Located at
71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

WEEK #10
JULY 21st, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett



So here we are at Race #10 in the middle of summer. Today’s weather is about as oppressive as it can get with temps in the mid 90’s and very high humidity. Couple that with a Connecticut State Qualifier yesterday at Falcon and a Massachusetts State Qualifier today at Wakefield and we have the smallest crowd of the year with only 48 riders registering equaling just 14 motos.

This was our annual Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Race in honor of my son who passed away from a rare genetic disease 9 years ago yesterday. A portion of today's income will go to the United Leukosystrophy Foundation in Dan's memory.

We were able to present awards to two Riders Of The Week. For his efforts on June 30th, we had picked Kristopher Devaux, a 5-year old from Winsted whom we hadn’t seen since that race. He said Jayden Kent was his favorite rider.

Next, for his efforts at our last race we chose Liam MacNeil from East Canaan. He said that Chris Pedersen was his favorite rider.

Only two Balance Bikers were here todays and one was brand new to racing. 2-year old Brodie Tanuis did a great job and raced all three rounds with a huge smile on his face. He was matched up with 3-year old Bennett Pieterse who is now a 4-week veteran of the rug-rat squad. Bennett would win in all three rounds but no one really cared about who crossed the stripe first as they both clearly enjoyed themselves.

With half of the 14 motos being Total Points races, this day would go by fast.

16 Year Old
Despite the title of this grouping there were actually three differently aged riders in this Total Points shootout. 16-year old Baley Levine, who hadn’t been here since June 2nd, easily won this event. 13-year old Marissa “Movie Star” Lyman cruised to a second place finish while 12-year old Chris “Sparky” Pedersen finished third. It was the same order of finish in all three rounds.

26-30 Year Olds
Another 3-rider Total Points race but this one would go to a third round tie-breaker before we knew who would be top dog for the day. In round one it was Wes Reel using a great turn two pass to get past Dave Albert and hang on for the win. In round two it was Albert holding off a determined Reel for the win setting up the third round tie-breaker. Starting side by side in gates 6 and 7 it was Albert all the way with Wes on his rear wheel until he gave up the chase in the rhythm section and settled for second. Third went to Joe Broderick. This was Dave’s first visit here this year and we hope he comes back soon.

5 & Under
This was another fun one to watch and it also featured a brand new rider. Colten Tanuis, out of Warren CT., had been here riding the track before but never a racer. Today his parents decided to try the one-day membership. Colten, as expected would finish in the third position in this 3-rider Total Points Race but looked like he quickly got over his fears and really enjoyed racing. He even met a new friend. Logan Barker and Cole Lyman, two racers were were on Balance bikes last season, really battled hard in all three rounds. Logan winning the first round with Cole capturing the second. Round three was the deciding round and it would be Cole winning his third race ever as a Novice. Logan was second and Colten was third overall for the day.

8 Year Olds
Finally we got a race where we needed to employ the transfer system to determine who qualified for today’s main event. There were just 4-riders in this one but two were 6-year olds. It takes three riders to make up a class and, with only two 6-year olds and two 8-year old entered, the Computerized race program matched these two groups together. Unfortunately for Noah LaFrance, who just started last week, would be the rider not making the cut today. Hunter Woof made it look easy as he was the first to qualify out of the motos. In the main event Hunter became “The Hunted” as he led the entire lap but could not be passed. He would win for the second time here this season. Will Adams (Scylent Rage Racing) was a solid second while Kristopher Devaux, who had a birthday since we last saw him was third.

12 Year Olds
This was a 4-rider grouping and all wanted a piece of the top spot. Liam MacNeil, reining Rider Of The Week, looked like he would be the favorite for another win as he was first to earn a transfer out of the qualifying rounds. John Saladin made it in from round two while 11-year old Kenan Borelli held of Blake “Earthquake” Carbone for the last transfer spot in round three. Blake went off the track in round one and went over the small block wall coming out of turn one just missing me who was taking pictures. Blake was okay and quickly got up. In the main event I figured MacNeil, who was starting inside of everyone would have a big advantage, but the win would come from gate #8. Johnny Saladin got a great start and made it work for him. He would hold off the hard charging Liam MacNeil for his first foothills win of the season. Liam was second with Kenan Borelli third.

