WEEK #10
SEPT 6th, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett


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With yet another Gold Cup Qualifier this weekend in Meriden, we had no real idea what to expect for our annual Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race today. It was apparent early on that this was going to be a decent turnout as the parking lot was filling quickly. By 11:30 there were 202 entries split into 41 motos.

It was time to catch up on our Pete Doda Ice Cream Rider-Of-The-Week awards and, because he was not here last Sunday, we held off on naming the rider until he was here. For his efforts on August 9th, 7-year old Jayden Mahoney was named as the recipient. Jayden earned his first Foothills win that day. He named Gavin Suares as his favorite rider.

The Pete Doda Ice Cream Rider-Of-The-Week for last week’s race was named as Logan Rivera, a 6-year old Novice from Meriden who enjoyed his third Foothills win that day. He said “Chloe” was his favorite rider.

4 Year Olds
With twelve little foot-pounders in the house, they were split into three groups. Group 1 was 6-riders strong and titled “4 Balance Bikes” and featured 6-riders. It was Parker Whalen who ran his way to two of three wins which was good enough for the overall. Julian Gonzales was second with Ben Hagan rounding out the top three. Max Delaney, Carter Cardillo and Mattie Doyle were next in the finishing order.

3 Year Olds
There were three riders in this one and it was the same order in every round. Ryder Vaill was first; Jaxon Krzynowek was second while Carter Anthony was third.

2 Year Olds
“Flyin” Ryan Lataille ran his was to victory in this three-rider shootout. Tanner Smith was second while Novah Heath was third.

Parker Whalen Wins His Class

Ryder Vaill Wins His Class

Ryder Lataille Wins His Class

15-16 Year Old Girls
This was one of the few Total Points races and it would be Marissa Lyman earned her 8th consecutive win. Laiken Comier was second. Althea Manville was third.
36-40 Year Old Women

This was a 4-rider class. Malissa Kaleta, riding out of the Rubber Side Down camp, was the rider eliminated during the qualifying rounds. Marianne Sklarsky continued her BMX comeback with her second Foothills win this season. Sarah Maguire, raced her first BMX race and finished an impressive second. Caissy Price (Team Misfits) was third.

9 Year Olds
This looked like it was going to be a fun class to watch balled in the qualifying rounds with 6-riders going for the five spots in the main event but, when Carmine Angelo was a no-show, the qualifying rounds meant nothing. In the main event, it was Max Meinel (TNT National Team) who blasted from gate 8 to nail the win. Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second while third went to Hunter Heath (Boosted BMX). Blake Price made the main but failed to shop for it.

13 Year Olds
This was a 4-rider event and it would be Colden Burkholder, who had only been here just once before, the rider missing the cut. When the gate dropped in the main, it was Jonathan Manns, (Black Crown Bike Shop Team) all the way from Irwin Pennsylvania with the snap, the hole shot, and the win.  “Farm Boy”, Dave Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop), starting in gate #1, would hold off Chris Pedersen (Sand Road Animal Hospital) for the second spot.

16 Year Olds
This was a Total Points race with a 16-year old battling two 14-year olds. The 16-year old was Liam Knott (Stedmans Racing) and he was just a little quicker that “The Undertaker”, Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop). Liam would win two of the three rounds for the overall title with Jonah a close second. Third went to Brenden Felser (Crank Out Racing).

46-40 Year Olds
This was a large class with 7-riders strong and the qualifying rounds were hectic especially round one. Going into the second turn, Mike Savage (Crit Plate) had the lead when Joe Broderick dove to the inside. His momentum carried him up into Savage and both would go down. Both were ok and they would qualify in later rounds. After Rog Billings (Scylent Rage Racing) just missed the transfer, it would be Savage with another main event win leading the entire lap. Second went to Pedro Nunes while Bian Brisson (Bad Apple Racing) salvaged third.

5 & Under
This was the largest group of the day with 11-riders vying for 8 main event starting positions. Bennett Pieterse, Kira Spence and Liam Perotte were the riders not making the main event. Perotte was a no-show all day and took a DNS (Did Not Start). In the main, the gate was completely full with 8 riders. When it dropped, they were all sorted out by the first turn when Reid Waters went to the point. Jack Wendt had the second spot with Rhys Adams running third. In and out of turn two, Waters was still comfortably in the lead but Adams found a way to pass Wendt for the second spot. The only other pass happened when Killian Connelly got by Skylar Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop), back in the pack. Officially it was Wates, earning his 5th consecutive win. Adams was second with third going to Wendt.

6 Year Olds
This one had 5-riders registered. The hard luck rifer was local Ryder Osorio. When the gate dropped in the main it was reigning Ride Of The Week showing up that last weeks win was no fluke. He blasted his way to the point and never looked back for his 4th win of the year. Bentley Preston and Finn Connelly were second and third.

