Week #9
August 30, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett

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So, after a two week layoff, we were back at it today in spite of some unbelievable days of rain ending just 16 hours earlier. The track, which had been covered, was in great shape. Catamount BMX in Vermont scheduled their opening day today also and, knowing that many Massachusetts riders would be torn between coming here or going there, we expected a lower rider count than we have been enjoying lately. Averaging 190 riders per race this season, today we were at just 150. Non-the-less the action was good, and the weather was perfect.

We elected to not reveal the name of our rider of the week from our last race as that rider was not here yesterday. We will award that rider next week along with a rider from today.

This was our annual Race For Life charity event. This is something that USABMX tracks are mandated to do at one race per year. It raises funds in an effort to fight leukemia all in memory of a 12 year old Michigan rider, (Todd Kingsbury) who passed away in 1981 from this disease.

There were 13 riders in this category, and we split them into 3 motos. The first was the 4-year old group of 5 runners. Ben Hagan ran his way to a first-place finish in all three rounds. Parker Whalen was second while Cameron Barkyoumb rounded out the top three.|

The next group of 5 riders was the 3-year old division. Asher Smith was focused and out raced everyone in all three rounds. Walter Steins was third.

The last group of 3 riders was the 2-year old group. Tanner Smith did what his brother Asher did in the 3-year old class and won all three rounds. Ryan Lataille and Novah Heath were second and third.

Ben Hagan

Asher Smith

Tanner Smith

17-20 Year Old Women
This was a total points race and included riders aged 14 to 50+. Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) extended her winning streak to 7 in a row with a somewhat easy run today. Laiken Cormier, showing much improvement held off Marianne Sklarsky (Team Rubbermaid) for the second spot.

9 Year Olds
Dave Crichton (Frye High Performance) won his first Cruiser race here this season with a “perfect” in this total points race. Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second all day while Hunter Heath (Boosted BMX) was third.

13 Year Olds
This was yet another total points race and it would be another Full Circle Bike Shop rider earning the win. Dave (Farm Boy) Labarge won two of the three rounds to capture the flag. Chris Pedersen (Sand Road Animal Hospital) was second with the third spot going to “Zachattack” Zack Rukakoski (Overhaul Racing). This was Dave’s third Cruiser win.

16 Year Olds
This was the last total points race in the Cruiser classes and it was no contest as the only 16 year old in the mix, Logan Dimerski (Full Circle Bike Shop), had it all his way and he would ace the “perfect”. He remains unbeaten in the class this season. 14 year old Jonah “The Undertaker” Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop), was second with Isabella Nelson, (Hyper) also 14 years old, third.

46-50 Year Olds
This was a 7 rider group but, unfortunately, one of the registered riders was a no-show which ruined the qualifying rounds rendering them meaningless as all 6 riders would transfer to the main. Jason Moriarty would draw gate 5 in the main while Mike Savage (Crit Plate) was mired over in gate 8. The inside is always the preferred line here at foothills and Jason took the lead going into turn one. Savage could only follow him at that point and he did that all the way around the track in a two-rider break-away. At the stripe it was Moriarty, Savage and Rick Marceau (Overhaul) for third.

5 & Under
This class featured 5 riders. Skylar Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop), was the rider eliminated in the motos. She was the only 4 year old in the mix. The main event saw Jack Wendt earn his first Foothills victory with an impressive ride. Justus Pearson, made his BMX debut here today and scored a impressive second place finish. It looks like this Canton rider will be another force for the 5 & Under class to contend with. This third spot went to Bennett Pieterse.

6 Year Olds
Our local rider, Ryder Osorio, has been struggling a bit lately and he was the one rider who was forced to watch the main from the sidelines as he missed qualifying for it. Logan Rivera, who considers Falcon BMX his home track, nailed down his third Foothills win of the season. Bentley Preston, put in another solid effort and finished second. The third spot went to Chance Pearston, in his first race ever.

8 Year Olds
With only three riders this was a total points race. Brynn Whalen, whose home track is Whip City, has been coming here the last four weeks and her efforts paid off today with her first Foothills win. Brooklyn Blackwood scored her third consecutive second place finish here while Olivia Pieterse was third.

10 Year Olds
This was a large group of riders with 7 riders entered. Olivia Kaleta (Rubber Side Down), missed the cut despite a great try. In the main, the win would go to a hot-rod that has only raced once here this season. I have a feeling that we may see more of him now. Nick Maurati, whose home track is Trumbull, nailed down his 10th win as a Novice and moved up to the Intermediate class. It was a perfect lap even though he started way over in gate #7. Willow Hicks was second while the third spot on the podium was occupied by Dylan Murphy on his Redline racing machine.

