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71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

WEEK #11
JULY 28th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


So another scorching hot day with high humidity with temps maxing out right about 90. Only 66 riders turned out with a moto count of 17. But it was perfect for “Christmas in July”. With a huge Santa Claus greeting the riders by the registration building and many wise parents bearing gifts it was a real fun day in spite of the somewhat low turnout.

Johnny Saladin was named our Rider-Of-The-Week after his first Foothills win last week but, he wasn’t here so we will save his award until the next time we see him.

There were three pedaless pushers here and 5-year old Ryder “Hollywood” Champagne was dominate as he outran the two 3-year old’s he was matched up with. Skylar “Knucklehead” Hardgrove was pretty close behind him and would finish second while Danny “Moose” Demers, made it the entire distance unassisted in all three rounds.

13 Year Olds
This was a Total-Points race and it was between 12 and 13 year old’s. Marissa Lyman took the lead early in all three rounds and turned the hat-trick with a sweep. Dave “Farm-Boy” LaBarge kept the heat on and finished right behind her consistently while Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Company Inc.) would finish third.

26-30 Year Olds
This was the usual mixed bag of ages in Cruiser classes these days with the range going from 15 through 62 in this 5-rider mix. Throughout the qualifying rounds he battled hard for a qualifying spot but 62 year old Rog “Moto-Man” Billings just could not get those Scylent Rage Racing colors into today’s main event. Wes Reel would get his first Cruiser win of the year with a great effort. This was this 22-year olds second time on a Cruiser. Mike savage, who sacrificed a qualifying attempt in round one to fill in for me in the announcer’s tower, finished a close second in the main. An impressive run for this 52-year-old racer. Third went to 15-year old Evan Kryger.

6 Year Olds
This was a 5-rider class and the qualifying rounds featured some intense racing. The second round was crazy as Kristopher Devaux would self-destruct while leading in the third straight. Dylan Koerner, who only raced here twice before but that was last season, was running in the last place position at the halfway point and passed everyone to earn a qualifying spot. In round three it was Cole Lyman passing Logan Barker for the last spot available in reach the main. In the main it was a special day for Scylent Rage Racing’s William Adams. In seven tries here this year he could not get across that white finish line stripe in the top spot, that is until today. Not only did he pull off his first foothills win but it was #10 in his career earning him his Intermediate ranking. Well done for this Dover Plains New York racer.

9 Year Old’s
Back to Total-Points racing for this three rider class and it was between two 9-year old’s and one 8-year old. Aryana “Slayer” Labarge was simply uncatchable today as she would not only win but sweep every round for the full Circle Bike shop folks. Zuleika Bruno, making her Foothills debut was second while 8-year old Torrington racer Noah LaFrance was third.

11 Year Old’s
This was a 4-rider grouping with two 11-year old’s and two 10-year old’s. Unfortunately for one of the 10-year old’s, first time Foothills rider Collin Ramsey, he would miss the transfer out of the motos. He just needs to get here more often to get the track dialed in and he will be a Rock-Star. In the 3-rider main event it was all Kenan Borelli as he earned his second Foothills win of the year with a great lap. Whip-city star Thaydin Peluyera, making his first trip to Foothills solid was second while third went to Hunter Phoenix.

46-50 Year Old’s
The last Novice class was this 5-rider bunch where everyone wore yellow colors except one “Black-sheep” of the group Tim Adams. ┬áTim is a member of Scylent Rage Racing but hasn’t been provided with a team uniform yet. Maybe he was blinded by the light but he would miss the transfer out of the motos. He seemed ok with that as it gave him time to bask in the glory of his son William’s move up win just four motos earlier. This main would see Shawn Kennedy grab his first win of the year. Todd Borelli was all over him tighter than a wet tee-shirt but could not find a way around and would settle for the second spot. Third went to Rog “Moto-Man” Billings for Scylent Rage Racing.

9 Year Old’s
This was a 4-rider group which included one girl rider. After the qualifying rounds the hard luck guy today was Grant Borelli, who moved up to the Intermediate class just two weeks ago. This was the first time this 5-time Foothills winner would miss a transfer here this season in 10 attempts. Jeff “Dreamweaver” put another win in the record books. A feat that he has done 6-times earlier this season here. Noah Hardgrove was second while finishing third was Natalie Kent.

11 Year Old’s
Total-Points was the name of the game for this group but one rider changed his shirt after the first two rounds. Dion Hurley, who wore his Foothills BMX shirt inte first two rounds, in which he won, Showed up in round three sporting the colors of Family-Pride-Racing. That’s right, he was picked up half-way through the day and finished off now representing his new team with another win, his fourth of the year here. Taylor Einarsen (Ramp Farm Racing) was second with the third spot going to the Trumbull colors of Johnny Urban.

