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71 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT.

MAY 26TH, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett




So here it is Memorial Day Weekend. Last year the weather was not great on this race weekend and we drew only 66 entries with 18 motos. With the State Qualifier next weekend and some track changes this year, it looks like some riders wanted to “test-ride” the track before the SQL. The weather today was hot-hot-hot as was the racing action. With 100 riders and 26 motos it was a pretty decent turnout.

Before we dropped the gate, we paid tribute to the memory of all who had served in the military and especially those who gave their lives. We played Taps then God Bless The USA.


The Rider Of The Week was Next ant it went to Johnny Urban, the 12 year old rider who earned his move-up to the Intermediate ranks with his 10th win last week. After a little coaxing “The Urban Legend” named “The BMX Legend” as his favorite rider. That would be Mike Savage who was in the house.

The "Urban Legend"
Earns Rider Of The Week Honors
Johnny Urban

There were 5 Balance Bikers racing and they were split into two groups. Moto 1 was the 5 & Over gang of three. Averi Wadman took no prisoner’s as she ran her way to three first place finishes. She calls Norfolk her hometown. Ryder “Hollywood” Champagne, from Ludlow MA. kept the pressure on with a solid second while third went to Danny Demers. Danny is only 3-years old and is still getting this Balance Bike thing dialed in but keeps making the trek to foothills from Chicopee MA. every week.


The next moto was just two riders and both were 2-years old. Dylan Thompson stomped his way to the finish line first in all three rounds. Ryder Vaill, making his debut in this sport would wreck in the second round and decided to sit out round three. Both these riders are from Torrington so we hope we see them often.


The first class from the gate was the class titled 17-20-year-old Women. In reality, it was made up of three riders ranging in age from 13-17 years old. Marissa Lyman, reigning female Cruiser class champion and 13-year-old, won the first two round but 17 year old Kaylynn ruined her perfect with a win in round three. Marissa would be our winner overall for the day with Kaylynn second and her 15-year-old sister Shyanne finishing third.


The 16 year old class featured 5 riders vying for the 4 starting positions in todays main event. As is the case in Cruiser classes these days the age disparity was large with riders ranging in age from 13-35. One 13 year old was Chris Pedersen, the Associated Lightning Rod sponsored rider, and he would be the one not making the cut despite a fine effort.


There were 29 Novice riders registered to race today. The first grouping was the 5 & Under gang. With four riders entered one would be eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Unfortunately for Brave Noteboom she would be the rider missing the transfer. Brave is just 3-years old. Ari Regan, in his first trip here from his home track in Bethel, won the main event with a great ride. Cole Lyman was a close second while Logan Barker earned the third spot.


The 7-year-old class was a three-rider wild and scary shootout. Eddie Delaware was solid in the first two rounds of this Total Points event and won both of them. Parker Moriarty was second in both round while Will Adams was third. But round three would change everything. Delaware would crash and not be able to finish. Parker would win that last round giving him the top spot for the day. Eddie salvaged a second place award while Will was third for the day.


In the 8-year old division there were five riders going for the gold. After the qualifying rounds, Southbury’s Christian Ramirez was the rider who just missed making the cut. The first one to qualify was Zachary Still and he did exactly what he did last week. He was uncatchable and cruised across the stripe for his second Foothills win in a row. Next came the two Springfield Rifles, Aiden and Ryland Flechsig to round out the top three tiers on the podium.


The 10 year old class featured two 10-year olds battling with two 9-year olds. One of the 9’s was eliminated in the motos as Aryana Labarge just missed again this week. With a strong brother to help her, it wont be much longer before she’s a regular in the main events. Todays main saw the Toby Schoonmaker working hard most of the way around as he looked to be a sure bet to put his second Foothills win of the season in the record books. As he powered out of the final turn it was time to bask in some memorial day glory. Toby stopped pedaling and was feeling really good about the day as he coasted to the finish line until Kenan Borelli, hard on the jammy, sped by him about 4 inches short of the line. Toby was shocked and tipped over as they crossed the stripe in second place. Grant Borelli was third. “YA Snooze…Ya Lose”


It was a Total Points race for the three riders in the 11-year old Novice class. One of them was a brand new rider as Blake Carbone was giving it a shot. Blakes desire to race is in his blood as his mother was our 1999 Female Track Champion. She was Jill Jenner then but after 5 kids now she is Jill Stanchfield. Blake did good for his first time out there after a fall in practice. But in the final round it all came undone as he fell going into turn three, jump right back on his bike only to fall again in the next 30 feet. This time he was slower to get up. He would finish third for the day. Antonio Amisano would make this his day as he won for the second time in as many weeks and he did it in stye with a “perfect” winning all three rounds. Hunter Phoenix was second overall.

