WEEK #12
SEPT 27th, 2020
Story by Rog Plaskett


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Cloudy skies but a race worthy day. With 192 entrants in 44 motos, this would be another big one. We decided to utilize the 2-moto transfer system so that we could immediately start excavating turns 4 and 5 following the race.

I started us off on the microphone and shared a bit of what’s been going on with me and my health issues. The number of well-wishes and prayers were overwhelming. A special thanks to my long-time friend Charlie Fieldson for the things that he said to me in private. It was much appreciated.

Also thank you to Dan Urban and Scot Gonyer for filling in for me in the tower.

It was soon time for Rider-Of-The-Week and it went to a rider who could have gotten it a number of times previously. 15-year old Vinny Fahey was honored with the award and he named Colin Morini as his favorite rider.


There were 14 signed up and we split them into 4 groups.

5 Year Olds
With just 3-riders in this one, it was Julian “Speedy Gonzales” leading the way in all three rounds of grounding action. Mattie Doyle and Victoria Machnik were second and third.

4 Year Olds
This was another 3-rider group and it was the unmistakable riding style of Ben Hagan scoring three consecutive wins. Parker Whalen had that green fron that he rides hoppin to a second place finish. Third went to Olivia Cernak.

3 Year Olds
There were 5 rug-rats in this grouping, and it was Ryder Vaill winning two of the three rounds. You could not miss that spiked helmet. Asher Smith, riding out of the Boosted BMX camp finished second while Walt Steins rounded out the top three.

2 Year Olds
With one rider a no-show, the two riders who did had a great battle. Tanner Smith put the Boosted BMX colors in the winner’s circle for the first time this day. Ryan Lataille would be second.


15-16 Girls
This one was probably one of the most predictable race of the day. With our reigning Class Champion in the mix, coupled with the fact that she is a National caliber rider, Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) would have little trouble in this total points race against two riders who just started racing this year. Laiken Cormier was todays second place finisher while Ella Urban (Scylent Rage Racing) would finish third.

21-30 Year Old Women
This was another total points race and nearly as predictable as the previous race. In the mix was 21-year old Devin Murphy, currently sitting NAG #2 and riding out of the Daylight Cycles National Team. Devin would easily get the job done against two 30 plus woman who are pretty darn good in their own age groups. Stefanie Blackburn (Warped BMX) would finish second while Amanda Orlandi finished nt too far behind.

13 Year Olds
This was a 4-rider class but the ages were far from 13-year olds across the board. The youngest was Noah “Bobblehead” Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) and he would be the rider eliminated. In the main it was kid of strange. Chris “Sparky” Pedersen (Sand Road Animal Hospital) exploded out of the gate and took a five length lead over Dave “farmboy” Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) into turn one. I thought id strange as that is how they finished meaning the lead never changed and remained five lengths at the strips. The third spot went to Breton “Bee” Provencal (Northeast Factory).

14 Year Olds
This was a Total Points Race and somehow Mason Bruns recovered from a bad first round to win rounds two and three for the overall win. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop), would finish second while Isabella Nelson (Hyper) was third. Graves nearly passed Bruns in the last turn in round three but it was close but no cigar.

31-35 Year Olds
This call had 5-riders registered but only 4 showed up. That gave everyone a free pass to the main event. One of the best moves of the day came in the first round when Logan Demerski (Full Circle Bike Shop) dove to the inside of Steve Oldham in turn one with a sweet move to take the lead. In the main he did the exact same this again! At the stripe it was Demerski, Oldham and the “Rabbit”, Jeff Orlandi. This was Logan’s sixth consecutive win here.

51-55 Year Olds
This class had 4-riders registered and they ranged from 51 to 64 years old. Oh Yeah, the 51-year-old is former World Champion and current points leader Mike Savage (Crit Plate). Mike made it look easy again with his eighth cruiser win here this season. Ron Green, one of the many riders from Stylin Racing here today was second while his teammate, all the way from Oneida New York, “Chargin Charlie” Fieldson was third.


5 & Under
There were 10-riders in this mix making it the largest class of the day. In the first group of five there was a no-show so I assume he was not here at all. There was also a no-show in the second round in the second group but I know he was here as he shows up in earlier pictures. Im talking about Jack Charkowick who would miss the cut. In the main it was a full gate of 8 riders. Jack Wendt took off early and grabbed the whole shot in turn one. The big surprise was Skylar Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop), who came out of turn one in second place. Killian Connelly would catch her entering turn two and complete the pass. Wendt could not be caught, and he racked up his third win. Killian was second and Skylar held onto the third spot.

