Located at
71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

WEEK #13
AUGUST 11th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


It’s a beautiful day for racing. We had 73 riders and they were split into 18 motos so it pretty much has been the norm for the 2019 season here in Torrington. With a Gold-Cup qualifier in Pennsylvania and a State Qualifier in Massachusetts, it is what it is for we weekend tracks.

Thanks to the work on Saturday by Jennifer and Jason Lyman along with Mr.¬† Dravis. The place really looked nice with freshly mowed grass and all the weeds whacked. The sound system problem from last week was resolved and, with a little tweaking for next week, should be even better. I’m confident that my hearing will return to normal around Tuesday afternoon.

After gate practice we named Logan Barker as our Rider-Of-The-Week. He gave a great interview for a 4-year old. Last week was his first ever Novice win. When I asked him what happened he said “Cole fell down”. I asked if he took Cole out when they touched in turn four during the main and he said nothing but nodded his head in shameful admission. Without hesitation he said Trevor Cooper was his favorite rider. This was the fourth member of the Barker family to be named the Rider-Of-The-Week.

There was a good group of Balance Bikers here as 7 riders lined up for some motorless mayhem. Just as it was last week, the action today was a two-rider, errrr “runner” battle for the top spot between Ryder (Hollywood) Champagne and Bennett Peiterse. Ryder got him again this week as he was better prepared for the relentless pursuit of Bennett who would finish second. Tyler Hillman ran his way to the third tier of the podium. Danny Demers looked really good and finished fourth. The next three turf-toddlers across the stripe were all Foothills first-timers. 3-year olds Benjamin Hagan and Colette Jasulavic and 2-year old Eli Jasulavic all appeared to have a great time and we hope we see them all again very soon.

12 Year Olds
This was a Total-Points race and amazingly. All riders were the same age. Dave “Farm-Boy” LaBarge earned his second Foothills Cruiser win of the 2019 season. He did it with the “Hat-Trick” winning all three rounds. “Quick-Nick” looking like he had a new uniform, was second overall after finishing in that sport the first two rounds. Third went to “Sparky” Chris Pedersen, sponsored weekly by the good folks at Associated Lightning Rod Company, Inc.

17-20 Year Olds
This was another Total=Points race but in this one, Isabella chose to simply touch the gate and let the other two riders battle. It appears she was saving herself for the 20 inch class. The remaining two riders were 18-year old Dave Albert (Gold-cup #2) and 13-year old Marissa Lyman (Female Cruiser points leader. Dave won all three rounds, but it would have taken just one mistake and things would be different. The mistake just never happened. It was Albert, Lyman and Nelson going into the record books in that order.

26-30 Year Olds
This was actually 22-63 Year Olds and another Total-Points event. Mike Savage, our Connecticut legend, gave the much younger Wes Reel all Wes could handle and he did so. Wes would hold off Mike in every round for the sweep. Mike, more then twice as old as Wes is, finished second ahead of Scylent Rage Racing’s phenon 63 years old Rog (Moto-Man) Billings.

5 & Under
this was a large group with 6-rider going for it. After the three qualifying rounds, it was Evan Dohan the rider not making the transfer. When we last saw Evan and his brother Austin, it was opening day last season and they were on Balance bikes! The main event was wild and wholly. As the large group headed for turn #1, Henry Brun, got off the track and rode down the side of the jump just before the turn. He could not apply enough brake across the grass and came across the first turn right into the path of Jace Parsons. Jace was already having a bad day having fallen twice earlier. Jace had nowhere to go and both rider went down in a heap. The rest of the pack headed up the second straight with Logan Barker and Cole Lyman battling for the lead when boom!, Cole went down. That left Logan nearly a full straight ahead of Austin Dohan, the closest competitor. As everyone picked themselves up, it was Logan Barker, just named last week’s Rider-Of-The-Week for winning his first race, now has two in a row! Austin was second with third going to a dusty Cole Lyman. All riders were OK.


Henry Brun and Jace Parsons collided
in the main event

8 Year Olds
Another good sized class with 5-riders going for it. One rider was totally new to Foothills and she would fall in turn #4 during the second round of qualifying. Nora Russell, a first timer out of Shelton Ct., would not return for the last qualifying round. We all hope she is OK. In the main event it would be Hunter Darmofalski puling off his first Foothills win. Joe Lataille was impressive in his first visit to foothills and earned a solid second place fisish. Noah LaFrance made the podium for the third week in a row with a nice third place finish.

12 Year Olds
This was a Total-Points race made up of three riders of different ages. The oldest was Liam MacNeil at 12 years old and he had little trouble in turning the “Hat-Trick” with three wins. 10 year old Collin Ramsey was second for Scylent Rage Racing while 9 year old Aryana “Slayer” LaBarge put her Full Circle Bike Shop colors in the third spot.

26-35 Year Olds
This was another Total Points race but it was far from a mundane race. In round one it was 34 year old Shawn Kennedy just edging 17 year old Sam Taylor at the stripe while 20 year old Colin Bliss was third in his first trip here. In round two it was Taylor turning the deed setting up a tie-breaking round three. At the half-way mark it was Kennedy by about two bike lengths, but Taylor was determined. As they went up the long back straight, Taylor got on the inside of Kennedy and pulled off a sweet pass in turn four to take the lead. He never looked back and won the round earning him the top spot. Shawn settled for second place while Colin finished third.

