JUNE 28th, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett

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On Thursday night we looked at that overwhelming turnout as something that was one time only situation. After all it was free, opening day and we are the only game around at that point. So yesterday it started all over again. When the few quirks associated with on-line registration was over with, the count was 188 with 46 motos! This is amazing. The social distancing was much better today as well so hopefully, things will really smooth out as we go forward.

Before we started, we named our weekly Rider Of The Week. This week it went to a rider who has been around Foothills for the last three seasons. He won once in his first year but was winless last year. Thursday night he was on fire and grabbed his first Foothills win in quite a while. 7 year old Cooper Jarest is our rider of the week. He said Wes Reel is his favorite rider.

Cooper Jarest hanging with Wes Reel

We had 7 riders strong and they were split into two groups. Group one was made up of three 4 year olds. Tyler Hillman easily pounded his way to glory with 3 wins. Kennedy Hillman was right behind him for second while Mattie Doyle smiled her way to a third place finish.

In the second group there were four riders aging 2-3 years old. Lucas Kohler won the first round. Max Delaney won the second round. The final round went to Max as did the overall win. Lucas was second. Third overall went to Keira Dobelle with Ryan Lataille finishing fourth.

13-14 Year Old Girls
This one had four very fast ladies in it. After the qualifying rounds, Mary Sloan just missed making the main. Isabella Nelson and Marissa Lyman, both 14 years old, made it a two-rider break-away with “Bella” holding off Lyman for the win. 10 year old Kyrie Coddington-Sweet finished third.

17-20 Year Old Women
This was a total points race and it was no contest for the top spot. Amandi Orlandi had it all her way as she powered her way to a “perfect” by winning every round. Laiken Cormier and XCaissy Price battled hard for the second spot where Laiken would prevail.

41-45 Yr Old Women
Kasie Provencal won two of the three rounds of total points racing for her first BMX win ever! Sarah Huberty won the last round which was good enough second overall. Dawn Sweet fell in the second round and sat out round three.

9 Year Olds
This class was a combined class made up with two 7 year olds and two 9 year olds. 7 year old Cooper Jarest was the one rider missing the cut. All the way from Vermont, Ryder Richardson had it going today in the main event and held off a hard charging Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) for the win, oah was second with Dave Crichton finished third.

13 Year Olds
this was a large class made up of 7 riders. After 3 hectic qualifying rounds it was Nick Tirendi the rider eliminated. Gold Cup #3 Jonah Graves (Full circle bike shop) led start to finish in this one. Talen Russell, in his first trip here from Long Island, had it dialed in early and finished second. Dave (Farm Boy) Labarge, put his full circle colors in the third spot.

17-20 Year Olds
Total points racing for this group of three ranging from 16-23 years old. Logan Demerski kept the dominance of the Full Circle Bike Shop Riders going with another impressive three-round sweep. JT Kelleher was second with Wes Reel mired in the third spot.

36-40 year olds
This was a four rider battle for three main event spots. Unfortunately, it’s only rider points for “The Rabbit” Jeff Orlandi who just missed qualifying. In the main it was Tim Brown leading coast to coast but Tijaye Henderson, in his first trip here ever, kept the heat turned up and made a classic stretch at the finish line to reduce the win margin to one bike length. Overhauls Jody Toomey was third.

46-50 Year Olds
This was anther total points race and it was one of those that featured the same order of finish in all three rounds. Rick Marceau and Vic “Big Sexy” Rodriguez, both riding out of the Overhaul racing stables, would finish 1-2. The third spot went to Troy New York’s Terry Miller, who was participating in only his second race ever.

51-55 Year Olds
Same as the previous class, this was also a three-rider total points and it also featured the ssame order of finish all three rounds. Mike Savage was pretty much unchallenged, Shawn Morris was second with the ageless wonder, Rog Billings (Scylent Rage Racing) finishing third.

