JULY 12th, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett


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This was our annual Daniel J. Plaskett memorial charity race with some of the proceeds going to the United Leukosystrophy Foundation in Dan’s name. This foundation does research to try and develop treatment and, eventually, find a cure for the disease that took Dan’s life. Adrenomyloneuropathy (AMN) is very rare and only about 30,000 people world-wide are afflicted. Aidan Biello was chosen as this year’s recipient of the Memorial Award.


Donna Plaskett (Dan's Mom)
Presents the Memorial Trophy
to Aidan Biello

Today was yet another large turnout with 216 riders registered and were split into 52 motos. Before we started we wanted to catch up on our rider of the week awards and, for the race held on June 28th, we chose Joe Toomey as the recipient. Joe wasn’t there so we will wait to find out who his favorite rider is.

For last weeks race we chose Willow Hicks. She said that Kirsten McDonnell was her favorite teammate and rider.

We had 11 of these ankle-biters in the house today and they were split into three groups (motos). The first was a 4-rider runoff for 4-year olds. Liam Vedder made it look easy as he ran away with the class and swept the motos. Ben Hagan enjoyed himself with a solid second place run. Mattie Doyle smiled her way to a third place finish. Olivia Cernak would finish in the fourth spot.

3-Year Olds
This was a three rider group and, like the previous group, all three rounds had the same running order. Asher Smith was first, “Runner-up” went to Keira Dobelle. Third place was Joe Williams.

2-Year Olds
Four Riders were in this mix of little people. Tanner Smith out ran them all and finished in the top spot. Novah Heath was second. Ryan Lataille and Carter Anthony were 3rd and 4th.

13-14 Year Old Girls
This was a Total Points race and, our current Girls Cruiser class champion, Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) made it look quite easy as she racked up another first place finish with the sweep. Mary Sloan was second and, making her BMX debut, Ella Urban, 32 year old sister of Johnny Urban, was third. Its highly recommended that Ella find a jersey that cover her shoulders the next time out as any fall could have certainly left a nasty mark.

17-20 Year Old Women
Total points racing again for this group of three riders and Amanda Orlandi made it two out of three weeks standing on the top spot of the podium when this one was over. Laiken Cormier was solid again finishing second. Caissy Price was standing tall with a third place finish.

41-45 Year Old Women
Once a fixture on the local scene, Marianne Sklarsky came out of semi retirement in honor of Dan Plaskett and she performed well. Using some of those old passing skills, she won two of the three rounds in this total points event. Kelly Theologou, all the way from Plymouth Massachusetts, made her first trip to Foothills a good one and finished in the second spot overall after winning round two. Sarah Huberty was third.

8 Year Olds
This was a 5-rider class and it was Lorenzo Guliani missing the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. In the main event it was Max Meinel with a great start and would lead from start to finish. Logan Kuhn stayed comfortably in the second spot while the battle for third was heating up. Dave Crichton looked like he would finish at least in that spot when he came completely unglued halfway up the second straight. He managed to stay on his bike but while he was doing the fliberty-jiblets, Carmine Angelo sped by him and would capture that spot at the stripe.

This was a Total points event and it was one of those with the same order of finish all three rounds. On the point was Chace Wilcox, “G.I. Joe” Olbreys was second with the third spot going to Ful Circle Bike Shop’s Noah Hardgrove.

13 Year Olds
With four riders going into the qualifying rounds it would be a frustrating time for one of them. After winning this class last week, “Farm-Boy” Dave Labarge (Full circle Bike Shop) missed the cut today. The competition was sure heavy this day. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves (Full circle Bike Shop) had it all his way and easily won the main event. NAG 9, Justin Donahue, making his first trip here this year from Rhode Island, was second and Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod) was third. Sparky lost all his chances at the start when he flipped the gate.

15 Year Olds
This was back to a total points event and it really was a two-rider breakaway between Shane Johnson (C-YAA National Team) and Isabella Nelson (Hyper). Braeden Mcdonald was making his first trip here and was still trying to get the track dialed in. Isabella made Shane run all three rounds flawless which is exactly what he did for the sweep.

