Located at
71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

WEEK #12
AUGUST 4th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


It’s hard to find reasons why our rider counts are where they are. It’s well known now that local racing on weekends is a challenge as there seems to be something going on somewhere. This weekend there was a Gold Cup Qualifier at Whip on Saturday and the Garden State National down in New Jersey. Hard to say if either had an affect on today’s crowd. The all-new Billerica BMX track had it’s opening day today also. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer with vacations and the like? Whatever the reason, our count yesterday was again in the 60’s with only 63 riders and 15 motos.

Before we started, we named our Rider-Of-The-Week. We chose a rider that had only raced for three weeks now but he certainly has a lot of guts, he just has not yet experienced the glory. 8-year old Noah LaFrance from right here in Torrington was chosen. When his name was called, he seemed a little reluctant to come up to the tower. With a little coaxing from the Hurley brothers, all three came to the tower. In the interview Noah said Dion and Devon Hurley are his favorite riders.

It was a good lineup with 5-riders going for some foot-stompin fun in the sun. 5-year old Ryder Champagne, who usually is the front-runner, (pun intended) was certainly challenged today. 3-year old Bennett Pieterse was ready today and it was the closest Balance Bike racing we have seen this year. In the first round the top two were side by side sprinting down the final straight. At the stripe is was Bennett. The next round the closeness was the same, but it was Ryder by a foot. (another pun right there). In the end it was Ryder (On a shoe-string budget) winning the tie breaking third round with Bennett a very close second. 3-year old Skylar Hardgrove was certainly enjoying her day and she was solid with a third. Tyler Tillman, the 3-year old making his first trip ever to Foothills, was fourth while “Dangerous” Dan Demers, executed the course flawlessly for the fifth spot.


This was the closest Balance Bike finishes of the year

As usual this was a mixed class of ages as they ranged from 12-years old to 22-years old. In the first round, 22-year old Wes Reel led the first third of the race and then let up as “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves went by and earned the first qualifying spot. When Wes realized that he would also race 20 inch in moto 15 making his appearance required in back-to-back motos, he figured it would be best to qualify as soon as possible which he did in round two. Of course, it was easier in round two as Track champion Marissa Lyman failed to show. Those red-carpet photo shoots must have caused it or the “Movie-Star” was off to an autograph session. She did qualify in round three as did “Farm-Boy” Dave LaBarge. Chris ‘Sparky” Pedersen was the hard luck guy missing today’s cut. In the main is was all Wes Reel showing the way. Jonah Graves would put his Full Circle Bike Shop colors in the second spot while Marissa Lyman grabbed the third spot.

5 & Under
This was a Total-Points race but it sure was exciting. In round one Cole Lyman had the lead only to bale down in turn 3. That allowed Logan Barker to grab the win and Jace Parsons was second. Jace was here on a one-day membership. The second round was totally different as Cole came back and won with Logan and Jace second and third. So Cole, sitting with 4 points going into the final round, would really need to win round three to capture the overall victory as Logan had 3 points. Jace had 5. So it was a two-rider break away in the final round with Logan and Cole battling hard all the way to turn 4. When they dove into the corner, they touched handlebars and Cole would bale yet again. Logan held on for the win and Jace inherited the second spot. When the points were tallied it would be Logan Barker first; Jace Parsons second and Cole Lyman third. Cole was not injured.

6 Year Olds
This was another Total-Points race with just three riders in the house. It was also interesting, and a lesson learned occurred during it’s running. In round one it was all Kristopher Devaux with an easy win. In round two it was Dylan Koerner and Cooper Jarest finishing one-two. So where was Kristopher DeVaux? I looked over at the bleachers and there he was, totally relaxed in his seat next to mom. When I mentioned during the race that Kris should have been there mom yelled out ‘He already qualified”. Um nope, this is a Total-Points race ma’am. She had a shocked look on her face as she hadn’t realized the difference between a Total-Points race and a qualifying round. So, Kris, because he did not start that second round, takes a 4. The points total going into round three was Dylan Koerner and Cooper Jarest with 4 total points and Kristopher Devaux had 5. Devaux came all the way back to win round three and salvage the first place overall title. Koerner was second with Jarest third.


Kristohpher DeVaux's mom looks shocked as she realizes that her son just missed his moto.

9 Year Olds
This class featured a brand new rider from Prospect CT. John Dravis had seen the article about Foothills in last weeks newspaper and told his dad he wanted to race. His dad was once a racer many years ago and a regular around the New York state series. John was totally petrified getting tin the starting gate with 4 other riders and, when the gate dropped in round one, he froze. Once the moto was over John, after receiving a lot of encouragement up on the hill, rode the lap very tentatively but got it done. In the next two rounds he did leave with the group and, although he missed qualifying, felt much better about himself. In the main event Hunter Woof used a super neat pass on Landon Moynahan to grab the win. Landon settled for second while Noah LaFrance earned the third. “The Slayer” Arayna LaBarge, had some sort of mechanical problem in turn two causing her to finish outside of the top three.