41-45 Novices
This was another 4-rider group and this time, after the qualifying rounds eliminated Tim Adams, (Scylent Rage Racing) was a competitive main event. Shawn Kennedy had the lead in the front straight but Todd Borelli used a sweet inside move in turn one to take over the lead. He would never look back and held off Shawn for the win. Shawn had his hands full of “Flyin” Brian Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) who would finish in the third spot.

9 Year Olds
This was a good-sized class with 5-riders but one was an Expert. This was good news and bad news for everyone else as all who could make the main event would earn “Expert points” but it would be difficult to go home with a win. The expert was Devon Hurley and he did exactly what he was expected to do and that was put his third Foothills win of the season in the record books. “The Dream Weaver” Jeff Weaver, who is probably going to earn his Expert ranking before the season ends, was solidly in the second spot. Brody Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) also looked good and finished third. Honorable mention goes out to Grant Borelli who was racing as an Intermediate for the first time after earning his move up at Grippen Park recently. 5-year old Bash Noteboom, who was racing these 9-year olds, missed making it out of the qualifying motos.

12 Year Olds
This class was really a mongrel type with two Experts and two Intermediates vying for the 3-positions in the main event. “The Hammer” Wes Hamel (Family Pride) and Dion Hurley were the two experts and they would finish 1-2 in the main. Wes is 12 while Dion is 9. The two Intermediates were Leithen McMillan and Chris Pedersen. Leithen was the youngest at 11 while Sparky is 12. Pederson (Associated Lightening Rod Company Inc.) held off “Rocky” for the last qualifying spot and finished third in the main.

13 Year Olds
The 13-year old class was also a mix and a Total Points race. The three riders were Novice Vico Tirillo, Intermediate Kane McMillan and Expert Noah Andersen. Noah would win all three rounds but it was not that easy as Kane was certainly able and kept the pressure on each lap. He would finish second while Vico (Ramp Farm Racing) was third.

41-45 Intermediates
this time its 4-riders with two being Experts and ages ranging from 22 to 52. 29 year old Intermediate Joe Broderick was the rider missing the cut in this one. Joe was probably ok with that as he had to go to work at 3:30 and he lives in Pittsfield MA. Wes Reel held off Tim Brown (Intermediate) and Mike Savage for his 5th win of the season here in 6 tries. Tim was second with Mike third.
15-16 Girls
This was the closest matchup of the day with three ladies, all top racers going for some Sunday glory. Peyton Pulaski, who just might be this years most improved rider, has won the four previous times she has been here this season. She was matched up with former Female Track Champion Ashley Jasensky and reining Female Track Champion Marissa (Movie Star) Lyman. Peyton would win this Total Points race for her 5th Foothills win and remain undefeated here. Marissa, however, was fast and stayed close to her for a second place finish. Ashley was third.

Peyton Pulaski
Remains Undefeated

14 Year Olds
This was another Total Points race and it was basically over by the third round as Aidan Biello, former track champion, won the first two. All he needed was a second place finish or better in round three to be todays winner and that’s what he did. Overall it was Dylan Barker finishing second with reining track champion Trevor cooper third. All three riders’ race for Ramp Farm Racing. This was Aidan’s 3rd Foothills win this season.

17-20 Year Olds
the last grouping of the day was also a three-rider Total Points event. A rare visit from 18-year old Dave Albert Jr. is always a treat and he was here today and took no prisoners as he turned the “Hat-Trick” with a sweep. 20-year old Devin Murphy (Family Pride) was second while “Loose Change” Jake Nichols (Family Pride) was third.

During the break today it was time to honor my son with the naming of the 9th recipient of the Daniel J. Plaskett Memorial Trophy. This is always a tough thing to do but, under the circumstances, I look forward to doing this each year. This year’s choice was Noah Andersen. I’ve known Noah since he started racing here quite a few years ago now. I’ve seen his skills as a BMXer grow from the Novice class all the way to Expert status. I’ve seen the times when he needed a lot of encouragement to stay with it to now, when he is comfortable with who he is as a racer. Winning seems to be secondary for Noah. He looks now like there is no pressure on him to win, he just likes being here on Sundays and competing. He gives his all every time out and if he’s going to be beat, if he tried his best, he’s accepted whatever outcome occurs. That is so much like Dan used to feel. I’m proud to know Noah and his outlook on the track while carry him a long way in life. I look forward to seeing what this kid will grow into as he approaches his teenage years and then as a young adult. The sky is the limit!

Roger & Donna Plaskett
Noah Andersen
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