21-25 year Olds
This was a four rider class but the name is deceiving. It was from 16 Years old to 30. The 30 year old, Joe Broderick, despite a valiant effort, missed the transfer out of the qualifiers. It was shaping up to be a classic shootout between Wes Reel and Logan Demerski but, at the start, Reel’s chain problems that he suffered all day continued and he was out of it on the starting hill. Demerski was gone in a flash! He cruised to victory with Steve Healey second and Reel walking across the stripe for third.

36-40 Year Olds
After a long absence from Foothills “Ludacliff” Cliff Benoit was back sporting a team Misfits jersey. Unfortunately, the track has changed since he was last here and he just missed qualifying. In the main event the gate position meant everything on the front straight. Tijaye Henderson had gate 1 while Charlie Fowler was in gate 3 with Jeff Orlandi over in gate 5. At the snap both Henderson and Fowler were handlebar to handlebar but, with the inside line, Henderson took the lead exiting turn one. Henderson led the rest of the way with a great battle behind him between Orlandi and Fowler. At the stripe it was Fowler for 2 and “The Rabbit” for 3.

46-50 Year Olds
this was the largest cruiser class 2ith 6 riders entered. The qualifying rounds saw some heavy hitters grab the transfer spots. Names like Savage, Moriarty, Marceau, and Brisson were all in. The last chance qualifier saw Price the last one in eliminating Frank Juliani. The main event was a classic. Mike Savage drew gate # 8 while Jason Moriarty was locked and loaded in gate #7. They both got great starts but just having the inside by only one gate position was enough for Moriarty to hold off Savage for the lead in turn one. Up the second and third straights it was a two-rider breakaway with Savage all over Moriarty’s rear wheel. Though the long straight and rhythm section Savage got within a half a bike for the lead. Hitting the final turn Mike dove to the inside but Jason was ready for it and made sure the door was shut. It was a great sprint to the line by these two veterans but in an upset. Jason Moriarty would beat Mike Savage this day. Third went to Overhauls Rick Marceau.

5 & Under
We will start this group with a full gate of 8 riders. This was nothing but mayhem everywhere. The second round saw a wreck in the first turn involving 3 riders as Kira Spence, Carter Mancino and Bennett Pieterse all tangled up. They would all be ok. Skylar Hardgrove wreck in the second turn.  In the main event Jace Parsons took an early lead but slipped a pedal just before the first turn and dropped back to third. Reid Waters was the new leader with Eli Skulte second. Down in turn two Jace passed Skulte for the second spot. Kainen Crowe was running third. In turn 4 Skulte dropped back to fourth as Crowe made his move. At the stripe it was Waters, Parsons and Crowe in a wild one.

6 Year Olds
Another big class with six riders vying for the 5 starting spots in the main event. After the qualifying rounds the one rider who was eliminated was Emmett Vedder IV who was making his first trip here from Highland New York. In the main it was al Owen Sanzone, riding out of Winsted, building up a big lead by the halfway point Behind him was Logan Rivera from Falcon BMX. Behind him was a big gap but that’s where the action was. Torrington’s Ryder orsorio was running third when he got passed by Bentley Preston on the second straight. In the third straight Orsorio returned the favor and re-took position three. It would stay like that even though Orsorio sat down the entire lap, he managed a third behind Sanzone and Rivera.

7 Year Olds
Chad Macdonald was the one rider missing the main event after the qualifying rounds in this 5-rider class. In the main event, only a couple of mains after his father pulled off the big win over Mike Savage, Parker Moriarty was on fire and it wasn’t even close. He scored an easy win. Soleil Schuster held onto second place holding off the charging Brooklyn Blackwood who would finish third.

8 Year Olds
Claire Williams, who signed up down at Bethel Supercross, was the rider who missed the transfer. The 3-rider main event saw Bake Price take off and never look back as he nailed his first Foothills win of the year. Molly Patrick, who was the first rider to qualify, was second while third went to Lorenzo Guliani.

