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WEEK #15
AUGUST 25th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


This could be a week where we compete with another event in the area for riders. This time it was a Double Points Race up at the Clay Monster in Schenectady New York. Personally, I didn’t think that it would affect us all that much as there really isn’t any New York riders that are regulars here. I consider a “Foothills Regular” someone who races at least half our races in a season. There is one team that some consider a foothills regular group, but three members of that team were here. The rest were probably at the Double Pointer but none of them have raced half of our 2019 races so how would we do? With 30 riders here from out of state joining a nice bunch of Rad Nutmegger’s, the rider count was 87 and split into 23 motos making this our third largest regular season race of the year.

We elected to save our Rider-Of-The-Week naming as that rider was not here today.


There were 4-riders here for this one and it looked like, at least on paper, that it would be a walk in the park for Bennett Pieterse as, the rider who has been just beating him at the stripe lately, was not here today. So in the first round Skyler “Knucklehead” Hardgrove jumped out to a quick lead and, in spite of a late charge by Bennett, she would make it across the stripe first. Bennett was second while Tyler Hilman and Ben Hagan finished third and fourth. In round two Bennett grabbed the early lead and held off Skyler in a mirror image of the first round. Ben Hagen grabbed third with Ty Hillman fourth. So Pieterse and Hardgrove. In the final round Bennett blasted to the front and stayed there all the way around. Skylar was second; Tyler third and Ben fourth.

15-16 Girls
In this one the oldest rider was Kaylynn Cortis. She is 18 years old while the other three riders ages ranged from 13 to 15. Kaylynn must have felt generous because it was obvious that she would sacrifice here points and ticket to the main event by letting her sister Savanna in during the last qualifier. Savanna has missed the cut in three of her five Cruiser races here this year but was in today. The Main saw Points leader and defending class champion Marissa Lyman put her 7th Cruiser win in the record books with lap that she led the entire distance. Shyanne Cortis was second. Her sister Savanna was third.

12 Year Olds
This was a total points event with the favored rider being Full Circle Bike Shops Dave “Farm Boy” LaBarge. I figured it would be a sweep for him but, shows you what I know. In the first round LaBarge LeBarge got the snap out of the gate and immediately came un-clipped on the starting him. While he fumbled to reattached himself to his pedal, Chris Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Co.) and Nick Tirendi took off. Dave tried to catch them but messed up again and gave up the chase while “Sparky” and “Quick-Nick” crossed the stripe first and second. Things got back to normal in the final two round with the order being Labarge, Pedersen and Tirendi in that order. That was good enough for LeBarge to win the class overall, but he sure had to work for it. Labarge increases his Cruiser class points lead over Pedersen by another 20 points.

17-20 Year Olds
This was also a Total-Points race and it was made up of three riders of different ages. The finishing order was the same in all three rounds. 15-year old Logan Demerski was first (Overhaul Racing), 13-year old “Bella” nelson was second while 17-year old Travis Cortis was third. Logan has only been here three times this year but has won in all three appearances.

31-35 Year Olds
This 5-rider group had some serious hot-rods in it. After the qualifying rounds it was Dan Cortis who had to watch from the sidelines. The main event would become a three rider shoot-out as Jody Willis, making his first ever trip here all the way from Rhode Island, failed to show for the main. Wes Reel jumped out to an early lead with Mike Savage in tow. “Choo-Choo” Tommy Healey was third. The train continued all the way around with no changes as they reached the finish line all in the same order.

5 & Under
This was a 4-rider class and was made up of three 5-year old’s and one 4-year old. Unfortunately for the 4-year old, that one-year difference proved too much to overcome and Jace Parsons would miss the cut. In the main it was exciting as they raced down the front straight. Entering turn one with the lead, Logan Barker felt Cole Lyman dive to his inside and as they exited the turn were side by side. Up the second straight Barker again took the lead and that would be all she wrote. Cole challenged him once more in the rhythm section, but Logan stayed in front down the short chute to the stripe. Cole was second and Henry Brun was third. This was a good come-back for Logan after he wrecked earlier in the first qualifying round. This was Logan’s third win in the last 4 attempts.

6 Year Olds
This was a Total Points shoot-out and Kristopher Devaux would score another “perfect” for his resume with a sweep of all three rounds. Determining the second spot would take all three rounds as Joe Lataille, making just his second trip here from Long Meadow Ma., would bite the dust in turn two during the second round allowing Emelyn Jackson to finish second in her first time here. In the final round Joe did stay up and finish ahead of her making the official standings for the class Devaux 1st, Lataille second and Jackson third.