Nick Mauriti receives his move-up certificate from Track Operator Jason Lyman

11 Year Olds
This was another good-sized class with 6 riders in the mix. Sam Bond (Agent 007) in his first race ever was the one rider who did not qualify out of the motos. We hope he is not discouraged as he showed some real skills out there. Finnian Cosgrove, riding out of Bethel Supercross, made his Foothills debut a memorable one as he nailed the win. James Drago, who just signed up two weeks ago, finished second today. “The Slayer” Aryana Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop), was third.

13 Year Olds
This total points race was one of those where the same finishing order occurred in all three rounds. Henri Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop), had it all his way and was our winner. Liz Doyle (Rubber Side Down) was second while third went to “Magnum Force” Magnus Harrison was third.

14 Year Olds
Total points racing continued with this group as did the repetition of the same order in all three rounds. Maddison Chalco, who has been on the injured list since late June, made her return to the active list and was hotter than a firecracker. She won all three rounds. Wyatt Keeler finished second while Addison Rushford (Boosted BMX) was third.

16 Year Olds
Emily O’Connor (Overhaul Racing), just missed the cut today. This was her first time here this year. Vinny Fahay (Full Circle Bike Shop), made it three wins in a row as he captured this one. Luis Rameriz (Boosted BMX) was solid with a second and he kept the pressure on Fahey all the way around. Third went to Zak Huard (Retribution Race Corp).

36-40 Year Olds
In this group there was one rider who was making her BMX debut. Looking like she was fresh out of Never-Never Land, Jen Lyman, wearing a racing tutu, did not transfer out of the motos but, she stayed on her bike. She is the track secretary and is now expanding her BMX experience. In the tutu-less main event, Eric Tindell, (Retribution Racing Corp) who was only here once this year when he won, did it again today. Andy Chalco was about five lengths behind and James Kaleta (Rubber side Down) was third.

41-45 Year Olds
In this 6 rider group Melissa Kaleta (Rubber Side Down) was the rider eliminated. Carl Carlson (Boosted BMX) decided three races ago to get back into BMX to join his son. Carl was a fixture down at Bethel Supercross when he was younger. Showing that his skills are still there, he won his third main event in as many tries here this year. Brian Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) was second while Scott Prekasi, making his first trip to Foothills, was third.

46-50 Year Olds
This was a total points even and it was “Flyin” Ryan Murphy, flying the Trumbull colors, coming out on top in every round. Jason Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second while Will Massinger was third.

7 Year Olds
This class has been kind of sad all year as Cole Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) is usually the only 6 year old here and is forced to race the 7 year olds. That was the case today and Cole would be the rider not making the cut. JD Lataille (Rubber Side Down) earned his fourth main event win here this year and he kept his perfect attendance intact as well. Gold Cup #1 Parker Moriarty was second while Collin Tindell was third.

9 Year Olds
Peter Pereira, after winning his main event just two races ago, missed the transfer today. He sure looked good flying the Falcon BMX colors. Devon Hurley (Family Pride), won his 7th main event in 8 tries as his impressive season continues. Dave Crichton (Frye High Racing), after missing the cut in his last race here, was back on his game today and finished second. Third place went to the first Intermediate across the stripe Dom Cheavalier. Both Devon and Dave are Experts so its Expert points for all riders making the main in this 6-rider class.

10 Year Olds
In this 6 rider shootout it would be Mikel Aubrey who was eliminated in the qualifying rounds. Mikel was making his first trip here this year and it appears he will need a little time to get the track dialed in. Logan Moriarty certainly has it dialed in as this Gold cup #2 rider won for the third time this year after not making the cut the last time he was here. Logan got a break as he was the only Expert in this group of Intermediates but its Expert points for everyone thanks to him. Zuleika Bruno came here for the first time this year and earned a very solid second place finish flying the Falcon flag. Brody Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) was third.

11 Year Olds
It was like a candy store from the brothers Hurley this day. After Devon won his main a bit earlier, it was now Dions turn to shine. He put his Family Pride colors in the winner’s circle for the second time this year. This was a total point race and its Expert points for everyone thanks to the presence of Dion. Nick Preston and Cooper Matlasz were second and third.