6 Year Olds
This group was 6-riders strong and the qualifying rounds were hectic. A scary moment occurred in round one when Bradan Hare crashed down in turn four and his helmet came off. He was okay and qualified in the next round. Finnigan Connelly was not so fortunate as he was the rider missing the cut. In the main Chloe Rothstein grabbed an early lead and she would not be passed as the sorted themselves out early. Braden Hare, the rider who lost his brain-bucket earlier, made a great comeback and finished second in front of a hard-charging Spencer Hare.

7 Year olds
This was another large class with 7-riders competing. Cheyenne “Mookie” Orlandi (Warped BMX) hasn’t been here since early August and was a little rusty on this track causing her to miss transferring into today’s main event. In the main event Jayden Mahoney went to the point early on and was building up a nice lead. In turn two he slipped a pedal ad it evaporated immediately. Soleil Schuster caught him and actually eked ahead by inches. Mahoney got back on the gas and passed her for good in turn four. He led the rest off the way. Soliel was second while Brayton Buano (Stylin Racing) battled hard and hung onto third in his first time here.

8 Year Olds
This class of 4-riders were all evenly matched competitors. Madelyn Ross, who just signed up a few weeks ago in Bethel, Missed the main event in her first trip here. Molly Patrick, a rider out of Brookfield Ct., was the first to qualify and that set the pace for how the main event would develop. She jumped to an early lead and would not be caught as she earned her second Foothills win. Caleb Barnes, looking like skeletal remains, got by Sofia Teague to earn the second spot.

9 Year Olds
This was for Total Points and it was Dylan Murphy earning his second victory in four tries here this year. He did it with a sweep of all three rounds. Charlie Tucker finished second in two of the three rounds to earn second place overall. Third went to Garrett Nylund out of Southwick Ma.

10 Year Olds
In this one it was a brand-new Rider, Matt Duval, who did not make the transfer into the main. The 4-rider main saw Shayne Ross, in his first race at Foothills build up such a large lead that when he crossed the stripe, the second-place rider, Cole Dziok, was just coming out of turn 5. Crawford Kesl (Scylent Rage Racing) was third.

11 Year Olds
This was a 5-rider shootout. After the qualifying rounds, “The Slayer” Aryana Labarge, who made 8 mains in a row, now has missed the last two here. Corey Dutcher, one of those riders from Chuck Fieldsons “Stylin Racing team” has never been here but he was sure fast on this track. He took off and grabbed the lead in turn one. Collin Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) got by a rider in turn one and set his sights on Dutcher. It became a two rider break-away as these two raced around the 1260’ course. At the stripe it was Dutcher, Ramsey and Sam Bond after Shane Baker wrecked in trun 4.

12 Year Olds
We went back to Total Points racing in this class and it was just two riders showing up for the final two rounds. Liz Doyle and Alyssa Cosselman (Stylin Racing) each won a round, but it was Cosselman by one bike length in the final tie-breaking round. Nate Duval was credited with third.

14 Year Olds
This was a good one with 6-riders going for the gold. Megan Doyle was the rider just missing the transfer out of the qualifying rounds. The main event saw a 3-rider wreck in turn #1 as Naomi Bruno, Addison Rushford and Henry Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop) all went down. Maddy Chalko and Josh Styga were the only two survivors and Maddy built up a comfortable lead. As everyone else picked themselves up, Maddy and Josh continued their battle. Entering turn 5 Maddy had about a 4-bike length lead when it appeared, she let up thinking she had it in the bag. The bag popped and Josh passed her inches before the stripe. Hmmm didn’t her dad do the exact same thing two weeks ago? She settle for second while Bruno would limp across the stripe third.

15 Year Olds
In this 6-rider class it would be Landon Crawford missing out on the transfer. The story in the group was the big crash in the first qualifying round when Vin Fahey, (Full Circle Bike Shop) while in the lead, went over the handlebars on the second straight. He got up, jumped back on his mount, and passed everyone except Landon Crawford to qualify. Not many fall like that and still make the transfer in the same round. Laiken Cormier alo bailed in that round and would qualify out in the next round. In the main event It was Fahey with a nice lead up the second straight when he lost a pedal and went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse in 5 seconds. He didn’t fall but pretty much shut it down after that. Landon Crawford inherited the lead and held on the rest of the way to victory. Laiken Cormier made a great comeback for her earlier crash and finished second. Third went to Zak Huard (Retribution).