9 Year Olds
This was yet another Total Points race. Zuleika Bruna nailed down a win in the first two rounds with Joe Toomey right behind her. Hunter Darmofalski (Scylent rage Racing) was third. In the final round Toomey got in front of her and managed to stay there all the way around. Bruno salvage second in that round which was all she needed to do to capture the overall win for the day. Toomey was second while Darmofalski was third. This was Zulieka’s first win in only two attempts here this season. On a side note, I learned yesterday that Hunter Woof was injured riding the track on Saturday and suffered a broken wrist. We all hope he recovers quickly.

11 Year Old
Four riders were battling hard for the three coveted spots in todays main event during the qualifying rounds. Despite a valiant effort, Damion Whitney just couldn’t get himself into a transfer position and missed the cut for the first time in his three trips here this year. Antonio Amisano started on the inside in gate 2 in the main event and that inside line gave him the hole shot. By the time they sped around turn two his lead was already two bike lengths with Kenan Borelli the closet competitor. “The Slayer”, Aryana LeBarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) was in the third spot. Around turn two and diving into turn three, Kenan made a move trying to power his way around on the outside after he caught Antonio. He got along side but that was the closest he would get and Amisano turned up the power and pulled away up the back stretch. At the stripe it was Amisano, Borelli and LeBarge.

13 Year Olds
Back to Total Points racing for this group that included one 12-year old. Vico Tirillo (Ramp Farm Racing) put 3 moto wins in the record book for his fifth Foothills win of the year. Liam MacNeil, the 12-year old, was second while Naomi Bruno went home with a third-place award.

41-45 Year Olds
This was a 4-rider class and, even though he was close, Schlent rage Racing’s Jason Darmofalski would miss the cut for the 5th consecutive time. He definitely is getting closer and is certainly paying his dues. In the main, after Mike Amisano was first to transfer into it, Shawn Kennedy and Mike went side by side down the front straight with Shawn on the outside. Showing some power he would pass Mike on the top side in turn one and hold a nice lead up the second straight with mike and Brian Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) in third. Out of turn two and up the third straight it was becoming a two-rider break-away with Kennedy on the point. Around turn three and Kennedy still had the lead. It looked like Mike had him set up going to turn for but Shawn slammed the door shut. Into the rhythm section and nothing changed with Mike about 1.5 lengths behind. Out of turn five Kennedy is smelling the sweet odor of victory as he saw the finish line. Just 5 feet short he put it in cruise control about to celebrate his hard fought victory when Amisano sped by him and won by inches.

6 Year Olds
The first Intermediate race was a Total Points event and it was a good one. Round one saw Bash Noteboom with the win with Kris Meinel a close second and Collin Tindell third. Round two would even the score as firs went to Meinel with Noteboom and Tindell second and third. In the final round it was Meinel with the lead and a grunting Noteboom right on him all the way around. Bash caught him in turn four but got wiggly in the rhythm section costing him any shot at victory. The official order was Meinel first, Noteboom second and Tindell third.

8 Year Olds
Another race and another Total Points race. This was a no contest type of race with the same order in all three of the rounds. Noah Hardgrove would enjoy his first Foothills win of the year. Cameron friese was second while Nick Jackson was third.

9 Year Olds
This was a four-rider class made up of four Intermediates. In just a minute and a half that same group would only include three Intermediate riders. Cole Charette (Overhaul Racing) was starting in gate 8 while the Dreamweaver, Jeff Weaver would be in Gate 2. In the sandwich was Brody Kesl for Scylent Rage Racing. This was after Grant Borelli had a tough time in the heats and missed the cut. Down the front chute they came and into turn one. Weaver and Charette were side by side. Cole had the inside line going into turn two and grabbed the top spot. He would stay there all the way around right to the stripe where, once he crossed it, became the newest Expert in the country. Weaver was second with Kesl third.


Cole Charette Enjoys Last Day
as An Intermediate

11 Year Olds
it’s back to Total Points racing with Expert points up for grabs as Expert rider Dion Hurley was in the mix. Dion would win this group easily, but the second spot was for some valuable 83 points. By comparison, a win in a pure Intermediate 3-rider class would be worth 53 points. Today those second place points would go to Colin Leblanc while “The Urban Legend” Johnny Urban would earn 63 third place points.

