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71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

JUNE 16TH, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


So, With today being Father’s Day and a very iffy weather forecast, coupled with a Gold Cup qualifier in nearby New Jersey, we did not expect a big crowd on this day and that’s exactly what happened. With on and off rain falling up to 10:00 am, the rider count was sparse with just 64 entries split into 16 motos.

Our Rider Of The Week was Cole “Lil Lyman” Lyman after this 4-year old nabbed his first win on a bike with pedals ever. He said that Ryder Champagne was his favorite rider. Ryder, is still running a Balance Bike. When Cole was asked if Ryder’s father had paid him off to say that, Cole responded without hesitation with “YES”! Later, Ryder’s dad said any bribe was simply with a cookie.

Cole Lyman
Named Rider-Of-The-Week
Speaking of Ryder Champagne, he was here along with two other competitors in the one Balance Bike Moto. Ryder would stomp his was to a sweep on the motos with Dylan Thompson and Danny Demmers in hot pursuit. Dylan is only 2-years old.

After looking at local weather radar, it was decided that using the two-moto transfer system would be the smartest thing to do so that everyone, including volunteers who need to pick up all equipment, could stay somewhat dry and get home early to enjoy the remainder of Father’s day with family.
We started 15 minutes early as registration had closed at 11:30 and everyone had checked in.

The first gate drop was for the 17-20 Woman’s cruiser class in the first of many Total Points shootouts. In this one it could have easily been called the Cortis class as all three riders were sisters. In round one it was Savanna Who would cross the stripe first. She took the lead when her sister Shyanne looked to shut down entering turn three. Savanna went to the outside and looked like she was going to go right through the fence at the top of the berm. Her brakes worked and she just missed it. In round two it was Kaylynn earning the win. Round three ended with Shyanne winning it giving her the overall win by using the third round as the tie-breaker as all three would end up with 6 points! Obviously, it must have been all set up to end like that. Officially it was Shyanne, Kaylynn and Savanna 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The next Cruiser class was the 13-year old gang and another total points race. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves raced his first ever Cruiser class at Foothills and put his Full Circle Bike Shop colors on top of the podium. Jonah had raced his first Cruiser race ever the day before up at Whip City. Marissa Lyman for Overhaul Racing was second third went to Chris Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Company Inc).

The last group were the three riders in what was called the 31-35 class. It was 43-year old Tim Brown, 34-year old Steve Scibelli and 52-year old Mike Savage. The first round was the most competitive as Savage used a sweet move in the final turn to just edge Tim at the stripe. The next two rounds would be Savage, Scibelli and Brown resulting in that order as the official finishing order for the day.

There were 5-riders in the 5 & Under Class and after the two qualifying rounds, “Mr. Cool” Malachi Goggins would be the hard luck rider who missed the cut. The remaining four riders transfer to the main event where two of them were in enjoying their first race day. 5 year old Kristopher Devaux had just signed up while 5-year old Averi Wadman was making her debut on a pedal bike. The two veterans in the mix were 4-year old Logan Barker and 4-year old Cole Lyman. When this group crossed the finish line Kristopher Devaux was there first in his first race! Second went to Cole while third went to Averi in her first race. Wow!

With only two riders in the 6-year old bracket and two in the 9-year old class, under USA rules it takes three to make a class so both groups were combined into one 4-rider class. Unfortunately, it was 6-year old William Adams, who traveled all the way from Dover Plains New York, the rider who did not transfer after making the main in all three previous trips here. 9-year old Grant Borelli showed that last weeks win was no fluke as he pulled off another victory and made it look somewhat easy. “Slayer” Aryanna Labarge was second while yet another brand-new rider, Rahley O’Connor was third. Rahley had just bought a one-day membership.

Next up was the 11-year old class and this was a total points, three-rider shootout. Round one saw Kenan Borilli edge Antonio Amisano at the stripe with John Saladin third. Round two saw Amisano and Borelli finish in that order setting up a round-3 tie-breaker. With both riders having won here this year, it would be win #2 for one of them. In the end it went to Antonio with Kenan second and John third. John had only raced here twice before but was making his first trip here this season. We hope this Falcon BMX racer returns soon.

