Special Charity Race
October 14, 2018

Today was our last race of the 2018 racing season and the 24th year of Foothills BMX comes to a close. It was a great way to end the season. Today was a charity race with all proceeds after our costs would go the McCall Center for Behavioral Health. Their mission is to alleviate the pain and human suffering brought about by substance abuse by providing comprehensive, integrated substance abuse and mental health treatment to help people lead healthier and more productive lives. We are proud to have been the host of this worthwhile community event. As a result, $600 will be donated to McCall.


Along with McCalls being there, the Susan B. Anthony project, The Head Start Program, The Northwest Hills Prevention Connection, The Torrington Prevention Partnership, and The Hero Project Inc. all were there promoting their messages of Addiction awareness. It was one of those “Feel Good” days with an incredible vibe in the air.

With Your Way DJ services in the house, the place was rockin all day long.


As far as racing goes, there was plenty of exciting action going on. There were 23 motos made up of 79 riders plus2 additional motos for “Money Opens” and even a couple of “Outlaw Opens” for riders 11 & under and 12-15.

We started off with 4 Balance Bikers showing us their stuff. One racer, Johnny Goehle, showed up all the way from West Hartford and had never been on a BMX track in his entire life. (2 years). There was a lot of discussion on how to handle this as dad suggested he simply take practice in lieu of actually racing. After much speculation, Johnny got a one-day trial license with the thought being if he didn’t like it or couldn’t keep up, he could simply drop out. Well, not only did he appear to really enjoy the experience; this little hot-rod would finish a solid second! 2-year old Skylar Hardgrove, used her vast experience to stay out front in all three rounds. Johnny was second with Madison Mott salvaging a third and Mason Gauthier, on the raddest looking Balance Bike I’ve ever seen finished fourth.

The 14 year old class was a Total Points race with one of the three riders being 12-years old. “Flash” Logan Demerski, Swept all three rounds. The 12-year old, was R.J Reale who finished second all day long while third went to Dylan Rodriguez.

The last group was also a Total Points event and it too went as the one before it with the three riders finishing in the same order in all three rounds. Tim Brown, riding out of the Team K-Mart stables, easily won this class which was identified as the 41-45 group. Tim was obviously not required to display his birth certificate as he is only 41-years old. Rog (Moto-Man) Billings continues to impress as every time Tim figured is had it won, he would sneak a peak and see the pesky Scylent Rage Racing Moto-Man right behind him. Rog is 63-years old and races like he’s 40. It was a solid second for him while third went to Art (Rock-Star) Ramsey, also a Scylent Rage Racing team member. Art is our 2018 Foothills Sportsman of the Year award recipient.

The 5 & Under class was large and made up with 6 riders ranging in age from three to five. After the qualifying rounds it would be Jace Mott the rider who missed the cut. Failing to show up tends to do that. I suspect something was either wrong with his bike or he was not feeling well. The main event saw 5-year old Logan Rice dominate from start to finish. 5-year old William Adams was strong and enjoyed a solid second place finish. The third spot on the podium was occupied by Derek Mott. Derek is only 3-years old!

It was back to Total Points racing in the 8-year old class. Landyn Moynihan was the only 8-year old and he easily out-powered the two 7-year olds who were there with him. Bryce Comboni, who was last here at the end of June, was second while Raquel Olson, who was only here once in early June, was third.

The Total Points madness continued in the 9-year old class and it was again the same results in all three rounds. With two of the three riders having never raced here before, one would think that the one rider in the group who had would have an advantage. While, it certainly didn’t turn out that way as the “Urban Legend” riding out of Orange Connecticut, simply was unstoppable. Johnny Urban swept the rounds for a “prefect”. Chase Comboni, the rider who has raced here before but only twice, was second while Jacob (Hitch) Hitchcock was third.

The 11-year old gang saw Toby Schoonmaker continue his unbelievable streak of running up front with an effort that earned him the top spot after winning two of the three rounds of Total Points racing. Toby went the first 15 weeks without a win here but now is very hard to beat. Zack Rukakoski made his Foothills debut a good one with a second place overall finish. He did win the third round and appeared to be getting the track dialed in. Hunter Phoenix finished in the third spot.

The last Novice class was titled 46-50 but, in reality, it was 36-63. Brian Kesl, after three rounds of qualifying, was the rider eliminated. Dan Rice, the 36-year old got the job done and joined his son, who had won earlier, on the top podium spot. “Rock-Star” Art Ramsey put his Scylent Rage colors into the second position as he somehow managed to stay in front of his team-mate, 63-year old Rog Billings.

The 6-year old group saw Brody Ryan nail down the sweep in this Total Points event. Blake Gauthier held off Rylan Spence for the second spot overall.

The 7-year old gang of three finished each round in the same order. Jason Armstrong, Noah Hargrove and Kevin Torres. Armstrong used a slick move in turn five to preserve his “Perfect”.

The 8-year old class was four riders, all evenly matched battling for the three spots available in the main event. Natalie Kent, despite a great try, was eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Dion Hurley, earning his move up in August, blasted his way to the main event win. “Dream-Weaver” Jeff Weaver made him work for it as he kept the heat turned up all the way around but would have to settle for second place. Brody Kesl put his Scylent Rage colors into the third spot.