26-35 Year Olds
This was a huge class with 8-riders in the mix. Jamie Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) was the one who did not transfer. As the main raced down the front straight three riders went down hard. Leigh Waters took the lead with Evan Rooney (ST #2) right on him. Rooney took the lead in turn 2 and Waters now had to play catch-up. That would not happen. The finishing order was Rooney, Waters and Mike Jacobs the top three.

36-40 Year Olds
this was a 5-rider battle for the four spots in the main event. Dani (Vyce Squad) Vyce (Bad Apple Racing, was the rider just missing the transfer. Andy Chalko took the lead out of turn one with Terry Kerr right on him. In and out of turn two there was no change but going into turn 3 Kerr dove to the inside and went to the point. They would stay that way right to the finish. Third went to James Kaleta (Rubber Side Down) as he and Jen Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop), were much kinder to each other today.

41-45 Year Olds
This was a 5-rider class that saw Sarah Huberty, despite a great try, eliminated in the motos. Carl Carlson, who is two wins away from his move-up, now is only one win away as he put another one in the record book. “Big Timber” Time Adams (Scylent Rage Racing) was second with Nate Suares third.

46-50 Year Olds
This was another class of 5-riders and it was Lyle Labarge (Full Circle Bike Shop) not making the cut. The main event saw the finishing order established in turn one. The order they came out it was the order they would run the entire lap. It was Ryan Murphy with his fourth consecutive Foothills win.  Next was Jason Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) followed by Guy Tirendi.


7 Year Olds
This 6-rider group included one rider that is only 6-years old. Cole Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop) was the youngest rider and he just missed the cut. In the main it was Mason Delaney taking the lead early. JD Lataille (Rubber Side down) went right out there with him. All the way around these two were close but the was never a change in order. It ended with Delaney earning his second Foothills win. Lataille was second with third going to Nate Gomes (SMG Racing).

9 Year Olds
With just 5-riders in this group, the battle to get into the main event was fierce. When the main starting grid was set, it was “The Monsta” Xander Monczka the rider not making it in. The main event was exciting as Caleb Palmer (Robo Quads) was sitting on 19 wins and looking to move up. The gate dropped and Palmer looked like he was shot out of a cannon. He had a big lead in and out of turn one with Dom Cheavalier a distant second. All the way into turn 5 it was still Palmer but the cheavalier, who had closed the gap, made his move. He cut to the inside and pulled off a miracle pass right at the stripe to prevent Palmers move up on this day. Third went to Noah Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop). This was Dom’s second Foothills win.

10 Year Olds
Landon Moynihan was the rider on the outside looking in in this 5-rider class. The main event saw Brody Kels (Scylent Rage Racing) take the lead with Zuleika Bruno right on him in second. All the way around it remained like that with Brody earning his fourth Foothills win of the year. Zuleika was second by just a bike length. Third went to Lucas Mancino (Boosted).

12 Year Olds
This was a 7-rider class and it had its scariest moment in the first qualifying round. As they raced into turn #2, four riders got tangled and went down in the worst crash of the day. Nick Preston, Toby Schoonmaker, Noah Rushford and Mikey Roy all eventually rode off, but it took a while. Roy looked the worst as he went over the berm into the fence. Mikey was the rider eventually eliminated. The main event saw “The Gambler” Caleb Kaleta (Rubber Side Down) take the lead and hang on right to the stripe. A close second went to Nick Preston while a hard earned third went to Johnny “The Urban Legend” Urban (Scylent rage Racing).


4 Riders went down in turn two. All would be Okay.

14 Year Olds
With Zach Adams being the rider just missing the cut, this would be a 3-rider main event. Down the front chute they went with Nick Tirendi and Aden Newell side by side and trading paint. As they tried to exit the turn, Nicks handlebar caught the fence and he went down. Newell and Tom Allen continued on with a classic battle the rest of the way. At the stripe it was Newell and Allen. Tirendi did eventually get up and walk off holding his arm. We all hope he is OK. This was Newell’s first Foothills win.

16 Year Olds
This was a full gate of 8-riders when we started. When it was established who would transfer, surprisingly it was “Supergirl” Samantha Sperrazza not making the cut. The main event saw Trevor Toney, the apparent class of the group take the lead. Up the third straight he jumped the big obstacle by the announcer’s tower. Dylan Rodriguez (Overhaul Racing) was second. As they went up the long back straight, something happen to Toney and he got off the gas pedal. Rodriguez sped by and Toney had all he could do to hang onto second. At the stripe it was Dylan, Noah with third going to Connor Rooney.

