and he rode for a National Team called DJ’s. He and I were the same age so we hit it off pretty well. In 1994 he negotiated a 5 year deal with ESPN and the fledgling spinoff ESPN2. Bob asked me if I was interested in being the NBL’s announcer to team up with Scholastic Sports America’s Dan Debeham for the TV broadcasts. Of course I did so a meeting was set up between myself and Ralph Mole’, the production manager from Windfall Productions who would produce the series now called “The Road To Glory”. At our meeting I wore a suit and tie (Big Mistake) and we talked for about an hour. I could sense that something was wrong. Bob called me that night and when I told him my feelings, he called Ralph. He called me right back and said I was right. Being ESPN2, which was kinda the MTV of the sports world, they were looking for someone younger, maybe a piercing and tats with a backwards baseball cap. OOPS! So they chose Doug Luden who was an excellent choice and a great racer as well.


Bob really never got to bask in his own glory for championing that 5-year series. On November 15th, 1994, he went to sleep at his New Jersey home after saying goodnight to Maureen. He never woke up. 48 year old Bob Warnicke was gone and BMX lost one of its most dedicated volunteers.

As a tribute to Bob, The NBL, in 1995, created the Bob Warnicke Scolarship fund. USABMX, after taking over the NBL, elected to continue the scholarship program. This year 70 riders received scholarships ranging from $500 to $3,000. All in memory of Bob Warnicke.

"Mad' Maddy Philbrick

Yesterday we started by naming our Rider-Of-The-Week and we chose 11 year old Intermediate rider Maddy Philbrick. Maddy, after winning in the first week of the season here at foothills, earned her 10th win as a Novice down at Falcon the next week. Like most riders that move up, she has been struggling to get back to those front running ways but last week, she enjoyed a very solid second place finish in a class that featured 6-riders and was filled with talent. During her interview she said that Pro Racer Caroline Buchannan and Local hero Marissa Lyman were her favorite racers.



Only two Balance Bikers were in the house and “Mr. Cool” Malachi Googins, who turned 4 years old today, was paired with his cousin 3-year old Summer Einarsen, who we haven’t seen since last August when she raced as a 2-year old. Malachi powered his way to a sweep of the two motos. He was seen again in practice on a pedal bike riding the last quarter of the track. We are looking at a new member of the 5 & Under class very soon.



Total Points racing was the norm on this day with such a sparse crowd on hand. The first was the 8-year old class. This was one of those days were the Total Points races featured sweeps. Dion Hurley turned the deed in this one with three wins in spite of a wreck in the practice rounds. Brody Kesl, who also crashed hard in practice, held off a great effort from Jeff (The Dream Weaver”) Weaver for the second spot.


The 12 year old class, another 3-rider Total Points shootout was interesting as Rich Castaldi used some aggressive moves in the corners to capture his “Perfect” sweep. It would take a near bump-n-run in turn five to get on the inside for Chris Pedersen in the final turn of the third round to complete the deed. Chris was second with Toby Schoonmaker third.


The 16 year old gang of three, was actually one 16-year old; one 14-year old and one 13-year old competing. So, on paper, I would have predicted the finishing order to be in sync with the ages. WRONG! The youngest rider, Noah Toney, swept all three rounds. 16-year old Sam Taylor kept the heat turn up for a second place finish while third went to T.R.A.C.K’s Emily Aldo. Toney seemed to be in every other practice gate today and really had the track dialed in.