Even though Jayden Jones and Mikey Roy would trade second place finishes, the top spot in the 10-year old class would go to James Wolf. He was the “Leader of the Pack” across the stripe in all three rounds of Total Points racing. Roy salvaged the second spot with Jones third.

The 12-year old class was made up with 5-riders 11 and 12-years old plus a 12-year old Girl. Chris Pedersen, who had just moved up to this class two weeks ago, would feel the pain that a move-up can cause as he missed the cut. Chris will soon learn that racing in the next proficiency level will make him a faster racer and it won’t be long until he is again a front runner. Three-time and reining Track Champion Marissa Lyman showed us what girl-power is all about with a Main event win. Gavin Suares was the second place finisher while Nick Smith would finish third.

The 14-year class was another one of those Total Points races. Dylan Rodriquez, Ma State #3, had it all his way as he would enjoy a clean sweep. The second spot was where the action was in this group as Jacob Faunce and Shamus Crane (Family Pride) traded second place finishes in the first two rounds. Shamus put it in overdrive in round three and managed to hold off a determined Faunce. The end result was Rodriqeuz, Crane and Faunce. That sounds like a Law Firm.

The 51 & over class was yet another Total Points race but, unlike most of the others where the same order of finish was the norm, this one was anything but. With “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli the victim of a crash, not necessarily his fault in round one, the Total Points score was tied after two rounds with a three riders sitting with 4 points each. The order of finish in round three would be the official finishing order for the day. It was Scibelli, Bill Fellows and Mark Reale.

Only one class and it was the 17-20 year olds going for Total Points. Former Track Champions Maya Brown would win the first two rounds then finish second in the final round earning her the win. Peyton Pulaski (Warped BMX) was second while third went to Julionna Olson.

Devon Hurley was another rider learning that moving up to the next level can cause some frustration until you pay your dues a bit. Devon recently moved up to the Expert ranks but just couldnt qualify for todays man event. Briton Ryan put forth a nice effort by winning today’s main event. Sawyer Spence was not far behind and finished second while third went to Justin Donahue, Yep the same Justin Donahue who has raced her seven times here before today this year and never been beaten. He was leading the main all the way around but self destructed just ten feet short of the finish line showing that it simply can happen to anyone at any time.

The 11-year old class was 4-riders strong and featured NAG #4 racer Danica Bailey from Rhode Island. She was the first one to qualify in the qualifying rounds and looked well on her way to yet another local win in her impressive career. “The Hammer’ Wes Hamel was eliminated during qualifying when Noah Andersen edged him out in a closely contested third moto. Danica led the Main event but only briefly as she would crash in turn one. She would be ok but finish third. “The Hurricane” Shane Upham held off a hard-charging Noah Andersen for the Main event win.

The 13-year old class was Total Points and the situation went back to the norm as it was the same order of finish in all three rounds. Tyler Bailey (NAG #6) captured three moto wins for the sweep. RJ Reale was second and not far behind. The third spot went to “Flash” Logan Demerski.

The 15 year old gang of three saw Mason Blackburn (Warped BMX) race his way to a “prefect”. Colin Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second while Eric Pulaski (Warped BMX) was third.

The last points class of the day was the 17-20 class and this was also Total Points racing. “Jumpin” Jerry Taylor and Josh Faunce would trade wins in the first two rounds setting up a one-round shoot-out for the overall win. That last round would go to Taylor. Josh was second with the third spot going to Novice rider Sam Taylor.

The two money opens were really good but one was pretty scary. The men’s class had a purse of nearly $300 payed out for the top three spots after three4 rounds of racing. The line-up was a 5-rider three round Total Points shootout for the $155 first prize. The lineup was Anthony DelVento; Matt Markie; Tyler Bailey; Colby Benoit and Jerry Taylor. Round one went to Benoit with DelVento second and Markie Third. The second round was the scary round. When the gate dropped Benoit took a half-bike length lead into turn one. Markie, starting on the inside had the best line going into the turn and took the lead. Delvento, who was sitting in the third spot, use a nifty carve in the turn to get passed Benoit and within a half-bike of Markie. Markie regained a full length lead as the flew up the second straight. Matt was using the middle line going into turn two when DelVento dove to the inside in a turn that is as near a hairpin turn as there is. The move had no chance and Anthony could not hold the carve. His bike slid out and he smashed his right shoulder into the asphalt. Somehow Colby missed him as he and his bike nearly blocked the track. Colby went between the bike and the sprawled DelVento but there was no way he would catch Markie in the round. Going into the final round, Anthony was on his way to the hospital to get checked out. So Colby was one point ahead of Matt with Tyler 4 points back and Jerry was 6 back. It was now just a two rider clash for the cash. Colby would beat Matt in the final round. Tyler, who nearly passed Matt at the stripe would settle for third place money. Sadly it was learned that Anthony DelVento is out from 4-6 weeks with a broken collarbone.

Anthony Delvento
Crashed Hard in Turn Two

The Girls Money Open was three riders Maya Brown; Marissa Lyman and Danica Bailey in the dash for cash. Round one went to Maya, Danika Got round two setting up a tie for the top spot entering the final round with Marissa 3 points behind. Maya would win the decisive round with Marissa second and Danica third. Overall it was Brown, Bailey and Lyman. Maya went home $40 richer.

Shane “The Huricane” Upham and Logan “Flash” Demerski were the Outlaw Open Winners.

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