17-20 Year Olds
This was a three-rider total points event and it was the same order every round. Dave Cosselman (Stylin Racing) would sweep the motos, Evan Kryger was second with Nick Frank-Tedesco third.

26-35 Year Olds
Moto 33 was made up of 4 riders. Josh Hardgrove (Full Circle Bike Shop) did not make the main. This would be for Expert Points as Justin Provencal was in the line-up. Some thought that Marcelo Oliveira was the Expert but not the case although he rode like one. When the gate dropped Oliveira grabbed the lead with Shawn Kennedy, racing his last race here before moving to the Lone Star, right on his rear wheel. Justin Provencal (Gold Cup #2) was just cruising and let them go. All the way around Shawn remained nearly stuck to the rear wheel of Oliveira but could not pass. Marcelo earned his third Foothills win.

41-45 Year Olds
With scot Gonyer preferring the tower over qualifying, he would announce his own main event from the sidelines. It was a three-rider shoot-out with so many changes going on it was amazing. Even going three-wide into turn three! At the stripe it was Chris Proctor with the win, Trevor Toney second and Joel Christofori Third in an extremely close finish.

46-50 year Olds
This class was for Expert points as Mike Savage was in the house. “Rockstar” Art Ramsey (Scylent Rage Racing) was the rider who would miss out on cashing in those points. Mike Savage (Crit Plate) would have no trouble earning his 12th consecutive win and keeping his undefeated status intact. Second went to Randy Komssi while Sean Delaney finished third.


14 Year Old Girls
With this being a total points race which includes Foothills 4-time female track champion, it was no surprise when Marissa Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop), swept to her fifth Foothills win. Sophia Machnik (Warped) was second. Third went to Mary Sloan )Northeast Factory).

21-30 Year Old Women
The was another total points event and another with the same order of finish in every round. Devin Murphy (Daylight Bicycles) was first. Lydia Clarkin (Stedmans) was second. Stefanie Blackburn (Warped BMX) was third.

8 Year Olds
This was yet another Total Points race and, yup, the same order of finish in every round yet again. Winning for the tenth time this season was Devon Hurley (Family Pride). Bryson Bruns (Alpha) was second. Third went to Rylan Spence (Racers Army).

11 Year Olds
This group had 4-riders entered and Noah Fuentes just missed the cut. Conor Christofori took a nasty fall in round one but was OK. In the main it was all Dion Hurley (Family Pride) as he would log his fifth win in the record book. Conor Christofori (Boosted BMX) was second as he held of Breton Provencal (Northeast Army).

13 Year Olds
This was a tough one as there were 4-riders registered but Gavin Suares fell in practice and could only touch the gate to get rider points. In the main it was Zach Rukakoski (Overhaul) taking the lead but Chris “Sparky” Pedersen )Associated Lightning Rod) was all over him in his first race as an Expert. All the way around they battled but there was no passing. It ended up Rukakoski, Pedersen and Wes Hamel (Family Pride).

14 Year Olds
This one was a total points race and the kind that I dislike. The same order of finish each round. “The Undertaker” Jonah Graves (Full Circle Bike Shop) would win his eighth Foothills race. Isabella Nelson (Hyler) was not far behind for second. Third went to Nick Smith (Full Circle Bike Shop), in his first race as an Expert.

15 Year Olds
This was another total points race but the kind that I love. Three round of motos and three different winners. Round one went to Aidan Biello (Ramp Farm Racing). Round two went to “The Bulldozer” Chris Gonyer )Overhaul). Round three it was Dave Fernandez. So the official order for the day was Fernandez, Biello and Gonyer.

17-20 Year Olds
This started off with 5-riders on the sheet but there was a no-show allowing the remaining four to get a free pass to the main event. In the main it was all Ryan Komssi (Alltow) going coast to coast for the win. Colin Morini (Full Circle Bike Shop) was second. Third went to Kyle Lyman (Full Circle Bike Shop).

26-35 Year Olds
This was the last race of the day and it was a total points race. Steve Odham had it all his way ashe enjoyed a Sunday Sweep. Ryan Rappa, wearing an old Bizzarro shirt he stole from Dave Bedford. Was second. Third went to Scott Doland in his Team USA colors.

So that’s how it went down as seen from the tower. No racing next week and good luck to the riders going to Akron for the Northeast Gold Cup Finals. See you in two weeks.

Plaskett - Out

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