7 Year Olds
Addison Bean made his Foothills debut today but its probably one he wishes to forget as he missed transferring out of the motos. Jayden Mahoney used a sweet pass in the third straight to earn his second win here this season. Soleil Shuster was the victim of the move but managed a solid second place finish. Third went to Dylan Koerner.

9 Year Olds
Six riders in the line-up for this shootout. Kyle Noblin, making his first appearance here, failed to qualify for the 5-rider main event. The main became so far widespread that its length was an entire straight away long. The engineer on this long train was Dylan Murphy, with a very cool number plate, earned his first Foothills win. Molly Patrick was a close second yet again this week. Third went to Blake Price (Team Misfits).

10 Year Olds
This was another class with 6-riders entered. Olivia Kaleta (Rubber Side Down) just missed the transfer. As the main entered turn one, one of the riders shot up the berm. Evan Kane somehow saved it but it caused a lot of braking within the pack. Willow Hicks, who has two wins early in the season, Stretched out her lead as she raced around the course. At the stripe it was Hicks, Gabe Perrotte and Evan Kane the top three.

11 Year Olds
Hunter Price had a tough day and missed the transfer out of the motos. Now up front in the 6-rider main event, Finnian Cosgrove had the lead going into turn three. He drifted up very high, James Drago got underneath him and also drifted up. Cosgrove nearly went through the fence but used his brakes wisely and hit nothing but lost all momentum. At the finish line it was Drago hangin on, Cosgrove got the second spot while Collin Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) was third.


Finnian Cosgrove recovered from a round 1 crash to finish second

12 Year Olds
This group was made up of 5-riders. Janelle Cappa would just miss the cut. Drayke Palazzi lengthened his points lead with his 5th win of the year. Henry Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second with Liz Doyle rounding out the top three spots.

13 Year Olds
This was a Total Points race and it was the same order in all three rounds. Magus Harrison finally got his second Foothills win and in impressive style with a “perfect”. Josh Styga was second while Hannah Patrick was third.

14 Year Olds
Addison Rushford (Boosted BMX) missed todays main event. The four riders who did make it had to follow Maddy Chalko all the way around and she virtually checked out of the hotel. She was long gone and see ya later. She earned her second win in as many weeks after being on the injured list since week #2. Scott Colgrove watched her fade into the distance from the second spot. Third went to Naomi Bruno out of Falcon BMX.

21-25 Year Olds
With just three riders, this was a Total Points event. Evan Rooney would get the job done and he did it times 3 with the “prefect”/ Nick Tedesco was second while Staci Kennedy finished third.

36-40 Year Olds
This one was a 5-rider group that included Jen Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) as the sixth rider. In as much as she nearly lost not only the last qualifying moto but nearly lost the one after that, she missed the cut. In the main Jim Maclennan Grabbed an early lead starting on the pole (Gate #1) But Scott Colgrove passed him on thee second straight. It became a two-rider break-away as these two were glued together up the 3rd straight, turn 3 and the back Straight. As they reached turn 5, Maclennan used an old-skool foot-down move to regain the lead and held onto it the rest of the way. Scott was second and third eventually went to Andy Chalko.

41-45 Year Olds
Speaking of ‘Old-Skool” this total points race includes one of the original students in that class. Carl Carlson has been back racing for this his 4th week, and this was his 4th win as he remains undefeated here at Foothills. “Big Timber” Time Adams (Scylent Rage Racing) was second. Third place went to Brian Kesl, also out of the Scylent Rage Racing Stables.

46-50 Year Olds
The final Novice class of the day was 7 riders strong. It’s a big disadvantage to draw gate 8 but that’s what happened to Ryan Murphy. It didn’t matter much as he took the lead before turn one and never gave it up. It was close for a while behind him but, when it settled, the order as they crossed the stripe was Murphy, Jason Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) and Scott Price (Team Misfits).

7 Year Olds
Despite another great try, 5-year old Cole Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) could not overcome the age difference and would not qualify. This was a 9-rider class and was the second biggest of the day. Mason Delaney took an early lead and JD Lataille went right out there with him. Coming out of turn one Kris Meinel (TNT National Team) got by Lataille and set his sights on Delaney. He got close but could not ass him. At the stripe is was Delaney, Meinel and Lataille.

9 Year Olds
In this one it turned out to be a free ride to the main event for 5 riders as Carmine Angelo was a no-show. In the main event “Rocket Rose” Adalyn Nevins (Retribution) would lead all the way until turn #4. That’s when Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) pulled of a sweet pass and took over the rest of the way for the win. Nevins had to settle for a second-place finish while third went to Tom Musarella.

10 Year Olds
There were 6-riders in this one and it was Blake Nevins the rider who missed the cut. Brody Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) took off early and never looked back with an impressive run. He led coast to coast. Landyn Moynihan got by Kevin Nunes for the second spot. Nunes settled for third.
12 Year Olds

This group was loaded with 7-riders strong. Hunter Phoenix. After a recent move-up, Hunter Phoenix would just miss the main event. “The Gambler” Caleb Kaleta (Rubber Side Down) took the lead early and never looked back earning his 5th Foothills win of the year. Nick Preston (Boosted BMX) was second with the third spot going to Toby Schoonmaker.