13 year Olds
This was a 4-rider group and included female track champion Marissa Lyman (Overhaul Racing). Marissa, winner of 6 out of the last 7 of her races, made it 7 out of 8 with an impressive win today. She would pull away in every turn as she could really carve a turn. Nick Smith (Full Circle Bike Shop) would push her on the straights but settle for second at the end of the day. Nick Tirendi was third.

15 Year Olds
Despite another great effort. Emily Aldo could not put her Trumbull colors in the main event starting grid. Noah Toney, starting in the middle of the three rider group in the main, blasted to the lead early and would not be caught. He lead from start to finish. Evan Kryger was second and the third spot went to Nick Krupa. Hard to believe but this was Noah’s first foothills win of the season.

41-45 Year Olds
This was a large class with 6-rider vying for the five positions in the main event. The proficiencies ranged from Novice to Expert. This grouping was a surprise to some of us including the “Todd father” Todd Borelli. He is a 47-year-old Novice. A quick review of the USABMX rules and the combining is complex but understandable. Todd’s class would be 46-50 Novice. It takes three riders to make a class. No other Novices in that age group were here. Rules are the computer looks to put him in the next higher age group. With no older Novice riders here, he goes to the next higher class which was the 46-50 Intermediate class. The issue here is that there were no riders that fell into that category, so the group became a real mixture. Unfortunately for Todd he did not make the cut where the two Experts brought big points to the party. That is even more frustrating when one of the riders who qualified did not show for the main event. In the main Jeff Brun jumped out to an early lead and hung on to it all the way to turn 5 when Savage pulled off a classic swoop move in turn 5 and sped to the finish line for his 8th Foothills win. Brun settled for the second spot while third went to Trevor Toney.

8 Year Olds
This was also a Total Points race with three riders going hard. Devon Hurley (Family Pride racing) had it all his way with a sweep of the motos. Chace Wilcox, making his first trip to Foothills all the way from Poughkeepsie New York, looked really good and held off Max Meinel for the second spot on the podium. This was Devon’s 8th win in ten races here this year.

12 Year Olds
This was a very competitive group of 4-riders. After the qualifying was done for the 3-rider main event, it was “Farm-Boy” Dave LeBarge missing the cut. The four-rider main event. The line-up became Shane “The Hurricane” Upham (Full Circle Bike Shop) Starting in gate #1. Noah Andersen (Ramp Farm Racing) starting in gate #6 and Wes “The Hammer” (Family Pride Racing) starting in gate #7. Andersen led the charge down the front chute into turn 1. Up the second straight Upham passed him on the inside and had the lead into turn 2. Up the third straight and the back stretch it became a two-rider battle but that was for the second spot as the storm front had moved out. The Hurricane was way out in the lead and would easily race to victory. Hamel made an inside pass on Andersen in the final turn to grab the second spot.

13 Year Olds
It was back to Total Points racing in this group. It looked like it was gonna be a classic but, unfortunately it did not end that way. Isabella Nelson, in making a rare Foothills appearance and has proved she can beat anyone, got the best of Trevor Cooper in round one. In round two Trevor was able to pass her in a risky move to win the round setting up a tie-breaking third round. They were the only two out there as Kayden Smith had broken his wrist earlier this week in a non-racing incident and was just touching the gate. But in that final round Bella just touch the gate and Trevor had his 8th win of the season. The reasoning was that she will be traveling to the big upcoming race in Louisville and risking injury in a closely matched competition was not in her best interests. Officially it was Cooper, Nelson and Smith.

15 Expert
This was a 5-rider shoot out but one of the favorites was hurting. Dylan Barker wrecked in the first round of qualifying and was never the same after that. He would not transfer out of the motos. In the main event Logan Demerski (overhaul racing) would pass Tyler Farwell (Yess Devo) on the front straight to take the lead. It was a lead that he would never give up as he would win the event. Tyler would settle for second as he held off the third place finisher Aidan Biello.

26-35 Year Olds
The last group of the day was 5-riders strong. With Travis Cortis simply touching the gate, this was a free ride to the main event for the other four riders. In the main. It was a tight pack going into turn one with Wes Reel holding onto a slight lead over “Choo-Choo” Tommy Healey (Overhaul Racing). Right behind them Josh Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) went down hard on the asphalt. All the way around the distance between them just stretched out. It would be Reel with his tenth win. Tommy Healey was second while third went to “Stone-Cold” Steve Scibelli. Hardgrove looked to be ok as he walked it off.

Thanks to Dan Urban for helping out in the tower today.
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