5 & Under
There were 11 riders registered in this group so the were split into two groups in the qualifying rounds where 3 riders would be eliminated. Skylar Hardgrove, Jack Wednt and Jeremy Baio were the unfortunate kids, despite a great effort, missed transferring into today’s main. In the main event one would expect some wrecks early on with 8 riders leaving the gate. By the 1st turn they had sorted themselves out pretty will with Logan Slater taking a commanding lead by the time they hit turn 2. He would maintain that lead all the way to the stripe. Gavin Proctor earned the second spot on the podium while Cole Friese pulled off a sweet pass of Reid Waters in the second turn to capture position three.

6 Year Old Novice
With so many riders in the 5 & under group, this group only had three so it was total points racing. Bentley Preston was uncatchable as he won each round by a big margin. Ryder Orsori was second while Evan Dohan, surviving a third round crash, was third.

7 Year Old Novices
This was a bigger class with 6 riders going for it. Unfortunately one rider had to miss the cut and it was Cheyene “Mookie” Orlandi. In the main event, last Thursday winner did it again today. After only one win here after two seasons, Cooper Jarest has now made it two in a row and he did it easily. Eric Macgregor was second. The third spot was closely contended and it went to James Baio.

9 Year Old Novices
Blake Price gave it a great try but just missed qualifying for today’s 4 rider main event. It became a two-rider breakaway in the main as Gold Cup #1 Joe Toomey (Overhaul) and Braden Martin went out hard and fast. Toomey led the entire lap with Toomey pushing him hard for second. Jackson Baio was third.

10 Year Old Novices
One of the hardest crashes of the day occurred in the opening round of qualifiers in this one when Tyanna Lepicier dug her pedal into the asphalt in turn one and flipped. She hit pretty hard but would come back and qualify out of the final round Crawford Kesl was the hard luck rider eliminated. In the main there was some late passing but not up front. Willow Hicks (Time2shine) was the first to qualify and also the first across the stripe in the main. “The Slayer” Aryana Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) mad a pass late to capture second place while Landyn Moynihan passed Tyanna Lepicier late for the third spot.

Tyanna Lepicier starts to lose it
11 Year Olds
This was a Total Points race and Colin Ramsey looked well on his way by winning round one. But the next two rounds saw Drayke Palazzi win giving him the overall title for the day. Colin was second with Hunter Price third. Drayke is a new rider. That’s a great way to start.

12 Year Old Novices
Hunter Phoenix, in spite of owning the Gold Cup #2 plate, did not have it today and missed making the main event. Henry Morini, Full Circle Bike Shop, had this in the bag right from the start. The battle was for the second spot. Tayshawn Reilly used a turn 2 pass to get by Elizabeth Doyle to grab the second spot.

14 Year Old Novices
Jocelyn kept the Orlandi bad luck streak going as she missed the cut to today’s main event. The main saw a tight pack go into turn one but, after the exit the three riders were all sorted out and the order would stay the same right to the stripe. Dillon Smith, Kraig Geissler and Maddy Chalco 1-2-3.

15 Year Old Novices
This was a nice sized group with 6 riders entered. New rider Peter Drwiega, showed some raw skills and, even though he failed to qualify, looks like he could be a good one. The main event saw two Full Circle Bike Shop teammates really go at it. Vincent Fahey and Trey Lepicier almose took each other out in turn 2 but no harm no foul. At the stripe it was Fahey, Lepicier and Rosco Spencer-Dubuc for three.

41-45 year Olds
This group was another one made up of six riders. Even after traveling from Rhode Island, the long ride did not provide enough energy for Pat Golden III to qualify. Tim Adams, looking so much improved this year for the folks at Scylent Rage Racing, held onto the lead all the way to turn three. Halfway up the long back stretch, Tony Dickerson, in second BMX race ever, got on the inside and completed the pass in turn 4. He would hang on for the win with Adams second. Third went to Dan Russell riding out of Shoreham BMX. Tony definitely has some skills. When asked he revealed he was a motocross racer and always wanted to give BMX a try.

