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JULY 7th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


Already heading for the dog days of summer today was a little break from the recent heat wave. This is a week that is very difficult to predict what the rider count will be with the big Starts-N-stripes National event at South Park in Pennsylvania. Last year we had just 57 riders so would this year be a repeat? Well, not exactly, we did enjoy 80 riders split into 22 motos so it was about an average race day based on our 2019 numbers.
The Rider-Of-The-Week was named, and it went to 11 year old Novice rider Colin Leblanc. Colin earned his 9th win last week making today possibly even a bigger special day for him. He said that his favorite rider is Caleb Kaleta.

There were four pedal-less pushers here today ranging in age from 5-years old down to 3-years old. 5-year old Ryder “Hollywood” champagne won all three rounds but he had to work for it. 3-year old Skylar “Knucklehead” Hardgrove, sporting some new Full Circle Bike Shop colors, was right on him every round. Bennett Pieterse was third and “Dangerous” Danny Demers looked really good today with a fourth place finish. Both Bennett and Danny are 3-years old.

12 Year Olds
There were four cruiser classes today and all were Total Points races with only 3-riders in each group. Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) won for the fourth time in as many try’s here this season.  He made it look easy with a sweep of the rounds. His team-mate, Dave “Farmboy” LaBarge was second while Chris “Sparky” Pedersen was third.

15 Year Olds
This Total Points race was another sweep and this time it was Tyler Farwell (Yess Devo). This was Tyler’s first time on a Cruiser here this year. Marissa Lyman, was impressive as she is just 13-years old racing these two “big guys”. Evan Kryger was third.

31-35 Year Olds
“Choo-Choo” Tommy Healey nailed down the first two rounds of Total Points racing to ensure his overall win despite a second place finish in round three. Cliff “Ludacliff” Benoit was second (Love the new duds” while third went to “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli.

46-50 Year Olds
The fourth consecutive Total Points race saw Mike Savage dominate with the sweep. Rog “Moto Man” Billings (Scylent Rage Racing) and Ryan Murphy traded second place finishes in the first two rounds. Ryan would win round third and earn second place overall for the day.

6 Year Olds
This group featured five riders battling hard in the qualifying rounds for the 4 spots in the main event. The final qualifier saw “G Force Grahm Paterson and Cole Lyman make the transfer after Parker Moriarty wrecked down in turn 4. Parker was ok and jumped back on his bike but it was too late to catch Cole. In the main event Kristopher DeVaux, a new rider just three races ago, won for the third time this season. That’s an amazing accomplishment for the kid who rides out of Winsted. Scylent Rage Racing’s Will Adams was a solid second while 4-year old Cole Lyman (Overhaul) was third. I gotta give kudos to today’s fourth place finisher “G-Force” Grahm Patterson all the way from Pennsylvania.

9 Year Olds
This was another 5-rider shootout and a tough day for one guy. Hunter Woof would crash in practice and then suffer the same fate in round two of qualifying when both he and Dylan Murphy would wreck. They both did eventually qualify as Pat LeBlanc was the hard luck rider that missed the cut. In the main event Grant Borelli put another win in his personal record book for the fourth time here this year. He must be within a win or two of his move-up. Hunter Woof showed some great intestinal fortitude with a nice second place finish after the two wrecks he was in. Aryana “Slayer” LaBarge was third for the Full circle Bike Shop folks.

11 Year Olds
This class featured a new rider as Jason Basti, from Plainville, was in his first BMX race. It would not turn out as good as he expected. In the second round, he and Kenan Borelli tangled and wrecked at the bottom of the second jump. Both would eventually get up and ride off but Jason did not make the start in the last qualifying round We all hope he is OK. In the main it was our reining Rider-Of-The-Week Coilin LeBlanc duplicating what his favorite rider Zach Rukakoski did two weeks before; He earned his tenth win and has raced his last race as a Novice. Well done Colin, what a day! Kenan Borelli salvaged a solid second place award while third went to Hunter Phoenix.

Jason Basti and Kenan Borelli
Go down hard entering turn 1

13 Year Olds.
This was a Total Points event with just three riders here. It was made up of two 12-year olds and one 13-year old. The 13-year old was Ramp Farms Vico Tirillo and he grabbed the lead early on in all three rounds and swept the class. Liam MacNeil would finish second two of the three rounds thus earning second place overall while third went to John Saladin. This was Vico’s third win here this season.

