JUNE 25th, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett

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It certainly has been a long time coming but finally, it was "Opening Night" at Foothills. Even though it's Olympics celebration night, it's really designed to introduce new riders into the sport as there is no entry fee. At least that’s the theory.

So, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and related mandated guidelines, we made registration on-line only so that there would be minimum lines at the Registration window. Race day registration was reserved for renewals and new memberships.

Last year we were overjoyed when we had 66 riders split into 20 moto for Olympic night. That was our best Olympic night ever at that point. Well, hang onto your helmets, our biggest race last year was our State Qualifier where we drew 154 racers. Last night we had 183 riders split into 43 motos! OVERWHELMING to say the least. 5 states were represented. We had hoped to get started at 6:15 but it was about 6:40 when we actually started but it was pretty wild, and everyone seemed to adhere to the social distancing rules. This would be a two-moto transfer system as we have no lights at Foothills and needed to push hard to get done with proper daylight.


There were two groups of these little sprinters: the first was four racers made up of 3 and 4 year olds. Asher Smith made it look easy as he pushed his way to total victory. Lucus Kohler was second while Keita Spence and Mattie Doyle ran third and fourth.

The second group was three racers strong and they were all 2 years old. Tanner Smith had it all his way as he pounded the track hard for an overall win. Novah Heath and Ryan Lataille were second and third.


13-14 Girls
This was a total points race in which the favorite certainly was Marissa Lyman, movie star and reigning Cruiser track champion. At 14 years old she had a big advantage over 12 year old Mary Sloan and 10 year old Kyrie Coddington Sweet. All she had to do is show up basically. In round one it was Marissa with the win and seeming on her way to enjoy her first overall win of the season. Kyrie was second and Mary was third. So round two went exactly the same way. The final round, in which we kept announcing we were starting from both the tower and the registration building was a disaster for the red carpet girl. As the gate dropped, she was seen running through the parking lot trying to get to her gear. The unthinkable had just happened. Marissa Lyman had missed her moto. Kyrie won it with Mary second. Because Marissa is awarded last place minus one per rule book. She takes a 4 meaning Kyrie was the overall winner by 1 point. What a way to start!

41-45 Woman
This was a five rider duel. Kasie Provencal made round one look easy as she and Laiken Cormier transfer out. Round two saw Dawn Sweet and Sarah Huberty make it in. Stephanie Blackburn was the one not making the cut but it looked to me like this Warped BMX rider was being very generous. In the main it was Kasie leading until Dawn Sweet pulled of a “sweet” pass in the second turn to take the lead and held on for her first win in her first race! Kasi was second while third went to Sarah Huberty.

8 year olds
After the qualifying rounds Lorenz Guliani was the one rider missing the cut. In the three rider main event, it was Logan Kuhn leading the way to the stripe. Bryson Bruns was a close second while third went to Blake Gauthier.

11 year olds
This was a total points race and it would be one of those where it’s the same finish all three rounds. Breton Provencal was first; Chace Wilcox was second with Noah Hardgrove third. Noah took a hard fall in practice but looked ok.

13 year olds
This line was four riders strong and it was stacked. You know its loaded when Full Circle Bike Shops Dave Labarge misses the cut. The main event did see Full Circle colors in the winner’s circle as The Undertaker Jonah Grave turned the deed. Zack Rukakoski was second with Chris “Sparky” Petersen (Associated Lightning Rod) a close third.

14 year olds
This was a total points event that was hindered by the fact that Isabella Nelson was a no-show. Mason Bruns (Gold Cup #2) and RJ Reale were left to do battle and all three rounds were very close but Mason was unbeatable tonight in spite of RJ giving it all he had.

36-40 Cruiser
There were five riders in this lineup and after the two qualifying rounds, Jeff Orlandi was the rider eliminated. in the main event the Hare wasn’t there. Logan Demerski was awesome and easily the class of the field as this Full Circle Bike Shop rider easily dominated. JT Kelleher was also strong and finished second. Third went to Jody Toomey.

46-50 Cruiser
There were five riders going for the four spots in the main event. Terry Miller out of Troy New York really gave a good effort but could not find a way to make it into the main. Mike Savage picked up right where he left off last year with an easy win. Rick Marceau was second across the stripe while “Big Sexy” Vic Rodriguez was third.



5 & Under
Eleven riders in this group making it the largest of the night. Despite great tries Lucas Preston, Carter Mancini and Raya Gauthier had to watch the eight rider main event from the sidelines. Gavin Proctor earned a very impressive win as they were falling like bowling pins out there for a while. Cole Friese made it through the mayhem for a second place finish while third went to Reid Waters.

