JUNE 25th, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett

These reports are created as remembered by the author. They may or may not be approved by The Litchfield County BMX Group, Inc. If any rider wishes to fix an error, please contact Rog Plaskett via facebook messenger.

It’s the fourth of July weekend and we are coming off two big weeks that featured over 180 riders in each race. Surely, being a holiday weekend with temps around 90, people would opt out of racing for some family time by the pool or campground. By the motos were posted there were 226 riders on the sheets split into 49 motos. Unfortunately, At least 7of those riders were no-shows so we will go with 219 riders. It has been an exceptionally long time since Foothills saw this many riders for a regular single points race.

With Roger (me) not being there this week, we decided to skip the regular Rider Of The Week presentation and will wait until he returns to catch up.

My situation was as follows: After last Sunday's race, I felt short of breath walking up to the upper parking lot and had to stop once just to catch my breath. Monday and Tues saw no improvement so I called my Doctor on Wednesday. He ordered the dreaded COVID-19 test which I took in Farmington Wednesday afternoon. By Sunday morning I was feeling better but, because of the holiday weekend, my results were unavailable. Self-guarantining I felt it best to stay away until I heard from Doc. This afternoon my test results came back Negative so i"m ggo to go for Sunday and feeling pretty good.

There were seven racers in this group, and they were split into two motos. The first were four 3-year olds. Asher Smith picked up were he left off on opening day and ran himself to three moto wins. “Chargin” Charlie Molloy pounded out a second-place finish. Third would go to “Leapin” Lucas Kohler while the fourth spot went to “Dancin” Keira Dobelle.

The second group was the 3-rider two year old division. Tanner Smith and Novah Heath traded wins in the first two rounds. The final round determined the finishing order for the day. It would be Tanner Smith, Navah Heath and Ryan Lataille.

15-16 GIRLS
Savanna Cortis made it to foothills from Chicopee for the first time this year. She did not get the track changes dialed in and was forced to watch her sister and 3 others battle it out in the main event. This was settled by the time they reached the first turn as there simply was no passing at all. Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) would lead the entire lap. Shyanne Cortis (Overhaul) was second with Laiken Cormier rounding out the top three.

31-35 WOMEN
this was a four rider battle and, after the qualifying rounds, Caissy Price was the rider missing the cut. In the main it was the same deal as the previous main with no passing. Jennifer Knapp, out of Troy New York, who may have een making her first trip ever to Foothills, was impressive in scoring the win. Kaylynn Cortis was second with Amanda Orlandi finishing third.

this class had 4-rider going for the three spots in the main event. Westfields Dave Crichton was the hard luck guy missing the cut today. Asher Hock, most likely making his first visit to Foothills since 2018, led the charge down the front straight. Going a little wide into turn one, Logan Rice got under him and took the lead. After that, the real battle was for second between Hock and Carson Burkholder. At the stripe it was Rice, Hock and Burkholder.

“Gi Joe” Olbrys, riding out of Rhode Island, made the long trip rather frustrating by missing the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. Joe hasn’t been here in a couple of years so he definitely was at a disadvantage. All the action was on the front straight in the main as a landslide of 4 riders were in a tight mix heading into turn one. It was then that Joe Knapp would wreck. No one else was involved and it was clear sailing for Tyler Marhafer, another New York rider making his Foothills Debut. He would win the main with Vermont’s Rider Richardson (Warped BMX) second and Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) in the third spot.

This was a 3-rider main event after Talen Russell, who finished second last week, failed to make the cut today. Last weeks third place finisher, Dave “Farm Boy” Labarge, who finished third last week, had it all his way in this one as the Full Circle Bike Shop Colors were on the point the entire lap. Landon Johnson held of Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod) for the second spot.

15 Year Olds
This was a total points race and Nick Barone would win round one but misfortune struck inn round two giving him a third with RJ Reale winning that round. In round three Barone had it all together and was back on top for the overall win. RJ was second with Shane Johnson third.

This was another total points race and one of those where the finishing order was the same in all three rounds. Wes Reel would earn his first Cruiser win of the year with Liam Knott second and JT Kelleher third.