13 Year Old’s
This was a Total-Points race that resulted in the same finishing order in all three rounds but it sure was close each time. Marissa Lyman, reining track champion and Gold-Cup #2 Samantha Sperrazza pulled away from new rider Naomi Bruno. Marissa and Sam were wheel to wheel but it was Marissa who prevailed every time. Sam was second with Naomi third.

15 Year Old’s
this was a 5rider group that include one Novice rider which was really unfair to her. Emily O’Connor was making her first trip every from Springfield and had no other 15 year old Novices to race so she was placed in this group where she would earn Intermediate points if she was able to qualify. It didn’t happen and we all felt bad for her as she had to watch from the sideline. To make her experience even worse she in turn 4 in the last chance qualifier. Shamus Crane (Family Pride Racing) wrecked hard over the fourth of July holiday at the Stars-N-Stripes National and hadn’t raced since until today. It looks like the time off served him well as he won the main with a great lap for his second Foothills win this year. Noah Toney pressured him but would settle for second while the third spot on the podium went to Evan Kryger.

26-35 year Old’s
with this being a 4-rider class, one would be eliminated in the qualifying rounds. This time it was Joe Broderick for the second week in a row missing the cut. Joe is still in come-back mode after taking years off from racing. He was once a front runner and he will be again if he says with it. Todays main saw Wes Reel make it six out of seven with another win and a “double” for the day after winning his cruiser class as well. Kyle Lyman, maybe looking the best I’ve seen him this year, was a close second while third would go to Josh Hardgrove. Wes and Kyle are both Experts so its Expert-points for Josh.

36-40 Year Old’s
another Total-Points event and this one also would feature the same order in all three rounds. It looked like it might change in the third round after Trevor Toney and Dan Rice finished 1-2 but Steve Scibelli, looking like he had Dan set up for a last turn pass, blew a tire flying into turn 5 and went down in flames. He was OK but now has a tire repair in his near future.

7 Year Old’s
Yet another Total-Points race and another one where a racer changed his shirt going into round three. This time it was Devon Hurley who got picked up by Family Pride Racing and he also presented them with a win. This was his fourth here a Foothills this season. Logan Rice put in a great effort and finished second while 5-year old Intermediate crowd favorite Bash Noteboom (Family Pride) was third. Bash earns Expert Points today.

12 Year Old’s
The largest class of the day was the 12-year Old grouping with 6-riders entered. All were either 11 or 12 years old and one was an Intermediate looking to earn Expert points if he could qualify. This was Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (associated Lightning Rod Company Inc.) and he did qualify. The hard luck guy was Blake “The Snake” Babcock who hadn’t been here in a couple of years. He just was familiar with the track anymore and missed the cut. Family Pride’s Josue Bruno held off a very determined Noah Andersen for todays win. Noah tried numerous times to pass but Josue was able to hold off his challenges. Noah settled for second while third went to “The Hammer” Wes Hamel, also riding for Family Pride.

14 Year Old’s
Aidan Biello made it three weeks in a row occupying the top spot on the podium with an impressive effort. This former Track champion had to beat 4-time track champion Trevor “Superfly” Cooper to do it. Trevor is 13 years old and could not get in front of the two 14-year olds. Behind Aidan was Dylan Barker. All three rider for Ramp Farm Racing. Anther Ramp Farm racer, 13-year old Kayden Smith, was the rider missing the transfer out of the motos.

51 & Over Experts
This was a Total Points shootout with one Expert and two Intermediates battling hard for the top spot. Connecticuts BMX legend Mike Savage was the only Expert. Tim Brown, 10 years younger than Mike is won round one with Mike second and Jeff Sperrazza third. In round two Mike would even the score with a win setting up a tie-breaker for round three. Tim would start that round on the inside of Mike in the gate. But Mike used an incredible snap at the start and beat Tim to turn one. As they sped all the way around Tim stayed close but the rhythm section, a feature that suits Mike’s incredible skills to a “T”, proved an advantage to Mike and half-way through Tim gave up the chase and settled for second place. Jeff remained in third in all three rounds.

After the racing was over the “Christmas in July” Gift exchange took place and proved to be a ton of fun to all participants.

Thanks for everyone who came out in the heat today. We sure appreciate it. The vibe at foothills if one of family togetherness and fun. That’s what we have been shooting for. See you next week.

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