6 year olds
We went from feat to famine in one age group as 11 riders in the 5 & under gang there just 3 riders in this one. Logan Rivera was perfect in this Total points shootout with Bentley Preston and Evan Dohan second and third.

7 year olds
with four riders going for the glory it would be Ryan Cassidy the hard-luck rider missing the main event. Cooper Jarest turned up the heat and powered his way to a win. Eric Macgregor was second while Soleil Shuster was third.

9 year olds
a strong field of six racer made up this lineup. Liam Cassidy was odd man out as he just missed the cut. Joe Toomey proved why he wears the Gold Cup #1 plate on his bike as he was first to qualify and first across the main event stripe. Braden Martin grabbed the second spot with Dom Cunningham rounding out the podium positions.

10 year olds
Another big field with 6 riders registered. Crawford Kesl, in just his first race, just missed transferring into todays main event. Brodie Preece, out of New Harford grabbed the victory. Willow Hicks was strong and earned a second place finish. Tyanna Lepicier was third.

11 year olds
Just four riders in this group and, unfortunately, it was Scylent Rage Racings Collin Ramsey who missed the transfer. Ethan Cournoyer was our winner with Thaydin Peluyera and Drayke Palazzi second and third.

12 year olds
When Brodie Preece won the 10 year old class two mains earlier his older brother took the challenge. Flynn Preece was truly “Flyin Flynn” in this one as he also won the main event. Elizabeth Doyle was second with Hunter Phoenix Third.

14 year olds
In this four rider class Jocelyn Orlandi did not make the transfer into the three rider main. Payton Shippee was amazing and turned in a flawless lap for the win. Kraig Geisler was second while Madison Chalco finished in the third slot.

41-45 year olds
It may be that Brian Kesl was feeling generous tonight as he was not in the main event. Anyway, Chris Proctor was taking no prisoners and held off Tony Dickerson for the main event win. “Big Timber’ Tim Adams put the Scylett Rage colors in the third spot.

46-50 year olds
Things are tough when you only have two chances to qualify and Pat Martin suffered the elimination fate in this group. Frank Juliani qualified first and won the main event as well. Mark Shea was second with the third spot going to Willi Massinger.


5 & Under
This was a total points event but only between two riders as Tripp Fowler was a no show. Dylan Dobelle held off the efforts of Cole Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) in all three rounds.

6 year olds
This was total points racing at its best. In round one Joe Lataille won it after a first turn wreck. Kristopher Meinel was second and Kristopher Devaux was third. So round two saw Meinel on the top spot with Devaux second and Lataille third. So going into the final round Meinel had 3 pts, Lataille had 4 while Devaux had 5. Meinel took the lead early and that was all she wrote. As he powered his way through the rhythm section and headed to the finish line, it would be last time he did that as an Intermediate. Once he crossed that stripe, he became the newest Expert in the country. Lataille and Devaux were second and third.

7 year olds
Five riders strong was this group it was tough going in the qualifying rounds. Schlett Rage Racings Will Adams just missed getting in. Bryson Bruns, one of the six riders from Rhode Island, grabbed the main event win. Blake Gauthier, looking much improved, was a solid second while third went to Logan Rice.

9 year olds
Anther group of five riders and the action was fast. After Carmine Angelo, after traveling all the way from Poughkeepsie was eliminated, the 4 rider main was on. Full Circle’s Noah Hardgrove put on a show in this main as he held off a hard-charging Cameron Friese. Cameron was second with Zander Monczka a close third.

10 year olds
This ended up being a 5 rider group all making the main as one rider was a no-show. Scylent Rage racing was well represented in this one with “The Legend” Johnny Urban winning the first round. The starting gate position proved to be the determining factor in the class as Urban won that qualifier out of gate #1. In the Main, his teammate Brody Kesl drew the pole position and it worked for him just as it did for Johnny earlier. It was a two rider breakaway but Brody stayed in front all the way Johnny was on him but could not pass. Third went to Cooper Marlasz.

12 year olds
This was a four rider group but Noah Rushford the rider eliminated in the qualifiers. Mikey Roy had this one in control all the way and he easily won the main. Toby Schoonmaker had his hands full hanging onto second as Nick Preston was all over him like a wet t-shirt. They would finish in that order in a tight mix.

13 Year Olds
There were 5 riders in this group going for the four spots in the main. Kevin Kelleher was disappointed as he missed the cut. Nick Tirendi was awesome as he put in a great lap in winning the main. Chris “Sparky” Petersen put his Associated Lightning Rod sponsored ride in the second spot while Liam Macneil, looking incredibly competitive was third.

15 year olds
A full gate of 8 riders reminded us what BMX used to be around these parts. Joel Geier was the one rider not making this big main event. Noah Toney just seems to love the hills of Foothills as he flew over most of them in winning this main event. Hubert Miszczuk (Gold Cup #1) was equally as impressive but settled for the second position while Pat Martin salvaged a hard earned third.