There were 5-riders in the 41-45 Novice group with ages ranging from 29 to 52. The same fate that fell on William Adams earlier when he missed the cut in his group, happened to his dad just two groups later as Tim Adams would also not transfer into his main event. So, here we have another new rider with a one-day membership in the group and he was riding a bigger bike as it looked more like a mountain bike, won the event. Dennis O’Connor will most likely extend his membership to a full membership after both he and his son made their mains with a one-day. Shane Hayes would finish in the second spot while Brian Kesl (Schlent Rage Racing) Rounded out the top three.

First up was the 9-year old group of 5-riders. Evan Wadman was the only 8-year old here and, despite a valiant effort, would just miss making the cut. “The Dream Weaver” Jeff Weaver won his second race of the year here and moves to the top spot in the race for the Intermediate Class championship here at foothills. (Weekly points will be posted after next weeks race). Natalie Kent continued her great riding with a solid second while third went to “The Urban Legend” Johnny Urban. Johnny had a shot at a win but wrecked on the second straight. A wreck in the same main by Brody Kesl (Scylent Rage) in turn 5 allowed Urban to salvage the last spot on the podium. Both riders were just fine.

Johnny Urban wrecked
going into turn 3
Brody Kesl wrecked
in turn 5

The largest class of the day was the 13-year old grouping but included two 12-year old Novices and one 13-year old Girl. Peyton Pulaski (Warped BMX) has only been here twice this season and she won both times. That streak continued today as she was definitely in a class by herself and went nearly unchallenged. “Quick Nick” Krupa was a distant second while Chris Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Co.) was third. Lucas Holda, for the second week in a row, just missed transferring out of the qualifying rounds.

The last Intermediate class was the 41-45 gang of 5-riders. Two of them were Experts so it’s Expert points for all who qualify. “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli was odd man out despite drawing gate one in the last chance qualifier. In the main it was “Sound the bell as school is in session” as the teacher, Mike Savage schooled them all with another impressive win. Tim Brown was a close second while Trevor Toney fought a good battle and finished third.


Back to total points racing for the 10-year old group. Breton Provencal (Answer Northeast Factory YESS) had it all his way and he nailed a perfect with a sweep. Jayden Kent was solid and earned a second place award while third was Jayden Jones. Jones was the only Intermediate in the group but earns 63 points for racing experts.

The 12-year old class was next and was four riders strong. Unfortunately, one of the four was 11-years old and it was “The Hammer” Wes Hamel who was eliminated. This was only the second time in two years that Wes missed a cut. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) won for the third time here this season in as many tries. Noah Andersen (Ramp Farm racing) looked good with a second place finish while third would go to “Farm Boy” Dave Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop).

The 14-year old class featured 5-riders with four of them being current of former Track champions. Through the two qualifying rounds they battled, and it would be 3-time and current female Track champion Marissa Lyman who was eliminated. 4-time and current Track Champion Trevor (Superfly) Cooper was dominate and won the main event. Former Champ Aidan Biello was second while Noah Toney was third in this star stacked main event.

The “Mod-Squad” 16-year old Experts saw a class with 2 experts and 2 intermediates battling for the three spots in the main event. 15-year old Emily Aldo was the rider to be eliminated. Kyle Lyman (Overhaul) won for the second time here this season as he held off a good effort from Travis Cortis who finished second. Third went to Eric Pulaski out of Meriden.

The last class was 21-35 Experts and a 3-rider total points race. With only one Expert Wes Reel would have it all his way but it was Expert points for the other two riders who were Intermediates. Kyle Cortis and Devin Murphy were second and third.

A lot going on in the state this coming week. Trumbull will be racing on Tuesday night for the first time this season, Bethel will hold its free Olympic night on Wednesday, Meriden does have a regular race on the USABMX schedule while Trumbull will host a state and Gold Cup Qualifier on Saturday. This is the second of four state qualifiers and you must race three of them to qualify for the state championship race in September. On Sunday we are hosting a Double-Points Bob Warnicke Scholarship race.

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