Located at
71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

JULY 11th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


So this race historically is a poorly attended event as its not held on our regular race day, we start early because the facility has no lights and, with 45% of our riders coming from Massachusetts, it’s a lot to expect them to most likely leave work early to get here. Compounding the issue this year, Falcon BMX in Meriden also has a race scheduled and Trumbull has a practice night. Oh Yes, the weather forecast is iffy. Last year we had 33 riders and only 9 motos. I feared that this one would be around 6 motos.

At 6:30 Registration closed and, well, 67 riders had registered, and we had 20 motos. This is by far the largest Olympic Night we have had since the USABMX Takeover.

Before the National Anthem we had a moment of silence in memory of Chris Arsenault, a 47 year old BMX’er from Massachusetts. Chris died after a long battle with cancer.

We had 5 Balance Bikers pounding the track and it was a break-through performance on one of them. But the first group was just two racers with 5-year-old Ryder “Hollywood” Champagne and 4-year old Ryan Stott working hard to get the job done. Ryder would prevail but it didn’t seem like Ryan cared at all as he had that same smile on his face on every lap.

The next group was a 3-rider event but in the one, 3-year-old Danny Demers took control, at least to the point where he wasn’t waiting for assistance from his pit-crew as he sped around the track. Skylar “Knucklehead” Hardgrove officially won the class tonight with Bennett Pieterse second overall.

We elected to go with the two-moto transfer system tonight and it was a good thing that we did as it rained very lightly at the start of round two and, about 15 minutes after the last main, it came down pretty good.


This was a four rider class and after the two qualifying rounds it was Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod co. Inc) who just missed transferring into the main event. Jonah “The Undertaker” Graves, made it 5 wins in a row in as many weeks on these big-wheeled machines as he held off a great effort from Dave “Farm-Boy” LaBarge. This put the top two podium spots in Full Circle Bike Shop colors. Hunter Heath for the Northeast YESS gang finished third. This was Hunter’s first Cruiser race at Foothills. Jonah now has a commanding lead in the Cruiser Class track championship race.

Making only his second appearance here this season, “Flash” Logan Demerski did exactly what he did the last time he was here as he won again. This time it was a total-points race and he was unchallenged. Marissa Lyman finished second while Evan Kryger was third. One additional impressive stat was that Logan jumped that big obstacle next to the announcer’s tower ion the third straight without casing it! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that on a cruiser.

Logan Demerski Skying the big jump
By The Announcers Tower
Total points racing again in this group and this time it was Tim Brown taking care of business with the Hat Trick sweeping all three rounds. Ryan Bogli made a rare Foothills appearance and finished second while Joe Broderick was third.

Total-points madness continued with the next four Novice events with just three riders in each class. This one featured a strange mix with 4-year old Cole Lyman, 6-year old Will Adams and 7-year old Blake Price going at it. When I looked at the moto sheet I figured this one would be easy to predict with that age difference from top to bottom. Opps, nope not at all. Will Adams looked strong and won the first two rounds with Cole Lyman second. In round three it was also was looking good for Will when disaster struck in the rhythm section. He went down hard and both Cole and Blake sped by him. With a 3rd place finish in that round, and Cole winning it, Cole now had 5 total points while Will also had 5. The third round is always the tiebreaker, so it was 4-Year old Cole Lyman earning his second win as a Novice. Will (Scylent Rage Racing) was second with Blake Price third. I believe this was Blakes first trip to Foothills and we hope the whole family returns again soon.

in this one it featured a brand-new rider right here from Torrington trying BMX for the first time. Noah LeFrance looked good in his full racing gear. He would finish in the third spot but that’s normal for a first timer. It’s obvious that if this kid stays with it, he will be a front runner sooner rather than later. Xander Monczka was leading in the first round when he would self-destruct in that rhythm section. Trevor Stott got by him for the win and Xander got up and savaged second ahead of Noah. Xander won the second round setting up a one round shoot-out for the overall win. Trevor Stott would win that one and earn the top prize for the 8-year-old Novice class this night. Xander was second with Noah third.

This one was one of those where it’s the same order of finish in all three rounds. Grant Borelli made in 5 wins in 8 tries here this year with the sweep. “The Slayer” Aryana LaBarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second with Hunter Price finishing third in his first trip here.

in the total points shoot out it was the same deal as the previous class with the same order crossing the stripe in all three rounds. Liam MacNeil, who lately has been put into classes that have an older rider in it, felt a bit of BMX Karma tonight as he was the oldest rider in the mix. He took advantage and raced to a sweeping first place overall finish. Kenan Borelli kept the pressure on and finished second while Blake “Earthquake” Carbone was third. This was Blakes first time here on that particular bike and it will take some getting used to.