The total points theme continued for the third class in a row. This one was unique with a different finishing order in all three rounds. “Choo Choo” Tommy Healey (Overhaul) would win the first two rounds while Joe Broderick and Dan Cortis traded second place finishes. In round three it was Healy with a big lead at the halfway point but Broderick was coming. By the time they hit turn four Broderick pulled off a classic swoop and passed Healey. He stayed in front the rest of the way. When the points were tallied it was Healey first, Broderick second and Cortis third.

So we interrupted the string of total points races with a four rider class in this one. Unfortunately, if anything could go wrong it certainly did for “Rabbit” as Jeff Orlandi missed out on transferring. If he watched the main he may have been glad he wasn’t in the mix going into turn one. They were virtually side by side and 3-wide in and out of the turn. Jody Toomey came out on top and led the way all the way to turn four. In the rhythm section Tijaye Henderson got along side as they went handlebar to handlebar through the humps. Toomey had the inside line entering the final turn and he crossed the stripe just one bike length ahead of Henserson. Austin Bolle had the road blocked inn front of him and would finish third.

Once Sponsored years ago by General Motors on the National Scene, Chris Deamelio would lead the charge in all three rounds of this total points race. Anther “blast from the past” Jason Moriary was second with New York’s Chet Mills third.

This was the last Cruiser event and another total points race.  Just looking at the moto sheet here it was easily predictable what the outcome would be4 and it was that way in all three rounds. The “International Man of Mystery” Mike Savage was first. Shawn Morris (Hostile) was second while 64 year old Rog “Moto-Man” Billings put the Scylent Rage Racing colors in the third spot.

This class has been large every race and today was no exception with 7 riders in the mix. I think one of these riders might have been a no-show as Jeremy Baio was the rider not making the cut. Other members of his family were given DNS so he may have also. Anyway, the main event it quickly became a two-rider shootout as Cole Friese and Kainen Crowe really went at it. There were numerous passes but the final one happened in the last turn when Crowe powered his way around the outside of Friese to capture the win. Kainen has never been here and made the long trip from Cap Cod well worth the ride. Friese was second and, rounding out the top three it was Liam Perrotte.

This was a total points 3-rider battle between riders from three different states. With a perfect three race sweep it was Rhode Island’s Jacob Molloy. Second overall went to Connecticut’s Owen Sanzone. Third went to Massachusetts Bentley Preston.

This one was screwed up from the start as 5 riders were registered but only three showed up. It was then a free ride to the main event for the racers that did show up. Cooper Jarest would make it three wins in a row as he was top dog again today. Parker Moriarty was a solid second while third went to Cheyenne “Mookie” Orlandi.

After the qualifying rounds eliminated one rider (Luke Mills) the three-rider main event was on. “Girl Power” was alive and real in this one as Molly Patrick was on the point the entire lap and could not be caught as she ran a prefect lap. Drake Videtto made her stay the course with no mistakes as he finished a close second. Third went to Blake Price.

This one was messed up also because of two riders that were a no-show. So originally it was a 5-rider class, because of the no-shows it was 3 rounds of meaningless qualifiers before the main event as all remaining riders were automatically in. In the main it was settled right at the start when Joe Toomey out snapped everyone on the gate for the early lead which he would never give up. All the way around it was the same order. Toomey, Bradon Martin and Ava “Aviator” McKay.

this was a good-sized group with 6-riders going for the 5 spots in the main. Tyanna Lepicier, who made the main last week, just missed the transfer this week. In the main it was a very tight group going into the first turn. They all got through cleanly but immediately sorted themselves out the rest of the way around. At the stripe it was Willow Hicks first. The “Slayer” Aryana Labarge second and Landon Moynihan third.

With only 4-riders registered, it’s always heartbreaking to eliminate a rider but such are the rules with the transfer system. This time it was Hunter Price suffering that fate. The 3-rider main event Ethan Cournoyer was dominant leading the entire run. Drayke Palazzi was second with Scylent rage racing’s Collin Ramsey third.

it was another tough week for Jocelyn Orlandi as she missed the cut but sure looks like steady improvement every time out. The 3-riders who did make the main event they put on a show. It was an very tight group most of the way around with Henry Morini in the lead. When they reached the rhythm section Dillon Smith took over. Henry Morini was running second out of the final turn. Smith held on for the win but an incredible sprint to the line by Antonio Amisano earned him the second spot as he sped by Henry.