13 Year Olds
Back to Total-Points racing in this one and, although it was a pretty evenly matched lineup, the order of finish in all three rounds was the same. Vico Tirillo put his Ramp Farm Racing colors in first, Dylan Koerner was second and “Crankin” Collin Ramsey for Scylent Rage Racing was third.

41-45 Year Olds
This was a large class made up of 6-riders whose ages totaled 259. Why is that important? It’s not but sounded like a neat thing to add up. In the second qualifying round it was Shawn Kennedy leading into turn three, but he did not make it out of the turn. At its apex his chain snapped and he went down pretty hard. Brian Kesl and Art Ramsey, both Scylent Rage Racing stars, missed the Kennedy yard sale and both qualified joining first round qualifier Todd Borelli in the main event starting grid. In round three it would be Shawn Kennedy, after repairing his broken tranny and “Big Tim-Ber” Tim Adams (Scylent Rage Racing) making the main event. Jason Darmofalski just missed making it in but looked happy in his new Scylent Rage Racing uni. Kennedy and Borelli would pull away from the yellow wave behind them in the main and it was a close race all the way around. You could see that Shawn was reluctant to apply a lot of torque on his chain, but he had enough power to edge Todd Borelli at the stripe. With Tood second the third spot would go to “The Rockstar” Art Ramsey for Scylent Rage Racing.

6 Year Olds
This was yet another Total-Points Event that had the same order of finish in all three rounds. Last weeks newest Intermediate, Will Adams who earned his move-up here, looked good in his first race at Foothills as an Intermediate and finished a solid second just ahead of third place finisher Collin Tindell, the Chicopee rider who was here for his first time. Our winner was Southhampton’s Blake Gauthier.

9 Year Olds
This was the largest grouping of the day with 7-riders in the mix and battling hard for those six spots available in the main event. After the dust settled it was Grant Borelli who suffered the elimination from further racing. Devon Hurley (Family Pride) had little trouble and was in a class by himself as he was the only Expert in the mix. This does mean that its Expert Points for everyone out there with him in the main. Devon won the event for his 4th Foothills win in a row. “Dreamweaver” Jeff Weaver was second and picks up a whopping 87 points. Third and 67 points went to Full Circle Bike Shops Noah Hardgrove.

11 Year Olds
Brady Ronaldson, who was making his first visit to Foothills this season, missed qualifying for todays 4-rider main event. He put in a great effort, but the ride back home to Monson Ma. had to be a long one. Dion Hurley, (Family Pride) was also the only Expert in this group and earned his 5th 2019 Foothills win. Jayden Kent (Scylent Rage Racing) put in one of his best efforts of the year and finished a solid second. “Urban Legend” Johnny Urban (Scylent rage Racing), used an impressive pass on Toby Schoonmaker in the final turn to steal the third spot.

14 Year Olds
This was a Total-Points race as well and it included one girl and two Intemrmediates. Reining Track champion, Marissa Lyman would celebrate her 5th Foothills win this season and increases her lock on her fourth Female Track championship. Kodi Carlson (Yess Devo) was a fairly close second while Nick Krupa, in only his fourth visit here this season, was third.

12 Year Olds
This was a 5-rider lineup which included two Intermediate racers. Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightnig Rod Co. Inc.) and Ramp Farms Nick Tirendi were those two and it would be Nick who missed the chance to earn some expert points. In the main it was a two-rider shootout between Noah Andersen and Gavin Suares. Gavin has not been here since early June, but he sure had the track figured out. He held off a very hard-charging Noah Andersen for the win. Behind Noah it was Full circle Bike Shop’s Dave “Farm-By” LaBarge in the third spot.

13 Year Olds
This one was impressive as “The Undertaker” would sweep all three rounds of Total-Points racing. Jonah Graves would have it all his way with Kayden Smith second and Track Champion, Trevor "Superfly" Cooper third. This was Coopers lowest finish for the year and he looked like he was simply here to enjoy some fun laps.

15 Year Olds
In this one there is always an occurrence that seems so unfair. With three of the fastest Foothills experts in this mix, 15-year old Emily Ado, the only Intermediate here drew some tough duty yet again. Despite a valiant effort she could not qualify. Former Track champion Aidan Biello was awesome and added another 104 points to his total and takes over the top spot in the race for the Track Championship. It may be short-lived as he has a vacation coming soon but right now, he is the new leaders in the points chase. Dylan Barker was second as he held off a late charge from Kyle Lyman who finished third.

26-35 Year Olds
The last class of the day was this one and it was a Total-Points race. Wes Reel would pull off the hat trick with a three round sweep “Stone-cold” Steve Scibelli (Overhaul Racing) was second while third went to Josh Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop).

A big thanks to Dan Urban for helping me out in the tower today. And thanks also to Steve Scibelli foir letting us use his bull horn to finish up the day as we had a sound system failure. The problem ha been identified and should be rectified by next week. See you then.

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