The 46-50 gang, four riders strong, featured the race of the day which really came in the last qualifying round. With 32-year old Kyle Reese earning the only qualifying position in round one, that left three riders going for the two available spots on the main event starting grid in the last qualifying round. 43-year old Brian Kesl; 50-year old Art Ramsey and 62-year old Rog Billings all wanted that pass to the main event. As they sped down the front chute towards turn one, they were absolutely elbow to elbow and three wide with Scylent Rage racings Art Ramsey on the inside, Rog Billings on the outside, and Brian Kesl the meat in the sandwich. Out of turn one it was Ramsey with a lead that was less than half a bike. Up the second straight and as they hit that quad thingy, they were in a flat footed tie with Ramsey now the meat in that sandwich. As they came out of turn two, Billings made a mistake that would cost him as he went way to the outside. Ramsey dove to the inside and had a slight lead on Billings for that last transfer spot behind the leader Brian Kesl. They would stay in that order the rest of the way in a very tight pack all the way. Billing was right on Ramsey’s rear wheel but Art just would not give up the spot and grabbed the last spot for the main event. WHAT A RACE ! The main event saw Kyle Reese look like he was in a class by himself as he totally dominated with a fairly easy win. Brian Kesl held off the Rock-Star Art Ramsey for the second spot.

Three Wide down the
front chute

Tight in turn 1

Handle-bar to Handle-bar

Bilings could not get by Ramsey


The 6-year old class was again, a three rider total points shootout. Devon Hurley, anther rider who took a soil sample in practice, came back and swept the motos for a great double-points win. “Smilin” Rylan Spence finished second in the second round after Kevin Torres fell on the second straight. Second place overall would go to whoever would finish second in the final round and that would be Rylan.


The 11 year old class, another one of the Total point’s races, saw “Farm-Boy” Dave Lebarge keep the hammer down on his Full Circle Bike shop powered machine with a clean sweep for his first Foothills win of the year. Nick Tirendi and Taylor Einarsen each finished second in a round but it was Turendi, in his first race at Foothills as an Intermediate, earning second overall for the day.


It was pretty much the same scenario in the 12-year old class with three riders going for double point glory. Marissa Lyman, the only “Girl-Ranked” racer showed he Track Championship from by taking no prisoners and put her Overhaul Racing colors in the winner’s circle in all three rounds of total points racing. Danny Calarco would hold off “Mad” Maddy Philbrick in the final round for second place overall. Atfer the race, it was learned that Maddy Philbrick was now riding for Full Circle Bike Shop. Nice pickup for those folks!



With Double points available you know the Sweet sisters would be in town. The 10 year old class featured only three girls. Pippa Sweet, the only 10 year old, had the situation well in hand as she simply focused at the task at hand and earned the sweep. Her sister Kyrie Coddington-Sweet was not too far behind her and grabbed the second place points while Natalie Kent would finish third.



The next three races were all total point 3-rider events. The 8-year old class saw the matchup of one 7-year old and two 8-year olds. The youngest of the three, Ian Brunetti, all the way out of Old Hickory Tennessee, was the fastest hot-rod in this one. He would earn the sweep. I asked him later if he was up her on vacation and he said he was here for the Trumbull National last week where he finished third and would be around until Pottstown. On Friday this kid was barreling down Killington in Vermont on a mountain bike. Sawyer Spence was a solid second today and Evan “Lemon Drop” Sauer was third overall even after a second place finish in the final round.


In 10-year old action Jayden Kent was on fire and he would earn the three round sweep. Wes Hamel (Family Pride) would crash in round two allowing Landon Hansen to finish second forcing a third round second place tie-breaker. It would go to Hamel. Landon should not feel bad as he was the only Intermediate in this mix and earns “Expert Points”. (126 points)


The 12-year old class saw Track champion Trevor (Superfly) Cooper win another sweep. Kayden Smith held off a hard charging Noah Andersen for the second spot.


The last class of the day was titled “15 Expert”. In reality it was five riders ranging from 14 to 41 years old with Experts and Intermediates. Double Expert points for all who made the main event. Unfortunately for Evan Kryger, 14 year old Intermediate, it would only be double rider points (10) for him as he could not transfer out of the qualifying rounds. The main event saw Hunter (Butter) Zeiner, wearing that old skool SM shirt, stay in front all the way around despite the constant pressure applied by Overhauls Kyle Lyman who would finish second. Trevor Toney held on for third.

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