41-45 Year Olds
This Total Points race also featured a first-time rider. In this one it was Jason Basti, father of Jason who cashed earlier in the second round. Jason sure looked like he has ridden before as he displayed some impressive skills and earned the “perfect” with a sweep. Brian Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) was second while third went to Tim Adams.

8 Year Olds
Blake Gauthier, who won his last time here, could not make it out of the qualifying rounds today in this 4-rider mixed age group class. A crash in the last chance qualifier sealed his fate. Two of the riders were only 6-years old and Blake was one of them. In the main it was Logan Moriarty getting the job done as he won for the second time here in as many tries. Noah Hardgrove, sporting the colors of the full circle Bike Shop for the first time was second. Dave Crichton rounded out the top three.

10 Year Olds
This was also a 4-rider grouping. Despite a valient effort Brody Kesl, Scylent Rage Racing, could not shake off the vacation rust and just missed qualifying. The main saw Jeff “Dreamweaver” Weaver win for the 5th time here this season in just 7 attempts. Jeff is the Intermediate class points leader this year and certainly helped his quest to be best today. Johnny Urban, who was racing his first race as a 10-year old looked great and occupied the second tier on the podium one day after his birthday. Third went to Natalie Kent.

12 Year Olds
This was a Total Points race and it was all “Sparky” Chris Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Company Inc.) with the “Hat-Trick”. Taylor Einarsen was second while Kevin Kelleher earned a third. This is “Sparky’s” first win this year making his sponsor proud I’m sure.

15-16 Girls
it was Total Points again and this time it was the ladies in the spotlight. With reining track champion Marissa Lyman and former track champion Ashley Jasensky in the mix, Sophia Machnik must have been just a little intimidated. Round one went smoothly with the order being Lyman, Jasensky and Machnk in that order. But round two as Ashley held a very slight lead on Marissa as they entered turn four, both would go down in flames as Sophia sped by. Both girls were laughing as the crash certainly was not a violent one and more of a tip-over. It was learned that Ashley’s brakes totally locked up causing the wreck. The final round order was the same as the first-round order resulting in the finishing order being Lyman, Jasensky and Machnik. Sounds like a law firm.

1o Year Olds
Yet another Total Points race and this time it was Breton Provencal on the podium’s top spot with the “perfect”. Sawyer Spence was second and third went to Jayden Kent. Breton has not lost here this season in four trips.

12 Year Olds
This was a hot class with 5-riders going for it. The “Undertaker” Jonah Graves was first to qualify and became the favorite to win the main event. His team-mate Shane “Hurricane” Upham joined him in the starting line-up out of round two. In round three it was the third “Full circle Bike Shop” rider Dave “Farmboy” LaBarge and Noah Andersen making the main event leaving the only 11-year old in the mix, Ben Machnik forced to watch from the sidelines. Jonah did win the main event with David second. Third went to Noah preventing a podium sweep for the Full Circle Bike Shop gang.

13 Year Olds
Four-time track champion Trevor “Superfly” Cooper made this Total Points race look simple as he put his Ramp Farm colors across the stripe first in all three rounds. Kayden Smith held off Jacob Faunce two of the three times for second overall.

15 Year Olds
Evan Kryger, the only Intermediate in this class would be the rider eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Tyler Farwell earned his fourth Foothill 20” win this season which made today a “double” for him after winning Cruiser also. Former champ Aidan Biello was second while third went to Kyle Lyman (Overhaul).

17-20 Year Olds
in this one “Jumpin-Jerry” Taylor was back after a years absence. Jerry could easily have qualified for the3-rider main event but pulled up and let Sam Taylor go by to earn the last spot. Always good to see Jerry and we hope he races more this year. In the main it was Colin Morini, the only Intermediate rider in this main win it for full Circle. Must be that shirt! Josh Faunce was second while Sam Taylor was third.

26-35 Year Olds
Last week Josh Hardgrove earned his move up to the Intermediate ranks. It was a huge jump for him today when, without enough 26-35 Inters in the house he was combined into this Expert class. Josh, now riding for Full Circle Bike Shop, missed transferring out today. Welcome to the Intermediate ranks Josh. Josh Santiago, who we haven’t seen here this season and only once last season, won todays main event and broke the string of four consecutive wins by Wes Reel who finished second. Third went to Choo Choo Tommy Healey (Overhaul).

51 & Over
This last race was a Total Points race and Make savage made it look easy. Cliff Benoit (Team K-Mart) was second with the third spot going to Anthony Carneglia.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, It was really a fun day. Our next race is Thursday and no racing here next Sunday.

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