This was one of the six classes today with 7-riders in the mix. Wyatt Keeler was eliminated despite a great effort to qualify. The main was stacked with talent. Roscoe Spencer-Dubuc used a nice third straight pass to take the lead away from Vinny Fahey. He would hang on the rest of the wy for the win. Vinny was second while Trey Leicier round out the top three spots on the podium.

It took three rounds of hard-fought qualifying to make todays main event. James Kaleta would just miss. The 4-rider main was a good one. Eric Tindell and Stan Crowe went side by side from turn one to turn four when Tindell finally got in front by a bike length. T the stripe it was Tindell, Crowe and Mike Amisano.

This was a four-rider battle for three main event spots and it was Brian Kesl missing the cut as the Scylent Rage local racer sat and watched for the second time this year. The main event was like two races. Chris Knapp led the first half with Tony Dickerson all over his action like white on rice. Into the turn three hole they dove, and Tony used a great cut in the turn to take the lead. He would go the rest of the way unchallenged for his second foothills win in a row. Knapp settled for second while third went to an incredibly improved “Big Timber’ Tim Adams for Scylent Rage Racing.

There were 6-riders going for some 4th of July glory in this group. Terry Miller would not make it out of the qualifying rounds in this one. The main event saw this become more of a battle for the second spot than for the top spot. Scott Price took off early and, by the halfway point was probably in a different zip code. The second spot battle was classic with a couple of changes, but the last pass belonged to Mark Dukeman as he held off Chris Rivera who finished a close third.

This was a 4-rider class with one rider eliminated in the motos. This week it was Nick Slater suffering that fate. In the main it was all Joe Lataille from start to finish. Dylan Dobelle was really impressive as he was the only 5 year old in this 6 year old class and finished a solid second third went to “Rock N Roll” Lyman. (Full circle Bike Shop).

Collin Tindell just missed making it out of his motos. Dave Crichton was first to qualify and first across the stripe in the main. Will Adams, who has failed to make the cut the previous two weeks, grabbed the last transfer spot today and then put the Scylent Rage Racing colors in the second spot on the podium. “Krankin” Kris Devaux pushed him all the way but stayed in third. Kris is still working out the kinks getting used to his new bike.

this was another of those huge 7-rider classes but unfortunately, it had two riders in it that were no-shows meaning everyone that showed up made the main. Logan Moriarty got the snap out of the gate and led the charge to the first turn hole shot. The big move came there from “Hamerin” Cameron Friese who went into the turn fourth and come out second. All the way around he would chase Moriarty but never quite get there. Moriarty, Friese and Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop).

Making his first trip ever to Foothills was too much for this rider from Glenville New York as Lucas Bolle missed transferring out of the motos. The 3-rider main event Nick Preston easily got the job done. Two Scylent Rage Racing teammates battled hard for the second spot. It was Brody Kesl and The “Urban Legend” Johnny Urban racing door handle to door handle. Out of turn two Johnny finally took the second spot with a full bike length lead and was able to keep Kesl behind him the rest of the way.

For the second week in a row it was Noah Rushford missing the main event in this class. We admire his persistence and, if he keeps trying as hard as he has been, will be in the mix before long. The main event “The Gambler” Caleb Kaleta grabbed the lead down the front straight with a great gate snap. As the exited turn one it was Caleb with Toby Schoonmaker second but a hard charging Mikey Roy coming with a head of steam. Mikey passed Toby on the outside going into turn two and that would be the last of the passing. At the stripe it was Kaleta first, Roy second and Schoonmaker third.

Here was a 7-rider class where everyone showed up. Riley Richardson (Warped BMX) was the hard luck racer missing the cut after driving all the way from Vermont. In the main it would be a close finish. All the way around the top three were Landon Johnson with Nick Tirendi and Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod Co) running nose to tail. As they sprinted out of the last turn it ended in that order but all three were within one bike length of each other.