5 & Under
This was a total points race and it was a good one. Round one went to Tripp Fowler. Round two saw Dylan Dobelle in the winner’s circle. Round three saw Cole Lyman and Dylan dangle down in turn one allowing Tripp to cruise on to the finish line unchallenged. Dylan was second while Cole was third.

6 Year Olds
This also was a total points race and it was as good as they get. Round one went to Nick Slater. Round two saw Mason Delaney capture the win. Round three Slater jumped out in front early and never looked back. Mason was second and third for the day went to Joe Lataille.

7 Year Olds
Will Adams was the hard luck racer tonight as he just missed making the cut. Logan Rice was hot and, even though Dave Crichton was first to qualify, Logan beat him in the main event as they would finish 1-2. Third went to today’s birthday boy, “Krankin” Kris Devaux, riding and brand new DK bike he just got today.

9 Year Olds
Through the hard fought qualifying rounds we qualified 4 riders. Xander Monczka was the one that didn’t make it. Noah Hardgrove and Cameron Friese made this a two-rider breakaway moto. They fought hard all the way around and, if the track was 20 feet longer Friese may have gotten him at the stripe as he was about one bike length behind but closing fast. Third went to Adalyn Nevins.

10 Year Olds
It was back to total points racing and this time it was “Urban Legend” Johnny Urban getting the best of his teammate Brody Kesl by beating him two of the three rounds. Brody was second overall with Bryden Vaccaro finishing third.

12 Year Olds
This would be a 5-rider shootout to get those 4 spots in the main event. Noah Rushford just missed making it in. In the main it was Toby Schoonmaker leading the charge up the second straight but he left the door open into turn two and Mikey Roy took advantage and passed him. In turn three Quinn Burke found a way around Nick Preston for the third spot but the win again went to Mikey Roy.

13 Year Olds
This group was loaded. Besides our own regulars there was one hot-rod riding out of the Shoreham Long Island track. It wasn’t until the third round when Talen Russell qualified, but, in the main event he grabbed the lead early and that was all she wrote. Nick Tirendi kept the heat turned up but it would take a mistake by our leader if he was to has a chance and that just never happened. Russell won it with Nick second and Chris “Sparky Pedersen (Associated Lightning Rod) was third.

14 Year Olds
We went back to total points racing for the next two groups. In this one Full Circles Nick Smith had it all his way as he was “perfect” in all three rounds. Vico Tirillo and “Mad” Maddy Philbrick were second and third.

15 Year Olds
As mentioned this was another total points race with Noah Toney perfect going into round three. But round three saw Hubert Miszczuk leading heading up the second straight. Toney had a head of steam and Hubert was pushing hard, maybe too hard. He ran off the track at the big obstacle and Toney had it all his way once again. Overall it was Toney, Miszczuk and Hayden Macdonald third.

26-35 Year Olds
Caissy Price gave it a great try but missed making into today’s main event. In the main it was Dan Rice, starting in gate 5, who blasted out of the gate and took the lead by the 30 foot line. He was uncatchable. It was fairly close for the second spot but in the end, the entire lap saw no passing at all. Dan Rice won it, Adrian Crichton was second and Josh Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) was third.

41-45 Year Olds
This was a large group with 7 riders going for it. Dege Russell, in his first time here, was the one rider who missed the cut. The 6-rider main event was a close one as 4 riders went nose to tail all the way around. In the rhythm section Trevor Toney got alongside our leader Jody Toomey but could not seal the deal. At the stripe it was Toomey, Toney and Tim Brown.

12 Year Old Girls
this was a three rider total points event and it was really sweet. In fact, that was the finishing order in the top two spots. 12-year old Pippa Sweet aced a “perfect’, her sister Kyrie Coddington-Sweet was second while Mary Sloan finished third.

14 Year Old Girls
Total points was the theme in these early Expert classes. In this one it was Isabella Nelson and Marissa Lyman really going at it each round but “Bella” would prevail. Marissa (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second while Riley Richardson, all the way from Vermont, was third.