9 Year Olds
Dominic Cunningham, in only his second trip here this season, was the hard luck guy as he just missed qualifying for today’s 3-rider main event. The main event was wild and wholly. Tommy Musarella and Rowan Harrison were battling hard all the way around with a couple of lead changes as they went back and forth. Everett Williams was running a few lengths back in the third spot watching all the action in front of him. When the top two reached the final turn, it was side by side for the sprint to the stripe. Just 3 feet short of the stripe they both went down in flames while Williams, in the right place at the right time, sped by them for victory. Wow, if you can’t be good you gotta be lucky and Williams was a little bit of both in this one. Harrison dragged his bike across the stripe for second with Musarella doing the same for third.

10 Year Olds
With six riders in the class making the main was gonna be tough. Tyanna Lepicier just couldn’t find a way to make it in. This was another crazy main event as Willow Hicks led all the way around until the fourth turn went she self-destructed all by herself and went from the penthouse to the outhouse in one turn. “The Slayer” Aryanna Labarge was the benefactor of Willow’s misfortune and inherited the lead and the win for the Full Circle Bike Shop folks. Landyn Moynihan was second with third going to Olivia Kaleta.

11 Year Olds
This was a 3-rider total points race and all three rounds would go to Drayke Palazzi. This was Drayke’s second Foothills win this season. Collin Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) was solid with a second place finish while third went to Hunter Price.

12 Year Olds
Janelle Cappa had not been here since last season and she found making the main event just a little to much this day and was forced to watch it from the sidelines. The riders in this one sorted themselves out early and there were no changes except the size of the distances between them. It was Henry Morini earning his second Foothills win, Elizabeth Doye for second and Hunter Phoenix for third.

13 Year Olds
Jocelyn Orlandi is trying so hard each and every week to make it out of the motos but still hasn’t been able to break through as was the case again today. But, with her willingness to keep trying that day cannot be far off. This was a 3-rider main event+ and not much close racing after the first straight. Zack Adams, wearing the Bethel Supercross colors, made it look easy as he scored the win. Magnus Harrison was second with Josh Styga third.

14 Year Olds
We went back to total points racing for this group and it was Kraig Geisssler acing the “perfect” with the sweep. Naomi Bruno was second and Wyatt Keeler was third.

15 Year Olds
This was another total points race and some sort of mix up happened in the first round when both Roscoe Spencer-Dubuc and Vinny Fahey missed the moto allowing Trey Lepicier win the round as a solo rider. When you miss a moto by USABMX rule, you get last place minus one so both received a “4” in this 3-rider race. Trey would finish second in the next two rounds but that ‘4” the other two guys had to take assured Trey with the overall win. Fahey would earn a second while Dubuc was third.

21-25 Year Olds
This was a four-rider class and, in the first qualifying round two riders missed their moto. I have no idea what was going on but obviously there was some problem. At the end of qualifying it was Courtney Vedder the rider missing the transfer. Adam Dougherty built up a lead so big he was in a different area code when he crossed the stripe. Christian Castro was a disdant second with third going to Maddy “Fake News” McKay.

36-40 Year Olds
It was nearly a full gate in the first qualifying round with 7 riders in the gate. By the time we got to the main it would be without “The Vyce Squad” Dani Vyce the rider eliminated. In the main the best move came in turn one from Stan Crowe as, while running in the fourth spot came through the middle of the pack up to the second spot. He would get no closer as Jaime sanchez held on for the win. Crowe was second and Justin Williams salvaged a nice third.

41-45 Year Olds
After Melissa Kaleta was eliminated in the motos, the 4-rider main was on. Tony Dickerson maybe blinded them with color as his bright red uniform was glowing as he took the lead and kept it all the way around. The next two guys were Scylent Rage Racers with “Big Timber” Tim Adams and Brian Kesl running second and third. Tony’s point total was missed on last weeks points cover sheet as he is sitting in the third spot in the Novice championship points race. Chances are he will be moving up to Intermediate class well before the end of the season. Points are updated each week so watch for it this week.

46-50 Year Olds
After the qualifying rounds which saw Frank Juliani, despite some very competitive racing, not make the cut. Scott Price was in a class by himself in this run as he just kept pulling away right to the stripe. Jason Graves put his Full Circle Bike Shop colors in the second spot after Mark Dukeman tried an aggressive inside move in turn one and lost all his momentum settling for the third spot.