41-45 Year Olds
The best way to describe this five rider shoot out is “The Yellow Wave” as all riders wore the Scylent Rage Racing colors. Jason Darmofalski, after watching his son qualify, got to watch his son earn his first win from the sidelines as he just missed the cut in this class. Art Ramsey, had it all his way in the main event even after starting in gate 8. He took the lead early and there was no catching him as he earned his second Foothills win of the season. The second spot belonged to “Flyin” Brian Kesl, well, it did until the final sprint to the line where 63 year old Roger “Moto-Man” Billings put on an incredible push to pass Brian just before the stripe. Kesl settled for third.

8 Year Olds
this was a 4-rider class and, with one Expert in the mix, it would be Expert points to all riders who made the main event. Unfortunately for Scylent Rage Racings Will Adams, he would settle for just 4 rider points as he missed the transfer despite a great effort. The expert was Devon Hurley and he easily got the job done for the Family Pride racing team. Brody Ryan, making his first trip here this season, was second while Maximus Cicolo, who made his first rip here since the State Qualifier back in early June, was third.

10 Year Olds
This was the largest group of the day with 7-riders going for some glory. With two Experts in the mix, there were some serious points available to the Intermediates who could make todays main event. Natalie Kent, the only Girl in the mix, just missed making it in after trying really hard. The two Experts would finish in the top two spots as expected. Briton Ryan, from New York, who we haven’t seen since last September, put his NAG #17 bike across the stripe first. Family Pride’s Dion Hurley was second so who was the first Intermediate across the stripe? It was “The Dream Weaver” Jeff Weaver for Ramp Farm Racing earning the 67 points. Jeff increases his lead in the chase for the Intermediate class championship by 10 points over “The Urban Legend” Johnny Urban who finished one position behind him in this group.

12 Year Olds
this was a 4-rider class made up of two 11-year olds and two 12-year olds. One 11-year old was Toby Schoonmaker and he would not make it into todays main event as he is still trying to get back into racing condition after missing 7 weeks due to a thumb injury. The main¬† event saw Nick Tirendi, not wearing the Ramp Farm colors for the first time this year, earning his first win of the year after 9 tries. Maybe the change in the shirt is a lucky charm? Chris “Sparky” Pedersen, sponsored weekly by The Associated Lightning Rod Company,, was a close second while third went to Leithen “Rocky” McMillan for the Yess devo team.

14 Year Olds
this was the last race that was not a Total-Points race with 4-riders going for it. After the qualifying rounds it was Ramp Farms Vico Tirillo, who won last week, not making the transfer this week. The big difference here is that Vico was the only Novice rider in the mix. Three-time Track Champion Marissa Lyman made it look easy as she seems to pride herself in being able to beat the boys. She would finish first with a determined Noah Toney was second with the third spot going to Yess Devo’s Kane McMillan.

12 Year Olds
This Total-Points race was really a three-rider shoot-out between three evenly matched riders. In round one it was Dave “Farm Boy” LaBarge winning it with “The Hammer” Wes Hamel second and Noah Andersen third. In round two it was Andersen in the top spot with Hamel again second and LaBarge third. So going into round three it was a 3-ways tie as all riders had four points going in. Noah got a great snap out of the gate in that final round and Hamel went right out there with him. LaBarge was right there as well but there would be no changes all the way around. It official order for the day was Andersen, Hamel and LaBarge. This was Noah’s third Foothills win this season.

13 Year Olds
Another Total-Points race but wow was it a good one. In round one “Superfly” Trevor Cooper held off NAG #8 Isabella Nelson for the win. He did the same thing in round two which was also very close at the stripe. Kayden Smith had the best seat in the house as he would finish third and saw the hot racing action right in front of him. In round three I yelled to Trevor if he was ever beaten by a girl. He yelled back “NO”. well that must have provided the incentive that Isabelle needed because she passed him up the second straight and pulled off the near impossible task of beating Trevor Cooper on his home track. But, yes, she won the battle but Trevor would win the war finishing first overall for the day. Bella was second while third went to Kayden. Both Trevor and Kayden rider for Ramp Farm racing while Bella was sporting the colors of Team USA.

Isabella Nelson powers her way arond Trevor Cooper during round three

14 Year Olds
This was also a Total-Points event and it was a different order of finish in all three rounds. For whatever reason in round one, Aidan Biello backed off after turn number 1 and would finish in the third spot. Dylan Barker won that one. Spike Miller, in only his second trip here this year, was second. In the next round Aidan kept the heat turned up and pulled off a win with Barker and Miller behind him in that order. Aidan, is the current points leader for the 2019 Track Championship and needed to win the third round to stay there. That’s exactly what he did. For the day it was Biello, Barker and Miller on the podium.

17-20 Year Olds
This was the last Total-Points race of the day and it was mixed between ages and proficiencies. 18-year old Dave Albert, in only his second trip here this year, was first across the stripe in all three rounds. 15-year old Kyle Lyman was second each time while15-year old Intermediate Emily Aldo was third.

41-45 Year Olds
With three of the fastest Experts around in the mix in this 4-rider grouping, it was going to be tough for the only Intermediate to make the cut. Trevor Toney was that Intermediate and, despite a valiant effort, he would watch the main from the sidelines. In the main it was 22-year old Wes Reel earning his 8th win in 9 tries here. The second spot would go to Jeff Brun, who hasn’t been here in years as he edged Mike Savage at the stripe.

Next week is our Race For Life. Certificates are the awards for the day. See you then.

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