Total points classes continued with the 14 year old group of three. Vico Tirello would also be a rider enjoying a “Perfect” as he swept all three rounds. Liam MacNeil hung on for second while Savana “NA NA” Cortis was third.


The 36-40 year old class was a four rider event but this might have been about who didnt make it opposed to who did. Chris Champagne pulled up halfway through the third qualifying round and appeared to be holding his chest. He told trackside officials that he was fine but its always scary whien you see something like that. I certainly hope it was just indegestion or just out of breath. In the 3-rider main event it was Sam Taylor all the way around for the win. Mike Amisano put up a good fight but would settle for second while third went to Brian Wadman.


The last Novice class was the 51 & over total points group. In a rare Foothills appearance, Scott Gonyer, from Chicopee MA was also “perfect” Scylent Rage racings Art Ramsey and Brian kesl traded second place finishes with Art getting second overall with the third round bridesmaid position.


“Perfects” continued into the Intermediate classes as well with Logan Rice putting his Warped BMX colors on the top spot of the podium in the 6 year old three-rider shootout. Cameron Rothemeyer was second in his first trip to Foothills while the third spot went to Bash Noteboom.


The biggest class of the day was the 8-year-old Intermediate class and there were big points on the line as there were two Experts in the mix. All riders making the main would earn Expert points. A fourth place finish in this race would be equivalent in points to a win in a pure Intermediate class. One Expert was Devon Hurley and he looked awesome with a first round qualifying win. But after three rounds it would be Haley Blackburn missing the cut. The main event started off as expected with Devon taking an early lead but out of the pack came Logan Moriarty and he was on a mission. When they reached the third turn Logan made his move and cut in front of Devon. Once in the lead he kept the door shut and held on at the stripe for the win. Devon was second while Hunter Heath, the other Expert, enjoyed an impressive third place finish.


Back to Total Points racing for the 10 year old group. Jayden Jones was “Perfectly” Happy as he won all three rounds. Schylent Rage Racings Brody Kesl and Johnny Urban traded second and thirds in the first two rounds but the ty breaker third round would got to the current Rider Of The Week Johnny “Urban Legend’ Urban for second overall for the day.


It was nearly a full gate of 12 year olds with 7-riders going for it. After Kevin Kelleher just missed qualifying the 6-rider main event was locked and loaded. As they raced down the front chute and up the second straight, it was a pretty tight mix of riders. In turn two the biggest wreck of the day occurred as three riders went down hard on the new asphalt. Chris Pedersen, Maddy Philbrick and Nick Tirendi were the participants in the motorless mahem in turn two. Chris and Nick got up fairly quickly but Maddy would take more time before she got those Full Circle Bike Shop colors off the ground. She would eventually ride it off. While all the carnage was going on, it was “Farm Boy” Dave Labarge for the Full Circle folks winning the main event. Tommy Allen was second in his first trip here while Taylor Einarsen was third for Ramp Farm Racing.


The 14 year old bunch was 4-riders strong. After the qualifying motos it was Kodi Carlson just missing this week. Chris Gonyer looked really good and finished in the top spot. “The Outlaw” Jesse Salva was second with Noah Toney rounding out the top three.


The 15 year old class was interesting. There were only three riders and only one of them was a boy. Former Track champion Ashley Jasensky and T.R.A.C.K.’s Emily Aldo were primed to do battle with Family Pride’s Shamus Crane. Ashley would put tremendous pressure on Shamus but he would not be denied this week. I’m not sure if it’s that he is getting the track dialed in or simply did not want to hear the obnoxious announcer tell him that he just got beat by a girl, but he was super today and won all three rounds. Ashley was second with Emily third.