13 Year Olds
In this 4-rider shoot-out Liam Macneil would miss his first main of the year after crashing in the third qualifier. Chris Pedersen, (Associated Lightning Rod co.) was the top dog today. Nick Tirendi was second with the third slot going to Tom Allen.

15 Year Olds
Zak Huard would miss the transfer into this 4-rider main event. Kodie Carlson would take no prisoners in this one as he powered his way to a hard-fought win. Vinny Fahey (Full Circle Bike Shop) managed to stay in front of his teammate Marissa Lyman for the second spot.

26-35 Year Olds
After Josh Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) was eliminated in the qualifying rounds the main event was on. Shawn Kennedy (Liberty BMX) and Joe Broderick broke away early and battled hard all the way until they reached turn 4 when Broderick baled. Shawn had it all his way after that for his 4th win. Holger Rivera inherited the second spot while third went to Chris Gravelle.

36-40 Year Olds
This was a Total Points race but it was a good one. Fabiano Garcia won round one but Marcelo (Pink Magic: won round two setting up the tie breaker. Marcelo captured the final round for the overall win. Fabiano was second with Ryan Emmick finishing third.

41-45 Year Olds
This was moto #33 and it was the same order in all three rounds of action. Brian Brisson (Bad Apple) was first. Sean Delaney was second with third going to Scott Gonyer (Overhaul Racing).

51 & Over
This was the last of the Intermediate action and it would happen without Art Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) as he missed the cut. Mike Savage Crit Plate expert) would dominate and win his tenth consecutive race here this season. Mark Reale (Warped BMX) was second with third going to Rog Billings (Scylent Rage Racing).

8 Year Olds
With Rylan Spence (Racers Army) eliminated in the qualifying rounds, this would be a 3-rider main event. Devon Hurley (Family Pride) was the first to qualify and first across the stripe in this one. Jackson Manns, Black Crown Racing) riding out of Pennsylvania, was second. Third went to Carson Burkholder (Chip-N-Dale).

10 Year Olds
Hunter Heaths bad day continued here as he would again miss the cut. Dion Hurley (Family Pride) grabbed the early lead and that was all he needed. Max Meinel (TNT National Team) got stuck on the outside and would have to play catch-up from the last spot. Meinel managed to pass Conor Christofori on the second straight but he would get no closer. Hurley ruled the entire lap. Second went to Sawyer Spence (Racer Concepts) while Max finished third.

12 Year Olds
Matt Horjatson, who we’ve only seen once this year, did not shake enough rust off to make the main today. The main was 4-riders and it was “Zachattack” Zak Rukakowski (Overhaul) with a great start resulting in a great win. The second spot was very close and it went to Hunter Dye (Hostile Northeast) right at the stripe as he crossed it with Wes Hamel (Family Pride) alongside.

13 Year Olds
This was another good-sized class with 6-riders involved. Brandon Houle was so close but would just miss the cut. He may be happy he wasn’t in the mix as there was a huge wreck in turn 2 that took out Owen Golden, Gavin Suares and Brenden Pleasant. Josue Bruno (Family Pride) was standing on top of the podium when the dust cleared. Jonathan Manns (Black Crown Racing) was second. Third went to Golden (Rejects BMX).

25 YearOlds
This was a 5-rider grouping and it would be a New Jersey rider missing out on the main event action. Joe Balsavage (Chip-N-Dale) was the odd man out. Brendan Felser (Crank Out Racing) grabbed the lead away from Aidan Biello in the first turn and held on the rest of the way for the win. Aidan was second while third went to “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop).

16 Year Olds
This is “The Mod Squad” and had 5 riders going for four main event spots. After qualifying was complete, Sean Adams was the rider eliminated. In the main event Kyle Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop), got the best start of his career from gate #3 and blasted to the front. He stretched the lead out to 5 bike lengths when Liam Knott (Stedmans BMX) started to reel him in. Out of the final turn Kyle would win by two lengths for the first time since last June (2019) here at Foothills. Knott was second. Third went to Tyler Farwell.

17-20 Year Olds
The last race of the day and here comes “The Chain-Gang” 17-year-old experts. Autumn Snow, who has net been here in a long time, gave it a good shot but did not transfer. Colin Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop), Jumped out early then hung on all the way around for the win. Hunter Zeiner had a hard challenge for the second spot from Pete “Boom-Boom” Balotti but Pete was just too Foothills rusty to pull off any move like he once did years ago at Foothills. He would finish third.

So that’s it, at least how I saw it for another week. No racing at Foothills next week as it’s the State Championship Race down in Bethel. See you in two weeks.

“Plaskett – Out”

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