17-20 Year Old Women
Yet another total points race and a dominating performance by our winner. Devin Murphy, recently picked up by Daylight Cycles, rode that new machine like a pro and enjoyed a “perfect” Sunday. Amanda Rock was solid and finished second while Kirsten McDonnell (Time2shine) was third.

8 Year Olds
This was another dominating total points race with the same finishing order in all three rounds. Devon Hurley (Family Pride) was almost in his own area code all day long as he was way out in front for the wins. Brody Ryan was second all day with Rylan Spence in the third spot.

10 Year Olds
There were 4 riders vying for those coveted 3 main event spots. Unfortunately, it was Ryder Richardson who failed to make the cut. In the main the order was determined early. Briton Ryan jumped to the lead and held off everyone behind him for the win. Sawyer Spence was in hot pursuit but could not find a way around and settled for the second spot. Dion Hurley (Family Pride) was third.

12 Year Olds
James Wolf was the hard luck rider this time. After only missing one main last year here, he missed it today. As the three riders in the main event sped down the front chute, Wes Hamel was running third. He made an incredible swoop move in turn one and passed both riders. That was definitely the pass of the day. All the way around he led with “Ruckus” Zack Rukakoski second and Breton Provencal third.

13 Year Olds
After looking so good in his cruiser class, Dave “Farm Boy” Labarge just missed making the cut ion this class. “The Undertaker”, Jonah Graves, (Full Circle Bike Shop) led the procession from start to finish. “The Iceman” Owen Golden was close behind for the second spot. Third went to Noah Andersen.

14 Year Olds
We said goodbyt to Kayden Smith after the qualifying rounds despite his great effort. In the main it was Noah Laflume in the lead with “Superfly” Trevor Cooper in tow. Trevor made his move in the third turn and got nearly alongside Laflume. But Laflume closed the door on him. That was the closest our former track champion would get. Laflume prevailed with Cooper second and third went to Kyle Macdonald (Time2shine).

15 Year Olds
On this crazy day we’ve seen some very fast riders miss qualifying and that was certainly the case here. Lance “Spike” Miller did not qualify. The main was a hot one with “The Westfield Warrior”, Anthony Bartolo and former track champ Aidan Biello running close together with “The Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer right in the mix as well. Bartolo would not be denied this day and he hung on for an impressive win. Biello was second with Gonyer third.

16 Year Olds
Eliminating top riders continued in this class “The Mod Squad” as Dylan Rodriguez missed the cut. In the main Logan Demerski was simply the best. He led the entire lap and jumped the big obstacle going into turn 3. Tyler Farwell (Time2shine) was running good but seemed to pull up as Kyle Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) held him off for second. It was learned later that Tyler’s neck bolt had come loose and his handlebars were moving.

17-20 Year Olds
This was a crazy situation as the real race was the last chance qualifier between Hunter Zeiner and Ty Lepicier. Hunter was ahead of him all the way until they got to turn 5. Ty made a great pass to take the spot away but, regardless of what the person 60 feet passed the finish line thought she saw, the pass was clearly inside the white stripe. I had the absolute best view as it happened 10 feet in front of me and I could clearly see the bike track which I even took a picture of. Hunter was consulted to see what he wanted to do and decided “He Got Me” and no protest was lodged so Ty was in and Hunter was out. In fairness to Ty, the white line was a little crooked where the pass was, and it was a great move. In the main it was all Wes Reel leading the way. Wes appears to be one of our fastest riders this year. Full Circles Colin Morini was second with Ty Lepicier third.

26-35 Year Olds
This was the last class of the day and it was a total points race. Jeromy Slator would win all three rounds. Tijaye Henderson was second in the first two rounds but Danielle Jolicoeur was ahead of him in round three. In the rhythm section Danielle simply left the door open and Tijaye moved on by for the “perfect” second while Danielle would settle for third.

so another fun Sunday goes into the record books. It has been an epic start of the season and lets make it continue next week. See you then.

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