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WEEK #17
Sept 8th, 2019
Story by Rog Plaskett


With just three races left going into today the point races have been heating up. The Big weekend races that we always compete against for rider counts are pretty much over but now we have another obstacle with a local track scheduling their remaining races at the same day and time that we race. Regardless of what has been said or posted, a quick check of old schedules on face-book shows that this conflict of schedules has happened every year for awhile but it did not occur until September 30th last year not September 8th. Anyway, after learning we had no recourse but to let the chips fall where they may, we just move forward and accept what we can’t change.
With great racing weather the rider count was the biggest it’s been in the last 13 weeks with 96 entries and 24 motos.

With 4 of these little sprinters in the house their usual foot-pounding races were fun to watch. 3-year old Bennett Pieterse continues his exciting brand of running style with a clean sweep of all three rounds. Carter Mancino, in just his fourth trip here looked strong and ran to a second-place finish. Josie O’Connor, a first timer at Foothills was third while Victoria Machnik pounded her way to a fourth.

The 12-year old class was actually made up with three 12-year olds! This was a Total Points Race and the Full Circle Bike Shop colors would be at the top of the podium as Dave “Farm-Boy” LaBarge was unstoppable. This was Dave’s 5th Cruiser win here this year. With Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Co.) finishing second today, LaBarge moves to within 38 points of Pedersen for the Cruiser Class Championship. Third today went to Zach Rukakoski who made his Cruiser debut here today.

26-30 Year Old’s
This was another Total Points race with only one of the three riders falling into the category of 26-30. It was the same order of finish in all three of the rounds with 22-year old Wes Reel, who has only been beaten once in 13 tries, put another one in the win column. 15-year old Dylan Rodriquez (Overhaul), who we haven’t seen at all this season looked sharp as ever and finished second. Third went to 30-year old Dennis O’Connor, last here in June.

31-35 Year Old’s
The last of the Cruiser groups was another Total Points race. After winning the first two rounds, Mike Savage simply needed a second place finish to enjoy his fourth Cruiser win here this year and that’s exactly what he did as he seemed to let “Choo-Choo” tommy Healey go to the point in round three. Tommy would win the battle, but the war belonged to Savage. Vic Rodriguez was third for Overhaul.

5 & Under
This was a large group with 6-riders registered. After three exciting rounds of qualifying, Skylar Hardgrove was the rider not making the cut, Whoa, SKYLAR HARDGROVE? Skylar “Knucklehead” Hardgrove was a Balance Biker the last time here but now, this 3-year old in on a pedal bike. Way to go Skylar. In today’s main event Logan Barker jumped to an early lead as the came out of turn 1. Cole Lyman, who was first to qualify, came out of turn 1 sitting in the fourth spot. As they hit turn 2, with Barker still on the point, the rider on the move was Lyamn as he got himself up to the third spot. By the time they got to turn 3, Lyamn was in second with his sights set on the rear wheel of Barker which was about 4-bike lengths ahead. Cole caught him in turn four but could not find a way around through the rhythm section. The sprint to the finish line belonged to Logan with Cole a close second and Brave Noteboom third.

6-Year Olds
This was a 3-rider Total Points race but Rahley O’Connor made it look very easy as she sweep every round and they weren’t even close. “Jumpin” Joe Lataille was second while Cooper Jarest was third.

8 Year Old’s
Total Points racing yet again in this one and, if you’re a fan of TV game shows you had to like this one. “Come On Down” was the battle cry in this race and the Price was right for Hunter Price as he would score the Hat-Trick. Torrington’s own Noah LaFrance continues to show his impressive improvement as he would finish second overall while the third spot went to Scylent Rage Racing’s Hunter Darmofalski.

9 Year Olds
With four evenly match riders going for the three spots in the main event starting gate, Pat LeBlanc, not a full time regular here, did not have time to get the track dialed in enough to qualify and was forced to watch the main from the sidelines. Zuleika Bruno, starting on the inside would make that choice gate position work for her as she took and early lead and led cost to coast for her third consecutive win here this season. Landyn Moynihan, who went down hard in turn 5 last week, sure looked fine this week and earned a solid second place finish. Third went to Olivia Kaleta, a star up at Whip City but only here twice this season.

10 Year Olds
It was back to Total Points racing for this group of three riders. Collin Ramsey, who, like his dad before him, earned his first win ever at Foohills. Collin did it the last time here and, after two weeks off from racing at Foothills, picked up where he left off and won again for the Scylent Rage Racing team who were out in force today. Collin did it with a sweep. This Warrior is honing his skills quickly. “The Slayer” Aryana LaBarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second while Hunter Price picked up the third spot.

13 Year Olds
with four riders entered the qualifying rounds were good battles. At the end of qualifying it was Naomi Bruno missing the cut. Starting between the other two riders, Vico Tirillo (Ramp Farm Racing) jumped out to an early lead. Liam MacNeil went right out there with him. Henry Morini, (Full Circle Bike Shop) who just started racing last week trailed in the third spot. As they raced around the course and towards the finish line, it was Vico Tirillo riding himself into the record books as he became the newest Intermediate in the country with a win by 5 bike lengths. Liam and Henry were second and third.

36-40 Year Olds
This was another group of four riders. Caissy Price, who just started racing in June, was the one rider not making the cut. This was her first time on the Foothills track. Shawn Kennedy, showing he is ready to move on up in proficiency, had it all his way in this main event. By the time they hit the half-way point he had a commanding half a straighaway lead. Brandon Leblanc built up a good distance between himself and eventual third place finisher Kames Kaleta. Shawn in a landslide in this one.