The 21-25 class was really 15-21 year olds and only one of the three was an Intermediate as the other two were Experts. Expert Kyle Lyman looked great as he won two of the three Total Points rounds. Kyle Cortis was second for the day while the Expert, Travis Cortis was third.


The last class for this proficiency level was the 36-40 gang of 6 riders. With one Expert in the mix this would be a “Sound the bell cause school is in session” type of main event. Even with q Gold Cup #1 ranking, Mark Reale could not make the transfer. With Marcelo Oliveira holding an early lead it was time for Mike Savage to make his move as they headed up the long back straight. Mike got on the inside then led through the rhythm section and to the finish line. That’s two weeks in a row for the BMX legend. Oliviera was second with Matt Still earning the third spot.


First up was the Expert Girls class. It was three riders strong so it would be a Total Points event. With our reining female track champion in the mix, it looked like on paper that Marissa Lyman would have yet another day full of winning. Yep that’s what I thought too. Well in round one with Marissa in the most inside gate this might be a ho hum round. Bam the gate goes down and all the way from gate 7 Peyton Pulaski exploded out of the gate and took the lead as they dove off “The Cliff” all the way around it was Pulaski, Lyman and Sophia Machnik. Round two it was the same thing. Whoa wait could this happen three times in a row. You Betcha Red Rider! Peyton Pulaski pulled off the “perfect” and went home victorious. Marissa was second while third went to Sophia.


In the 10-year old group of three it would be all Dion Hurley. This Foothills regular from West Hartford earned his first Foothills win of the season with a “Perfect” in this Total Points shootout. Sawyer Spence, last weeks winner, was second today with Jayden Kent finishing in the third spot. Jayden is still searching for his old BMX nerves of steel that he once had prior to that awful crash last season that resulted in a terribly broken arm.


Five riders were here for the 12 Expert class and it was a wild one. The first round went smooth as Noah Andersen would earn his transfer to the main. It was round two where the craziness occurred. As the four rider qualifying group hit the “Cliff” Wes Hamel and Owen Golden got tangled up and went down. In the middle of that was Brandon Houle. Brandon was forced off the track before the next obstacle. He stopped then went again from that spot and never did get to turn 1. He simply went up the second straight. Initially he was scored earning the transfer but  an official ruled that he was DQ’d because of the cutting of the track. By USABMX Rule that was the correct call. The third round qualified Brandon and Owen while Wes Hamel did not earn the transfer. The main event went to Noah Andersen with some nifty moves on Owen “Ice Man” Golden who ended up second. Third went to Brandon Houle.


The 13-year old Expert class was interesting. Last year, in 19 weeks of racing, Trevor Cooper reining and four time Track champion, was only beaten once. That one time was the only appearance at FRoothills for RJ Reale. Today, this class was a three-rider total points race. The lineup was Trevor Cooper, Kayden Smith and RJ Reale. Would history repeat itself? In round one Cooper started ion the pole drawing gate #1. He would held off the efforts from the other two riders with RJ second. In round two, RJ drew gate 7 with Cooper in gate 5. RJ grabbed the lead in the first turn and held on the rest of the way. Going into round three it was a dead tie each with 3 total points. RJ was sitting good as now he was on the pole in gate 1 while Trevor is all the way over in Gate 7. RJ used it to his advantage and held off Trevor all the way around and still maintains the honor of being the only rider to beat Treavor Cooper in foothills BMX in over a year. Well Done!


The last Total Points race of the day was the 14 year old class. “The Westfield Warrior”, who we haven’t seen since last June at Foothills when he won then disappeared, came back today and picked up where he left off. Anthony Bartolo did it again and in “Perfect” fashion. Dylan Barker was second with Aidan Biello finishing third. This was a tight pack despite the consistent finishes.


The last race of the day was moto 26 for the 26-35 Expert class. It was another tough week for the Voice of Whip City as “Stone Cold” Steve Scibelli did not transfer out of the motos despite a great effort. Matt AMrkie, a brand new father earlier in the week, made it look easy as he captured the win for his beautiful new daughter Remmi. Brennan Struthers was second while Ryan Rappa was third.


Next week is the first of the Connecticut State Qualifiers. The entry fee is $25 and it’s a Double State and Double Track points event. Hopefully we have great weather with a great turnout. See you then.

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