So here we have 5-riders entered with one being a girl. Surely she would be the underdog. Oh contrare, This is Gold Cup #2 and 4-time female track champion Marissa “Movie Star” Lyman. After Nick Smith qualified first, and feeling really good about himself, it was Vico Tirillo the rider missing the cut after a second-place finish last week. The main event Marissa would start in gate 4 while teammate Nick smith drew gate #6. Bam, the gate dropped and Lyman got the snap. Into turn one she held off a sweet inside move by Nick. The two black shirted Full Circle Bike Shop riders raced up the second straight. Into turn two Nick again tried an inside move but Marissa slammed the door. The rest of the way Marissa maintained a three-length lead right to the stripe. Nick settled getting beat by a girl and stood on the podiums second tier. Third went to Marcus Rivera.

Even a Gold cup #1 ranking wasn’t good enough for Amanda Rock to make it into today’s main event. The main was a three-rider shootout. Last week it took an incredible move in the final turn of the last chance qualifying for Ty Lepicier to make it into the main event. This week, he not only was the first to qualify, he led the entire lap with a huge lead by the time he reached the finish line. The second spot went to Adam Dougherty out of Southwick. Adam is a Novice so he earns second place Intermediate points for his efforts here. Third went to Kirsten McDonnell (Time2shine) in one her first races back after a long time off.

Here we go with another loaded class featuring 7 riders. These guys were very competitive but after the three qualifying rounds it was “Big Nasty” Matt Giroux the rider eliminated. The main event had everyone holding their breath as the tight pack went in and out of turn one but no mayhem this time. Marcelo Oliveira and Shawn Kennedy, the first two to qualify, led the charge up the second straight. As the pack sorted themselves out not much changed anywhere except the size of the lead for Oliveira. He would win with Shawn second and Joe Broderick earned an impressive third in this large gang of riders.

Dan Marhafer, in his first trip here, left without making the main event. That has to hurt after traveling all the way from Schenectady New York. We certainly hope he gives us another try soon. The main event was now down the three-riders. Chris Deamelio, (Expert) making a rare Foothills Appearance, easily got the job done going coast to coast. The second spot belonged to Jody Toomey as he spent the entire lap holding off third place finisher Trevor Toney. All riders earn “expert points” thanks to Chris.

51 & OVER
There were five-rider riding hard through the battle rounds and they ranged in age from 52-64 years old. Unfortunately for 64 year old Rog “Moto-Man” Billings, he could not keep those Scylent rage Racing colors in a qualifying position. “The BMX International Legend” Mike Savage (Expert) and current Foothills BMX Track Champion, had it all his way leading end to end. Shawn Harris kept the second spot in his possession the entire lap while Scylent Rage Racings team manager Art Ramsey and Mark Reale battled the entire length for the last podium spot which went to “The Rock Star” Art Ramsey.

Jenna Miller, who hasn’t been here in a couple of years, Won all three rounds of this total points event. The “Fire Ant” Alyssa McKay was second with Mary Sloan a close third.

after Carson Burkholder just missed the cut, this three rider main was locked and loaded. Out of gate #1 it was Logan Rice with the hole shot. Asher Hock was running second when Joey Deitz made his move passing Asher in the first turn. Up the second and third straight the order remained the same. But entering turn four Asher got on the inside of Joey and took the spot away but just for a moment. Side by side through the rhythm section, Hoey now had the inside preferred line into the final turn and he would hold off Asher for the second spot. Logan Rice could not be caught and he won it.

There were five-riders in this line up and it was impressive list of names. Joe Knapp was the hard luck guy and he had to watch from the sidelines. Usually gate 8 is the kiss of death for any chance to win a main event from. When the gate dropped it was Devon Hurley (Family Pride) with the lead until they reached turn two. That’s when the guy that started in Gate #8 dove to the inside and put the hurt move on Hurley. Ty Marhafer was the new leader of the pack. It became a two-rider breakaway as he and Hurley pulled away. Brody Ryan was a distant third. As they crossed the stripe it was Marhafer by two lengths over Hurley with Ryan third.

This was one of the three-rider total points races. It was Vermont’s Ryder Richardson (Warped BMX) with a ‘perfect”. Hunter Heath was second with Joe “GI Joe” Olbrys credited with a third but I’m not sure he was even there.

This was our first look at “The Dream Weaver” Jeff Weaver this season. There was obvious rust as he just could not make it into a qualifying position. For the rest of the riders, enjoy that while it lasts because it will not last long. In the main they sorted themselves out early on. Britton Ryan, all the way out of Ossining New York, would take the lead and never look back. At the stripe it was Ryan, Sawyer Spence and Dion Hurley (Family Pride0 rounding out the top three in this five-rider main event.