51 & Over
The last Novice class was this total points race. There were no changes at all in all three rounds. Ronnie Donahue was first, Pat Golden III was second and Willi Massinger was third.

5 & Under
Moto 30 and it was a total points race. Tripp Fowler would win round one but finish third in round two. Dylan Dobelle finished second in the first round and won the second. Fowler would have 4 points going into the final round while Dobelle had 3. Dylan Dobelle won the final round giving him his third Foothills win for the season. “Rock-n-Roll” Cole Lyman, with his third round second place finish earned himself second overall while fowler was third.

7 Year Olds
There were 7 riders registered in this extremely competitive class. Will Adams, after a solid second place finish last week, could not put it together this week and missed the transfer. Logan Rice took off early with Dave Crichton in tow and it became a two rider breakaway. These two were about two lengths apart all the way to the stripe but Rice would hold on. Crichton was second while Joe Lataille, after a horrendous wreck in the first qualifying round, came back and earned a solid third. The good new is Logan is an Expert so its experts’ points for all riders who made this main event.

Joe Lataille loses it in turn one

Joe falls right in front of two riders

Kris Meinel and Cooper Jarest

9 Year Olds
After traveling all the way from Poughkeepsie New York, Carmine Angelo just could not make it into today’s main event. This one featured another rider out of the Moriarty racing stables. Dad Jason Moriarty won his Cruiser Main earlier. Parker Moriarty won his main event and now it could be a sweep as Logan Moriarty was in the mix. Caleb Palmer had a slight lead in and out of turn one but Logan (Gold Cup #2) was charging and charging hard. He took the inside line going into turn two attempting to pass and slid out wrecking. Caleb went onto the win with Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) second. Moriarty was ok and settled for third.

11 Year Olds
This was another good sized Intermediate class with 5-riders going for the gold. Lucas Mancino missed making the main event in this class today. Nick Preston took the lead on the front straight and held on the entire lap as Nick Sifuentes kept the pressure on. Siguentes would finish second while third went to Johnny Urban as he held off his Scylent Rage Racing teammate Brody Kesl for position three.

12 Year Old Inter
It’s always tough when a rider misses his main event by failing to qualify. Its especially tough when it happens after making the last 3 main events. That was the case today when Toby Schoonmaker missed for the first time this year. Colin Leblanc got the job done in his first visit here this year. Colin had two win here last year in 6 attempts. Second place went to Mikey Roy while rounding out the top three was “The Gambler” Caleb Kaleta.

13 Year Olds
This was a total points race and Chris Pedersen was back on top after the third place finish in cruiser. The Associated Lightning Rod Company sponsored ride was on the top spot on the podium in class for the first time since last July 7th 2019. Its been a long year. Second went to Liam McNeil, last years Novice class champion. Third went to Nick Tirendi.

15 Year Olds
It was disappointment for the Orlandi clan as Vinny just missed making the cut in this group today. The 5-rider main event saw Hayden MacDonald, after qualifying first, use the rest wisely as he captured his first Foothills win this season. Marissa Lyman just couldn’t find a way around him and finished a close second. Third went to Nick Smith for Full Circle.

16 Year Olds
Dylan Rodriguez aced a three-round sweep in this total points race for his first Foothills win this year. Jesse Johnson was second with Sean Adams in the third spot.

17-20 Year Olds
This was a 6-rider group and it would be Expert points for everyone as Matt Markie was in the mix. After Vanessa Fullam, in her visit here, missed the cut it was Matt Markie’s race to win as he was the definite favorite. “The Marvelous One” did not disappoint as he outraced Devin Murphy (Daylight Bicycles) who finished second. Third went to Ty Lepicier, who was the first Intermediate across the stripe.

26-35 Year Olds
Total points racing in this one and it was all Derek Schneider in his first win here in recent memory. Derek swept the motos. Josh Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) and Joe Broderick traded second place finished but Josh beat him in the third round giving him second overall.