This was a four rider event and unfortunately one rider had to be dropped after the qualifying rounds. It would be Caissy Price, who was here for the first time ever. I saw her on the way out later and tried to console her for missing the main and she just laughed saying it was not a problem as she had just recently started racing. She was here with the kids for the first time out of Granville Ma. We sure hope that had a good time and come back soon. In the main it was Sam Taylor showing the way and winning for the first time since week #1. Terrence Kerr was second in his first race ever while Jason Morse, who was looking good in the qualifying rounds, failed to show up in the Main.

This was a 5-rider class and got a little scary especially in the second round when Jason Darmofalski went down in flames again in the rhythm section. This was the hardest fall of the night and it took him awhile to get up but he finally did and rode off. He was the one rider not making the main event. Todd Borelli, after not qualifying three races ago, made it two wins in a row with tonight’s victory. Scott Gonyer put his Overhaul colors in the second spot while third went to Brian Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing).

In yet another total points race this time at least it wasn’t a clean sweep for the winner. With Jeff “Dream Weaver” pulling off an incredible pass in the first turn in the second round for his second win of the night, all he needed was a second-place finish to grab the top prize and that’s exactly what he did. Jeff, after struggling here a bit last season, now has six wins here this season. Racing must be in his genes. Noah Hardgrove, just picked up by Full Circle Bike Shop a week ago salvaged a second place finish for the night by holding off a great effort by Brody Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) in the final round. Brody was third.

This was a good sized class with 5-riders locked and loaded. But one problem was that one of these five was a Novice. Vico Tirillo, after experiencing the thrill of victory last week with his second win of the season, felt the agony of defeat tonight as he did not transfer out of the qualifiers. Track Champion Marissa Lyman showed the boys how its done with a main event win. Chris Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Co. Inc.) was second after winning last week. Third went to Nick Smith (Full Circle Bike Shop).

Back to total points racing and Maya Brown (CYAA Frames) showed how real Girl Power is as she kept both Joe Broderick (second place) and Full Circle Bike Shop’s Josh Hardgrove (Third place) behind her.

It was back-to-back wins for the Brown clan as this time it was Tim Brown doing what his daughter did one race before him. He would sweep the motos also. Justin Provencal (Northeast YESS) was second while it was the Overhaul colors worn by Steve “Stone Cold” Scibelli in the third spot.

Once a regular here, we haven’t seen Devon Hurley since the first week in June, he was here tonight and won in this total point race by beating a rider that was one year older. It was a sweep for Devon as he kept Hunter Heath behind him despite a great try from Heath. Bash Noteboom, a 5-year-old Intermediate inserted in this mix, enjoyed some Expert points with a third-place finish. Devon crashed hard in practice but sure recovered quickly.

So with Devon winning the last class this time it would be his older brother doing the exact same thing. Dion Hurley turned the hat trick as well ion another total point race. He had to beat an older expert to do it but somehow, he managed to keep Breton Provencal (Northeast YESS) behind him. Third went to Intermediate racer Johnny Urban as does Expert points.

In this one the youngest rider was at a disadvantage in another way other than just being the youngest in his 4-rider class. He was in his first race as an Expert after moving up with an impressive win recently down in Trumbull. James Wolf made it even harder on himself when he came unclipped right out of the gate in the first qualifying round. With Noah Andersen and Dave “Farm-Boy” laBarge battling hard for those last two spots in the main event, Wolf could not find a way to pass either of them and did not qualify. It will get better for him soon. In the main it was Jonah Graves winning for the 7th time this season. The “Undertaker” is undefeated here this year in both Cruiser and 20 inch racing. Noah Andersen was second while third went to LaBarge.

this, at least on paper, was a 4-rider class. But in the qualifying rounds Kodi Carlson was no where to be found and never made it to the gate. This gave the remaining three riders a free pass to the main event. Former Track Champion Aidan Biello (Ramp Farm Racing) won for the second time this season here as he held off the “Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer. (Overhaul) who would finish second. Kayden Smith, also riding for Ramp farm was third.

The last race of the day was a three-rider total points shootout that was made up of a 15 year old Expert, a 16 year old Girl and a 15-year old Intermediate. The expert was “Flash” Logan Demerski and he would enjoy a double win as he not only won his Cruiser class earlier but won this one as well. Former Track champ Ashley Jasensky, or is it “Janeski?” was second (Warped BMX). Even Kryger was third but will get 63 Expert points.

That’s it for tonight, Thank you all who came out to support us. It is very very much appreciated. No racing at Foothills this Sunday. Our next race is the Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race on July 21st. We hope to see you there. Good luck to those going to Rhode Island for the Gold Cup Qualifying.

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