This was back to a three-rider total points event. Matt Barone aced a “perfect” with three wins. This was Matt’s first appearance this season. “Rukus” Zack Rukakoski was second overall with third going to last weeks winner “The Hamer” Wes Hamel. (Family Pride).

This was another large group with seven-riders going hard for those six spots in the qualifying rounds.  For the second week in a row, times were tough for “The Farm Boy” Dave Labarge as he missed the cut. The main event saw “The Ice Man” Owen Golden out snap everyone and take a nice early lead into turn one. He would hold off the challengers all the way around to capture his first Foothills win this season. “Nasty” Nate Giroux was on him all the way but could not find a way around and scored an impressive second place finish. Gavin Suares rounded out the top three. Shane “Hurricane” Upham had a tough day as he had trouble staying on his pedals.

Shane Upham had this problem all day long

The bad boys of BMX is what I’ve always referred to this bunch as. Today there 7 riders battling hard to make today’s main event. That “Cat in the hat” Jacob Hatt just missed qualifying. In the main event RJ Reale took the lead down the front chute. Four-time foothills BMX Track champion, Trevor “Superfly” Cooper passed him coming out of turn one. RJ returned the favor down in turn 2 and regained the top spot. He would lead the rest of the way while Shane Johnson was all over Coopers rear wheel. At the stripe it was Reale, Cooper and Johnson in a three-rider break-away.

The “Wild Bunch”, my nickname for this gang that I have been using for years. That was the case today for sure. Hayden MacDonald was the rider missing the transfer into the main. Nick Barone was on fire today and he exploded out of the gate like a rocket. He would hang on all the way around for a “Full Pull”. The second spot went to “The Westfield Warrior” Anthony Bartolo with a solid run. Noah Toney would finish third.

This is “The Mod Squad” and it was a 5 rider class that eliminated Gordon Johnson in the motos. Liam Knott used the gate #1 advantage to out power Ty Farwell down the front straight for the turn one hole shot. All the way around to turn four he led when Farwell tried to pass but just could not get by. As they headed to the final turn it was Knott and Farwell with Kyle Lyman awfully close. Turn five saw Lyman self-destruct handing the third spot to “The Hurricane” Henry Hatt.

Now it’s time for the “Chain-Gang”. JT Kelleher, despite a valiant effort, did not make the cut. To me, this was just maybe the race of the day. The “Smooth Move of the day” for sure. All the way around it was Wes Reel in front. Wes won 14 out of 15 main events last year and put another in the record books last week. So again, Wes led the pack all the way around, until turn 5 happened. In the rhythm section Wes left the inside door open and Colin Morini was there. Colin dove to the inside and completed the smoothest pass of the day in the turn surprising Wes Reel who settled for second. Third went to Hunter “Butter” Zeiner.


Collin Morini with "The Pass of the Day"

26-35 Year Olds
This was a three-rider main event after Scotty Doland Missed the cut. Scotty has not been a regular here so he is definitely not used to the track. In the main it was all Tyler cortis, at least the first two straights. On the obstacle going into turn two it looked like Cortis pulled off an unintentional one-footer. He was bouncing around on the saddle totally out of control. Somehow he held on but lost a lot of momentum as Steve Healey made the pass heading for turn three. Cortis was still in second when he did the mumble-jumble again right in front of the tower completing his “from the penthouse to the outhouse” performance in half the track. He did recover and pass “Choo-Choo” with a final sprint to the line. At the stripe it was Steve Healey, Ty Cortis and Tom Healey.

36-40 Year Olds
The final race of the day was a total points event. The winner in round one was Tijaye Henderson. In round two it was Craig Deitz setting up a ty breaking third round duel. Craig led the entire last lap but Tijaye got along side of him in the rhythm section and actually they were trading paint with contact. Nobody went down but craig muscled his way to the finish line with a slight lead. Tijaye was second with Dan Rice finishing third.
So that’s how it went down as far as I could tell watching for home. Next week is our annual Daniel J Plaskett Memorial charity Race with certificates as awards. Some of the proceeds with go to the United Leukodystrophy Foundation in Dan’s name. Hopefully, I’ll see you all then So long for now.

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