41-45 Year Olds
The last Novice class sure looked like a yellow wave as they sped around the track, That wave, however, belonged to the three riders running behind the team K-Mart colors of Peter Pereira, a regular at Falcon BMX. Pete led from start to finish. Art (Rock-Star) Ramsey was second with “Flyin Brian” Kesl rounding out the top three. Jason Darmofalski was eliminated by teammate Tim “Big_Timber” Adams for the last spot in the main.

7 Year Olds
This was a Total Points race and was made up of three different riders of three different ages. 7-year old Peter Pereira easily won all three rounds of action. 5-year old Bash Noteboom (Family Pride) was second and 6-year old Will Adams (Scylent Rage Racing) was third.

8 Year Olds
This was yet another Total Points race but would have Expert Points up for grabs as Expert rider Devon Hurley was in the mix. Devon (Family Pride) would put his tenth Foothills win of the season in the record books. Scoring 83 points for his efforts was Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) while Zander Monczka banked 63 points into his account.

9 Year Olds
This was a four-rider class and it would be Natalie Kent feeling the sting of not qualifying today. She put in a great try but could not find a way around Lucas Mancino for that last transfer spot. In the main it was “The Dream Weaver” Jeff Weaver winning for the 9th time here this season. However, this win was not an easy one as a much-improved Brody Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) Led all the way to turn four. Entering the rhythm section Weaver pulled of a sweet pass to take the lead through the 6-pack. Brody tried an inside move in turn five but lost his momentum and Jeff made it to the line first. Brody was second while Lucas Mancino finished third. This win mathematically assures him the Intermediate Track Championship baring a move-up or significant Expert points for Johnny Urban, who is now 241 points behind him with just two races left in the points season.

11 Year Olds
This was the biggest class of the day with 7-riders going for some Sunday Gold. Dion Hurley, the only Expert in the mix was probably a welcomed site for most of those point-chasing Intermediates as this one would not be Expert points for all who make the main. Unfortunately, it was Toby Schoonmaker not able to cash in on the points windfall as he did not qualify. Toby recently moved up a class and, like everyone else, is paying his dues. In the main it was really settled down the front straight as once they hit turn one the top three order went unchanged. All the way around and to the stripe it was Dion Hurley for the 9th time here this year. Zach Rukokoski was second with the third spot going to “The Urban Legend” Johnny Urban. Urban gains 14 points on Intermediate points leader Jeff Weaver but still trails by 241.

15 Year Olds
This class was four riders strong and it came down to either Jacob Faunce or Emily O’Connor making the main. They fought it out in the last-chance qualifier, and it was Jacob making the cut. This was only Emily’s second time here this year. In the main it was Noah Toney grabbing the victory. He and Dylan Rodriquez were side by side down the front chute but once Noah grabbed the lead in turn one it was over. Rodriquez (Overhaul Racing) was second while Faunce was third.

16 Year Old’s
Back to Total Points racing for this trio of riders. Tyler farwell pulled out the broom and enjoyed the sweep. Colin Morini made him work for it though and would keep his Full Circle Bike Shop colors in the second spot all day. Overhaul’s Kyle Lyman was third.

36-40 Year Olds
This class was another mixed class with three Experts mixing it up with three Intermediates. Chris Gombos, making his first visit to Foothills in so long he was a Novice the last time we saw him. His lack of experience on the Foothills track cost him today as he missed the cut. We sure hope he keeps coming back and gets it dialed in. The main event went as predicted with 22-year old Wes Reel winning for the 12th time here this year. Mike Savage, at 52 years old, had the lead coming out of turn one when Wes passed him. Wes held the lead by about two lengths going into the rhythm section where Mike caught him. Mike came close to a pass in the final turn but Wes out sprinted him to the stripe. Trevor Toney was impressive and finished third as the first Intermediate across the stripe.

17-20 Year Old’s
three rider shootout and it was 20-year old Devin Murphy for the third time this year enjoying the top tier on the podium. 13-year Marissa Lyman, this years eventual Female Track Champion, pushed her hard all the way around for a solid second while third went to Sophia Machnik. It was the same story in every round.

Total Points racing continued with this group of 11 year old’s. It was “Hammer-Time” and Wes Hamel (Family Pride) proved “Can’t touch this” was a good line in MC Hammers hit song and no one could touch Wes today. He sweep the motos for his fourth Foothills win. James Wolf. A stranger here this year only making 6 races was second while Ben Machnik finished third.

12 Year Old’s
It was a tough draw for Sparky, Chris Pedersen today as he was the only Intermediate riders in this 5-rider shootout. Chirs would watch the main from the sidelines. Down the front and up the second it was Josue Bruno and Gavin Suares going handle-bar to handle-bar. In turn two Noah Andresen took over the second spot and had his sites set on the leader of the pack Gavin Suares. Up the back stretch and now the order was Suares, Andersen with Dave LaBarge getting into the top three. Bruno had shut down and dropped to the back. At the stripe it was Suares, Andersen and LaBarge.

13 Year Old’s
The last two races were Total Points racing but were meaningful in the points chase. First in this on eit was Trevor Cooper earning 103 points with the win Nick Smith was second while Kayden Smith was third and just touching the gate.

14 year Old’s
The last race was Aidan Biello and Cylan Barker, two Ramp Farm Racing riders sharing mtot wins. The third round was a tie-breaker and it was Biello for the overall win. Barker was second and “Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer, after early season success here, would finish third this day.

So in quick recap the race for the Male Track Championship is as follows:
Trevor Cooper – 1563 points – Mike Savage 1543 points – Aidan Biello 1508 points.

These point totals will be verified by weeks end and should be considered unofficial at this point but what a race!

See you in two weeks.

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