21-25 year olds
This was one of those cringe worthy groups as there seemed to be a dark cloud hanging over one of its riders. In round one Family Prides Devin Murphy had a slim lead going into turn one. Liberty Racings Shawn Kennedy tried to dive to the inside but ended up buzzing the tire of Murphy. Immediately clank clank clank was the sound coming off his machine as his disc brake got destroyed and was chewing up spokes. Devin cruised to victory in that round with Ty Lepicier in second. Stefanie Blackburn was scheduled but I’m not sure she ever raced the class. In the main it was between Devin, Shawn and Ty. Shawn was going for some redemption glory when, as he exited turn one and started up the second straight something flew off his racing machine causing him to pull up. Murphy had it all her way and she easily held off Ty for the win.

36-40 year olds
Total points racing inn a three rider class that had a no-show. Dan Rice had this one under his control in all three rounds. “Big Nasty” Matt Giroux was second.

41-45 year olds
Another larger group with six riders entered. Unfortunately for Anthony Carneglia, he was eliminated in the qualifiers. Jody Toomey jumped out to an early main event lead and never looked back as he earned his first Foothills win ever. Trevor Toney was right on him but could not seal the deal and ended up second. Joel Cristofori was a solid third.


10 year old girls
For many seasons this little lady was the youngest in her class and, more times than not, would not even qualify out of her motos. Tonight, it was time for a little karma. 10 year old Kyrie Coddington Sweet won all three rounds of this total points race. 8 year old Adalyn Nevins was second while 9 year old Haley Blackburn (Warped BMX) was third.

12 year old girls
Another total points event and it was another Sweet race to watch. This time it was the “”Eye of the Tigress” Pipps Sweet leading start to finish in all three rounds. Mary Sloan held off Tayler Kuhn for second overall. The three Sweet ladies all earned first place awards tonight.

14 year old girls
This was yet another total points race and another one where the order of finish was the same in every round. Payton Pulaski (Warped BMX) was first. Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second and Sophia Machnik was third.

8 year olds
With 6 riders in the mix this was hectic trying to qualify. Rylan Spence missed making it this night. Family Prides Devon Hurley was uncatchable or at least unpassable as he stayed in the lead the entire distance. Max Meinel kept it close finishing second. Hunter Heath was third.

10 year olds
After Conor Cristofori was eliminated in the two qualifying rounds it was main event time. Here was a class that the winner came out of gate #7. Briton Ryan was able to work his way to the front and stay there after misfortune took out some of the top competitors. Sawyer Spence was second while Chace Wilcox was third.

12 year olds
This was made up of four really good riders. One of the best of them, Zack Rukakoski was eliminated in the mtot rounds. In the main event it was Hammer Time. “The Hammer” Wes Hamel for Family Pride was as fast as ever tonight and won the main event. Breton Provencal was close but no cigar. He would settle for two while James Wolf finished third.

13 year olds
It was a tough night for Dave Labarge as he missed this cut in this group of seven “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves led the procession all the way around to the end. (Not dead end). Gavin Suares was a real strong second place rider while “Nasty” Nate Giroux was third in a stacked field of racers.

14 year olds
With Isabella a no-show it was a free ride to the main event for these three. RJ Reale was amazing and held off Mason Bruns and Jacob Faunce.

15 year olds
“The Bulldozer” Didn’t have it tonight and Chris Gonyer missed make the transfer. In the three rider main event it was Ramp Farms Aidan Biello showing the way right to the stripe. The “Westfield Warrior”, Anthony Bartolo, put in a strong run for second while third went to Lance Miller.

16 year olds
I’ve always called this class “The Mod Squad”. Tonight, however, there were only three riders going for it. Logan Demerski was perfect as that Full Circle Bike shop uni was first across the stripe in all three total points rounds. Dylan Rodrigues (Overhaul) was second in round one while Kyle Lyman (Full Circle) was second in round two. Dyan would get second overall based on his round three finish.

51 & Over
The last race of the night was for the Geritol gang. The International Man of Mystery, Mike Savage, easily won this total points event. The “Rock Star” Art Ramsey put his Scylent Rage Racing colors on the second podium spot while Mark Reale was third.


So this was quite a night, as one of the announcers trying to figure out who the rider was when the number plate on the bike did not match what was on the moto sheet. This was the worst I have ever seen and I've been around the block a few times. Hopefully, whoever registers their rider going forward realizes how important this is.
There were so many new faces her tonight and we all hope that those that visited us for the first time, found a new place to go and have some race fun. It was a pleasure have you. See you Sunday.

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