12 Year Olds
There was no combining of proficiencies in this 5 rider class as all were Intermediates. Gold cup #2, Hunter Phoenix (Retribution Race Corp) was solidly in a transfer spot going into the final turn in the last chance qualifier when two riders passed him on each side. It was a heart breaker for this rider from Plymouth Connecticut as he was coming off a big day down in Bethel. Last Wednesday night he earned his 10th Novice win, move up to Intermediate, and was immediately picked up by Retribution Race corp. Hunter is awesome! In this main event “The Gambler” Caleb Kaleta (Rubber Side Down), grabbed his 4th win of the year here with a flawless lap. Mikey Roy (Boosted BMX) was a close second while Toby Schoonmaker earned a hard fought for third place finish.

13 Year Olds
This was a total points event and a big one for last years Novice champion. Liam MacNeil earned his for Intermediate win in perfect style. He won every round. Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Sponsor) was second while third went to Nick Tirendi.

14 Year Olds
This class was 5 riders strong and included a girl. Not just any girl, it included our 4-time track champion Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop). She would not disappoint as she raced her way to her 4th win. Nick Smith, her teammate, was second while third went to Aden Newell. One of the favorites, Kraig Geissler, wreck in the second round and again in the main event.
It was a tough day for Kraig Geissler with a pair of crashes.

16 Year Olds
Riding with the Bethel Supercross colors, Sean Adams was the hard luck guy in this one as he missed the transfer. Connor Rooney, in only his second trip here, was putting on an aerial display and jumped into a first-place finish. Kodie Carlson (Boosted BMX) was second while Noah Toney was third.

26-35 Year Olds
This was a large class with 6 riders involved. Cliff Benoit was the one Expert who would allow Expert points for all. Billie-Jean Suares made her BMX racing debut and only fell once! She, however, was so slow, she almost lost the qualifying round behind her as she did the one, she was in. Seriously, she was a good sport and seemed to have had fun. The main event saw Shawn Kennedy (Liberty BMX) earned those cherished expert points with his third win of the year. Second went to Derek Schneider while the third spot was earned by Cliff Benoit (Misfits).

41-45 Year Olds
This was a total points race that included one Expert so its Expert points for all. The Expert was Rick Marceau (Overhaul) but it was Trevor Toney who pulled off his second win of the season. Rich was second with Scott Gonyer (Overhaul) third.

46-50 Year Olds
This class each week is dominated by one rider as he is, more times than not, the only 50+ Expert rider here and gets combined with Intermediates. Such was the case again today and it was Mike Savage (Crit Plate) winning and sprinkling Expert points to all who qualified. After 64 year old Rog Billings (Scylent Rage %Racing) was eliminated in a close final qualifying race. Peter Pereira was second behind Mike while Brian Brisson (Bad Apple) rounded out the top three.

12 Year Olds
This was a total points race and it was Zachattack) Zak Rukakowski (Overhaul) with the sweep of the motos. Wes Hamel (Family Pride) sure made him work had for the sweep and finished a close second while James Wolf finished third.

13 Year Olds
In this 4-rider class it was Brandon Houle who failed to make the transfer. The 3-rider main event Josue Bruno (Family Pride) jumped out to an early lead but, as they sped up the second straight it was Gavin Suares (Rubber Side Down) pulling off a sweet pass. He would hold off Bruno all the rest of the way and, as they crossed the stripe, it was Suares by one length. Bruno was second and Noah Andersen (Ramp Farm Racing) was third.

14 Year Olds
This was a total points race and it was a good one. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop), won round one. Isabella Nelson (Hyper) won round two. The final round saw Nelson hang on to the lead for the win. Graves was second and Trev Cooper (Ramp Farm racing) was third.

15 Year Olds
In this total points race it was “The Westfield Warrior”, Anthony Bartolo (Misfits) winning all three rounds. “Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer (Overhaul) was second in round two with Aidan Biello (Ramp Farm Racing) third. Biello finished ahead of Gonyer in the final round to finish second overall.

16 Year Olds
This was the last of the total points races and it was “Flash” Logan Demerski (Full Circle Bike Shop) winning two out of three for the overall win. Tyler Farwell (Time2shine) was second with third going to Kyle Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop).

17-20 Year Olds
With Terrance Williams being a no-show, the motos served no purpose other then gate practice as the remaining three riders would automatically transfer. In the main it was Colin Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop) putting yet another win in the books for (Full Circle Bike Shop). “Butter” Hunter Zeiner was second. Devin Murphy (Daylight Bicycles) was third.

Next Week is our Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race. Its a DOUBLE POINTER! You dont want to miss this one. See you then.

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