46-50 Year Olds
After Art Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) could not find a way to qualify today, it was Expert points ofr the three riders that made the main. The challenge was to beat The International Man of Mystery and reining Foothills BMX track champion Mike Savage. Well, of course no one could and Mike scored his fourth consecutive win here at foothills. Brian Brisson was solid and finished second while third went to “Big Sexy” Vic Rodriguez.

12 Year Old Girls
This was another total points race and “The Fire Ant” Alyssa would win the first two rounds. Tayler Kuhn and Mary Sloan each had five points going into the final round so all Alyssa had to do was show up and she would win overall. She did just that and took a chill-pill finishing third in that last round but it was good enough for the overall win. Mary Sloan was second with Kuhn Third.

8 Year Olds
Logan Kuhn had a rough time and missed the cut today in this class. The 3-rider main saw the Family Pride colors standing on top as Devon Hurley led the entire lap. Max Meinel was really close but settled for second. Third went to Smilin Rylan Spence.

9 Year Olds
This was another one of those total points races that feature the same order of finish every round. Chace Wilcox was first, “G.I. Joe” Olbreys was second while Hunter Heath third.

10 Year Olds
It was tough to see Conor Christofori get eliminated in the qualifying rounds after a good showing last week. NAG #10 rider Justin Donahue sure showed us why he has a National Ranking as he easily won the main event. Sawyer Spence looked good and finished second. Third went to Dion Hurley (Family Pride).

12 Year Olds
There were just three riders left for the main event as Ben Machnik just missed making the main. Matt Meagher, on the moto sheets with bike #325 but running the #16 plate (Ugh) was the winner in this group. “The Hammer” Wes Hamel (Family Pride) was second with James Wolf finishing third.

13 Year Old Experts
Brandon Houle missed qualifying for the first time this year in a class that was 6-riders strong. Riding out of the Full Circle Bike Shop camp, “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves made it three wins in three races here this season. “The Ice Man” Owen Golden was a very solid second while Josue Bruno was third.

14 Year Olds
This class featured the biggest surprise I’ve seen at Foothills in a very long time. To my knowledge this racer has never missed a main event here. He is a 4-time Foothills BMX Track Champion. This week “Superfly” Trevor Cooper missed qualifying for the main event. WOW! Shane Johnson would go onto winning it. Isabella Nelson (Hyper) was second. Third went to Noah Laplume.

15 Year Olds
The “Wild Bunch” was only 3-riders strong this week so it was a total points race. “The Westfield Warrior” Anthony Bartolo won round one while “The Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer would win round two setting up a round three tir-breaker. Bartolo would hold him off for the overall win. Gonyer was second with Aidan Biello third.

16 Year Olds
The was yet another total points race but no tie-breaker needed in this one. “Flash” Logan Demerski put his third foothills win in the record books representing the Full Circle Bike Shop. Ty Farwell hell off Kyle Lyman (Full Circle) for the second spot overall for the day.

17-20 Year Olds
Despite trying hard Hunter Zeiner missed the cut into todays main. Hunter recently had major shoulder surgery and is easing his way back into racing. Slow but sure progress is being made. Wes Reel was the favorite here but mechanical problems continued and he would finish third. Colin Morini was second but no one could catch Nate Theologou, who made his first visit here memorable as he was uncatachable.

36-40 Year Olds
#-rider total points shootout was the situation in this class. Tijaye Henderson, coming so close the last two weeks, won for the first time here at Foothills this season with a complete sweep of the motos. Dan Rice was second as he held off “The Rabbit” Jeff Orlandi who settled for third.

41-45 Year Olds
The last class of the day was moto 52 and it was a total points race with all three riders finishing in the same order every round. Rick Marceau, who is just four years away from being eligible to retire from the fire department, was our winner this week and it was his first at Foothills in this class this season/ Cliff Benoit was second with the third spot going to Scott Gonyer.

It was another great turnout with over 200 riders for the second week in a row. The Plaskett family thanks everyone for coming out to this charity race in Dan's memory. It makes the 10 year anniversary of his passing just a little easier to get through.

See you next week

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